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THE PARTYThe Partyby William DuPain (***This is a story about an i****tuous relationship between an aunt and her nephew. They attend a fundraiser sponsored by her book club. It’s a slave sale, where she buys a lover for her nephew. (FFM, inc, bi, orgy, rom)***Unsure of whether Eleanor would be in or not, Bill decided to try her cell phone anyway. He had been thinking a great deal about their escapade last weekend and simply wanted to hear her voice again.He dialed the number, and waited.”Hello,” said the voice.”Ellie?””William, oh, I miss you so much!” Her voice rich, and salty, robed him in its warm vibrating energy.”I needed to hear your voice, I’ve missed you too Ellie!” He said.”I’m flattered,” she told him.”Where are you?””Seated at the kitchen table… having coffee, why?””Would you do something for me?””What Bill?””Are you wearing a dress?””Yes.””Undies?””Of course silly,” she replied with a giggle.”What color?””Red.””Satin or lace?” he asked.”Satin with lace.” She told him.”Would you put your hand over your mound please, and stroke?” He heard a light chuckle.”Are you?””What?” she said.”You know… doing it?” He said.”Yes,” she replied meekly.”And where are your hands?” she asked him shyly.”One on the phone, the other squeezing my cock.””Oh!” He hears a light gasp.”What are you thinking?” he asked her.”About you, inside of me last weekend,” she said.”Are you wet yet Ellie?” he wanted to know.”Yes,” her voice low and husky.”Are you, you know, firm?” she inquired.”Throbbing, and hard as steel,” he said proudly.”Do you remember what it looks like?” he asked.”Yes!” she answered with a slight quiver in her voice.”Are your nipples standing up, with that hot little attitude of theirs?” he asked curiously.”Yes Bill, they miss you, I miss you too,” she replied with a whimper.”I want you to pinch them lightly, with those long luxurious nails of yours, and imagine that their mine.”Oh Bill, I love you,” her voice quivering deep and sexy as she spoke.”Place your hands in your panties Ellie, please!””Are they there?””Yes,” her voice tense as she answered.”Circle your clit with the tip of your finger and imagine it’s my tongue!””Oh! Yessss, its delightful,” she told him.”Would you insert a finger into your sex for me and finger yourself?” he asked her.”Yes baby,” she said.”Are you fucking it Eleanor?” he wanted to know.”Oh yes baby, God, yes I am!” excited as she spoke.”Insert another finger please Ellie,” he requested.”Yes baby, I did!””Would you slow down and wiggle them once, please!””Oh, my God!” she gasped.”Fuck it faster Ellie,” he said.”Remember when I tongued your anal opening, did you like that Eleanor?” he asked.”O-Oh God Y-Yes, William!” Urgency, heavy in her voice now.”Would you like it if I were there fucking you right now Ellie?” He asked.”Oh God Bill, I’m coming baby,” what followed was incomprehensible, but very lively.”Did you like it Ellie?””Oh yes baby!””See you this weekend Ellie, all of you,” he told her.”Your so naughty William, and goodbye,” she said giggling again.***William arrived at Eleanor’s door early on Friday evening, promptly rang the doorbell and waited. She opened the door, her smile radiant when she saw him, and all but d**g him forcefully into her home. Inside she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, grinding her pelvis into his groin as they necked amorously. She was shameless in her passion; he was thrilled in his heart.She pulled back from his lips breathless, her eyes lively and energetic, as they scanned his handsome features.”You must never do that again William,” her tone sultry and serious.”Do what Ellie? Do what again?” He asked her completely dumbfounded.”Leave me alone that long,” she told him with a hurt look.”But it wasn’t my idea Ellie,” he politely protested.”I know,” she said, smiling at him now. “But if I should ask you to again, deny me lover,” she instructed him.She kissed him again, probing every area of his hot virgin mouth, as William, caught up in the moment, reached down and softly stroked her mound through the thin material of her skirt. She slowly spread her legs slightly, granting him permission to use her body. She ground her prominent, high pubic bone, against his youthful hardness shamelessly, as they continued to neck.It felt so wonderful to feel his hands on her again; it had been five days since he left. Five days that her body had longed for him, that her mind had teased her with those steamy scenes form last week. Tormenting her with it’s brazen need for release, she had even masturbated in a fit of frustration one night, and only fallen into a fitful slumber after nearly exhausting herself physically with her own fingers.He had awakened a sweet, but furious passion in her she had long ago forgotten, and he was barely aware of it, if at all. Ellie had embraced that long dead passion with an ardent zeal, and was now a slave to it and to him, and she liked it that way.”Make love to me William, here, now, please! I have thought of nothing but you all week lover!” She spoke with an elevated sense of energy in her voice.He ran his large hands around her body and gently squeezed her firm, hard mounds, pulling her