The Night of Five

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The Night of FiveMy 18th birthday was looming, and I really hadn’t thought about driving much, but was put into a driver’s education class by dad saying, I am tired of being your taxi! I passed the class with flying colors, and I am now a High School Graduate, and summer is ahead; never again do I have to go back there. I started looking at more classes at Community College for the next step. Dad found me a little Ford Falcon, it was in good shape no rust, low miles $200.00. Oh to have that today! My birthday comes and goes, dinner out my choice, a few gifts, one of the neat things was permission to use the boat by myself as long as I asked to take her out first! Way Cool! What to do with my new found freedom not a lot of places for a 18 year old to go. Even on the boat where to go? Other than it is a house on water, one double bed stateroom, and 4 bunks, she was a 40 foot 1960 Trojan cabin cruiser, dad traded in an older boat, just a little smaller than her. Then it hit me: Privacy!Things with my br0ther and I had become almost a regular thing before he left for college. If he couldn’t get laid by one of his bimbos (sorry ladies, but they had to be bimbos falling for his lines!) I would become the next target of his lust! If I didn’t appease him the violent older br0ther erupted. So remembering a talk with my Aunt, about my early introduction to sex, I always just took the good of any situation and left anything else flow through or around me, letting it go.Let me include this here:Another friend here at XHam asked me privately about this so I decided to write this out here as a prequel to the next chapter of my life.My one Aunt who was like a very wise Shaman, I would bet a Wiccan, seemed connected to the Earth’s wisdom with all things wise flowing through her. She was a lifelong teacher, Junior High. Her touch always put chills through us; she was all the families, chiIdren’s favorite Aunt. When at famly events, all the klds flocked around her. One day when alone with her, she looked at me and then said:“Baby that episode in your life on your vacation, take whatever was good: there was some good in it for you somewhere, TAKE THAT and put it in your heart! Whatever was bad, remember it, but let it flow off you, like water off a Swan’s back. It can no longer hurt you. You were taken by a bad man and given something you should have been much older to choose or pass on! Understand that you were not at fault, you did nothing wrong, if it bothers you any, let it bother or hurt you No Longer!”She framed my face with her hands brushing my hair back several times then pulled me into a firm tight hug. I felt chills and excitement and then it felt as if something entered me, then left me; but if anything had bothered me before it no longer did ever again. That time in my life became a distant memory.”}BELIEVEThis is very close to what she said to me. I learned later in my life, even though the things I have been through, I am still naive to others, but she was a lesbian. Her roommate I am sure was her lover although they had separate bedrooms. We never saw her with a man, ever. When they were older and the roommate passed, there was never another occupant of her bedroom. It was almost a shrine; nothing was ever touched. When my Aunt passed the whole famly went and cleaned out her apartment, giving clothes and belongings to goodwill and other charities. All the nieces and nephews were there to help. We all broke down and cried here and there throughout that day with the memories of them both. At her funeral there were hundreds of her past students who came from far and wide, and I do mean hundreds. They all had stories of how she affected their lives in positive ways.My br0ther was home from his freshman year of college now. In a couple of weeks his roommate Bob would be coming to visit for the rest of the summer; both having a job on one of the island ferry lines. I had met the roommate when we drove to visit, or he would come home with my br0ther for a long weekend, Bob was a really cool, mild guy. Dad had bought my br0ther a really nice car just a couple of years old, saying it was needed for the drive home, then to college and back: an Olds 88. Bob was flying in after he visited with his famly, then we would pick him up at the airport when he arrived.I am not sure who was more a deviant when it came to my step br0ther or me. Maybe he was not happy with my now being the youngest where he used to be? Could that be why he always pounded on me or tried to dominate me? The sex between us calmed the beat downs. But still sex between us was kinda violent! When fucking me it almost seemed like he was trying to strike me: hard thrusts, slamming down into me with all his might. Sometimes I would have an orgasm while he was fucking me; sometimes I would jack off after he got his jollies. But I would never tell him, but I liked his violent way the best. Something about