The Preachers Wife

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The Preachers WifeMy buddy lived next door to me. His father was a preacher at a big church in town. His mom was the typical conservative preachers wife type. Average looking, blonde brown hair, not over weight, a few wrinkles. Not wanking material at all. Any way I would spend the night over there and my buddy would spend the night at my house. So spending the night, you sometimes see things, which are not too big a deal. But some times they are a big deal. This night I spent over at my buddy’s house. We were all to get up in the morning and go fishing, very early. But for some reason they left me. They claimed I was fast asleep and would not wake up. But they left me there with my buddy’s mom, Liz. I awoke and laid in bed after seeing a note saying that they had left me. I heard a noise coming from Liz’s room. I got up to see as I thought I was alone. On the bed buck naked was Liz with a huge black buzzing dildo, she was ramming it and out of her dark hairy pussy. I stood there watching, I could not move. The room smelled of pussy. My pecker grew hard as steel and stuck out the front of my PJs making a huge tent. I reached down to take it in my hand when Liz opened her eyes and saw me. I froze for moment then ran back to my buddy’s room. I stood there not sure what to do, my cock still aching and hard from what I saw. Then Liz walked in. She had put on a night shirt but her nipples were still sticking out and I could see the dark around her nipples and a dark triangle between her legs. She told me I could not tell any one about what I had just seen. I told her I would not. But I had to ask what she was doing. She tried to explain it to me, but I was more interested in her boobs and snatch. I kept staring at them instead of looking at her eyes. Liz got frustrated and took off her sleep shirt and stood before me completely naked. She told me to get a good look. Then she asked what she had to do to get me not to tell anyone about what I had caught her doing. I shrugged my shoulders, then she smiled and knelt canlı bahis down and puled my bottoms down letting my cock spring fourth. She took it her mouth and started to give me a blow job. She only went about thirty seconds and stopped. I would have blew my load in another thirty seconds. But she must have sensed that as she said she did not like cum in her mouth. Then she asked if I was a virgin which I said yes. She commented on how well my cock looks and the hair growing on my balls. She laid on the bed and spread her legs showing her hairy snatch. I could smell her and see the pink of her slit. Her slit was open and wet, I could even see her pussy hole. My cock was throbbing and hurt as I stood there taking this in. Then she reached out and took my hand and pulled me closer. I was thinking that she would suck my dong some more but she pulled me up till my cock head was touching her wet gash. She rubbed my cock head up and down her slit making it wet. The sight of my dick going up and down her hairy pussy made it hurt even more and I was afraid I blow cum all over her. Then she pushed it down to her hole and my head slipped into her. I jumped back, my cock popping out flinging juice into the air. Liz pulled me back, telling me everything is okay, and guided my cock into her this time I pushed forward till my balls touched her ass. I was all the way in, deep inside my buddy’s mom. Liz smiled and asked me how it feels. She said she loves the way cock feels inside her. Her cunt was warm and tight. I pulled back about half way and then pushed back in. Liz moaned lightly, the feel of her pussy hair and looking at my cock covered in her pussy juice proved to much for me and I started to cum. I thought I should pull out but as the first pulse of jizz raced out of my balls and up my cock all I could do was push deeper letting it flow onto Liz. And it did with such force that Liz felt it. Oh my I heard Liz say as my cock pumped a massive load deep into her womb. Then she said she was cumming too. I felt her bahis siteleri pussy contract around my cock causing even more cum to erupt from my balls. I stayed inside her till my cock stopped throbbing and went semi limp and Liz caught her breath. I pulled out and surveyed her pussy. My cum had overflowed her cunt spraying the cum back onto me and soaking her bush and mine as well. The smell of my cum over took the smell of her pussy. Liz looked over the mess also, then she smeared her fingers through the cum soaked pussy hair and rubbed her slit. She smiled big and said that was a lot of cum. There was a big pool on the bed where it was draining out of her cunt, running down her ass crack. My cock got hard again as I stood there looking at her cum soaked cunt. I looked at her eyes and she asked if I wanted another ride, I better get to it. I pushed forward planting my dick deep inside her gooey snatch. She quickly rolled me onto my back so she was on top. Liz started to fuck me, her pussy smearing cum all over me. I lasted much longer this time. It was really cool watching her boobs shake as she rode my cock. And watching her face as she worked her pussy. I finally came adding more cum to her already full womb. We both showered, I wanted to nail her in the shower but my cock was too sore. We dressed and made lunch just as every one else came home. We both acted like nothing ever happened. And nothing was ever said again about what happened between Liz and I. And I kept my mouth shut. I knew she took a big a chance fucking me, that would made more talk than the dildo. About a year later I was over at the house. It was just Liz and I. Liz asked me if I ever think about what we did. I was surprised she brought it up as I had decided it would never be brought up again. I told her it was a good moment and a great first time for me. I also told her I never said a word to anyone about it. Then she asked if we could do it one more time, for old time sake. She said she and her husband were not getting along güvenilir bahis and she needs a release. My cock went to rock hard and I moved in on Liz kissing her as I pushed her against the counter. I pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties, Liz pulled at my shorts and freed my cock. My cock slid easily into her wet cunt, it felt so good to be back inside her. I plunged deep into her like a mad man. I thrust into her with angry force. Her pussy gripped my cock trying to hold it inside her. I made several deep thrust and she screamed that she was cumming. I could feel her pussy pulsing as her orgasim rolled out. I pushed my cock as deep into her as I could and let loose a torrent of my spunk spraying her insides. It seemed that neither of us would stop cumming. We held each other tight, I thought she was going to fall. Finally, her pussy released it grip on my cock and we both relaxed, standing there with my limp cock still inside her. I could feel cum dripping off my balls. I pulled out and Liz turned and leaned on the counter, her ass pointed towards me. I could see her gaping, cum dripping pussy peaking at me from under her ass. I took my semi limp cock and guided it into her snatch for another round, catching Liz off guard. I had always wanted to fuck a girl in this position. I pounded her, my cock quickly went to rock hard again. Liz pooched her ass giving me better access. I banged her for several minutes before I went deep again and added more spunk to her flooded cunt. I pulled out and Liz closed her legs trying to keep the cum inside her. She was worried about making a mess and some one may know what we had done with all the cum so we both ran to the shower to clean up as quickly as we could. And we just got all dressed and cleaned up the spunk from the floor when every one came home. That was my first time story, and yes I fucked the preachers wife. Liz was the last person I would have thought I would ever fuck, much less be my first fuck. But it is a strange world. The best part was getting to fuck her a second time a year later as I spent much time thinking about if I ever got to fuck her again. They moved away not long after the second fuck. I wanted to fuck her a regular basis but that was not to be.

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