The Night I Met Shannon

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The Night I Met ShannonIt was the summer of 2011 at a party at a bar with live music. The night was going good for me to say the least. Dancing, drinking and a huge crowd of fun people. There was a stand-out woman on the dance floor that a lot of guys were talking about. She was hot, hot, hot! Blonde hair straight and past her shoulders. Taller, about 5’7″ with wearing a super tight red mini dress that hugged her body’s curves perfectly. She had a great set of boobs, what appeared to be DD’s for sure and too perfect to be real. Her tiny waist led to her shapely perfect ass down to her nice, smooth long legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her all night.I am sort of a shy guy when it comes to meeting women so as much as I wanted to meet her, I just couldn’t find the courage to introduce myself. I thought if I drank more I would loosen up so that is exactly what I did. I slid over to the bar just to the side of the dance floor where I could still get a good view of her. After a few shots of my favorite Vodka I was feeling pretty good but still not enough to go up to her. I thought to myself no way will I meet her and if I did she wouldn’t be interested in me at all. I’m a good looking guy but not muscular at all and only 5’9″ tall and weigh 170 lbs. Plus she was dancing and flirting with much better looking guys all night. The night was getting late and I was thinking of going home when, to my surprise, there she was at the bar next to me ordering a drink. I began to feel clammy and nervous. What should I say I thought to myself. I only had one shot at this and figured what the heck. It seemed forever for her to get her drink. She was leaning over the bar and looked so hot. Her large boobs were in perfect view as I could see down her tight fitting dress. Her perfect tight ass was swaying from side to side and occasionally she would stick it way out as she leaned further over the bar to get the bartenders attention. My eyes were glued to her like never before to a woman. Se finally got her drink and I was just about to say hi when she then pulled out a bar stool and sat down and with a smile said hi to me. WOW!!! I felt a truck load of pressure leave my shoulders. I was now fixated on her beautiful white teeth and perfect full lips. She looked a lot like Angelina Jolie which by the way is my favorite looking celebrity.She introduced herself as Shannon. She said she was exhausted from dancing and needed to sit and have a drink. She had a bubbly friendly personality. I could hardly get a word in other than to answer her questions. My eyes were between looking fethiye escort at her pretty blue eyes, her beautiful sexy full lips and her large breasts. I noticed her drink was almost gone and I was afraid she would up and leave so I offered to buy her another. She said yes thank you and that she was done dancing for the night and could use a few more drinks. We hit that awkward moment when she was silent and I didn’t know what to say. I knew she was not with another guy that night but didn’t know if she had a boyfriend or not so I asked her if she was with a date tonight or just her girlfriends. Se said no she was single which was a surprise giving her bombshell looks. We continued our conversation on relationships over a few more drinks. I could tell she was getting drunk as she was talking more and began getting touchy-feally by occasionally putting her hand on my knee as she would laugh. Of course I did not mind at all… I was in the moment. The lights in the bar came on and I thought damn, my night is over and she will be gone. I asked her if she had a ride home and that she shouldn’t drive. She said no and that she was going to get a cab to a hotel nearby. She asked the same about me and I said I was getting a cab too as I had about a 45 minute drive back home. I thought of a brilliant idea just then… I asked her if she wanted to share cab and it could drop her off on the way. She agreed to my surprise and so we decided to order one more last call drink as we wait for our cab. We finished our drinks and stood up to head to the door when she sort of stumbled and grabbed me to catch herself. I asked if she was all right, she said yes just maybe had a few too many drinks. So as we walked to the door she held on to me a little. We waited outside for our cab and as we stood there she was very tipsy and so I just put my arm around her waist and said I got you, I won’t let you fall. She laughed and put her arm around my waist. Right then I so wanted to slide my hand down to feel her perfect ass but was afraid she might push me away. On the contrary she began to rub her hand on my back up and down. The wait for the cab seemed to be long but was enjoying every moment of it. I slowly began to do the same to her with my hand only feeling more around her tight waist. I saw cab lights entering the parking lot so I thought well it’s now or never and since I was already feeling her waist and she was rubbing my back I decided to go for it. I slowly slid my hand down from her waist to around her hips to her perfect butt. She made no sign of dislike what escort fethiye so ever so I kept my hand there and gave her butt