The OLD WEST Part 2

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The OLD WEST Part 2So Hank Mitchell had made a great impression on the Connellys having saved their daughter Anne from being ****d and undoubtedly killed by a rogue ex ranch hand Tom Blacker, Blacker now in jail in Hudson township awaits if a jury trial and his victim Kenny Connelly Anne,s youngest brother was now buried in the family plot behind the house the newly cut cross very evident as the others were Weather beaten wooden markers mostly, some in need of repair. Hank had been a guest of honour as Anne,s father read verse from the family bible and they laid the young man to rest. Hank as a hand would normally have taken meals at the bunk house with the other hands, but was allowed to eat with the family that visibly annoyed the charge had Ted Koomins and he had every chance to express his annoyance to anyone who,d listen. “Shithead Mitchell chances across Anne and saves her skin and they make him out a hero! He was probably pissed off that Blacker was about to fuck her and decided to take his chances!” Koomins groaned. “Can it Koomins! You know bahis firmaları she,ll never spread her legs for a loser like you!” one of the hands taunted. “You fancy line shack duties for the next month solid, Davis?” Koomins warned looking daggers at the young hand. “Not really Ted.” “Than keep your ducking trap shut!” He snapped angrily. “ the rest of you get outta here and get workin,!” Ted Koomins was jealous indeed! When Hank went to tend to his mount Trojan Koomins was waiting for him. “Mitchell wait a minute!” “I need some post holes dug in the upper range next to the Circle K boundary. You and Ray c***d’s get up there and dig me about twenty tomorrow morning Okay?” “Sure Boss.” “You do eat breakfast in the bunk house, Don,t you?” “Sure do, Boss!” He answered. “Good. I was beginning to think you,re Anne,s new lap dog at her every beck and call!” “I can,t think that,s much to do with you Ted!” Hank warned. “Cool It Mitchell If you know what,s good for you.” “Are you threatening me?” “Of Course not. Just giving some friendly advice.” “Thanks kaçak iddaa Dad!” Hank answered sarcastically and walked away as Koomins looked daggers at his back. Hank did not like Koomins one bit, but he knew how to handle jealous hot heads so Wasn,t worried. Anne had already agreed to meet him at the trees above the ranch house at 9pm when most of the bunk house was quiet. Koomins and three other hands were in a nickel ante five card draw poker game and Koomins was about five bucks up as Hank left quietly smoking his pipe and gradually making his way to the rendezvous point. Anne came into his arms returning his kisses passionately and when they broke apart led him to a large stump of a tree that had been cut down some years before and it was large enough for two people to sit on and her father had smoother off the sharp bits of wood so it was comfortable to sit on. “You,ve already seen me in my birthday suit so how about letting me see you in yours?” Anne asked. “I,m shy Ma,am!” he hesitated. “I,ll do it for you then!” As he leaned back she helped him kaçak bahis out if his boots then his socks and removed his buckskin vest, unbuttoned his shirt the. Went to work on his faded blue jeans and his sizeable eightbinch penis began to rise to the occasion. “If Blacker had been more of a gentleman I might have sucked him off any way. I Love to suck and swallow!” She began to make love to his uncircumsised cock and soon Hank knew his semen was going to erupt as he hadn,t jerked off for over a week. “I,m gonna cum Anne!” he groaned a warning.” “Good.” Annevsmiled and sucked ever harder as her lips milked him and her tongue helped gulp his heavy ejaculate down her gullet and deep,on her stomach. “Mmmm delicious cum Hank!” “Now I want to taste you!” he sighed. “Be my guest!” Anne had lifted her skirt to show she,d removed her panties, spread her legs so he could start licking her pussy while he used a pair of fingers as well playing her like the late Soul Songer Ray Charles played his organ and soon she was softly moaning as she worked her cunt muscles against his mouth and talented tongue. I,m ready now Hank. You can stick it in just make sure you pull out before you cum in me!” she urged him now and Hank loved the feel of her deep body heat on his cock! TBC

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