hot center to his bulging hardness. She looked into his eyes as she felt his bulging erection assert itself against her crotch, and could plainly see his desire for her.She could read him like a book she mused; he was so open and unassuming. Under the raging fire in his eyes she melted into his chest, her nails making small circular motions around his hard nipples.He picked her up and carried her to the white leather couch, where he had first seen her bare thighs, and she had thrilled him as a boy, intending to undress her there. Raising her dress high on her legs he gently ran his hands down the inside of her thighs. Then he carefully removed the delicate black lace panties she wore.It was her turn to blush, as he held them under his nose, and inhaled deeply from their crotch and looked steadily into her bright green eyes.”Your scent stirs me Eleanor,” he told her.When he was finished, he pulled her forward and lay on his back in front of her on the floor.”Straddle my chest Ellie, I’m going to eat your sweet pussy lover!” He said, as he lay back on the huge Oriental rug.Ellie moved to his chest and stood their, her feet wide, as she looked down at him, giving him the view of his young life. Bill looked up at his dream woman, and there before his eyes, was her perfectly shaped mons staring down on him. Her full lips hanging slightly open… were flushed and begging for the human touch, he could clearly see her hard clit resting in the valley of life, all of these only sharpened his appetite for her.I had to resort to self-gratification, at the memory of your savage fucking last weekend William, it made me so hot baby! You weren’t even here to watch me; I was moaning and so wet. I tried to imagine my fingers were you, but they didn’t feel as good as your wonderful cock baby!” She told him, in her fake, sad little halting voice.”Ellie your such a naughty little vamp!” He told her, amused at her sad little story.She slowly lowered herself over his face, resting with her knees at his sides, and began the ageless movements to the ritual of love; a ritual that they both knew would end in a hurling explosion of heated pleasure. He drove the tip of his hot tongue into her advancing slit, driving in until it hurt the base of his muscle.”Oh God Bill! It’s so much longer this way!” She cried out as he penetrated her!The sensation of his hot tongue flittering over her female organ now demanded her total mental obedience. It took her rudely, by storm, and by sword, making her its captive. She became, by consent, a willing slave of her own physical sensations, and was pleased bursa escort at the moment to be so.His tongue was a rapidly flicking arch of sensual flame against her unprotected genitals, licking its way around her tender flesh. He used it like a whip, its lash warmly bathing her organ with a sweet pleasant tingle. Inciting her lust, and tormenting her body, she was unable to control the emotions surging in her now, nor did she care too.It was a slow delicious heat, rising up in her body with such intensity it almost frightened her! She was outrageously wanton, rubbing her own nipples until they glowed with heat, using his tongue as if it were a small cock, not caring what anyone thought of her anymore. There was only her need now to drown herself in these beautiful sensations, and explode with her lover.Bill continued to tease her with his mouth, halting when he felt her about to slip over the edge, attempting to deeply stir her need, and play her frustration. Her fluids flooded his mouth with their intoxicating sweetness, as the notes of her love song took on a feverish tempo. Indicating she was approaching the summit of her desire where she would leap headlong into a burning sea of bliss below.”You bastard, playing me this way leading me on, FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!” She cried out. Bill knew it was time; perhaps he had taken the teasing a bit to far.He stood, gathering her in his arms, as she clung to him kissing his mouth frantically, pleading with him to make her come. He was thrilled at her passion, and he wondered if she had always been this way.He d****d her lithe shapely body, over the back of the leather coach, and began kissing her at the base of her neck. He continued down the center, all the way to small of her back.He then proceeded to lightly bite and lick the cheeks of that fabulous, firm ass, which he had adored so often, first one, and then the other. She sharply flexed and cried out when he plunged his hot pointed tongue into her anal opening, then she lay there quivering before him. Her vaginal lips were wet, bright, and swollen to the point of opening, just begging to be fucked!”Please Bill! Now!” she sobbed in front of him softly.They looked into each other’s eyes, he saw her need… and she his raging storm. He quickly freed his massive cock from its confines, running it’s swollen head up and down her heated, wet crevice several times and then plunged himself into the slick depths of her seethingcauldron of creativity.He felt her body spasm around his hardness, as she cried out his name! She shivered violently when he slowly pulled his cock from her dripping passage, and then waiting