The Mom Across The Street

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I bought a house a few years ago in what was a predominantly older neighborhood with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions lives right across the street from me. Her name is Gloria and she has two kids. One is a young teenager and the other, a few years younger than that. Since I moved in in the middle of January, I really didn’t meet anybody for the first few months I lived there. Everybody was hibernating for the winter, I included.Well, when spring came around, I started meeting a few of my older neighbors but never did connect with Gloria. I saw her and her two boys come and go but it was always in passing. I could tell she was probably somewhere in her thirties, but with it still being cool out I never got to see anything more than she had a cute face.As it got warmer, things took a bit of a turn and I got to meet the boys first. I have a racecar I play with from time to time and had just brought it home from where it had been stored at. I fired it up and backed it down off my trailer. Before I could get it shut down, I had two visitors on my driveway. This was my first meeting with the two boys, and so began their endless obsession with my racecar.It wasn’t long before the boys and I were good friends. They spent a lot of time around my garage anytime I had the door open and they could see the racecar. It didn’t matter whether I was mowing the grass, cleaning up the yard, or working on the car; they were there asking questions. I learned the oldest was thirteen and was named Mikey. His little brother was eleven and was Robby. I still hadn’t met Gloria face to face yet.That all changed one weekend when I came back late on a Sunday. I backed the trailer in as I always did and started unloading the racecar. As soon as I fired it up, it wasn’t long before I saw the boys came shooting out of their front door. Then I saw their mother’s head appear in the door. All I could see of her was that cute face and a mass of wet blonde hair.Her head disappeared and I went back to getting the car put away as my two tagalongs supervised. They helped me get the tie-downs for the car put away, unload the tires off of the truck, and the toolboxes. When we were done, I went inside and got the boys each a drink. I sat down on the trailer to rest and they bombarded me with questions about the weekend. This had become somewhat of a normal routine for us.My back was to the road and I saw Mikey look behind me and say, “Mom, what are you doing here?”Gloria replied to Mikey that she was there to get them. Then she said, “I’ve been yelling for you two boys for thirty minutes, didn’t you hear me?”I stood up and turned towards her and was completely caught off guard. She was standing there in a green bikini that fit her very nicely. I gawked at her for a second before recovering and saying, “It was probably my fault. They were helping me put stuff away for the racecar.”Gloria looked past me into the garage and it was then I noticed her eyes were ice blue and absolutely beautiful.She finally said, “Yes, I heard you fire that thing up. It was like a siren call for these two,” she indicated the boys.I smiled and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pull them away from anything you had them doing.”“Oh, you didn’t, but it’s getting late and I like to have them home before dark,” she replied.Then it hit me we had never been introduced. “Oh, I’m sorry for my manners as well, I’m Brian,” I offered her my hand.She just stood there with her arms crossed against her tanned and taut stomach. I looked down at my hand and I realized it was dirty from handling the car stuff. I quickly grabbed a rag and wiped it off before extending it to her again.She reached out and took it this time saying, “I’m Gloria, it’s nice to meet you since my boys seem to spend more time here than at home when you are around.”I shrugged and said, “Sorry about that. Should I run them home from now on?” The look on the boys’ faces when I said that was one of desperation.She paused a moment before answering, I think to torture the boys more than to think about her answer. Finally, she said, “No, as long as you are okay with them being around, I’m okay with it.”After that, we stood there and exchanged a few friendly moments where I learned that she was thirty-five and her husband had been in the Army. She said he had passed away but I could see by the pain that flashed in her eyes that there was a lot more to that story. She told me that they had moved there a few years ago to be closer to family while raising the two boys by herself.I shared that I had been divorced for a couple of years. It just didn’t work out for us. I told her I was twenty-eight. I went on telling her I decided to buy my house to put some roots down again.The conversation didn’t carry on much longer before she gathered up the boys and sent them home. Finally, she said, “It was nice meeting you, finally, and goodnight.”I watched her walk back towards her house and couldn’t