me, I was not the typical bi male. In those days a bi or gay male was considered an outcast in society. I am not even sure that the term bi was used in those days, but I knew to keep quiet and choose friends carefully. Due to my history, maybe I used sexual contact to confirm acceptance, or that if I had sex with someone they would like me better? Who knows? There were too many variables to work it out for any reason. Even today I consider my youthful days and famly life with bright memories, even found some light in my dark story “What Happened”.Okay here is what happened one night during that summer.Cindy called and asked what I was doing, I replied really nothing. She asked can we could go for a ride to talk. I asked her to wait a minute and went to ask dad if I could use the boat just to go out, anchor and watch the sunset? He said sure make sure both radios (ship to shore, and a CB) were on if he needed to contact me. I went back to the phone and said sure lets go for a ride not telling her where. I picked her up and drove to the boathouse. She said cool we can sit in the boathouse talking. I said even better: I have use of the boat now, she was impressed! I went through the prestart procedures, fired up the engines and backed her out. Making canlı bahis the trek to the opening of the lagoon, I took her out into the lake going around to a state park beach at the far end no one ever goes there so it is very secluded. If anyone else were there they wanted privacy also.As soon as we got there and nobody was around, Cindy stripped and dove into the water, swimming around until I dropped the ladder and set the anchor. I stripped and dove in after her. The water was about 7 feet deep under the boat and about 30 feet away the sand sloped up towards the beach was about 4 feet deep so we could stand talking to each other. Cindy came in close hugging me, and saying: you know I really care for you right? I said yes. I know that we had dated most of the last 3 years of school. We hugged and she wrapped her legs around in the water finding my already hard cock under the water guiding it into her pussy. She rocked up and down on my cock which didn’t take long to bring us to an orgasm. As we finished I heard the call sign of our boat on the ship-to- shore radio and swam back to the boat to answer. I picked up the mike and answered it. Dad was on the other end telling me that he was going to play poker: if anything went wrong while I was out to call the Coast Guard for help. I reminded him that I had been on the boat with him my whole life and knew what to do. Then I told him I was anchored off the park beach with Cindy watching the sunset. The call ended, just as Cindy climbed on board.She sat on the back of the boat where the back lounge made almost a bed when laid on, and spread her legs saying, come suck my cunt. I threw a rescue cushion down for my knees and buried my face deep between her legs. She held the back of my head, pulling on it. It almost felt like she was trying to pull my head into her pussy. I had to pull back on occasion just to clear my nose to breathe! Now if you have ever been on a boat, approaching boats make sounds that come through the bottom of the boat long before you hear them in the air: the cone of the boat acts like a speaker. I heard a boat and told Cindy to grab her clothes and put them on, as I did the same.It was the park ranger’s boat. Their boat came along side, the Ranger asked, Skipper permission to come aboard. I answered: Granted. He stepped up on the gunnel of the patrol boat and stepped over to ours and entered the back deck. I handed him the notebook with the registration, he asked me for ID, then asked if I had permission to use the boat. I told him that it was my father’s, and yes I had permission. He radioed the ranger station to call the Coast Guard to verify the ownership. It came back with my father’s name and address matching the address on my license. He said OK stepping back to the patrol boat turning to face both of us saying NO MORE SKINNY DIPPING! The binoculars can see a lot far away! We both turned bright red as they pulled away. Cindy pulled me down into the cabin and stripped, saying round two. We undressed as I started to aim for her pussy, but she stopped me. I asked what? She was silent for a minute and then she told me Mark told her what we did after she left that night.I turned a rainbow of reds, not knowing what to say. She said it was cool and she wanted me to fuck her in the ass now to feel what it was like. I looked around the cabin for something to work as lube. I found some Jergens lotion, pumping it in my hand and around her ass, fingering her slowly. She sat on the couch and I knelt in front of her. After about 15 minutes of loosening her up I put my cock at her butt and slowly pushed in, I started out slowly, working her clit with my fingers as I thrust into her. She built a fast orgasm: it was a violent one. She was screaming FUCK ME, over and over, pushing me