until he heard her sob, he then savagely plunged it in again to the hilt.Like a mindless, raging bull, he rapidly pounded his huge cock into her pulsating sex repeatedly. She came almost immediately, screaming at the top of her lungs, squirting fluid all over Bill’s thighs. Her aroma, rising to his nostrils, was certainly more potent than any aphrodisiac known to man.”Oh God Bill, yes,” is all she said to him.Bill continued his relentless pounding of her delicate sex, ripping, tearing, and fucking his huge cock into her tiny, wet opening, with a furious pace. There was no love now, no contemplation, just a single raging need to empty his seed and spend his lust deep in the burning recesses of this beautiful woman’s willing body.”God she couldn’t stand it, he fucked liked a wild man, she was coming again her cunt walls sucking at the huge organ inside her body like a tiny mouth. She was exploding in a surge of grand sensation unlike anything she had ever felt before.”A solid tidal wave of licking flames burning away everything in her mind except the sensation of his movements inside her. Then there was nothing, but the flood of warmth throughout her body which now tingled all over.”She looked up at him afterward, as he still labored over her body, and was filled with an intense admiration for his youthful energy, his lust for her. And at that moment she was overwhelmed with love for this young, handsome creature, inside her body.”She could read in his unbridled passion, his intense need for her, his burning love, and the realization made her feel so unworthy she was nearly moved to tears from the knowledge of it. Even now he was driving her to yet another orgasm, or had she even finished yet, she didn’t know anymore, she only knew she felt wonderful, vibrant, and needed again.She felt the great snake swell up in her passage, spewing out its lust deep inside her passage, breathing out the flames of his fire against the tender walls of her soft sex. Furiously the b**st flooded her with heat in a raging torrent of fluid no living woman could hope to contain.Then she was screaming again as the white-hot light ripped her consciousness from her focus, and hurled it into darkness. Where her only awareness was the beautiful sensations of one last overwhelming release and the powerful movements of her lover.She immediately moved to capture his cock with her mouth, and gently sucked him clean, and continued sucking until he was completely soft. Then stretching herself, she found his mouth with her lips, and gave there, a token of her appreciation for his efforts.They remained close for sometime, reveling in the soft glow of their physical satisfaction. They necked, and ran their hands over each other much the same way that lovers everywhere do. It was Eleanor that brought them down hard to reality, reminding William that they needed to get around if they were going to make it to the club on time.So, reluctantly they rose and headed for the shower in Ellie’s room. They showered together kissing, and fondling, like a couple of horny teenagers. When they had finished Ellie sent him on to the room that she had prepared for his visits, to get dressed and make himself ready. She remained in her own room to dress and finish her toiletries.William, having finished first, as Ellie herself was always seemingly unseasonal when it came to fashion. Went downstairs and seated himself on the love seat and patiently awaited Ellie’s entrance.William heard her at the top of the stairs and moved to greet her at the landing, he watched Ellie descend the stairs. He nearly fell over at the sight of her, her freshly coffered hair was in a French roll affair, with cascading curls down both sides of her face.Her make-up was impeccably done; she wore a conservatively short white dress with white thigh high stockings. A pair of peach and white stilettos with tiny bows adorned her feet. Around her neck was a very ornate peach and cinnamon choker that rested neatly at the hollow of her neck.She was radiant and beyond, a complete visual overload, an ostentatious, dynamic fucking work of art. How many times had he fucked her over the last two weeks, and still, standing her in front of her his cock leapt uncontrollably in her presence.”My God Ellie, you look awesome,” he told her. She gave a little squeal after his statement and smiled adoringly at him.”Do you really like it William, if you didn’t you would say so wouldn’t you?” She was deliriously happy to be going out to be shown off this evening.”Yes Ellie, I really do like it baby,” he told her again.She raised her arms high above her head and twirled in a tight circle in front of him. Her little dress rising high, revealing too much of her sexy thighs, as she did so. Then she lowered her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth with those soft full lips of hers. She drove all of her wonderful feminine contours firmly against his body as she kissed him, nearly driving poor William to a point of melt down.Bill opened the drivers’ door of her long silver Cadillac for her, and watched as her legs parted she looked up smiling at him, before bursa escort bayan turning fully behind the wheel. The Caddy purred with