The Neighbor

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It was the third day at the office, in my new role as the office sissy, and with the new rules, which allowed anyone there to play with me. I was in my office as usual, but I had brought more clothes in. So this time I was in a bikini, meaning a thong bottom and a bikini top holding my flat titties. Both were in matching light pink, which always seemed the right color for me these days, and the thong was barely enough in front to cover my usually at least semi-hard ‘clitty’. I had thin pink tongs on my feet as usual, showing off my polished pink toenails, my fingernails a matching shade, and still my only makeup being the pink lip gloss. The only other girly touch was my hair permed into soft curls. And I was keeping my body completely shaved smooth, including my groin and, in back, my ‘pussy’. In all, I was very girly, very open about it, but in every other way doing my work as usual. I was just waiting, to see who would use me next.At some point during the morning, Jim showed up. He was one of the guys there, a numbers guy like me, and I assumed he wanted his cock sucked, something a hetero guy might do. But when he came in and said hi, he then closed the door and what he said surprised me.”You know, jenny,” he said, using my girly name, which I liked, “I envy you.” He smiled and hesitated before going on.”Envy me?” I said.”Well, yeah. Because I figure you don’t know this – I’ve been good at keeping it to myself – but I lot of the things you described – your secret thoughts, your desires – are things I’ve felt, myself.”I was really surprised. He was attractive, a fit guy in his forties, with good hair and a nice face. Whenever we had occasion to speak, or even when I just saw him around, I had fantasized about being his sub, about being on my knees, kumköy escort bayan sucking his cock, or being fucked by him. I had similar thoughts about most of the guys in the office. He was no exception. But I definitely thought he was straight. That was how he presented himself. But now he was telling me something very different.He wasn’t doing anything other than continuing to talk to me, but I felt my usual arousal begin. Something was going to happen, for sure. “Tell me more,” I said. “What things?”He wanted to tell me, clearly. He leaned back against the desk, relaxing a bit, then let it spill. “Well, like the way you’re dressed. I’ve never told anyone this, here at the office, or anywhere, but sometimes under my clothes, I like to wear panties. And when I do, I picture being with a guy. I’m pretty sure I’m gay, but I’ve never done anything about it. I could never be like Scott, who’s so open. I’ve even dated girls, and never with panties on! But now that you’ve come out like this, it’s really affected me. So I wanted to tell you.”I stood up and moved over to stand in front of him. I reached out and put my hands on his belt, just resting there, not undoing it. He didn’t stop me, just stood there. I looked up at him and smiled. “Are you wearing panties now?”‘”Yes,” he said, and I could tell by his tone that he was excited.”Let me see,” I said and undid his belt. Then I unzipped his pants and opened them a little. I saw he had on purple cotton jockey-style panties. I could also see that he had the start of an erection. But I didn’t touch him yet. I wanted to talk more – that was always part of it, for me. He had his hands at his side, not touching me, but clearly ok with what I was doing. My voice soft, kumköy escort and lispy, being little girly jenny, as I always yearned to be, I said, “And when you’re in your panties like this, are you a woman, or a ittle girl like me?”He answered, and his voice was softer now. “I’m like you,” he said.”What’s your name, little girl?” I said. I touched his erection with a finger, softly trailing it up to the panty-covered tip.He moaned and I could feel his cock move a little in the panties.”My name is Becky,” he said, his voice not only soft now, but I could also detect a little lisp, similar to mine.I felt a surge of arousal. I loved playing with other sissies! I moved up close to him and let the tip of my clitty touch the tip of his. I moved a little against him. He sighed, didn’t move away, and I thought I felt his cock harden a little. Staying there like that, I moved my lips up to his and brushed our lips together. He opened his mouth and I licked at his lips, then gently kissed him. His eyes were closed as we kissed.”Just two little girls, kissing,” I whispered when we parted a bit.I moved my hands to his waist then pushed his pants off his hips, so they dropped to his ankles. I knelt down and slipped off one of his shoes – he let me, lifting up his foot, then I removed his sock, then did the other foot. Then I pulled his pants down to his feet and he stepped out of them. I moved my face up his groin and nuzzled his pantied erection against my cheeks. Then I licked, wetting his panties. He moaned.”Yes,” he said.He had a very nice penis, longer than mine, with a round, circumcised tip. I took the tip between my lips. I loved sucking cock, the smell and feel of a cock in my mouth, the way a cock responded to touch, escort kumköy hardening and moving a little. But it was really the act of cocksuckiI ng and what it meant that excited me even more than the physical part. I loved the idea of being a cocksucker, especially of being on my knees in front of a guy, of feeling submissive and girly, of doing for a guy what a girl would more naturally do.  I especially wanted to make a guy come and have his come in my mouth and over my face. But I didn’t want to make him come right away. Having another sissy to talk to was too delicious to have quickly over.”So tell me, Becky, does being a little girl mean you want to have a mommy? Or is it a daddy you want?” “A mommy,” he said. “I said I was just like you. But a daddy could play with me too.””Good girl,” I said, cupping his balls in one hand and using my other to tease his cock. His hands were still at his sides, so I could see that passivity was part of his fantasy. “So all the time you’ve been in the office around the women, have you been fantasizing about them, thinking of them being mommies for you, being little Becky with them?”He nodded, then said “yes” in that soft lispy voice and at the same time I could feel his ‘clitty’ jump in my touch, showing his excitement in expressing these delicious, forbidden thoughts, so openly. I knew what to do to play with him.”Listen to me, Becky,” I said, in a firm tone. “Take off everything but your panties. I want you to be a good little girl now.”He stepped back a bit and took everything off, then just stood there, his panty-covered bulge now showing a firm cock in the undies.”You’re a naughty little girl, Becky,” I said, “so I’m going to spank you.”He gasped. I turned him around and began spanking his buttcheeks, turning them pink. He didn’t do anything to stop me. Then I turned him back around.”You’re a naughty little cocksucker, aren’t you?” I teased. I sat down and pushed him down to his knees. He went down easily. He was kneeling between my thighs. “Tell me what you are,” I said, “tell me, Becky.”

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