over the edge. I continued driving into her ass. She stiffened up, almost making a gargling sound. I felt her sphincter spasm around my cock and then her pussy started squirting all over my front, draining down my legs onto the cabin floor. I pulled out, grabbed a wet towel and cleaned up our mess.I cleaned from Cindy down to the floor. She started talking, back to you know I really care for you right? I said yes she said I like doing things with you but I want more space, to see other people. I was like: you’re breaking up with me? She said: in a way. First I like the dope my slster turned me onto, but in order to afford them I am going to sell them for the guy we are getting them from, and fuck him for free stuff. I went ballistic on her saying that was such a stupid thing to do! If you get caught! If someone ODs! So many things can go bad! She looked at me and said let’s just go in. I didn’t think you would be this way! I pulled the anchor and started in. Back in the lagoon, I put the boat back in the boat house, drove her home in silence and she walked away without saying anything.I sat in the car for a while not knowing what to do, I finally started just driving around, not really going anywhere. I found myself close to another friend named Roz’s house and I decided to stop by see and if she was home. Parking in front on the street, I walked up the driveway. As I started to knock she opened the door, surprising me. Inviting me in, her famly was watching a show, so we sat in the kitchen talking. Seeing that I was sort of down, Roz asked what was wrong. I told her Cindy and I just broke up saying she wanted to sell dope for a guy she was getting them from. I told her I had taken her out on the boat where she dropped the bomb on me. Roz said That Bitch! Her mom’s voice from the other room, ROZ! Roz said sorry mom. Roz said you never asked me to go out in the boat. I said I just got permission to use her. I said want to go out now? Off we went through the prestart checks out of the lagoon not too far and dropped the anchor as the stars started to come out.Roz leaned in and kissed me saying she was sorry for the break up I had just gone through. Then she said you know the best way to get over a break up is to jump back in the saddle, as she started rubbing my crotch. I massaged her breasts starting to unbutton her blouse. She in turn opened my belt buttons bahis siteleri on my jeans. It became a race to see who was going to undress the other first! Naked, we dove at each other, sinking into her pussy in one swift movement I almost came right there, but held off the storm. We kissed and fucked for at least an hour, with her warning me if I was going to cum to pull out, as she didn’t have any birth control going. We turned and 69ed: she sucked me and I lapped at her pussy, and it was a wet one. The more I licked the more her juices flowed. We went back to fucking, with her seated and me on my knees in front of her. I gave her two orgasms, one fucking her and one lapping at her pussy before I had to pull out. I ended up cumming all over the deck. It was getting late so we dressed, and again I headed the boat home.I dropped her off at her house and walked her to the door. She kissed me saying call; I said the phone works both ways! I drove off but it was still early, like 10ish at night. I drove out to a bar that was more lenient about IDs and I knew one of the bar maids.Walking in, I saw Markie at the back bar and sat down there. She came up and asked me what I wanted. I asked for a beer and she drew a draft and set it in front of me. (At the time Ohio’s drinking age was 18 for 3.2% beer.) I drank one fairly fast and she gave me a second. I sat there staring into it. The place was fairly slow and she sat across from me on the other side of the bar and asked what was wrong? I told her; again I heard the “Bitch” statement. That did make me feel better coming from others!There was music playing on the jukebox and she pulled me onto the dance floor for the last of a rock song. When a slow song started next, she pulled me in close as I tried to walk away. I said I really don’t know how to slow dance. She said just follow my moves. As I did I realized that a lot of slow dance moves grind pelvises together. As the song ended she yelled at the main barman saying out for a cigarette break he thumbs up-ed her and out the back door we went. She got to her car opened the door and said come on make this quick as she threw off her clothes laid across the front seat of her car. I didn’t have to be asked twice: I stripped. It was weird being naked outside where anyone could walk by. I lay across her finding her mouth and I kissed her. She wrapped her legs around my waist almost perfectly, dropping my cock into her pussy. I didn’t even make a move as she ground her pussy up and massaged my cock. I mean I didn’t even move and was getting a great fuck. She came knowing I hadn’t cum yet she pushed me out the door standing by it sucked me to a