The New Neighbor

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I saw, for the last two weeks, that the house right next to mine was empty, its previous occupants gone. I missed my old neighbors – whenever they and I talked, it always made me smile from ear to ear, and I saw that they also experienced delight in conversing with me. They also made the exterior of the bare white house more animated by setting a rocking chair on the porch, some potted plants, and a welcome mat, but those all, and most everything inside, are gone now.

So, you could guess how I felt, and probably how I looked, when I arrived back from work one morning and saw a hot red convertible in the driveway of the house right next to mine, and a rental moving truck next to it. As I parked my own car in my own driveway, I saw some guys, at least five and all wearing dark shirts and pairs of shorts, were lifting up boxes and furniture from the back of the truck, down the ramp, and to the still-white-but-not-so-bare-looking house. They were obviously movers, working for the same company that the rental moving truck belonged to.

Now, let me tell you about the girl watching the guys from the porch, who sometimes spoke when she was trying to direct them to do something or respond to their questions. She was, perhaps, the same height as me, but there were more than two dozens steps separating the two of us so I couldn’t be sure. She was talking to one of the guys, her back aimed toward me, leaning against the railing of the porch behind her. This girl wore a gray shirt that revealed most of her shiny light brown skin, with the only things keeping the clothing to her upper body being a moderately-sized band around the back of her neck and another band, though this one thinner, around the back of her waist. Then she wore a pair of blue denim short shorts that dropped down to her thighs and a pair of fishnet stockings that also revealed her skin tone underneath, which was also shiny and light brown. I couldn’t see what she wore for shoes, though, since the bottom of the railings covered them up.

My eyes quickly scrolled back up, so I missed the fact that her eyes were on me as well. She had blonde, unruly hair; short too, I noticed, since they dropped to the top of her neck. This girl had a pair of white sunglasses over her hair and two large, round, golden hoops for earrings. Her eyes, Manavgat escort like her skin tone, was also brown, and…

I paused, blinking a few times, looking back up at her eyes, which were directed straight at me. Her lips curled up into a friendly smirk, though I thought it was bordering into a sly one, and she made her way over to me, one large, brown boot stepping in front of the other, her bottom authentically-colored lip being pressed down by her top teeth. Now, she was being mischievous, and intentionally so. After a few seconds, she stopped in front of my car window, leaning forward so that her large breasts pushed the front of the shirt more, thus exposing that bodily area more to me.

“Hello, I’m Jenny, you’re new neighbor! It’s nice to meet you.”

She extended her hand out and I took it, my eyes flicking down briefly to see that her fingers were nice and soft and her fingernails were a bit long and painted hot purple. My eyes then flicked back up to her eyes and I smiled back at her.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Thomas, but I like Tommy better.”

“Tommy, Tommy,” the girl was repeating under her breath, “… Tom, Tom. Nah, I’m going to call you Tom instead!”

I raised an eyebrow.


Her smirk widened.

“One-syllable words are better to scream out when you’re being fucked by someone, don’t you think?”

I couldn’t believe it. Well, there were two things I couldn’t believe – this girl and her lecherous behavior, and the visible bulge growing in my pants. It didn’t take long for her to see that I was becoming putty even though she hadn’t yet touched me sexually yet, and she laughed, the blush on my cheeks, which I didn’t notice was there, reddening, but I did feel how hot my cheeks were becoming.

“Well, why don’t we get comfortable in your house, Tom?”

“But what about you moving into yours, Jenny?”

She paused and hummed a bit before straightening up.

“You’re right. Gimme a sec!”

I watched as she made her way back to her house and, while I couldn’t exactly hear what she was saying, I did see her lips move and one of the guys moving the furniture giving her a thumbs-up. She made her way back to me, now out of my car and standing.

“I told them that they can set up the furniture Manavgat escort bayan however they want and that, after they’re done, they can leave.”

“But what if you don’t like where something’s been placed?”

She shrugged.

“I can move it somewhere else then. Now come on!”

She took my hand and led me up my house’s steps like she was a girl in heat. Not even in the house yet, I had to tell her the first thing that was on my mind.

“This is my first time.”

The door to the inside of my house was open, but Jenny paused on the porch. She then twisted her neck a bit so that one eye was looking directly at me.

“Oh, really? Want me to take the lead, at least for tonight?”

My lips were parted a bit, my heart was beating rapidly, and I felt like I was already going to explode in my pants, from the front, not the back. I nodded my head quickly and she smirked, pulling me in by my red shirt with one hand and closing the door behind me with the other. With the door closed, she pushed my back against it.

“Did you know I’ve had sucked off and had sex with a bunch of men before, Tom?”

“Well, you do seem to know what you’re doing.”

She giggled and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then on the nose, and then on the lips. It felt weird with my arms just hanging against my side so I placed them around her waist, and she responded by sliding her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues were wrestling in my mouth, though since I wasn’t used to it, it was definitely one-sided, something I didn’t mind in the slightest. I then felt my legs becoming bare and one of her smooth hands tugging at my cock slowly, trying to get it hard, which worked after a few seconds. The light ebony chick pulled away, a line of saliva connecting the tips of our tongues, which broke the further away from me she got.

“Like it when a girl takes the lead, don’t you?”

I whimpered, moaned, and again, nodded my head. She seemed to like that response as she made a haughty sound. The girl dropped down and opened her mouth, sticking my cock inside her oral opening. Immediately, I arched my back and squeezed my eyes shut, the sensation too much for me to handle, though I was at least glad that I didn’t cum this soon. My legs were getting wobbly so I placed Escort manavgat my hands on her shoulders. I couldn’t see it but I could feel that she was teasing my cock by sliding her lips continuously from head to base, her tongue wrapping around my member, and I could hear her grunting as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I opened my eyes slowly and hesitantly, as if the moment I did, she would stop, but I was glad that she didn’t.

She gave my ass a light spank, to which I responded by grunting and shutting my eyes closed again. She gave me another spank, this one a bit harder, to which I responded by bucking my hips unintentionally, and it sounded like she was gagging. Quickly, I opened my eyes and looked down at her, softness in my eyes and my voice.

“A-Are you ok?”

She nodded at me, her mouth off my cock now, a lot of saliva dropping down to my clean, polished hardwood floor, but I’d clean that up after we were done.

“Actually, since I’m going to be your new neighbor, why don’t I suck you off tonight and tomorrow, we can fuck?”

Before I could say anything, she gave the tip of my cock a kiss and I withered. Seeing her wide, perverted smile, I felt myself getting close.


“Getting close, Tom?”

I nodded.

“Good. Stroke your cock for me.”

I looked at her, an eyebrow raised again.

“Go on. You like it when I’m in the lead, ordering you around, right?”

Shit. She was right. I liked the idea of her telling me what to do. I liked it when she pushed me against the door, and I liked it when she spanked me. She was a slut, but I was also a slut for her. Still feeling myself getting close, I started pumping my cock with my right hand, the head aimed directly on her face. She opened her mouth, and as soon as she did, I shot my cum on her. Not one, not two, but seven loads shot out of my cock, all because I hadn’t had sex before. Most of the cum landed in her mouth, but some landed on her face, on her eyes, and even on her clothes.

“Well, you can expect me to come talk to you tomorrow, Tom. Now if you excuse me, I’ve gotta go see if the movers are done yet.”

She stood up and helped move me out of the way of the door.


She stopped and looked at me with a hint of confusion and, still, pride.

“Yes, Tom?

“I have some paper towels if you want to clean up?”

The girl shook her head.

“Where’s the fun in getting rid of the evidence of having someone cum all over my body?”

She then opened the door and closed it on her way out.

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