help but notice that her ass was as firm as the rest escort beylikdüzü of her appeared. It swayed from side to side so slightly in that bikini bottom as she walked. I thought to myself while watching, now this is a mother I’d like to fuck!This was my first time meeting Gloria, but as the summer went on, it wasn’t my last. Her boys gave us plenty of chances to come face to face again. We started developing a real friendship. I joined them swimming once and while in their pool, or we would barbecue sometimes. As my yard was a work in progress, we always seemed to be at their house, usually around the pool. That was always fine with me because I got to see Gloria in various swimsuits or other clothes she wore. I quickly decided she didn’t mind having her body looked at and appreciated.Then things changed for us. As the summer came to an end and the boys started school again, I didn’t seem them as much. That also meant I didn’t see Gloria as much, which was a bit disappointing for me. Not only did I enjoy looking at her, but I really had begun to enjoy her company.Well, it had been a while since I had seen her or the boys other than in passing when one morning there was a knock on my door. I had just gotten out of bed so I slipped on a pair sweats and went to answer it. I opened the door and Gloria was looking pretty distraught.I asked, “What’s wrong, you look a little upset?”She burst out with, “The damn car won’t start this morning. I think the battery is dead because all it will do is click when I twist the key. I need to get the boys to school and get to work myself.”It was then I realized she was standing there in the purple scrubs she wore to work all the time. Without giving it much thought, I reached for my keys on the pegboard and handed them to her, saying, “Here, take my truck and I will look at your car in a little while. If I get it running, I’ll bring it to you and swap vehicles, okay?”Her mouth dropped open momentarily before she replied, “Are you sure, Brian? I don’t want to leave you here without a vehicle.”“I’ll be fine. Get the boys to school and yourself to work. I’ll call if I have any problems.”With it finally settled, Gloria handed me her keys. She then went out and started my truck to warm it up. I then heard her calling the boys over. I looked out the window and watched them all load up. Then Gloria backed out and they were gone.Later that day when Gloria got home, she pulled into my drive and parked my truck. I saw her send the boys towards home as she walked towards me. I was standing in the garage with the door open.As she got closer, I walked out to meet her and said, “Your car is all fixed up.”“You got it fixed? Thank you so much, Brian. What was wrong with it?”“Oh, like you thought, bad battery. I had the parts store deliver one and I swapped them out. You are good to go now.” I reached in my pocket and handed her the receipt before saying, “Here, put this in your car in case you need to warranty the battery.”“So, what do I owe you for the battery and installing it?”“Nothing, it was my pleasure to do it.”We exchanged a little more conversation before she finally went home to get the boys going on homework.A few weeks later, Gloria called and invited me to dinner that weekend on Saturday. She said she wanted to thank me for rescuing her the morning the car had died. I told her that would be good. I was kind of looking forward to spending some time with the boys too.When Saturday got here, I dressed in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. I walked across the street in just my shirt and jeans; the weather was still trying to decide if it was going to get cold or not. I knocked on the door and Gloria answered it. I was expecting one of the boys to answer it.Opening the door, she said, “Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Dinner will be ready in a few.”I looked around and the first thing I noticed was how she was dressed. She had on a button-up shirt that was open partway down exposing a lot of cleavage, a pair of slim jeans that showed off her ass and legs wonderfully. I also noticed she was barefooted. She had the cutest toes with painted nails. I started getting a bit of an uncomfortable tingle in my crotch.What I didn’t notice was the boys, so I finally asked, “Where are the boys? I figured I’d be mobbed by now.”“They are at their grandparents for the night. I hope you don’t mind, but I thought a dinner for just us would be nice. My way of saying thank you for fixing the car.”