The Naked End

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I am not a morning person, never have been, and staying up late as an exotic dancer and sex worker accentuated that. But when my naked ass received an almighty slap, I woke with a start, yelped, and leapt out of bed, rubbing my ass cheek.“Nadu,” my Master’s voice snapped.I immediately dropped to my knees into position.“Obeisance.”I fell forward, hands in front of me, face down, in a display of willing submission.Hans waited for a while to drive the point home that no matter what happened last night, I was still a slave-in-training, and had better remember it.“Get up.”I scrambled up to my feet, hands together in front of me, eyes down. I was still naked after our love-making the night before. Or fucking, if you prefer.I peeked at him through my eyelashes. He was already showered, dressed, looked immaculate, and every centimeter the commanding business executive. He also continued to look incredibly yummy, except he wasn’t smiling.“Breakfast will be here in fifteen minutes. I want you showered, dressed, and ready to be briefed on today’s meetings by then. Go.”I leapt for the door to my adjoining room, dashed into the shower, turned the water on – and screamed because it was cold. Just short of fifteen minutes, I appeared again at the adjoining door, and knocked, then waited obediently. I was dressed for business in a black pencil skirt with matching jacket, crisp white blouse, and a choker of pearls and amethysts, which set off my eyes. My face was made up, but very conservatively, as befitted a young, innocent intern, which was my cover story. My hair was still damp.“Sit down and eat. We’ve got a lot to cover, and not much time to do it.”I moved to the place set at the room service table, poured myself some coffee, and put some food on my plate. I wasn’t that concerned about what it was, but knew I needed something to counter the hang-over from last night.“This is a very important meeting for the family business. We’re working on a new, joint venture with three other companies. Two of them are tech start-ups that have what could be useful new technology.“The third company is the one we’re most interested in, both for now and possible future deals. It’s a Russian company, and their representative, Ivan K., is supposed to have the authority to make decisions. You’ll remember I gave you his dossier.“We’re interested in the Russians for their financial backing, both now and for possible future deals, and for possible connections in markets where we’re not well represented.“But we’re wary of them, too. We’re not entirely sure who’s behind their money. They might be trying to launder dirty money through our joint venture company. They might be trying to steal industrial secrets from us and some of our partners. Or they might be trying to further their government’s influence in the West through a Western business.“So, they’re interesting, but also potentially dangerous, and we want to use this deal to try to learn more about them. And that’s where you come in. Are you with me so far?”I nodded, “Yes, Master…”“Call me Hans or sir today. You’re an intern, remember?”“Yes, sir. Thank you. You know I’ve sat in on several Company meetings with Mistress…”“Miriam.”“…Miriam, and always asked her questions about things I didn’t understand. It took me some time to understand how corporations work, but it’s not that different from how people relate to each other.”His eyebrows went up. “Okay, I’m impressed, and I’m not sure who I’m more impressed with – you, or Miriam for teaching you.” He shrugged.“Anyway, that makes it easier. I’m going to be making a presentation to start things off, explaining our expectations for the joint venture, then kick off the discussion about how the parts need to integrate. Then we’re going güvenilir bahis to get into specific terms, and, hopefully, at least initiate negotiations. I don’t expect to conclude any deals today. This is really just a door-opener, an introduction.”I nodded again. “How may I help you, Mast…Hans?”He looked at me sardonically. “People underestimate you. They see a young, innocent, pretty girl, and, if they’re male, they think, ‘I’d like to fuck her.’ They don’t expect such a pretty little thing to have a brain – and I’ve learned, the hard way, that you do.”He sat back in his chair, “And now I’m going to put that brain to work. You’re going to be in that meeting as my intern gopher…”“Sir? ‘Gopher’?”He laughed, “Yeah, it’s an American term. It means someone who runs errands. Like, they ‘Go for’ coffee. Get it?”“Yes, sir. Sorry.”“No, no! I need you to ask questions if you’re going to be effective.”He leaned forward again. “Now, let me describe the different groups, and what I want you to try to learn.”He proceeded to give me a quick summary of each of the three groups, who was going to be there, why they might be interested in his proposition, and what it would help him to know.