The Photo Shoot At the Mansion – Part 3

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The Photo Shoot At the Mansion – Part 3After a dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables, the two ladies and I sat on the back porch around the pool and gardens.  We had opened a third bottle of wine and the Saranya finally confessed that she and Cheri had met at a gym over a year before.  Cheri’s husband was a big shot executive with a software development firm and travelled the world now for weeks at a time.  Sometimes Cheri went with him, but at others, she stayed behind.  Since making friends with Saranya she had begun staying home more often. Saranya asked in her dusky, Indian accent if I wanted to shoot some photos of the two of them by the pool.  I laughed.  Did I want to?  Hell yeah!!  Did I trust myself not to drop the camera into the pool or leave the lens cap on or to just stand and stare and forget to push the button to take pictures…?  That was a far different issue!  I was more drunk than I had been in years and the sight of the two of them, now sitting in shorts and cut off tee shirts, comfortably touching each other was already giving me fantasies to last a lifetime!! Saranya pouted, and I told her that meant she was off the clock, if she wanted to do something, that was her business.  I started to get up to leave, thanking Cheri for her tremendous hospitality when she told me I was going nowhere because I was too drunk. I had not considered that (That was how lit I was) and I sat back down, rather stunned.  “Where will I sleep though?”  I asked.  They both laughed and said they would find some place in the five bedroom home for me.  “Sheesh.  I really am drunk!” I said and they laughed. They both got up to go potty and I poured myself the last of either the second or third bottle of wine.  I sat there staring out at the distant fields the night beginning to darken the Eastern horizon.  It was a perfect evening, still warm, a slight breeze.  The three quarter moon promised to be nice and bright in the clear sky.  “I could get used to this.” I thought.  Taking another sip, I got up and began exploring some of the sculptures and things tucked into the garden. Behind the cypress bush, I found my first surprise.  A white stone sculpture, about half scale of a woman in old time dress and petticoats pulled up over her ass, as a man with a huge cock prepared to enter her from behind.  “Excuse me.”  I mumbled and stepped back.  It looked so damn real.  I turned around to see seated on a bench, a life-sized statue of a black man, leaning back on the bench, a good 10 inch stone cock sticking up erect and ready for some passing woman to admire… or… whatever. There were nude, semi-nude and erotic stone art pieces s**ttered throughout the entire garden!!  Angels being groped by demons; a dominatrix in one area, dressed almost exactly as Cheri had been earlier, complete with whip.  Another life sized sculpture of a woman on all fours, could function as a bench for a weary wanderer to sit upon, or upon closer inspection, use in other ways since her mouth was open, and there seemed to be an anatomically correct opening at the other end as well!!  “Shit!” I was so horny and drunk, I was just wondering what it feel like to have a stone cold suck job, when I heard squeals and giggles and then a couple of splashes back toward the house. Draining the last of my glass of wine, I walked back the path toward the pool.  As I half expect the ladies were both in the pool, all the lights set very dim, and I could not be 100% certain, but I highly suspected they were each without a stitch of clothing.  I wandered over to the table as they splashed me and teased me and invited me to join them.  “Sorry ladies, I got no trunks, and I don’t wear other men’s swim shorts so, I guess I will just have to sit this one out.” “Take those damn khaki dress slacks of yours off!!  Saranya more or less yelled türbanlı ığdır escort at me.  “I have worked with you for almost a year and I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen you in something other than them!!  You have a nice ass, but those pants look like potato sacks!!  Take them off!!””  They both erupted in laughter and I wondered if the blush on my face was bright enough to glow in the fading light!! I would like to think I would have stripped down had I not been drunk, but I doubt it.  In truth, the only thing my mind was processing was the fact that a girl, young enough to be my daughter thought I had a nice ass!!  My body just automatically followed her instructions to strip, all on its own and before I knew what I had done, I was sitting down in my boxers, removing my ankle socks! I looked over at the girls to gauge their reactions.  They were in water that came up to just below their chins.  Cheri had her golden tanned arms over Saranya’s dark shoulders.  Saranya’s hands and arms were under the water, moving…..  The two were kissing so slowly.  I watched transfixed as a tongue would slide into the lips of one then the bottom lip of the other would be bit and pulled.  Their mouths would come together and part, as if they were dancing or fencing.  