The Professor’s Women Ch. 03

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This is the third installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. In this chapter, I continue to tell you the backstory of the title character and his family, and we learn how joy and tragedy continue to mold him into the man he is today.


The Professor’s Women

Chapter Three: Love and Loss

As they pulled up in front of her sister’s house, she pinched herself really hard and yelled “Ouch!”

He jumped when he heard her scream and said “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“I wanted to make sure that I was awake and that this wasn’t a dream.” she said.

“This is all real and you are indeed awake, my beautiful Elizabeth. I am your ‘knight in shining armor’ here to rescue you from the fire breathing dragon.” He said in a mock Olde English accent.

As they were getting out of the car he said “Oh by the way, I have one more surprise for you, I made a request to move into a larger apartment on campus last week and WE get to move in tomorrow.”

“I thought they only allowed married couples to do that darling?” she asked.

“They just changed the rules a month ago to allow engaged couples also, as long as they get married within three months of moving in. I know you will want to plan our wedding, but I think we should get married before the baby is born, don’t you think?” he said.

She kissed him again, grabbed her bags, got out of the car, and ran up the sidewalk to the house screaming, “Call me in the morning.”

She burst through the door dropping her bags and shrieking “Oh my God, oh my God, Oh-my-God!” Her sister came running out of the kitchen, meeting her half way, when she saw the glint from the diamond.

They grabbed each other and started jumping up and down and yelling at the top of their lungs. When they finally calmed down, they both collapsed on the living room couch panting and staring transfixed at the ring on the third finger of Elizabeth’s left hand. Finally, the big sister asked her “Tell me all the gory details.”

The younger sister told the whole story including the places they went, the things they saw and the many times they made love. The big sister finally pointed to the diamond and said “What about that?”

“Oh this little thing, He got down on one knee outside the train station when we got home and proposed!” The little sister said calmly, and then started shrieking.

“That’s not all,” Liz continued, “He asked me to move in with him on campus and to start planning the wedding for as soon as possible. He loves me as much as I love him and my baby is going to have a real father.”

“Oh my God sis, how can this be?” big sister asked.

“Well he is going to be on the faculty as a full Professor, so I guess rank has its privileges.” little sister answered. The two women got up from the couch, and went into the kitchen and ate dinner making plans for the upcoming wedding.

When Jackson walked into his apartment building, he saw several of his friends in the lobby and coerced them into helping him move down the hall the next day. He thanked them all and promised a case of cold beer as payment. He climbed the stairs and collapsed, fully clothed on his bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

The next day was a busy one for the happy couple and their friends. Jackson was up at dawn packing his things into the same boxes he had saved from when he moved from the dorm room he occupied when he first arrived at ISU four years before. When he finished packing, he went down to the manager’s office and was given the key to his ‘new’ abode.

By the time he got back to his floor, seven of his colleagues were waiting in the hall for him. Harry said, “Go get the beer Harvard, we’ve got this!” Jackson handed them the two room keys and walked the three blocks to a nearby liquor store where he purchased a case of cold Budweiser. When he returned from his errand, Jackson saw that everything had been moved, so he got his door keys back and left his friends the beer and went downstairs.

After he returned his ‘single room’ key, he headed to Liz’s sisters place to pick her up. On the way back to campus with her meager belongings, he said “We need to make a stop at the campus health facility to get you registered. He had made arrangements for a neonatal exam for her and the baby. The doctor did a complete exam and took several blood samples. He told them that everything seemed to be fine and saw no apparent problems with the pregnancy.

She was in complete shock when she realized what was going on and almost fainted when he told the nurse that he was the baby’s father. Because he was officially a faculty member now, both mother and child were covered by the school’s health insurance program. After the medical exam, he walked her down the hall and got her registered for a faculty spouses ID.

When they got back to the car she said “Jackson, you are doing too much for me. This child is not yours, won’t you get in trouble for doing all of this?”

“My dearest Elizabeth,” he said “as far as I am concerned the child you are carrying güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri is ours, yours and mine, and no one will ever be able to prove anything different.”

