The postman delivers his package

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The postman delivers his packageWe have had the same mailman for about 4 years now. As most of you, I never really paid all that much attention to him.I have been semi-retired for a couple months now. Wife still going to work mon thru fri. So I usually walk outside and take the mail from him. Normal greetings and pleasantries.I have also been really spending a lot of time riding my dildos while alone during the day. Started playing in the cam rooms and recording some of my playtime. Have been getting bigger and bigger toys as the months progress.So, yesterday I walkout to get the mail when I see his truck pull up, oddly, today he starts across the street. He usually does us first and finishes across the street. I did not think much of it and went back in. A few minutes go by and I see him coming back my way, so I go out to greet him.Instead of handing me my mail, he steps bahis şirketleri up on the porch and begins chatting. He is a nice looking, 30 something, fit black guy. He is smiling while we talk and looking me up and down. Odd, I think. He asks if he could step inside for a moment. Ok, really odd now. But I step back in and hold the door for him. He then tells me that he has been watching my videos and would really like to help me with them. Needless to say I am shocked.I manage to stammer out, ‘what videos’?He says the videos of you taking big dildos, cock and fists, of course.Now I smile and reach for his zipper.Kneeling down right there at my front door, in the middle of my living room I find myself unzipping his mail uniform and reaching in for his cock.As I pull it out of his pants I realize that I may have more than I can handle. He is not hard yet and I am holding bahis firmaları a fat, long, black cock.I look up to see him smiling down at me. Go ahead boy, suck it, you know you want to. And suck it I do.First just the head but as his cock swells more and more I begin working more of it into my throat. Then I feel his hand on the back of my head, pushing more of his cock into my mouth.As I begin to gag he does not pull away but continues to grow and continues to push even more of himself into me.When he releases my head I pull back and breathe. Looking at the huge piece of black meat before me I realize that even though I am skilled at deepthroating and not gagging, I am going to have a hard time with this man’s cock. The thing is fucking huge an d throbbing, The veins prominate and pulsing with his blood. Engorging his cockhead to a massive size.Allright boy, enough staring kaçak bahis siteleri take it. And with that he grabs my ponytail and forces his length into my throat. I feel his cockhead hit the back of my mouth and it just keeps going. Deeper and deeper until my nose is buried into his kinky bush, feels like a brillo pad against my nose and lips. Then he begins long stroking his cock into my throat.The head almost coming out before he shoves it back into me. Faster and faster he fucks my face. My eyes watering, drool and spit running out of my mouth with each stroke of his tool. Dripping off my chin onto my chest, soaking my tshirt. And still he fucks. Harder, faster until I hear him gasp as he pushes fully into my throat and holds there.I cannot swallow but I can feel his cum roaring down into my stomach, one hard pulse after another.Then he pulls his cock out of my mouth, puts it away, zips up and turns to the door. Stopping to look down and tell me that next time he is going to tear my ass up as well.He steps out onto the porch and walks away without looking back, leaving me kneeling and dripping with spit and cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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