I thought for a moment of getting my camera, they looked so perfect in the low light blue of the pool.  But there was no way I was going to miss a second of this!! “You really should come over and at least dangle your feet in the water.” Cheri said, as she broke off her kissing.  She seemed to us moment to speak to clear her mind and allow her lungs to work again.  “We won’t bite… but if we do, I promise you will enjoy it!!!”  Saranya, who had been kissing down the other woman’s long throat, looked over at me and said, “Come on, stop being a party pooper.” I stood up, pushed my boxers to my feet, kicked them off and started to swagger over to the pool.  I glance down my torso as I approached the edge of the pool and was mortified.  My cock, which I had assumed was at least somewhat erect, hung limp and if anything, shorter than normal!!  The girls were completely focused on each other, so I quickly sat down on the edge of the concrete and as discretely as I could, started tugging and pulling on my sleeping cock and praying that I’d at least get him to a decent thickness I did not even realize they had stopped kissing until Saranya grabbed my foot under the water. She pulled herself up my leg, hand over hand and then she was there, wrapped around my shin, my foot, strategically locked between her strong, young thighs.  Cheri was only a few steps behind and assumed the same pose, holding my leg so she could rub her submerged pussy on my left foot.  “It seems you have had too much to drink.  Is there anything we can do to help?” Cheri asked.  In the shadows of the late evening, her eyes seemed to glow with mischief and desire.  Saranya looked up at me with unadulterated lust. I gulped and began to stutter, but nothing came to my mind to say, so I shut my mouth before a moth flew in it!  Saranya moved her hand to my testicles and cupped them.  “I think that we can do something to help you along.  You have been so good today, not losing composure and being every bit a professional.  I was a bad employee and became too involved in the shoot.  How can I make it up to you?”  Her fingers tugged and rolled my egg sack in ways that no woman had ever done for me before and in those few moments she had a much more… profound effect on things than I had previously. Cheri began slowly humping my foot and ankle.  She leaned back in the water, a hand behind my knee.  Her marvelous full breasts floated up and her dark, hard nipples poked up through the rippling surface of türbanlı ığdır escort bayan the water in a most obscene manner.  Licking her lips and blowing kisses to me, I could feel her camel toe split open on the top of my thigh.  Her eyes fluttered as I realized her clitoral pearl had now found a spot to get enough pressure and friction to begin moving her higher. “There, that’s better!”  Said Saranya.  “And I think you will be glad you shave down here.”  Before I could question why, she took a few thick hair bands she had been using to hold her thick raven black hair back, and slid them around my testicles, pulling them out from my body.  Then others went around my whole package, and she twisted them tight.  When she pulled her head back, I could see my tied and trussed cock and balls looking as hard and long as porn stars and there was a hungry look on the face of my friend. She began tentatively to lick the head of my cock.  Then Cheri started whispering the most dirty words of encouragement to her.  “That’s it you little whore.  Suck his big cock.  Make him beg to shoot that hot sticky load down your slutty lips!”  On and on she went.  Saranya disengaged from my foot and as I looked down, I could just make out the fact that Cheri had her hand between the darker thighs of the younger girl and judging by the more vigorous attention Saranya was giving my cock, her fingers were finding all of the right spots!! Then Saranya stopped, turned and looked at the other woman and said with a voice brimming with sexual energy, “God damn you, bitch!  Fuck me!  Fuck me now!!  Fuck me hard!”  With that she slid between my thighs and rose up out of the water by looping her arms over my thighs.  The back of her head and all that wet, jet black hair spilled over my now aching privates.  I could feel Cheri pick up her pace, grinding on my ankle, and judging by the waves, she was becoming more vigorous about her ministrations beneath the surface and between the thighs of my Indian beauty! I picked up her hair and wrapped it around my balls and cock.  It looked so erotic poking through the wet strands.  Then my hands went down over her shoulder and I leaned forward until I could cup her small breasts and pinch and twist the young buds at their tips!  It did not take long at all for her screams to start ringing out as waves of more than just water began washing through her young bodies as Cheri and I pushed pulled her further and further into orgasmic oblivion!! She had not even begun to come down from the shuddering plateau when Cheri turned, swam to a ladder a couple yards to my left and exited the water.  She looked incredible, with the moon just over her shoulder, glistening with the water, glowing with erotic tension.   She grabbed a towel from the table and folded it as she walked over beside me.  