She broke down and started crying saying “No one has ever done so much for me. I don’t deserve to be treated this way.”

He just held her until she calmed down, saying nothing and kissing her sweetly. When she finally composed herself, he said “Come on sweetheart, let’s go home.” and drove to the campus parking lot next to their apartment building. He parked and they walked arm-in-arm into the building and up the stairs to the third floor where they walked to the end of the hall. Jackson unlocked the door, and before she could move, he picked her up and carried her through the room and into the bedroom where he laid her on the double bed.

He knelt down kissing her saying, “Just stay here darling, I’ll get your things from the car.” He stopped by the manager’s office on the way to the car and had him photocopy the papers from the campus health office and the copy of her ID information. She was now an official resident and he had ninety days to register their marriage license.

When he returned to the room with her bags, he found her under the covers in ‘their bed’. When he walked in the room, she pulled back the blanket and sheet revealing that she was nude.

Jackson could not get his clothes off fast enough and they made love until sunset. When they finally stopped, they both realized they were very hungry, they dressed and went to their favorite place to eat, Steak N Shake.

On their way back to the room, Jackson noticed an official looking letter in his mail slot. It was from the Department of Psychology and was an official announcement of Doctor Willoughby’s retirement. It also included an engraved invitation for Dr. and Mrs. Jackson Powell to the ceremony for his installment as Professor of the School of Psychology the Saturday after Labor Day at the Bone Center. When he showed the invitation to Liz, she said “I guess I’ll have to start calling you Professor now.”

As Labor Day approached, the two sisters decided that the Saturday before the holiday would be perfect day for a wedding. Jackson agreed and, as one of his colleagues was chaplain of the campus ministry, the reverend agreed to perform the ceremony at the Newman Chapel on campus.

The art department printed up the invitations and every member of the faculty was invited. It was going to be a fairy tale wedding and even the most conservative people on campus said nothing about the bride’s obvious swelling belly.

After the ceremony was finished, and after signing their marriage license, the chaplain told Jackson that he would take care of registering their license with the state and file copies with the college housing authority, campus medical, and student services.

The Culinary School had made them a wedding cake and there were more than one hundred people waiting at the student union where a reception had been planned, unbeknownst to the happy couple. Also, his colleagues all chipped in and treated the couple to a romantic get-a-way in Peoria at the Pere Marquette Hotel, complete with transportation via limousine (The LTD was on its last legs).

When the limo got to Peoria, they had the chauffeur drive through the Steak N Shake at the top of Main Street hill to pick up their favorite meal. After that, the driver dropped them off with their bags at the front door of their hotel, telling them that he would be there to pick them up on Tuesday morning at 11 AM.

When they got to Suite 1018, they immediately undressed and sat down on the carpeted floor where they ate the burgers, fries and chocolate shakes off of each other’s bodies. She dipped his cock into her shake and she cleaned the chocolaty goodness off of it with her mouth. She put fries in her vagina and he ate them out of her. By the time all of the food was gone, they were both covered with chocolate, ketchup, animal fat and salt.

They had done things with their meal that had probably never been done with cuisine of this type before. They looked at each other and laughed as the headed to the shower to clean each other of the food residue.

They spent that evening along with the next two days and nights without wearing clothes or leaving the room, only covering up when room service was delivered. They tried new positions as her growing belly was hindering what they had been doing since they started their romance five months before. They both wanted this child and did not want to harm the baby in any way, but their passion could not be diminished. They made love on every surface in the room and even put on a show for the construction workers remodeling the offices of the building across Madison Street during their ten o’clock coffee break on Tuesday morning before they checked out.

The twenty plus electricians, carpenters, pipe fitters, and HVAC men watched as Jackson took her from behind with her boobs and pregnant belly pressed up against the glass of the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri window of their suite. When they finished, they saw that everyone was standing up against the windows clapping, so the lovers both took a bow, closed the drapes, and fell on the floor laughing hysterically. When they finally calmed down, they realized it was nearly time for them to check out.

