the nosey neighbour 2

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the nosey neighbour 2All day i thought of the letter that i recieved,my heart leaped at the thought of being a naked cleaner for this voyeur.i desided id take the job,so the next day i dressed and walked the street to the front door of the throat was dry and my head hands shook as i reached up to the door bell and had a smoke glass front and i could see a figure coming to the heart skipped a beat as the door opened and there stood my voyeur.”your late”he said in a gruff voice.”well you might as well come in now your here”he said.i stepped into the house and he shut the door.he walked past me and ushered me into his front room.i looked at him and he stood looking me up and down.”right then boy,my names derick wots yours”he said.”my names pete im here for that job you offered me”i said sheepishly.his eyes burnt into mine and he said”right ill pay you £75 a week to come in once a week and clean my house naked”.he said quickly.”ok ” i said.”there are some rules though” he said.i looked at him as he smirked as he said it.”if i have anyone round when you comeover than you will still get on with wot im paying you for.if i find the job is not done properly than ill punish you,if your late ill punish halkalı escort u understand and do you agree with the terms”.he said.i swallowed hard”yes i agree”i said.”good than we may as well start as we mean to go on”he said.i dont want to see you in any clothes at all,there is a hook as you come in the front door.i want you to leave your clothes there.”he said.”ok ill do that” i said.”when did you want me to start”i said.he looked at me and “NOW”.he pointed to the front door.”go and put your clothes outside and come back here for a punishment”he said.”punishment”i said .”well you was late boy,start as we mean to go on.”he said.”dont keep me waiting”.i turned and walked to the front door.i stepped out of my trousers and underwear,my top and socks followed.there i stood naked in a strangers heart beat faster as i entered the room again.he stood in front of me staring at my body.i could see his eyes looking me over.”i want you to bend over that armchair for your punishment”he said.i walked over to the chair and bent over the chair.i could hear him heavy breathingbehind me as he steeped up behind me.”six of the best i think” taksim escort he said.i closed my eyes as i felt his hand on my left buttock.he held it there for a while before he raised it and brought it down hard on my bottom.(smack)arrrrgh” i cried as a stinging feeling took over my body.(smack)arrgh”this time my other buttock.(smack)hmmmmm” i bit my lip as my bottom felt on fire.he stopped for a while and his hand roamed my bottom.i could feel his fingers pass over my exposed bumhole.”mmmmmmmmm” i moaned.”well that got a differnt responce ” he said.then(smack)arrgh(smack)arrrgh SMACK.the last one was really hard.suddenly he grabbed my hips and he plunged his face into my bottom.”oooooohhh”i cried out as i felt his tongue lapping and probbing my bum hole.his breathing was hard as he pushed his face hard into my cock jumped to life as his ongue seemed to be loosening my bottom.he reached round and grabbed my cock.he squeezed it hard as his tongue pumped into head swam as my cock felt it was going to explode.he spanked my bottom again and again as his tongue entered cock exploded in a massive gush of piss cum.he took his face out of my bum crack pushed me to the floor şişli escort in a neeling position,then released his cock which was a good 13inches long.”suck it”he demanded as he pulled my head onto his felt huge in my mouth as he pumped in and out.i had to hold onto his hips and try to hold him back as he fucked my mouth.i gagged which only seemed to excite him.his pumping quickened and i was fighting to breath.his massive cock gave a huge thrust and he shot a warm jet of cum into and down my throat,i coffed and choked as he continued to release jets of cum into my mouth,he tookit out and slapped my face with it.he gave out one last groan and released my head from his grip.”now let that be a leeson of what happens when i need to punish you”he said.”ive been light on you this time,next time i wont be so nice”he start cleaning my house for me,the vacuum is there and the duster there.”he said.i shakedy stood up and started my house cleaning.i cleaned his house from top to bottom,dusting and hoovering as i went.after i finished he inspected my work and payed me my money.”same time next week” he said as he pulled me to him,he kissed me hard on the lips and grabbed my bottom.i kissed him back as his fingers probrd my bum crack.”im ganna enjoy being your boss “he said.”now ill see you next monday 9am sharp””dont be late”he said stearnly.”ok i said.i got dressed and left his house.i could still taste his cum and my buttocks burned .that was the first day i met derrick,the next time got much hotter.if you want to know wot happened next please comment.

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