a deeply resonate rhythm, as it impatiently pawed the concrete beneath its tires. As they made their way to the main highway, William leaned over and raised Ellie’s dress to the panty line and then placed a kiss high on her inner thigh.They talked about a great many things as they motored toward their destination, and William’s hand was never far from his ladies warm thigh. She told him there was to be a floorshow tonight, and not to be concerned if it seemed a bit risqué.She turned off the main highway after about forty minutes and took the two-lane highway north. They approached a very large, two story affair, with a long southern style porch running the entire length in front.As the Caddy slowed in front of the gates two very sturdy looking employee’s stood at the entrance. One of them approached the driver’s window and asked to see the invitation; Ellie passed a very decorative card to him and after inspecting it, he allowed us to continue through.There were people everywhere; the entire acreage was a beehive of human activity. There were two very wide red brick walkways around the house, one going around each side. They led to a large rotund structure behind the house seated on a very expansive lawn.The announcement came across the loud speakers that the auction and floor show would begin promptly in fifteen minutes. Eleanor had already informed me that it would take place in the building at the back of the house.William took hold of Ellie’s hand and headed for the back yard, along the way Ellie paused beneath the trestle, and kissed William beneath its foliage, she was always the romantic and he couldn’t deny her.When they entered the rotunda William noticed that a part of the ceiling was see through, and it was huge inside, in the center was a round stage. All around it was a walk way, the seating was auditorium style rising up the wall at the usual angle. There was a broad walk way between each isle with small tables in front of the row of seats every so often.Suddenly their appeared a well-dressed gentleman at center stage with a microphone in his hand, announcing that tonight’s sale would begin immediately. He continued on and explained the auction rules, he told the crowd that every first sale of the night was to complete membership obligation by the respective participants.The crowd had cloaked itself in stillness, as it huddled ever closer to the master of ceremonies at the center of the stage.He also stated that any additional sales through the evening were solely contingent on the good will, and willingness, of each slave sold in the auction. Each wining bidder would have the slave for forty minutes, to engage in any non-destructive activity they wished.He told them that any protest by a slave would need to be arbitrated by the resident judging panel present tonight. In an attempt to settle any disputes that may arise between auction winner and slave.He went on to say, that for safety reasons no slave was to be taken out of the boundaries of the auction house property. Further, that any member that did not receive the arbitrating panels judgment, as binding, would not be allowed to participate in any future auctions.He then instructed an aid on the floor that it was time to bring this evenings offerings before the crowd. There were eight females total, four blonds, three brunettes, and one red head. All eight were in enticing states of undress, and all, were absolutely gorgeous.When they took their place on stage the lights went lower, and the stage began to turn very slowly giving the entire crowd an opportunity to view the merchandise. The fellow with the microphone explained that there was a minimum fifty-dollar opening bid for each slave sold on the block.He then asked each of the women present to remove an article of clothing, the crowd went absolutely wild and a roar ascended that rattled the glass. He continued asking the ladies to remove items of covering until all eight were standing there with nothing but their undies on.You could plainly feel the sexual tension in the air now as everyone present anticipated the opening bid. All had chosen their favorites long before now and were waiting to see who would win first bid.The Master of Ceremonies gave each lady a very short interview, asking a few short simple questions. More to give the crowd a chance to gauge their voices than anything, William thought.”Would you like me to purchase one of them for you William, how about the shapely brunette with the long legs… Julie, I think it is,” she asked of me.”Wouldn’t you be jealous Ellie?” I asked her, quite seriously.”No William, I know you’re in love with me, but you do need to become an experienced man of the world. You will deal with good-looking women later in your business transactions and you will need to be conditioned, not to allow yourself to be influenced by their charms.”Think of it William, two stunning healthy women, at your beck and call for the better part of an hour. Who knows when, if ever, an opportunity like this will come again,” she whispered in my ear, with a very sexy purr.”I’m up for it Ellie, as long as you’re sure their wont be any problems between us, I still want, and need you in my life,” I