They went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower together. They took their time washing each other, and dried themselves before dressing furiously after realizing they had ten minutes until checkout time.

They made their way to the lobby and headed outside to the waiting limousine after checking out. The couple slept the entire trip and when the limo stopped at the apartment building in Normal and the young black man in the black suit and hat opened the door, they were just waking up. Jackson helped his bride out of the car and grabbed their belongings and handed the driver a $20.

The young driver handed Jackson his card and said “Thank you Professor Powell. My name is George and I am trying to start my own limousine service. Any business you can send my way will be appreciated”. Jackson shook the young man’s hand and wished him luck. He put the card in his wallet and filed the information away in his memory.

Mr. & Mrs. Powell made their way to their apartment for the first time as a married couple and found a note on their door. The note said ‘We stocked your fridge so you wouldn’t have to go out for a while, cause we all know you guys have better things to do.’ Jackson again carried his bride over the threshold into their room. Liz didn’t ask him why, she thought it was a cute little quirk of his and enjoyed being pampered.

After he gently placed her on the bed, he sat next to her and started going through the mail that he had grabbed from the mail slot on their way through the lobby. His September schedule was there and showed he had nothing to do until Saturday, so they got undressed and climbed in bed, continuing the amorous adventures they had been enjoying for the last three days and nights.

For the next three days the newlyweds kissed, caressed, fucked, made love, ate, slept, and sometimes even talked about their future together. He discovered that she was ticklish on the soles of her feet and her armpits. She discovered that if she shoved her finger up his asshole and massaged his prostate, he would immediately ejaculate, whether he was erect or not. He discovered that one of the side effects of her pregnancy was that she would now pee when she had a particularly strong orgasm. Worst of all, she discovered that his farts were particularly repugnant smelling when he had been drinking beer. He agreed to stop drinking beer and not torment her by tickling her, and she agreed to go to the bathroom before they had sex.

Saturday morning at 11AM Jackson sat on the stage of the Bone Center auditorium with all of the other candidates sat on the stage in their full Doctorial regalia along with the faculty waiting as the senior members of the faculty gave their speeches. Mrs. Powell sat in the front row with all of the other spouses and dignitaries. The last formal speech was a tribute to Dr. Willoughby by his successor, Abraham Palmer, thanking him for his many decades of esteemed service to the University.

The old gentleman stepped to the podium and gave a short speech thanking everyone and proceeded with honoring the candidates sitting behind him by calling each by name and placing their sashes over their gowns denoting their PHD status and announcing their new positions. When he got to Dr. Powell he announced that Jackson was to be the new Adjunct (assistant) Professor of the Psychology Department (second in command behind Willoughby’s replacement).

This was a surprise because Jackson expected to be a subordinate and this was far beyond anything he expected. As the retiring Department Chair shook his hand, he handed the new Dr. Powell an envelope and whispered to him “You have made us all very proud, young man.”

The new professor was in a daze when he returned to his seat and paid little attention to the rest of the ceremony and could only stare at his lovely very pregnant young wife sitting in the front row. He was still in a daze when he and his bride stood in a receiving line at the reception in the lobby afterwards. He only remembered the envelope that his mentor had given him when he was undressing after they returned to their apartment. He opened the envelope out of his pocket and started to read it.

When Liz came out of the bathroom wearing only an old tee shirt of his emblazoned with the name of the band ‘Boston’ on it, she saw him staring blankly at a letter mumbling “This can’t be right, this is too much” over and over.

“What’s the matter darling?” she asked him. He didn’t say a word, but just handed her the letter. She looked at the letter handwritten on official University stationary with Doctor Willoughby’s signature and official embossed stamp at the bottom.

It güvenilir bahis şirketleri was addressed to her husband and stated ‘Young man, both myself and the rest of the faculty and regents are impressed with your many contributions to the University. We would like to congratulate you on your recent marriage and impending fatherhood. Your new position at the University affords you a certain status in the university. Because of said status, you qualify for a housing upgrade’.

