The Porter

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Ah… Big sigh as it was eleven o’clock and the end of a long twelve hour shift. I was putting my coat on and about to go home, when the door opened to the changing room, my manager’s head popped round and said, “Lenard, can you please help this lady for five minutes before you go?”We are short staffed, isn’t everyone these days! I’m a porter in a hotel just on the outskirts of town. Having left school at seventeen, been here a year, don’t have an academic brain, just brawn. I am renting a flat, just recently, as I could not afford one before.I had just changed into my clothes from the hotel uniform, I wasn’t going to change back just for five minutes.Taking my coat back off I went to the front counter and asked Pete, “Where is she?”Pete pointed to the bar, “Vanessa’s in there with her husband.”I walked over to the bar and looked around, it was still busy, since I didn’t have my uniform on they would not recognise me as being one of the staff. So I had to look around for a lady named Vanessa and her husband.As I looked and walked around, it seemed like my task was to find a needle in a haystack… shit!I wasn’t going to go round shouting her name out. I just walked and looked. Then from the corner of my eye I caught a lady standing at a table looking around, I recognised her as she had been here for a couple of days, a real good looker. A man seated next to her, head down on the table. My needle had been found.I walked over and asked, “Vanessa?”She was very polite, “Oh hello love, are you here to help me, I’m so sorry, but it’s my husband. He’s been over doing it… again.”I looked at the man, he seemed to be asleep on the table, I asked, “How may I help you Madam?”She prodded him on the arm and said, “He’s drunk… again. Please can you help me take him up to our room?”She lightly slapped his head and said, “I’ve told him a hundred times not to drink too much… just cause it’s paid for by his company. But he never listens.”The man seemed to try and open his eyes and grunted, so he was not asleep or totally drunk at least. I walked around to the side of the man to see if he could at lease stand. I pulled him up into a seated position and asked him if he could stand. He looked in my direction and grunted again.Vanessa said, “So uncouth of you dear, please see if you can stand at least for this young man.”I took one arm and he pushed on the table to stand with his other hand, he managed to do that, I put his arm around my shoulders. Then as I was about to walk him off, he resisted, stretched out his hand to grab the tumbler of whisky, he put it to his lips and as he just swallowed a little Vanessa grabbed his hand and took the tumbler from him, “You’ve had quite enough istanbul travesti dear, just look at you!”She placed the tumbler onto the table and said, “This way young man.”Vanessa led the way and I followed with her husband almost dragging his feet, he had not even the energy to lift his shoes.We finally got into the lift, which in normal circumstances would have taken no more than thirty seconds, but took over two minutes.Vanessa’s husband was trying to say something all the time but made absolutely no sense in the drunken state he was in.The man was dressed in a very nice business suit, tie, and very shiny shoes. Vanessa was in a long silk like floral patterned dress, with a shawl over her shoulders, looked elegant, and looked expensive.As we were going up in the lift, Vanessa asked, “Do you work here young man?”Not being in uniform she could not tell, I said, “Yes Madam, I was just on my way home when the desk manager asked me to help.”Vanessa looked at me, a slight smile, “Yes… I thought I had seen you around. Very kind of you, thank you.”I replied, “Just doing my job Madam, happy to help.”The door opened on the lift; as we stepped out, Vanessa said, “Please call me Vanessa young man.”We got to their room and as Vanessa opened it for us to walk through, I said, “My name is Lenard.”I was walking through and found it funny that Vanessa had hung the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign out and closed the door. I turned my head and asked, “Shall I put him on the bed?”Vanessa turned and pointed, “No dear, put him on the couch over there, I don’t want his drunken breath on me.”As I was placing her husband on the couch, Vanessa stood by me and asked a strange question, “Would you be missed tonight?”I took hold of his legs and swooped them up off the floor. I began to undo his laces. I could see Vanessa’s right foot, tapping the floor and then with her voice raised very slightly, “I asked if you would be missed tonight… Lenard!”My gaze slowly travelled from Vanessa’s tapping foot, along the dress to her slim waistband, further up to what seemed like pert breasts, then to her blue eyes. I said, “I live on my own.”I began to take off the shoes and put them to one side. I stood up straight and Vanessa stepped closer, I easily towered over her with my six foot four inch frame, Vanessa was at least a foot shorter.I asked, “Shall I put a blanket over him?”