The Ride Home

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The Ride HomeIt all started after a weekend in Las Vegas. Admittedly, we didn’t have as much fun in the bedroom as we would have liked, but it was a good relaxing weekend and we were ready for our long drive back to reality. I had packed up all our stuff, placed in the trunk (I really didn’t think I’d be needing any of it) and away we went. As we drove away from the strip, our conversation quickly turned to the trip we had and how nice it was to get away for a little bit. She was wearing jeans and a blouse in the passenger seat as we continued to small talk. After a few minutes, I found my hand resting on her thigh and I began to rub it ever so gently. She instinctually let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair. I seized the opportunity to move my hand between her legs and began to rub her through her jeans. We talked a little more as we drove, but I noticed that she was no longer focused on the talk. She was, however, enjoying the feeling between her legs. “Unbutton your Jeans” I commanded as I continued to rub. She did and unzipped her fly before returning her hands back to her head rest. As my probing fingers entered her jeans, I could feel the wetness on her panties. “Good girl!” I praise as I push my fingers onto her clit.”We shouldn’t be doing this, people might see me!” she stated rather feebly. I could tell that she truly enjoyed the pleasure she was receiving.”You’re right, but we are doing this. The only thing is, you cannot cum unless I tell you to!” I then reached under her panties for the first time and felt her juices on my fingertips. She moaned one of the best moans I’ve ever heard from her. Using the moan to my advantage, I took my fingers and brought them up to her mouth. Her tongue was eagerly waiting to taste herself. “How do you taste?” “So good! I’m so horny!!” “You remember the rule?””Yes””What is it?””I can’t cum unless you tell me. PLEASE let me cum!” “Not yet! And if you ask again, I will punish you for it.” I then reached over and, with her help, dropped her jeans down to her ankles. I then alternated rubbing her inside and outside of her panties while I concentrated on driving.About 15 minutes later, I could sense that she was really enjoying what I was doing. I decided to seize the opportunity for both of our enjoyment. “I think it is time to start referring to each other properly. From now on, you will call me Sir. Got it?””Yes Sir! She moaned as her hips worked to get my fingers inside of her.”You are definitely my sex kitten, so I will call you kitten.” I proclaimed as I now was kayseri escort working to remove her panties. They were cotton full back panties that I absolutely hated. “From now on, kitten, you will not be wearing these anymore. You are only to wear thongs and G-strings around me, do you understand?””Yes, Sir! Your kitten will always be in a thong” See seemed very eager to comply with that request I thought. I was very happy about that.For the next 30 minutes, I was teasing her pussy, occasionally removing my hand to play with her tits. Watching her squirm in the seat next to me was a fantastic experience. For most of the time, she laid back with her hands on the head rest, allowing me to freely roam her body with my right hand. She seemed not to care about how she may look to a passing motorist.Up in the distance, I saw an exit approaching. “I think it is time to spice things up a bit, don’t you kitten?” I teased.”What do you have in mind, Sir?” She asked, her voice and expression appeared to show a combination of fear and excitement.”I am going to take this exit and find a back road. Once there, I’m going to pull some of our toys out to continue this little adventure. I’m thinking the balls, crop and remote vibrator will work. Does my kitten want me to spank MY shaved pussy?”She immediately pushed her hips down trying to get all of my hand “OH SIR! Spank you kitten’s pussy!” With that, I quickly spanked her pussy with my open hand. A rush of energy ran through her body and I could tell she was close to coming. “OK, I’m taking this exit, but you are not to move from where you are right now. Do not try to cover yourself up when we stop. If you do, you will not like the outcome!” I instructed as I pulled off the highway.”Yes Sir.” She agreed.Once off the highway, I found an old dirt road where there wasn’t any sign of other cars. I drove about a quarter mile until I felt that we were far enough from everyone. I then pulled over and exited the car without saying anything to her. In the truck, I found our bag and grabbed the ben-wa balls, remote control vibrator, and the crop. I then approached her door and opened it. There she was legs spread, panties pushed down to her ankles, and hands behind her head, on display for me (or any passerby) to see. She had a shocked look on her face as I don’t think she was expecting me to open her door. “Don’t worry kitten, I just need you to hold my stuff!” I teased as I put the vibrator and balls on the seat between her legs. I then took the crop and ran kıbrıs escort it up her leg and gave a quick swat on her thigh. Before placing it between her legs. “This is will be fun.” I said as I looked into