finish. I only came as a couple walked by with my naked ass hanging out in front of them. She had to get back in so I decided to leave. Walking back through the bar she gave me a note. I sat down in my car and opened the note: it was her address and phone number.I drove home and decided to go up into the garage to sl33p. I walked up, turned on the lights seeing a repair tag on the air conditioner AWESOME! I turned it on and the compressor groaned to a blast of cold air, cooling the place in about 20 minutes. I lay down with the TV on and drifted off to sl33p. I thought I felt something hit my face, then again, then again, as it hit the 4th time my eyes opened. It was my br0ther, naked slapping my face with his cock. I heard, suck it bitch, my mind snapped back to the other times this night I heard bitch! Oh what the heck I opened up and let his cock slide in. I smelled beer, a lot of the smell of it. He was drunk, probably from the island cruise run. Everybody, crew and customer alike drank on the way back! Ahh he struck out with the lady crowd: no “Bimbos”, just smart women on the cruise tonight! But then always little br0ther is willing or can be f0rced into sex. He was fucking my mouth fairly fast I knew this wouldn’t last long. He changed position a bit and then I saw Bob across the room sitting on the other bed watching. For the second time tonight I went red, this time from head to toe! My br0ther started cumming most went into my mouth but some splayed across my face. He got up and pulled on his underwear saying next: as he left to go into the house headed for the basement shower.I looked at Bob looking at me. I felt cum sliding down my face and excused myself. I went down to the garden hose, washed my face and rinsed my mouth of the taste. I walked back up in the garage finding Bob still sitting there watching TV. I sat watching with him, until he asked: do you like what he does to you? I gave him the short version of my life. After he looked at me for a few minutes he finally asked: can we play around some? I was like; I figured you would be like my br0ther? If you wanted it you would just take it.He said that wasn’t his way. He stood up, turned off the lights, TV, then turned on the radio found a music station and then he sat on the bed beside me. He told me to lie on my stomach and he started giving me a back rub. He worked down my back across my ass down my legs onto my feet. He asked me to roll over and started on my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as he rubbed down and pulled me up to take my shirt off. The air conditioning made my nipples jump right up and he twisted and pulled on them sending major chills through me. He came to my belt and shorts, undoing them pulling them down my legs and he continued to massage every part of my body he came to. There I was naked in front of him, he stood up and pulled off his clothes laid down beside me continued to massage my body. I tentatively reached out, touched his chest and massaged him like he did for me.This went on for a while, and then he sat up leaned over and sucked my cock into his mouth. I was so enchanted with his tenderness that I felt no rush to orgasm. I was hard but he was still limp. I felt his tongue around my cock swirling, sucking, his lips sliding up and down my shaft. While he did that, one of his hands continued to massage somewhere on my body. He lay back down beside me looking into my eyes and leaned in. Even before he got close I jumped up kissed him. At first it was just lips but then I felt güvenilir bahis his tongue flick across my lips. I opened for his kiss and returned it willingly. Breaking the kiss, I had to ask if he had ever done this with my br0ther at college. He said no, all they had done was look at porn and Jack Off in the dorm room. I reached back and kissed him again. I got up on my knees and started kissing his neck, chest, nipples. Finally I got my first groan out of him. I continued down his stomach to his groin to his cock which was still soft. I picked it up and felt it twitch. I stroked it a time or two, putting my mouth on the head, feeling it growing harder by the second. It rose and grew in my hands. When it was fully hard I had both my hands around it and the head was still sticking out.There we lay. He said that my br0ther had told him that I would fuck or suck. I said more or less been f0rced into it by him. But this was different. I want to do anything for you that you want to do. I like what we have done, it is so gentle, not what I have been accustomed to. He laid me back on the bed and asked if I had anything slippery to coat his cock with. I told him it was under the other bed and I would get it. He said no you just lay there and be handsome.That statement sent chills through me. No one had ever said anything like that to me, not even my girlfriend, hum ex-girlfriend! He came back to the bed, rubbed the Vaseline down his cock, fingered some into my ass then asked me to roll over. I thought he