“No my dear, it’s quite warm in here, and he’s got alcohol running in his vein’s to keep off the chill.”She looked up to me and continued, “In fact it seems to be getting… Quite hot in here, don’t you agree… Lenard?”She slowly turned around and presented her back to me, “Please undo the zipper for me dear.”My istanbul travesti fisted hand came to my mouth as I coughed, “Excuse me madam.”She lifted her hair out of the way to expose the top of her dress and the zipper, “Be a love darling, I can’t reach that by myself.”I tentatively grabbed the zipper and lowered it about three inches. She turned her head sideways and said, “Oh come on love, all the way if you please.”Again I took hold of the zipper and lowered it to the bottom; this was just to the top of her arse. She had undone her waist band and thrown it towards her sleepy husband. Then she took a step forwards and unhooked both straps off her shoulders and let the dress fall to the ground.Holly shit, she looked stunning from the back, skin so white, so unblemished, and just so perfect. Black bra and a black thong, with her hands on her hips she turned around and faced me, she asked, “Are you gay… Lenard?”What the hell! What did she just say? I didn’t know where to look. I knew where I wanted to look, and that was at her, fuckin hell she looked amazing. I was right, pert breasts, very slender waist, lovely shaped hips and very firm thighs. I just thought to myself holy shit is this happening? What is happening here!?In a more stern voice Vanessa spoke with distinction, almost scarring me, “I asked you a question young man!”Fist to my mouth again I coughed and said looking to the ground, “I could lose my job.”Vanessa stepped closer, she lifted my head and made me look at her, she said, “First things first dear boy… are you gay?”I shook my head very slowly from side to side. Then holy fucking shit she grabbed my crotch and asked, “Do you find me attractive… Lenard, would you like to have sexual intercourse… with me?”I said nothing but my cock was already at half-mast. Vanessa beamed with a wide smile; she caressed my cock through the fabric of my jeans, made my cock even more solid.She said, “I retract my question, I can see… correction… I can feel you crave for a female.”She gave my cock a squeeze and held it; squinting her eyes and slightly tilting her head she asked, “You’re not a virgin are you… Lenard… Dear boy?”I shook my head, she tightened her grip on my cock, looked directly into my eyes and said, “If you’re gay or a virgin… then you can fuck off out that door right now.” Her eyes flicked to the room’s front door.Eyes back on mine, grip slightly loosened she continued, “Now that’s all cleared up,” she winked, “Let’s have some fun.”She squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed her grip around my cock, she said, “You do like to have fun… don’t you dear!”With a final squeeze she let go and she stepped towards istanbul travesti the bed which was no more than a few feet away, in plain sight if he awoke. The way she walked, it was like she knew she was in control, she wa.s so relaxed about being naked or clothed… but especially naked; it seemed to make no difference to her. But being naked defiantly gave her an ambiance of control.I said again, “Sorry madam, but I could lose my job.”Vanessa swiftly stepped back and grabbed my cock again, tight, so tight. She looked me straight in the eyes, “How is any bugger going to find out… you going to tell the desk manager… your mummy!”She let go and walked back to the bed. She turned around and I looked towards the husband, I said, “What if… What if he…”Vanessa’s hands went to behind her, to unclasp her bra, she said, “He’s a drunken bastard who in his state won’t wake up till I wake him.”She placed her bra on the bed and I just thought, Holy fuckin shit, what a pair of tits, fuckin hell they were just superb. She then looked at me looking at her, she said, “Close your mouth dear, you’re dribbling.”I didn’t realise but my mouth was… well open, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her whole body and as my eyes travelled back to hers, she said, “Take your shit off dickhead, how do you think you’re going to fuck me with all that on.”I was still hesitant, really did not know what to do, apart from my cock, it knew exactly what it wanted to do.Vanessa took off her thong and picked up her bra, she walked past me and towards her husband; she placed both her bra and thong on his face. She then came back to me. She started to undo my belt as she said, “Fucking hell son, what sort of invitation are you waiting for. I’ve been horny for three fucking days now. That bastard’s been drunk every night we’ve been here.”By that time she had my jeans pulled to the floor, and I found myself taking off my tee shirt. She stood and walked me towards the bed with just my boxers on. My cock was fully erect and the head was popping out over the waistband.Vanessa had not seen that till she sat on the bed and I stood in front of her. She was about to take off my boxers when her eyes fixed themselves on my exposed cock-head, she could not look away as she said, “Fucking hell son, what the fuck is that!”She licked what was exposed of my cock and then pulled down my boxers very slowly to reveal my fully hardened manhood. Still with her eyes fixed, I kicked aside my boxers, she said, “I hope that black bastard has stopped growing, holy shit son, how old did you say you were?”I looked down to her head which was an inch away from my cock, I thought I had better answer her otherwise I’d get that firm telling off again, “Eighteen … I just turned eighteen.”She licked the length of it, and remarked, “Fuckin hell son, you’re as black as the ace of spades. She placed her arm next to my cock, fist in line with my cock-head and then asked, “Are you going to fuck me with this thing or fist me with it?”

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