“In particular,” he concluded, “I want you to watch their body language. Whores can read their clients well, this I know, so I want you to try to read these potential partners. In particular, I want you to give me your impression about whether each group is interested, and, if you can, which parts of the proposition appeal to them, and which don’t. Does that make sense?”I nodded and kept my face straight “Yes, we whores…” and I emphasized the word, “…are used to reading men very well. I’ll see if I can tell whether they want to make fuck with you or not.”He glared at me, then laughed, “Touché! I deserved that.” Then he sobered up. “But I really do want you to try to read them. Can you do it?”I shrugged. “I can try.”Hans nodded in acknowledgement, then said, “There’s one more thing. Ivan K. is the most critical person in the room. I’d like you to get as close as possible to him, and see what you can learn about him. Russians can be hard to read, and they are maddening to negotiate against. It’s part of their culture. Moreover, these discussions are going to go on for some time, so if you can get on friendly terms with him, it may come in useful later on.“And, as we discussed, he likes young women like you.“We are taking all three groups to dinner, then a gala fundraiser and Broadway show this evening as a social mixer. It’s black tie, and you’ll be attending as my escort. You brought a cocktail dress with you, I believe. Make sure it’s ready.“Between dinner and the show, I’m going to be unexpectedly called away for some important business, but I’ll tell you to stay because you so much want to see the show…”“What is it?”“CATS. It’s supposed to be really good – although why anyone would want to watch cats jumping around a stage is beyond me. But you’ve been dying to see this show…”“I have?”“Yes, you have. So, I will ask Ivan and his date, whoever she might be, to escort you on my behalf. Hopefully, they’ll be relaxed, and perhaps a silly little intern girl can get them to tell you why our business is interesting to them. You understand?”I nodded. “I’m to play sweet, innocent, dumb, and sexy, and see if I can pump them for information.”“Exactly. Do you need to know anything else for the moment?”I thought a bit, then shook my head. “No, it should be simple enough.”“Good. Okay, let’s go. We’ve got a meeting in one of the hotel conference rooms in…” he checked his watch, “…seventeen minutes.” The meetings were meetings. Boring, polite smiles, lots of blah, blah, blah, which, as far as I was concerned, was perfect, because it meant that güvenilir bahis siteleri I could just blend into the background. I made a point of fetching coffee, water, snacks, napkins, and anything else the participants wanted so that they got used to me walking around, and hovering. It gave me the opportunity to eavesdrop without being noticed.I smiled and was nice to everyone, but made sure I smiled at Ivan every time he looked my way. After a while, he noticed.I didn’t do anything more than that – I was taking a subtle approach – but by the end of the morning session, he made a point of coming over to me and thanking me for being so attentive at bringing his group refreshments.That’s completely out of character for a man like Ivan, but meant he thought I wanted him. I smiled, made a little curtsey, and said it was entirely my pleasure. He asked some routine questions about my background, then asked what I did for the Company. I gave him my cover story, said I was eighteen (I was nineteen), and was finding working in the world of big business exciting, especially as I hoped to get a full-time job in business once I graduated.He smiled at me, put his hand on my upper arm, and told me to come and see him when I did. Then it was time for all the men to go off to lunch.Ivan was a bit short, about 175 centimeters or so, or about 5’ 9”, with broad shoulders, a thick, stocky body, dark, messy hair, and probably a hairy body from what I could see around his neck and the backs of his hands. Not quite a bear of a man, but something along those lines. He seemed to have watched too many spy movies, too, because he had a day’s growth of beard.He wasn’t close to Hans in terms of sex appeal, but he was okay. A client, not a sweetheart.~~~~~I wasn’t in the room for the participant’s lunch, but Hans was. Part way through, he excused himself, saying he needed to make some phone calls, then sought me out where I was having lunch, and asked what I’d heard and what I thought.I gave him a complete run-down, group by group, and person by person of what I had heard, and my assessment of each group’s attitudes. All three groups were interested, but Ivan’s group seemed to be particularly so.Ivan repeatedly consulted with one of the people who sat behind him, they whispered in Russian, and on a couple of occasions, I had been able to overhear them as I was sitting close by. They, of course, assumed that an ignorant intern wouldn’t be able to speak Russian. Yet, because I had lived with Gregor and he insisted I learn some, I could make out a good bit of what they said.They were looking to invest outside of Russia and liked the idea of being associated with Hans’ company, as far as I could make out. But they said they were going to play it down, wanting to get the best deal they could. That, at any rate, was what I thought they said, and it seemed to match their body language.What I wasn’t sure of was the relationship between Ivan and the guy he kept consulting. Which was the boss? I couldn’t be sure, and that’s what I told Hans, who looked off into the distance, thinking. Finally, he nodded, got up to go, then stopped.