She knelt on it next to me and grabbed hold of my face and held it to her breasts.  “Suck me, Paul.  Suck my tits.  They need your lips!!  Make me cum.  Make me your whore!  Make me scream your name!”  With that she crushed my face to her tits.  Who was I to argue with the owner and hostess of our evening?!?  I sucked, bit, chewed, licked and kneaded her beautiful tits to the very best of my ability!!!  All the while she kept up the blue haze of “That’s it you filthy bastard.  Make me cum.  Mmmm, Baby, that’s it!  Suck Mommy off!!  Make me your cunt.  My holes are quivering because of you!”  On and on she went! Saranya had recovered enough to turn around and was teasingly sucking on my nuts.  In my mind I could see her popping one in to her mouth and then the other, tugging and sucking on them.  I was nearly in agony, needing her or anyone to touch my cock.  Then she put her hands on my knees and pushed herself up and across my body and onto türbanlı escort ığdır the stone and concrete patio.  My view was, shall we say, somewhat obstructed, but a few moments later, I saw her laying another, thicker blanket on the ground to the side of Cheri.  “If you want him to fuck you with his first load, you better roll over Cheri, otherwise, I am going to suck his cock dry myself.”  I came up for air to look up and see my thin, naked assistant standing behind me and beside Cheri looking down at us.  Her pussy was so close I could almost lean back and take her pussy on my face!!!“Okay, okay!!!  Damn your bitchy when you are horny!!” said Cheri as she leaned back from me, turned and got up on all fours, ass up, face down and shook her butt at me.  “I want to get pregnant, so fuck me hard and shoot me deep,” she said with a laugh.  I looked up at Saranya with questions all over my face.  She smiled, put a finger across her lips and said, “You heard her, give her your first load!  Because I get the next two after that!!!”  She shook her head slightly and made a cutting motion with her fingers.  We had discussed on numerous occasions how glad I was that I had been snipped when I was younger.  I did not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies…..  Obviously, she had not shared that detail with Cheri!!!  Oh well, who was I to spoil the moment??!! I was behind her in a second; my banded and raging cock pointed at the most private part of a woman that just 8 hours earlier I had never met.  I smiled and introduced her to the tip of my cock head!!  She was wetter than the pool, and with almost no effort I felt myself splitting her open by the inch.  She was moaning and swearing again.  After a minute of working my cock in and out a little at a time, we were each well enough to begin to fuck in earnest. I was just beginning to wonder what Saranya was doing when she set a chair down just a foot or so to my left, splayed her thighs over either arm of the chair, and as I watched, she opened up her dark outer lips to reveal the most beautiful pink glowing pussy insides I have ever seen!!!  Her fingers gathered her wetness up and she smeared it all around the top of her gash, and then she began to roughly rub, push and pull the loose flesh around her pussy as she stared straight at my face!!! I gulped, and began pounding into Cheri for all I was worth.  At first, I hated the fact that the bands around my scrotum and base of my cock were so tight.  But then as I lasted longer and longer and the ladies passions, words, moans, touches and movements became more lurid, I was thankful for the extra control!!  But as is true of all good things, the point of no return finally came within sight.  My vision blurred, my toes curled, every muscle in my spine and throughout the back of my body contracted more tightly than I could ever remember!!  I buried my cock as deep in that hot box of Cheri’s as I could and roared like a bull moose being castrated!!  It felt as if my testicles were pulling every drop of liquid in my body from my skull to my toes and pushing it all out and into Cheri in spasm and torrent after torrent!!! Once I stopped moaning, I could hear the others whimpering and moaning as well.  I had withdrawn and was lying back on the concrete, with fluids running down the inside of my thigh.  I looked up into the blue black sky of the night and saw hundreds of stars winking their congratulations to me and I smiled.  I looked over, and Cheri was on her back, trying to catch her breath, and like a good friend, Saranya was collecting our fluids on her fingers and shoving them back into her friends cunt to “help increase the chance of conception” I’m sure!!! I smiled up into the night sky.  “It is good to be self-employed” I thought to myself and smiled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks to XHAMSTER taking over 72 hours to post this series, you are one of the rare people to read this series of stories. Personally, I have really enjoyed writing this series!!!!If you have as well, please comment and vote so it might get the attention of someone else that might enjoy it as well.Thanks for reading!! And thank you even more for voting and commenting!

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