told her point blank.”You will be in my life forever William, we are about loyalty, and love, this tonight is purely a matter of pleasure, and experience,” she said softly.”Now you must choose, dear William,” she whispered, as her teeth gently raked my ear lobe.All the brunettes were fabulous, Cindy Hamilton and Donna Brice were seemingly the youngest, but there was something about the older woman “Julie Patterson” that energized William’s youthful imagination.She was not tall, and yet retained a fairly leggy look to her frame, she was very shapely and well formed. But it was her classy, dignified look, which captured William’s young imagination.She had beautifully formed hips, and upper thighs, and her calves were as well cut as any professional dancers might have been. Her hair was shorter than the other ladies she stood with, but very carefully coffered, her face, nothing short of flawlessly beautiful. Her breasts were high and firm, which made her look as if she might workout regularly. All together it spelled hot in the mind of young William.”Have you decided William, the auction is about to begin?” she inquired.”The experienced brunette, Ellie, “Julie Patterson” don’t you think she looks dignified?” he asked her.”Congratulations William, you have chosen the best of the lot,” she cooed, smiling warmly.The bidding began fast and furious, and when it was finished, the eight women had netted a cute total of nineteen thousand dollars, for the Willow Point youth club center. This was the reason for the party; it was actually a fundraiser for the youth of Willow Point, just a few miles up the highway, and a great excuse for putting on another get together.When the first round of bidding was over Julie walked over to where Eleanor stood and introduced herself, as she kissed Ellie’s cheek.”Hi, I’m Julie Patterson and for the next forty minutes I’ll do almost anything you ask of me. I have to admit, I have never been purchased by a woman before but I don’t consider it a major negative draw back,” she told Ellie as she shook her hand.”Well Julie, I actually bought you for my nephew here so you really weren’t bought for me, would you care to move to a seat or one of the second level rooms?” she asked Julie.”A seat with a table would be nice,” Julie requested.They moved to the nearest set of seats available that had an accompanying table. Ellie slid into her seat as Julie placed her arms around escort bursa William and whispered into his ear.”I need someone to punish me William, I’m such a nasty woman. I masturbate all the time and can’t seem to stop and I need a strong male to correct me so I can stop my constant self-abuse,” she told him as she squeezed his cock.William was at a loss for words, and he was stunned, he had never encountered a woman so up-front and forthright about her fetish before. But he quickly decided to play it out, because Ellie had spent over two thousand dollars winning her for him.”Lean over the table Julie, I think I may be able to supply what you need,” William told her.Julie leaned over the table with her eyes nearly level with those of Ellie, who looked to be as shocked as William had been by her statement. William flipped up the tiny skirt no need to worry about Undies Julie had removed hers.Smack… Smack… Smack!You could hear the sound of hot flesh reverberating at least thirty feet away, soon there were moans and mewling that accompanied it. William, to his credit, being a bit inexperienced at this kind of sport, did a marvelous job of turning Julie’s pretty ass to a deep, lovely beet red.William continued to alternately swat Julie’s ass, and then pause to massage her pubic mound, paying particular attention to her marvelously large clit. William could see Ellie’s hand u*********sly applying pressure to own organ as she watched Julie’s correction, her eyes bright and intensely fixed on the beautiful brunette’s prone form.”Oh God, please fuck me sir, fuck your nasty, bad little girl… please!”Julie was sobbing constantly now, seemingly, all but barely hanging on, and still she obediently remained in her position of correction. It was readily evident that the spanking had turned her on, as her labium was slick with moisture and its lips were large and engorged with blood.By now William’s business was at full attention, creating a large, obstinate bulge in his attire. He was more than ready to accommodate this sin-ridden wretch, and alleviate her suffering.”You must prepare me Julie, as part of your punishment, you need to suck my cock now!””Yes sir,” Julie responded. She knelt in front of William and quickly slid down the zipper of his trousers, and smartly liberated the seething tool of her redemption. She engulfed nearly all of it in her first frantic plunge down his shaft; she gagged, coughed, then came up for air, and immediately went back down on William’s huge cock again.She sucked as if she had craved it the whole night, and soon the entire organ was saturated with her saliva, so much so that it ran freely down William’s balls. William glanced at his lover across the table and discovered a new look in her sexy, almond shaped eyes; it was the look of jealousy.”You do know, I envy her right now don’t