“What does all of this mean darling?” She asked him.

He handed her the second page of the letter. When she looked at the paper it looked like a Realtor’s home listing page. Across the bottom of the page was a handwritten note that said:

‘This home was donated to the University by a grateful alumni. It had been the alumni’s parents’ home and they have recently passed away. The regents wanted to sell the property, but the donors stipulated that the property be used as a residence for a deserving member of the faculty. I convinced them that a new professor with a young family should not be living in an apartment. The regents agreed and the donor family was so thrilled with our choice that they added an additional endowment in the name of your child. Congratulations Doctor Powell.’

As she looked at him in total shock, he said “That is our new home sweetheart!” The young couple just stared at each other, trying to understand what this meant and finally decided that it could not be real.

Jackson decided that they would visit the campus housing office on Monday to find out what was happening. They put it out of their minds, and after he finished undressing, they climbed into bed and made sweet gentle love until they both fell asleep.

On Monday, Jackson reported to the Psychology department to get his new office assignment. When he got to the room he was assigned, he thought it was a mistake. It was the office next door to Willoughby’s old office and Henri’, the sign painter, was putting his name on the door as he walked up to it. ‘This was ‘old man’ Palmer’s office’ he thought.

Just then Abraham Palmer walked out of Willoughby’s old office, walked down the hall, and patting him on his back, said to Jackson “Welcome to the club, Doctor Powell, you deserve this promotion because you’ve worked harder than all of the rest of these lazy bums combined. Congratulations!”

“Thank you sir” Jackson said nervously shaking his new superior’s hand.

“Just call me Abe, my boy.” the balding bearded man said, and walked away down the hallway.

Jackson walked into his new office and saw a stack of papers on the large oak desk at the rear of the 10′ X10′ room with bookcases on the left wall and a large, well-worn leather couch against the other wall with an empty space where a large portrait used to hang. Behind the desk was a large high-backed wooden chair. Jackson walked to the rear of the room and opened the blinds on the windows. He then sat down at his desk got to work.

It took him almost an hour to sort through and categorize the papers, all the time thinking ‘I wonder if they will let me have an assistant.’ When he finished, he looked at the last sheet of paper which was his tentative schedule. Just as he was deciphering said schedule, he was startled by the telephone on his desk ringing.

He picked it up and said “Hello?”

“Dr. Powell, this is campus housing services. Would you and your wife be able to come down to our office some time to day to fill out some paperwork?” the voice on the phone asked.

“Yes, of course. Would 1PM be alright with you?” Jackson answered.

“That would be great, see you then.” the voice said and then hung up.

‘I wonder what that was about, and how did they know this was my phone?’ Jackson pondered.

By 11AM Jackson had his paperwork and office arranged so that he could find what he wanted and walked out of his office and across the Quad to his apartment. As he walked into their apartment he announced “Sweetheart, I’m home for lunch.”

She came running out of the bathroom and they met embracing in the middle of the room. “I didn’t expect you. I didn’t fix you lunch darling.” She exclaimed.

“Don’t worry dear, I’m taking you to lunch” he said. She ran into their bedroom and dressed because she was still wearing her favorite tee shirt of his.

She reappeared in fifteen minutes in one of his sweatshirts and a pair of his shorts, because most of her clothes no longer fit, with her hair and makeup looking perfect. They walked to the commissary and had a nice lunch on his faculty card. After lunch he told her that they needed to visit the housing office about some paperwork.

They arrived at the housing office five minutes early and were escorted to the administrator’s office. The secretary handed Jackson a stack of forms and asked the couple to wait in the office for the administrator.

Jackson started looking at the paperwork he was holding and realized that he was looking at a ‘provisional lease’ for a two bedroom bungalow on East College Avenue. Just as he was beginning to comprehend what the papers meant, the administrator walked into the office. Jackson stood as George Wilson walked into his office and extended his hand to Jackson saying “Thank you for coming in today Dr. Powell, I hope that the terms of this agreement are to your liking?”

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