The neighbor.

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The neighbor.I live alone. Quite area. Friendly people. I keep to my self for the most par. But this dude next door likes to chit chat. I try to be polite but really I don’t care for it. His name is Rick. That’s really about all i know.Everything was fine until last night. 10pm my door bell rang. Puzzled as to who would be at my door step so late I went to see. It was the neighbor in question. When i opened the door he wasted no time telling me what he was looking for.R.We need to talk he said. May i come in?I open the door and showed him to my living room.M.What can I do for you? I asked.R.Well Matt I have something you might be very interested in seeing.M,What would that be? See for your self. He said handing my his cell phone.I looked at the screen to a picture my bosses 19 year old daughter. M. What is your point? It a picture.R. Keep looking Matt.I began to scroll through. I was cought red handed. Pictures of everything I have done to this girl. I did not even want to know how he got them.M. Ok what do you want.R. Well this can all go away.M. How much? R. I don’t want your money. M. Well what the hell do you want then.He took the phone from me. When he handed it back it was a 15 second video of this girl gagging on my 9 inch shaft. I feel bad about bahis firmaları these pics but to be fair this right little thing takes it lile a champ.M. I don’t get it Rick.R. I want that cock.M. What?R. Take your pants off. Or do you want me to give these to your boss?M. Get the fuck out of my house. R. You don’t understand. This is not a sale. It’s black mail. You don’t have a choice. Now take your fucking pants off.He reached out and placed his hand on my penis. R. Let me play with that cock and I will give you the pictures.I had no choice. I stood up and took my pants off. I was getting no help from my little buddy. My semi hard smooth cock slipped out.R. Now the shirt.I just wanted to get this over with. So i took it off. He took me cock in his hand. Began stroking it. As i stiffened up he picked up the speed. I hope this is quick.R. Wow Matt that’s a thing of beauty. Let’s get started.Lay on your back on the coffee table. I reluctantly did as he asked. He reached into his jacket and exposed a small leather bag.R. Hold still. I just have to settle you in. He opened his bag and pulled out a very long rope. He began to tie my arms and legs to the coffee table. But things where worse to come. He pulled out 4 ratchet straps and wrapped them kaçak iddaa around my body and the table. I could not budge an inch. R. No open wide.He pulled a ball gag from the bag. I wanted nothing to do with it. But he placed his hand on my throat until I had to gasp for air. When i took that desperate breath he forced the gag into my mouth. R. I would blind fold you but i want you to be able to see what’s happening. He started stroking my shaft again. There was nothing I could do but wait for it to be over.He bent down stroking me and with a form hand started to suck and kick the tip top of my penis. Regardless of how i felt about this, it still felt good. So i focused on that. He began stroking and sucking faster and faster. R. Come on Matt cover me like you did that little whore. I was getting closer and closer. I was about to explode but just as i was about to go he stopped.R. I’m not letting you off that easy. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a skinny smooth boy like you.My energy settled down. My cock was throbbing so bad.R. Round 2.Rick bent over again and started sucking me off hands free. It was even better than a min ago. He was gentle yet rough. No teeth. He worked me over from my tip to half way down the shaft. My body was shaking. I kaçak bahis had never had anything like this.I was about to climax again. But once again he stopped.You have got to be fucking joking i thought to my self. I waited and waited and waited. He just sat there watching my shake moan and quiver. Must have been a good 10mins before he got back to it. Using the same tactics as before. He worked me till the point I was about to blow. As if it where toucher he repeated this 4 more times. The only words spoken where. Don’t you dare cum. You better fucking not cum.After my latest break for lack of a better word. Rick went in for it one last time.He quickly started working his way down. Inch by inch and before long I was balls deep in his throat. My screams could have awoke the dead. He just kept looking up and telling not yet. Hold it. Not yet.Then he went in for the kill. He took my entire 9 inch down his throat and held it there for at least 15second.The second the let my click back out. I ruptured like old faithful. Cum sprayed everywhere. If it got on the ceiling it would not be a surprise. I did not know Cummings could have gotten any better. But i stand corrected.Rick untied one of my arms. While picking up his phone he said.R. I think I’m gonna keep these. That was fun.He turned and left. As I untied my self my body felt weak. He took every thing I had in the tank. I was so exhausted and satisfied that i only made it to the couch before passing out cover in cum.

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