her eyes. I bent over and gave her a passionate kiss before closing her door and returning to my side of the car.As we started to move again, I noticed that she hadn’t moved at all. Her hands were still gripping the head rest, and her legs were perfectly spread. I reached between her legs and placed the two smaller toys in the cup holder. As I reached for the crop, I noticed that because it was so long, I would have a hard time finding the right angle to spank her glistening shaved pussy. I needed to come up with something as I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by.As I thought, I brought the tip of the crop to her mouth. There she started licking it and sucking it. I knew I had to use it, soon, but how could I get enough force to make an impact? Then, the best idea came into my head! With the flexibility of the crop, I could use her to get the result I was looking for! A Cheshire cat smile appeared across my face.”kitten, you are going to have to spank yourself.” I said as I pulled the crop away from her mouth. “When I say to, you are going to pull the tip of the crop towards you to build up the tension. You will hold the tip until I tell you to let go. Do you understand?” I asked to ensure she knew what I was after.”Yes Sir, I am going to spank your pussy Sir.” She moaned.To get the right angle, I had to choke up on the crop quite a bit in order to place the tip of the crop right on her clit. Once I felt it was in the proper place, I commanded her to pull up on the tip. She took the tip and pulled it up away from her shaved pussy. I could feel the tension building in the shaft of the crop and I knew it was going to work perfectly. “Release.” I commanded and with that, she let out a big yelp! I looked just long enough to see a perfect red mark just above her clit. “Are you going to thank me?””Thank you, Sir.” “For what?””Thank you for letting me spank my pussy, Sir” She smiled. “Again, and don’t go easy on yourself!”I loved watching her get ready knowing she was spanking herself. “Release!””OOOHHH Thank you Sir for letting your kitten spank YOUR pussy!” She gasped. “Good kitten, I think you need a reward.” With that, I found the vibrator and shoved it into her wet and waiting pussy. I took the remote and set it to the lowest setting. “Now, would you like to know what will escort bayan happen if you cum without my permission?””Sir, what would your kitten’s punishment be?” She asked gauging to see what she would be up against.”If you come without permission, we will pull over and I will put in your butt plug here at the car. That would mean that you would have to bend over with your door open, exposed to everyone as you took it. And, only I would be allowed to remove the plug. I can assure you that wouldn’t happen until well after we are home.””OK Sir, I will not cum without you telling me to.” She said, not liking the potential outcome.”To be sure you understand, why don’t you tell me what your punishment will be?””If I cum without your permission Sir, you will pull the car over and put the butt plug in me” She gulped. “in front of anyone who can see me.” I could tell she was going to make it her mission not to cum. After a few more minutes with the vibrator, I pulled it out and held it to her lips to clean off. As she took it her mouth, I found the balls. I held them up so she could see them and said, “Whether I allow you to cum or not, I will be the one to take these out of you tonight! Do you understand?””Yes Sir” She tried to say as the vibrator was still in her mouth. I began to insert the balls one at a time. Once the second one was in, I gave her pussy a quick slap with my hand and then looked at her. She looked stunning with the vibrator in her mouth, gagging her, along with balls in her pussy, and her legs wide open! After admiring my handy work, I moved my fingers back to her pussy and began to play with her again. Her muffled moans through the vibrator let me know she was close. “If you are ready to cum, slap your pussy 3 times with the crop! If you can do that and keep the vibrator in your mouth the whole time, I will allow you to come.” With that, she reached for the crop and angled it so that she was going to give herself a direct hit! THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!! She smacked herself harder than I ever would have spanked her! “Cum now kitten!” I commanded as I placed the shaft of the crop between her legs and started rubbing. The muffled moans of sheer ecstasy while her body convulsed told me she was in heaven. Once she had finished, I pulled the vibrator out of her mouth and placed it back in the cup holder. “That was a very good kitten! Did you enjoy yourself?” “Yes Sir, that was so dirty and hot! I have never experienced anything like that before. Thank you.” She had a glow about her that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. After fully recovering, she reached down and pulled her jeans back up. I noticed that she kept the balls in place, as I had instructed earlier. I made no mention to her about it, but I took a mental note knowing that the fun would continue once we got home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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