“I wasn’t sure whether you would be any help with this, Katja, but well done. I am impressed with the amount of detail you’ve given me on each group, even each participant. I’m glad I have you here.” He grinned, “And for more than one reason.”I bowed my head, “This one is grateful…Hans.”He nodded, then went back to his guests. The afternoon session was pretty much the same. My reading of Ivan’s group was that they really wanted to do this if they could get any kind of reasonable deal. The other two groups were interested, but wary of giving up their technology too cheaply.I conveyed this to Hans iddaa siteleri later on, after the afternoon session wrapped up.About the only other notable thing in the afternoon was that when I was bending over, delivering coffee to one of the other participants, I felt a hand on the inside of my leg, just above the knee. I pretended not to notice, knowing it was Ivan. Then, when I finished serving the other guy, I straightened up, turned towards Ivan, smiled, then moved off, swaying my ass. When I was a short way away, I turned and looked at him over my shoulder again with a smile on my face.He got the message. He straightened up and looked pleased with himself while trying to look like he was thinking deep, business-type thoughts.Men.~~~~~When the afternoon meetings were finished, at about 15:00, Ivan invited Hans to join him in his suite for a drink. I started to excuse myself, but Ivan insisted I join them. Interestingly, the guy who sat behind Ivan was not invited. Perhaps Ivan really was the boss.When we arrived at Ivan’s suite, we were greeted by a statuesque German woman named Kristol. She was a stunning-looking platinum blonde, slightly taller than Ivan, and carried herself with great assurance. Ivan introduced us to her, then excused himself to freshen up.Kristol asked what we wanted to drink. Hans asked for a beer, and I asked for sparkling water. Hans looked at me and smirked. I knew he was thinking about last night, and so was I! I had enough trouble dealing with the hangover that morning. Plus, I needed to keep my wits about me tonight.Ivan came back and it was clear he and Hans wanted to talk privately, so Kristol and I stepped away for some small talk.She asked about my family and background, and I gave her the details of my cover story, but made sure to say how excited I was that Hans selected me as his intern as I wanted to go into business when I graduated.In turn, Kristol told me she had been a runway model, but now owned her own agency and saw Ivan when he was in town. I expressed eager interest, and asked her to tell me what it was like being a model, then commented that she was certainly beautiful enough to be one.She laughed and told me that if I ever decided on a career change, to give her a call. I acted star-struck – but I was intrigued as well.My Spidey-senses were tingling. Models were tall, willowy things like her, not short, skinny ones like me. As a result, I thought that she might actually be running an escort service, not a modelling agency. And, who knew? Maybe she liked girls too. I had learned, living on the streets, that you don’t ignore opportunities when they present themselves, so I thanked her profusely. And that turned out to be very important to me, much, much later.When the boys were done, Hans said we would meet Ivan and Kristol at the theater for the social hour, and they would join us in his private box for the show.On the way back to our hotel, Hans commented, “You seem to have made a new friend. They seem quite taken with you.”I nodded and thought I knew what to expect.~~~~~The dinner and gala were formal affairs. Hans was wearing a tuxedo, and the women were all wearing evening gowns.I checked my reflection in the mirror and nodded approval. I was wearing a silky, dark blue evening dress. It had a halter-tie at the back of the neck, a scooped back that left my shoulder blades exposed, was tight around my unbound tits, and fell straight down from my waist almost to the floor. It also had a thigh-high slit on the left side, and if I moved just right, you could see that I was wearing a black garter belt. I also wore a black lacy thong, plus black high heels.My make-up was slightly overdone – about what you’d expect for a teenager going to her first, very classy affair. I hadn’t made my face up to be bold, but had used a bit more make-up than I should have to show my inexperience, and the fact that I was trying to be sophisticated. My hair was piled up on top of my head and was almost right.

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