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Ball Sucking

I handle estates: decedents and incompetent people. Most are around where I live, but sometimes I get something I have to handle out of town. Helen’s was one. Helen isn’t dead, she’s in a nursing home nearby. She had moved here to be near her family after her husband died, then got senile dementia, Alzheimer’s type. I got appointed to clean up the mess her family made trying to take care of her. And no, this is not a story about doing it with a nutso octogenarian. That’s gross!

Anyhow, Helen owned a house in the next state, about 60 miles from where my wife and kids were spending three weeks while I had a “Vacation at Home”. I had to sell the real estate, but it was in horrible condition: the roof had been damaged in a storm, and the dumb family hadn’t fixed it. So plaster inside had fallen, and other problems had developed in two years of neglect. It was 200 miles away; I couldn’t really get a feel for what was going on, so I sent my handyman to check it out and fix things. Sam is good, expensive, and absolutely honest. He’s walked into my office with over $1000 in “folding money” that he found under a mattress. And he’s a great judge of character and a people person. So I sent Sam to fix the roof, get a real estate sales person, and generally fix things.

Sam fixed things, got the house ready to sell, found a real estate sales agent, and saved me tons of work and made me look good to the court. Two months after he did this, I had to go visit the family – put in my appearance with the outlaws for a weekend while the wife and kids were there. As long as I was going near the neighborhood, “face time” is always valuable, so I contacted Toni, the real estate sales lady, and set up a meeting. I also had her set up a meeting with the lawyer I’d hired there to grease the wheels as required. The meeting with the lawyer was first thing in the morning, so I arranged to meet Toni about five pm the day before, stay in a motel that night, meet with the lawyer in the morning, and then go on to the family.

Toni and I met; Shit!! Sam didn’t tell me she was a babe. A Hot Babe. About 30 years old, 5 foot 7; 115 pounds, small “B” tits, small waist, and really light blond hair worn barely to the shoulders. She wore slacks: kinda stretchy with VPL: bikini if I wasn’t mistaken. Her blouse was thin in back, more opaque in front. I could tell she had a “1-hook” bra on (only one hook, back opening) and didn’t need the industrial strength type. I just hope my eyes didn’t bulge out too much.

Anyhow, she had picked me up at the motel I had checked into to take me to view Helen’s property. She knew the way, I didn’t. She pulled up in front of my room and beeped. I was waiting and went out to meet her at her Jeep Cherokee. I climbed in on the passenger side, and off we went. It was about a 45 minute ride, so we had a good chance to talk more – we’d talked plenty on the phone as I was listing the property with her, so we already knew a bit about each other and had a good talking relationship. [I met my wife first on the phone, and have been told by other women that I give “good phone”.]

Toni and I were already friends simply due to the phone. We got to the house and went in to look at what Sam had done to fix it. Great job. Toni and I discussed whether I should replace the carpet (old ‘shag’ type) or give a purchaser an ‘allowance’ to choose their own, and possibly paint the place. While we were talking, I noticed that a button on her blouse that was buttoned had become unbuttoned. Toni also started touching me – my hand, my arm, my back. Nothing really erotic, but more than friendly.

After a thirty minute inspection we left to head back. Toni mentioned that her husband and kids were out of town at his parents. (must be bahis firmaları the moon phase!). She invited me to dinner at a local restaurant, after drinks, of course. (of course!!) So we stop at a place about ten minutes from the house (“out of town” for Toni) and got two drinks, then sat down for dinner. As we were talking, I noticed another button open. She didn’t really have “cleavage tits” but the view was nice. I could clearly see the thin lacy bra and skin-tones under it. Dinner was great.

There was also some dancing and, since this was small town America, started earlier than I was used to. We danced a few, had another drink, and Toni excused herself to the restroom. When she came back, I noticed some ‘nipple’ poking through her shirt I hadn’t noticed before, and yet another button was undone. We danced some more, and the nipples definitely moved. A slow number came up, and she grabbed me, put her arms around my neck, and we danced. I ran my hand up and down her back and confirmed that the bra was gone.

Toni knew what I was feeling for and giggled. “Thought you’d appreciate that!” she said. I don’t like to wear it after hours, and I’m really not big enough to need it.” I mumbled something about more than a mouthful is wasted anyhow. Toni squeezed me tight and rubbed herself against my hardening cock.