you?” Ellie asked William. With that said, Ellie stood up and came round to stand behind William, and started raking the back of his neck with her long sharp nails.With her face next to his ear, Ellie whispered, “Is she as good as I am William?” Julie asked him.William, being young, but certainly not stupid, replied, “You’re my Goddess Ellie, and I love you!””Fuck her William, fuck her brains out, as I watch,” she whispered. Something in her voice told William that his conservative, straight-laced, aunt was heating up in a big way.”Bend over the table Julie,” was all that William said, and Julie was there in a flash.William removed his shirt at Ellie’s urging before bringing the head of his enormous cock against the weeping lips of Julie’s hot organ. The instant that the large mushroom touched Julie’s body she shivered and cried out loudly.”Yes Master, fuck me with that obscenely huge cock of yours, make me your slut sir!” she screamed.William eased the lurching monster into Julie’s sopping, tight slit, and she cried out with delight once more. She was surprisingly tight for a mature woman and it took William some time to get her opened up.Ellie was busy behind William, her teeth gently nibbling his shoulder, while her hand intermittently went between his legs to tickle his balls. “Use her like the slut she is William,” Ellie whispered to him.As the head of William’s cock finally smashed into Julie’s cervix he felt her vaginal passage convulse in a small orgasm accompanied by an array of well-toned moans. William’s pace was unhurried as he fucked his large cock into Julie’s wet, hot cunt.Suddenly without a word Ellie marched around the table and griping the edge paused to step out of her black lace panties. Then she crawled up onto the table in front of Julie, and spread her legs wide.”Eat me slut, and eat me well,” Ellie told her with a heavy air of authority.”Yes Mistress,” Julie replied meekly.Julie needed no further instruction, as her tongue snaked out seeking the hard, flinching flesh, of Ellie’s heated clit. She delicately worked around the little nub in a circular pattern, her fingers reaching upward seeking the hard nipples of Ellie’s firm, elegant, breasts.”Yes Julie, that’s it baby, Ahhhh,” it was obvious to William that his aunt was enjoying her moment of pleasure immensely.William could sense from the urgency of Julie’s backstroke that she was free falling toward another orgasm. William, reaching under Julie, began to softly manipulate her hard, high nipples, and to his delight, he was again treated to Julie’s intense, and colorful, verbal oratory.Julie inserted two fingers into Ellie’s wetness and began finger fucking her in earnest, as her tongue continued its relentless assault on her small, cock like clit.”Oh yes, fuck me you slut, make me come,” Ellie cried out as she moved her mound rapidly against Julie’s mouth.There were people all around them, some watching, but many more engaged in like activities. The entire room was like some huge Roman orgy of exposed debauchery; it hung in the air like a thick, pungent spice, and seemed to energize everyone present.With Julie’s fingers rapidly fucking Ellie’s sweet pussy, she cried out, “Oh God… coming, I’m going…” the rest was so tangled it was indecipherable. Her ass rose completely off the table as she cried out, and her bodily fluids literally soaked Julie to the wrist forming in a pool on the table top under her fast stroking, well carved ass cheeks.William on the verge of his own eruption could wait no longer for Julie, so, he shoved his finger in her ass up to the second knuckle and she immediately began to quake and spasm against his body in the frenzy of her own culmination.”Oh fuck William!” she cried out, as she rammed her pussy back on William’s thick member.Her scent rose to William’s nostrils, like the bouquet of some expensive, and rare French wine, as she inundated his body with her rich frothy fluids. Blast, after blast, of his hot come smashed into her well-used cunt, until the stuff was running down the inside of her thighs freely mingling with her own savory fluids.When they regained a bit of their composure, Julie had Ellie seated facing the back of her chair, her hands busy massaging her back and shoulders. William left them there that way, as he stumbled to the bar to get refreshments for the three of them.When William returned with the wine he sat a glass in front of each of the ladies, then seated himself beside Eleanor. The two women had obviously gotten on well together in his absence and were chatting like schoolgirl chums as he sat down.Julie had expressed the desire to remain in contact with Ellie, and William, and even suggested a dinner outing sometime soon. The woman exchanged phone numbers with a promise to get in touch with each other very soon.William and Eleanor remained at the slave sale until well after midnight, and the trio fucked again before breaking up and heading for their respective dwellings. William had been quite impressed with Julie’s sexual prowess and sparkling personality, as was Eleanor.And they parted with energetic expectations of further adventures together.The end

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