a nice gentle feel as we waited for the cab to pull up.We got in our cab and she told the cab driver the hotel to go to and to turn the volume up on the radio. She was giggly and seemed to be in a dancing mood again. The radio was too loud to talk and she was sort of dancing and singing in the car falling into me now and then. She placed her hand on my thigh and began to rub up and down it a little while tapping to the beat of the music. I lightly placed my hand on her thigh and began feeling her up and down, occasionally feeling the inside of her thigh. Her legs were so silky smooth feeling and I knew she didn’t mind because everytime I felt the inside of her thigh she would part her legs more. I was loving the moment and could not believe my luck that night so far. I was getting very aroused and almost found it hard to keep from getting an erection as she was rubbing my thigh and beginning to feel for my cock. I slowly moved my hand up her short tight dress and as she parted her legs even more I just couldn’t hold back an erection any longer. She began feeling around my crotch even more and rubbing my erect cock up and down.Before I knew it we were at the hotel and the driver turned the radio down and said we are here. Our hands didn’t stop feeling each other and I said to Shannon how much fun it was meeting you. She giggled and said the same and gave me a little kiss on the corner of my mouth. I turned my head with a smile facing her directly and looked into her eyes. That moment we both leaned our faces into each other and kissed directly on the lips. Her lips felt amazing and felt as soft, warm and full as they looked. I didn’t want to stop… I couldn’t stop but the cab driver was impatient and interrupted us said the meter is still running. Shannon asked me if I wanted to come to her room with her rather than driving 45 minutes home and then having to figure out how to get my car the next day. Well of course you know what I said to that… I paid our cab fair and we walked hand in hand to the check in desk at the hotel. We got our room card and made our way to the elevator to room 503. As soon as we got into the elevator she attacked me with her lips, kissing and licking my neck and around my ears. I grabbed her tight round ass as Shannon began feeling for my cock. She whispered in my ear “I want to fuck you so bad”. Her kisses became harder and wetter as I got a hard on. The elevator dinged at our floor and the door opened. fethiye escort bayan Luckily our room was right there because I could not wait any longer to get her on the bed.Straight to the bed we went as we kissed deeply, walking her backwards until we fell onto the bed. My hands were begging to feel her big breasts… They were perfectly firm and round, I had never felt breasts as nice as Shannon’s. She reached down to unzip my pants so I roller over so she was strattled on top of me. She slowly began grinding on me as I had my hands around her tiny waist and feeling her perfect smooth ass. She slowly moved down and began taking my pants off then to move slowly back up to where her mouth began to tease my dick. I almost blew my load before she even put it in her mouth. She teased the head with her tongue and lips and warm breath as she stroked my shaft. As soon as she put it in her mouth and sucking so good going down on it all the way to my balls I couldn’t hold back. I exploded in her mouth. I went to turn her over onto her back but she pushed back and held me down hard. She climbed up onto me and slid my dick all the way into hr soaking wet pussy. Se rode me hard and I could tell she liked being in control. I completely lost it again and had to cum immediately so I rolled her over and came all over her breasts as I slowly fucked them, squirting my hot load all over her tits and face. We fucked in every position and came each time as I have always had a problem with early ejaculation. But she kept going back to wanting to ride me, to be in control, which I didn’t mind, just was new to me. It wasn’t until we were completely exhausted and I was spent that I realized or wondered if she even orgasmed once. As we laid cuddled in bed I watched her fall asleep but I couldn’t and was bothered that she didn’t orgasm. I felt selfish and thought maybe thats why she was being so dominant. like she wanted more from me as if I wasn’t enough for her. So many thoughts ran through my mind it kept me up all night. Thoughts like who she has fucked before? How many guys she’s had before? Am I too small for her? I just didn’t know but I was determined to find out. The next morning we woke and noticed we had a couple hours before check out so I asked her if she wanted round two. But she said with a laugh she had too many rounds last night but offered to give me a blow job. Of course I agreed and with that she went down on me. Oh so talented with her tongue and lips and hands… I exploded immediately. I insisted she keep going hoping I could get her to go farther and want to fuck but she didn’t, she did suck me until I blew one more load of cum all over. Time to check out was upon us and had to part ways. I asked to see her again and she agreed on a date two nights from then…. TO BE CONTINUED…

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