The band took a break and we sat down, this time on the same side of the booth. I put my arm around Toni and she snuggled up to me. We got another drink and, as we talked, Toni put her hand on my thigh and rubbed it. I came close to purring – you know, that “ummmm” sound that makes it clear that whatever it is is good. Toni kept her hand there, but changed from rubbing to running her fingertips up and down my thigh. Damn!!

Toni stifled a yawn, and I did too. “We’re getting old” I said, “can’t party as late as we used to. Besides, I had to drive a while today and got tired.”

“I had to get up early too: two morning appointments and an early afternoon closing” replied Toni.

“We better head back before we fall asleep at the wheel” I suggested, and Toni agreed. She handed me the keys and I drove – with Toni giving directions.

When we got to the motel, I told Toni I had my travel stock if she felt like a nightcap (at 10:00!). “Sounds Good!” and came on in.

I fixed a drink, and Toni excused herself to use my bathroom. I turned on the TV, and the channel was tuned to music. I was going to change it, and Toni came out of the bathroom and said “Leave it; I’d like to dance again. But take your shoes off.” So we danced. I rubbed her back through her blouse and it was her turn to purr. I moved down her back to her ass, and rubbed that, noticing that there weren’t any panties there. Toni giggled again.

Towards the end of the song, Toni looked up at me and I looked down at her. Her lips said “KISS ME” and I obliged. We kissed for about fifteen seconds (no tongue) and broke apart. We sat down on the love seat in the room, and each grabbed our drinks.

I put my arm around her, and she snuggled up. Then suddenly she sat up, twisted to the side – her back to me – and then lay down across my lap, my left arm around her shoulders, my right arm and hand across her on the other shoulder. She gave me a real tight hug, and another kiss. I reached over and turned out the light on the table next to me, so all we had on was the light from the TV.

“I’m not as tired as I thought I was” I commented as I kissed her forehead.

“Me neither” Toni said as she ran her hand through my hair. We sat there and talked and kissed gently for a while. And I then noticed another button was undone, this time the buttons were open about halfway between her breasts and her naval, and the way we were kaçak iddaa I could almost see the nipple on her left breast. The next time we kissed, I went on kissing around her face, to her cheek, to her ear, and kissed that. I could tell I hit one of Toni’s hot spots by the way she pulled me even tighter to her. I went on down her neck to her collarbone area. That spot was even hotter as Toni sucked in air when I kissed her at the base of the neck.

That kiss broke, and she lay back in my lap looking at me and gently stroking my face. She then started unbuttoning my shirt – I didn’t help her but certainly didn’t object! After about two thirds of my buttons were undone she ran her fingers through the hair on my chest (I’ve got a lot of it!) and I purred again. “You like that?” Toni asked.

“You bet” I replied.

“I love to run my fingers through chest hair – it gets me really excited. I like it when my chest is touched, also”.

Let’s see. Do I wait for an engraved invitation for this? Nah. I’ve never been into formal stuff.

I kissed Toni again. Then I took a finger and lightly touched her lips, just firm enough so it was not a tickle, and traced down her chin to her neck. I kept going gently, slowly, down the center of her chest to her naval. “MMMMM” went Toni. I reversed course, and went back to her lips, then around back of her head and pulled her to me. We kissed and this time Toni pushed her tongue into my mouth where it dueled with mine, then our tongues parted friends.

While we were in this last kiss Toni sat up some more, and my elbow went between her legs. She pushed her mound into my elbow, and I felt the dampness there. I moved my hand toward her chest again, and ran two fingers into her blouse to the underside of her left breast. I lightly ran my fingers along the soft flesh then slid up a little and felt an amazingly hard nipple. I circled the nipple a few times and then put my finger on it and pressed inwards. Toni pushed herself into me even more and moaned loudly.

Again I traced my mouth from her mouth to her ear and ran my tongue around it. Then I licked at the base of her neck and – this time – started down her chest. Toni pushed my head downward to her tit and pulled my mouth over her nipple. The nipple was still hard; the bumps on her areola said, in braille, “suck here” so I did. Toni went crazy moaning.

“Oh God, that’s great. Don’t stop!! I’ve never had my tits treated so kindly!!” After about a minute she pushed my head to the other one, and I used my hand on the one I had just left. Toni began to tremble and stiffened.

Damn!! Did it again!! I love to make a woman come with her pants still on!

