The Noble Act Of Taking Women To Ecstasy

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The Noble Act Of Taking Women To EcstasydeleteddeleteddeletedHappy sexual life to all the readers. Many women waste their life with their boyfriend or husbands who don’t know how to satisfy them. For women, sexual pleasure is more psychological rather than physiological. Men don’t understand this and just force themselves on women.All young ladies, don’t just waste your life without enjoying to the fullest. Don’t postpone your happiness. Don’t always sacrifice your happiness for someone else. Society is just hypocritic. You deserve all the happiness in the world. If you are unsatisfied it’s ok to spend one or two days in your life with someone that makes you happy.Trust me, from the words of many women whom I have been with, their life has transformed after they have spent time with me. They topped exams, excelled in careers. It’s just like having the gratification that you are postponing from many months sometimes even years.Many women contact me, but some of them don’t like to have sex. I know a number of foreplay techniques and oral sex where you will get similar happiness like that of sex. Want to know what makes women reach the heavens of pleasure? Read this story.This story is the description of a number of joyrides I have been with various women. I will also share many tips for all the men reading this story. I hope this will improve your sexual life.I am 25-year-old male, 5.6 height, athletic and my manhood size is 8 inches. I have built trust among the many young women and this has led to incremental benefits. Please don’t ask me the names or contact of women. That’s not going to happen. Through a story, I will describe how I extend my services to women.Her name is Sneha. She was 28-year-old, unmarried women. She is beautiful and kind at heart. She was an achiever and focused on studies and excelled in career. I am so sad for all the men that have rejected her in the marriage proposals. They just lost an bahis firmaları amazing person.Because of age and biological needs, she was unhappy and her performance dropped in recent times. She got to know my email id and contacted me.Stage 1: Trust building I didn’t start my chat with any sexual topics. I never do that. I tried to understand her and know more about her. This continued for about two months. However, some women don’t like to reveal and want to have fun and leave. I also enjoy these kinds of adventures.Back to the story. We chatted like college friends and I gently flirted with her for some days. She enjoyed it. We decided to meet at her flat. I generally leave the location preference to women. In our chats, I understood what she liked in sex as she shared her sexual fantasies with me.(Tip: Most women, like her, don’t want immediate sex. It should evolve as the desire reaches its peak.)Stage 2: First kiss: We met on a weekend in her flat. She was impressed seeing me and have given a tight hug. I have also hugged her with equal force and when she was about to break her hug, I just pulled her back and gently kissed her on her cheeks and neck. She enjoyed it.(Tip: Kiss the women when she least expects it. It does wonders.)We had breakfast together. We were sitting opposite to each other. while having breakfast I was gently massaging her legs with mine. (Tip: Massage with breaks. Don’t just continue to touch her. This will amuse her and create some kind of suspense. Women like surprises.)We finished our breakfast and sat watching TV. She was sitting beside me and this is the tome for my hands to do some work. As we were watching movies, I gently started my rotation movement on her ears and on the back side of her neck. Then I moved my hand to her shoulders and her upper part of hands.Then we locked each other hand very tightly for some time. She was blushing all this time. (Tip: There are many pleasure kaçak iddaa areas for women. Know them and have good foreplay before the actual act.) For a moment we looked into each other’s eyes. the pressure of holding hands was increasing.She expressed her desire to kiss me by staring at my lips and eyes. I gently kissed her forehead, eyes and then a just kept my lips an inch away from her lips. She came forward and our lips met. We started very gently but after a minute the vigor increased.Our tongues started dancing on each other. A small drop of water had shed from her eyes and passed through my cheek. We broke our kiss after five minutes. (Tip: It’s the feel while kissing that excite women.)Stage 3 – The foreplay: We undressed each other to our inner wares as we moved to the bedroom. Her eyes grew big seeing my erected manhood in my boxers. I know all the pleasure points (some of them are the lower neck, backside of ears, forehead, lower shoulders, lower abdomen, navel, lower thigh) and in what way you have to massage them to excite women.I started massaging her abdomen. (Tip: Don’t press the abdomen but have move your hands gently over them.) Moved up to her back and neck. (Tip: Don’t hurry for boobs or hips. There are many other parts which will give her equal excitement.) All way down to her toes and ankles.Messaged her lower thighs. And the intense massage on her upper thighs. She started moaning during this time. As I was massaging an inch away from her vagina, She forced herself on me and we started kissing again. This time she started kissing me all over the place.She started pressing her boobs against my pectoral chest muscles. This time I moved my hands to her boobs and I removed her bra. I started pressing them and pinched her nipples Tip: slightly pinch the tip of the nipple it will wonders. She took oil and we poured it on each other and rubbed our bodies over each other.This happened for half kaçak bahis n hour. Her pussy was wet with love juices and it started coming out her panty. So she removed her panty. (Tip: Press the pussy from her hips. It’s another pleasure point.) We moved to have a combined bath. We poured hot water on each other.First I started massaging her pussy lips while flushing water. She was continually moaning. Her moaning reached to peak as I started licking the pussy lips and then pressing the upper areas of the pussy. (Tip: Read about Clitoris and G spot.)It was so loud that I had worried of people from the other flat will hear this sound. We explored each other bodies for about fifteen minutes. In the end, she had given me an amazing blowjob. She was begging me for intercourse.Stage 4 – The Sex: We moved to the bedroom and this time I inserted my manhood in her pussy. I was tight and was lubricated well with love juices. So, she thoroughly enjoyed the first penetration of manhood.(Tip: For virgin’s vagina will be very tight. It will give them pain in the first intercourse if it’s not lubricated well. Having good foreplay will lubricate it will with her love juices. So don’t be in a hurry.)We enjoyed the act for 5-7 minutes. Just before I cum, I told her and removed my manhood from her vagina as she told me earlier. She quickly held it in her hand I had cum in her hands. We had 10 sessions during the course of the day. In between, we ordered food and ate it naked.Stage 5 – The cuddling: No matter how much ever you have enjoyed sex, don’t leave her after having sex. Cuddling each other and falling asleep given women a lot of mental happiness and it calms them. We cuddled and fell asleep in each other arms naked.We slept for 8 hours and had two more sessions in the morning before I left. I parted with a gentle kiss on her lips followed by a tight hug.This is the story of one of the amazing persons who had contacted me. She started doing well in office and was going to promote to a senior level soon. She thanked me a number of times after that.Thank you for reading. Wish all of you a happy sexual life. Please leave your valuable feedback

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