wanted me face down, but he was just getting more access to my ass to get the lube in. After he thought he had enough there he rolled me back over. He lay down beside me rubbing down my chest again and finding my little cock compared to his large 7 maybe 8 inches. He stroked me a while gently, ever so gently. I closed my eyes savoring the feeling he was granting my body. I felt his lips on mine and opened my mouth as he French kissed me again and again. I felt him position himself between my legs, I started to pull mine up but he pushed them back down saying think we can get by with both of us being comfortable.As he guided his cock into my ass with my legs just slightly raised it felt so good! He didn’t rush or go fast I felt each little part of his cock slide into me. When he got fully in, I felt so full. He kissed me again, just pulling a little out and pushing back in. That sent so many chills through me and then he pulled almost out and pushed back in hitting something. I know now it was my prostrate. It sent an electric wave through me as I sucked my breath in, jumped to his lips and kissed him with passion I didn’t know I had. He did the little pulls and then again with the pull almost all the way out then push in slowly hitting that spot again I came and came, between us soaking his and my stomach. I said I was sorry he said not to worry, continuing the same motion with us. About 5 minutes of this treatment by him I was hard again and feeling really awesome.We spent several hours of his tenderness; his touch was so different than anything I had ever felt! Once I said you’re fucking me so good, he lifted off a bit looking down at me and said I do not fuck, I make love! I came twice more making love to him. Now I know the difference between fucking and making love! The last was a simultaneous orgasm. I felt the rush of his cum pumping into my behind, I felt hot spurt after hot spurt hitting things inside me; it felt so different and so good. Even then he kept sliding in and out of me, his cock not going soft right away. He kept up the love making. We kissed and kissed more and my lips felt worn out. I sort of lost my head as he was still sliding his cock in and out of me, saying I think I Love you! He stopped looked at me again and told me this is the first and last time he will ever be with a man. He called me a man and that alone sent more chills through me. We laid there and eventually he pulled out of me. I felt so empty without him inside me. Actually I felt cold without him inside me. I fell asl33p with his arm and leg d****d across my back and legs.When I woke in the morning he was gone. I dressed, going in the house to find some breakfast. Dad was at the table drinking coffee. He asked where I had been and I told him I came home from the boat and fell asl33p in the garage. He said OK, I knew your car was here just didn’t know where you were. I heard footsteps on the basement stairs as Bob came around the corner saying he had taken a shower after my br0ther and both of them had fallen asl33p in the basement. Dad made a comment: well didn’t anyone sl33p in their beds last night?The subject got dropped after that. Dad got up from the table and left in his car, as my br0ther came out of the basement looked at us, asked Bob, did you get anything off the little slut, Bob turned and snapped at my br0ther saying NO we talked a long time and you should treat him nicer than you do! I was a bit confused we had made love most of the night after they got home and he said we didn’t do a thing. I got it in an instant, I don’t kiss and tell! I was again riddled with thrills of this man. While talking he told me if you don’t get what you want from him you pummel him until you get what you want. Then Bob said: As long as I am here this summer if you raise another hand to him you will have to deal with me. My br0ther looked a bit disgusted but said nothing and went to get clothes for the day. I looked at Bob in a different way after that. I tried at different times to have a repeat performance of that night. All he would do is look at me funny and say he doesn’t do men. My br0ther never raised a hand to me ever again. He went back to college at the end of summer and pretty much never came home again unless it was for holidays and famly get-togethers. He got married, had 4 chlldren of his own and they being married and today have chlldren of their own. They live mostly on the coast.For the rest of the summer Bob treated me like a little br0ther and gave me the big br0ther I never had. He began taking me out to lunch, going to the park to throw the ball around, or just sitting and talking. When they packed up the car to go back to college I hugged him tight. I started crying and told him quietly I loved him. He said I know me too, you take care. He got into the car and as they drove off I knew I would never see him ever again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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