“Dave – let’s get on the bed”

Sounds like a plan. We stood up, walked two feet, and fell on the king size bed. Toni got on top of me and kissed me deeply. She sat up, took off her blouse exposing her tasty morsels and then reached over to finish taking off my shirt. She then lay down on top of me, mashing her tits into my chest and rubbing them back and forth.

“I also love rubbing my tits on a hairy chest. Yours is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and certainly better than the five hairs my husband has. . . ” (Glad to please, darlin’; glad to please.)

While rubbing our chests together, she spread her legs and began dry-humping me. I humped back.

“Wait a minute” Toni cried. She sat up, undid my belt and zipper, and pulled my pants and socks off; I lay there in my boxers. She leaned over, pulled the elastic down, and pulled out my rigid cock. Her hands were soft and felt wonderful. A moment later she put her mouth down over my cock and twirled her tongue around the head. I let out a real ecstatic groan and she sucked down on it more.

“What kaçak bahis kind of warning do you want?” I asked, “Cause it’s gonna be quick!”

Toni hummed on me, almost sending me over the edge. “I wanna taste!” she said, quickly taking her mouth off me and then deep throating me.

“OK” I said, “I’ll give you a “head’s up” so you’re ready! Thirty seconds later “uh, Uh, UH, NOWWWWW!!” as I erupted into her mouth.

“Whew!” I said. “Wonderful!! Could I talk you out of those pants and onto my face?”

She gave me a smile like getting a five carat diamond at Christmas. Pants off – definite wet spot in the crotch – and sat down over my nose and mouth. For those who wanted to know, yes, Toni is a natural blonde. Thin hair, sweet fragrance, and definitely wet. I dove in with my tongue, and tongue-fucked her hot hole. In about 45 seconds she came and collapsed next to me on the bed.

I hugged Toni, kissed her tits for a few minutes and then again to her mouth. The residual juices of each other mixed, making us both feel even more horny.

Toni lay on her back, legs spread. I scooted down to her pussy again, and licked inside her thighs creating another groan. I then licked up one outer labia, down the other. More groaning. Then I went slowly from the bottom of her slit very slowly to the top, poking my tongue into her hole on the way, then lapping rapidly at her clit as I got to the top. Toni cried out, stiffened, and damn near pulled my ears off forcing my face into her twat. Three for her, one for me. I felt it was fair.

Toni didn’t move for five minutes. I got back up even with her head and kissed her and held her. After a while she pushed me over, took my cock and held it up. She then got a-straddle me again and slowly lowered herself down onto me.

After she hit bottom, I pushed up. She then moved up, down, up, down, up, down, well you get the idea. She was incredibly tight. And I was losing control. I grabbed her hips and held her still for a minute. “Slow,” I said, “What’s the hurry? Let’s enjoy every moment.” Toni tried to rock back and forth, but I kept hold of her hips.

“C’mon” she said. “I want to feel you shoot inside me”

“In time, darlin’, In time. I want to make you scream again first, or at least we hit even!”

She slowed down; we moved slowly back and forth and felt each other build, and build, and build some more. After ten or fifteen minutes of this we were both at the point of no return. The volcano began to rumble; the villagers ran in panic, and the double eruption hit all at once. Incredible.

Toni collapsed next to me and we both fell asleep.

Some time later I felt a finger tracing along the big vein in the underside of my cock, and it was stiffening up. I woke, looked down, and Toni had one finger which started at the base of my cock at the balls, traced it up slowly to the top, and around the top. She knew exactly where the sensitive spot is, and rubbed that back and forth.

“Hey, twist around so I can torture you also!” I said. Toni grinned and spun around into a 69 position. Her pussy was inches from me and I could see crusted cum on her hair. I leaned forward and licked. At the same time I felt Toni’s mouth lick on the same path her finger had followed. I took a finger and gently pushed it into Toni while I looked for the “G-spot”. I must have found it because the action on my cock intensified.

I kept licking her clit while massaging the G-spot and soon Toni took her mouth off my cock while breathing hard. In another two minutes she came again. So what if the ratio was down a little: she was still ahead of me, which is as it should be.

After she recovered she moved around on the bed, lay on her back and pulled me into her. We fucked slowly and gently, and finally both came again. We dozed, and about 2 am she woke me, fully dressed, and gave me a big kiss.

“Do you think you’ll have any more property around here to sell?”

Hope so.

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