“No, I don’t mind at all,” as I was thinking to myself, Who in the hell would mind having dinner with a beautiful woman?As she finished preparing dinner, we talked about a lot of things. How I wound up divorced after being married only a few short years. She opened up about her husband’s death a bit more and as I thought, he was killed in combat. I told her about my job and she told me how boring hers was most of the time. Finally, dinner was done and we ate a wonderful meal while still sharing escort akbatı things about our lives.After dinner, we moved to the living room. I sat down on the couch and she joined me, sitting much closer than I expected her to. As we continued to talk, she scooted closer until I had an arm around her. It was at this point she leaned in and kissed me. I responded in kind and we shared our first kiss of what would be many to come.When we finally parted I said, “WOW, that was nice!”She replied, “Yes it was,” and leaned in to kiss me again.We were acting like two teenagers making out for the first time. Yet it wasn’t long before the kissing turned into touching. She was the first to make the move as she slid her hand up my thigh and across my crotch before moving it to my chest, where she gently worked it against my shirt.I started by moving my free hand along her thigh lightly before moving it up along her side. I made no quick moves so she could stop me anytime. As I got higher, I had my hand resting on the side of her breast. I was surprised I didn’t feel a bra. I started softly rubbing her there when she let a little moan escape between one of our kisses. I took that as encouragement and moved my hand further around until I had her breast in my hand as I continued to lightly massage it.She broke our kiss and leaned back against the couch. I pulled my other arm from behind her and brought it to her other breast and started the same light massage on it. She moaned out how good that felt. I continued until I had narrowed my massage to just her nipples.I could feel her shiver next to me as I continued to play with her nipples. Each time I would pull or pinch one of them, she would loudly moan. I finally stopped long enough to unbutton her shirt. When it was completely open, I bent down and sucked one of her nipples between my lips as I pinched the other. She was really moaning out now.I slipped my other hand to the crotch of her jeans. I could feel the heat of her pussy through her jeans. I slid my fingers along the seam of her jeans, teasing her. She was squirming and lifting her bottom off the couch. I continued playing with her nipples as I traced my fingers over her crotch, teasing her, exciting her and building her desire.It wasn’t long before I had slipped the button open on her jeans. I could see the silky material of her panties, a sexy maroon color. I slipped my hand into the opening of her jeans, but even with the zipper all the way open I just couldn’t slip more than just my fingertips along her panties. She realized my predicament and lifted her ass up off the couch. I didn’t need a second clue as to what she wanted.I slipped off the couch until I was kneeling in front of her. While sliding my hands down along her legs, I started working her jeans down her hips until I had them around her knees. I scooted back just enough to slip them the rest of the way off of her, leaving her sitting on the couch in just her maroon panties and blouse that was fully open, allowing her breasts to be on full display. I thought to myself, damn, ain’t she sexy!At that very moment, I knew what I wanted. Slipping my hands along her legs, I pushed them apart as I slid between them. I continued running my hands up her legs until they got to her waist. I pulled her further down towards the edge of the couch until she was just where I wanted her.Kneeling between her legs, I leaned forward and kissed her between her belly button and the top of her panties. She moaned when I did, which only encouraged me more. I continued to softly apply kisses but as I did, I was working closer to her panties until I was kissing the edge of the fabric. Yet I didn’t stop there but continued applying kisses until I finally kissed her directly on her pussy. She moaned out and whimpered how good that felt. That was all I needed to hear. I applied a few more kisses before I started licking her through her panties. She lifted up to meet me.Finally, I slipped the now soaked crotch of her panties aside and ran my tongue directly over her wet and swollen lips. This brought another bout of moans from her. Encouraged, I kept up running my tongue along her pussy. I started probing her lips, slipping my tongue between them. The deeper I got my tongue, the more she’d buck up against me and louder her moans became. I was loving the feeling of her sex on my tongue and the noise of her moans were music to my young ears.I moved to licking and sucking her clit. I slipped two fingers into her pussy, working them back and forth. As I sucked hard on her clit, I pushed my fingers as deep as I could. She pushed up against me, forcing my fingers even deeper and my lips hard against her clit. She moaned out as she did. I finally let go of her clit and withdrew my fingers before plunging them in again as I licked her clit this time. Her body shuddered this time as a soft moan escaped her.I could tell I was pushing her towards an orgasm. Not wanting to disappoint escort beylikdüzü her, I continued teasing her clit and fucking her pussy with now three fingers. Her moans increased in volume and length as I worked her pussy harder until she suddenly pushed up hard against me. I felt her pussy tighten as she let out a soft guttural scream of pleasure. Her juices washed over my fingers and hand as she came. With one final hard suck, I leaned back and gently withdrew my fingers.I watched the orgasm run through her body until she just slumped against the couch catching her breath. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at me. After staring at me for a minute, she said, “Damn, that felt so much better than doing it myself!”I was shocked a little at what she said but thinking about it, I never did see her with a man. I was glad I was able to please her. To make her feel like that. I was rather pleased with myself and I guess it may have shown on my face because of her next comment.“You don’t have to look so pleased with yourself,” she said, smiling to keep it from stinging.She leaned forward and offered her hands to me. I took them and she leaned back, pulling me upwards until I was standing in front of her. She scooted to the edge of the couch again before grasping the belt of my jeans.Looking up into my eyes, she effortlessly slipped my belt open and made just as quick of work getting the button open and zipper down. She then slipped her hands inside my jeans. She looped her fingers over the edges before tugging them down. They slid smoothly over my hips before finally descending down my legs to pool at my feet.Wasting no time, she pulled my underwear down just as smoothly. As the waistband cleared my cock, it sprung free, semi-hard and pulsing. The way she was sitting in front of me, all she had to do was lean forward and she had slipped the head between her lips. I moaned as sucked gently on it.It wasn’t long before she was working my whole cock into and out of her mouth. She worked her tongue along my shaft until she was circling the head of it before taking me deeply again. I was hard and moaning in no time.I could feel myself rushing towards the edge and placed my hands on Gloria’s head. I was trying to hold her on my cock longer, but she wasn’t having any of it. She wanted to be in control so I didn’t fight her for it. I just enjoyed her soft mouth on my cock and the hand that had started fondling balls.I was getting ever closer to cumming and Gloria must have sensed it as well because she stopped sucking my cock and pulled away. She still had a handful of my balls but let them go as well before standing up in front of me. Standing there, she leaned forward to kiss me. I didn’t hesitate and met her kiss with my own.After breaking our kiss, she looked into my eyes and said, “Sorry for stopping but I want you in my pussy as you cum.” After saying that, she slipped her panties off and dropped them at my feet, and walked back towards her bedroom. She looked over her shoulder and smiled.Well, I was no damn fool. I kicked my shoes and socks off, then stepped out of my jeans and underwear before finally pulling my shirt off. I then moved to catch up with her in the bedroom. By the time I walked through the door, she was lying on her bed with her legs spread open and her fingers gently teasing her nipples.I stopped and looked at her. She was absolutely beautiful and here I was going to be lucky enough to make love with her. I walked over to the bed with my cock still hard, swaying around with each step. I crawled up on the bed as she reached out to me, inviting me to slip between her outstretched legs.As I settled between her legs, my cock rested against her pussy. I leaned down and kissed her again before adjusting myself to allow my cock to slip between her pussy lips. As I entered her, she gasped and moaned in pleasure before saying, “God, that feels as good as I knew it would.”I started with slow in and out strokes, pushing as deep as I could each time. She was meeting my downward strokes with her own upward thrusts. As our passion built, our actions quickened until I was pummeling her pussy with each downward stroke. She continued to thrust against me just as hard. Our bodies became slick with sweat and desire pouring from our pores.I was nearing the edge and when her dam broke. She let out a screaming moan she was cumming and closed her legs against me, trying to hold me in her. I had other needs; I fucked her hard and quick as she worked through the throes of her orgasm until mine burst forth as well. I arched up and moaned I was cumming as I forced my cock as deep as I could. I sent stream after stream of cum bursting deep into her.When my orgasm had subsided, I collapsed on her before ultimately slipping to the side. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight. Both of us were still gulping air into our lungs as we recovered.We lay there snuggled tightly together for quite some time before she finally lifted her head a little to look directly at me and ask, “How soon can we do this again?”I laughed and replied, “Very, very soon!” I could already feel my cock starting again.This was the first time with the MILF across the street, but by no means was it the last.

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