The Mentor

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The MentorIt all started very innocently, I was asked by one of the tutors, if I would act as a mentor to one of the final year students on the Business Studies degree course. Having ascertained that it would only mean one or two meetings I agreed to have my name put forward.I didn’t hear anything for ages and had forgotten all about it when Liz rang from the University to say they had a student who wanted to take up my offer of help. She told me that the student was in some difficulties with her business plan and as it was retail related thought that I may be the best person to help.I agreed to the request and Liz said she would pass my number on and someone would contact me to arrange an initial meeting. At no time did I ask, nor did Liz indicate, that it was a young lady who had made the request.The following day about lunchtime I got a call on my mobile from a young lady called Emma, who introduced herself as the student wanting some help and advice. We chatted for a little while about the problem and made an arrangement to meet in the Uni coffee bar later that week. I wasn’t familiar with the location, so she said that once I got there to call her on her mobile and she would come out to the foyer to meet me.I arrived at the Uni on the Thursday morning as arranged and called Emma to say that I was there. Within a few minutes a young lady arrived and asked if I was waiting for Emma – I said that I was. She explained that she was Emma and we shook hands and she took me through into the coffee bar to a small table in the corner where her stuff was already spread out.The first thing I did was to go and get us both some drinks and then we started going through her business plan, identifying the areas where she was unsure of the exact statements to make. We also discussed some of her marketing ideas and it was soon after 1.00 p.m. Realising that neither of us had eaten I offered to buy lunch and she accepted, saying that she had no lectures that day so time was not critical. She decided we wouldn’t eat in the Uni – too expensive and a poor choice – is what she said. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said she knew a nice little Bistro a few streets away. Gathering up her papers we went out of the coffee bar and down the steps. It seemed a bit incongruous with her carrying all these papers so I offered to put them in my car so that she wouldn’t have to carry them. She accepted my offer and I took them from her and walked across the street to the car park and deposited them in the car, while she waited for me at the bottom of the steps.It was only when I was walking back towards her that I think I really saw her for the first time and noticed that she was a very attractive young woman. She was about 5’6″ tall, with long blonde hair and a very nice figure with a nice firm bust. She was smiling as I approached and I have to admit I felt a little tingle of excitement pass up my spine.We walked around to the Bistro and chatted about various different things. I found out that she was 23 and from Manchester and didn’t have a boyfriend – why did I ask that question? She was planning on opening her own retail business on graduating and had already found the area she wanted to be operating from. The conversation continued during lunch and she asked questions about me and my family and just general chit chat. After lunch I walked her back to my car to get her books and folders and then I suddenly wondered if she wanted a lift anywhere. She said she was going to meet some friends and declined the offer but after taking her books and thanking me for lunch, went off along the street. I followed her with my eyes until she was out of sight and then got in my car to drive back to my office. I was thinking her about her all the way back, and my thoughts weren’t all about her business problems!Things returned to normal and I forgot all about Emma, until about three weeks later when I got a text message from her to say she would like to meet again and chat through some ideas she had since visiting an exhibition in London. I texted back my availability and we arranged to meet again at the Uni coffee bar the next day about 11.30 a.m.I was a bit late arriving and just as I was walking up from the car park I got a call on my mobile to make sure I was going. I apologised but said I was only a few minutes away. I walked into the coffee bar and it was empty except for Emma sitting at the same table where we had met originally. I walked up and we shook hands and I made the comment that with all the tables to choose from she had chosen one the farthest from the door. She laughed but reminded me that this was ‘our table’ – where we had our first meeting. I laughed now and said that I realised that only a woman would consider such detail important. She agreed and said that men were so insensitive to such sentiments but she wouldn’t hold it against me! We both laughed again and I sat down. She was so excited with all the stuff she had brought back from the exhibition, lots and lots of new product ideas and loads of contacts that could help her business. She talked and talked for ages before I got the chance to go through all her ideas with her. We discussed all the various options and put together a plan of action so that she could maximise all these thoughts and ideas before they went cold. This took quite a while and it was 1.30 p.m. before either of us realised what time it was. I was due at another meeting at 2.30 p.m. so had to make my excuses and dash away. She apologised for keeping me so late and said she would give me a call soon to bring me up to date on all the things we had discussed. Having shook hands again I dashed off back to the car to try and make my next meeting without being too late. On the way to the next meeting I realised that we hadn’t arranged another meeting and somehow I felt a little disappointed as I really enjoyed her company. She was so exuberant, so full of life and somehow even quite exciting. Later that evening I received a text message on my mobile phone, from Emma, and she was also making the point that we hadn’t arranged another meeting. I sent a message back asking if she wanted, I could meet her again the next week, same time same place. A few minutes later I received a message to say that was fine and she would see me on Tuesday at 11.30 a.m.Over the next few days I kept receiving text messages from her, some about the things we had discussed at our last meeting but others just chatty! On one occasion she was on the train from Manchester and bored and chatted to me by text for the whole of her 1½ hour journey. I felt rather flattered to know that this young lady was actually interested enough to want to chat to me, not just about her project but all kinds of other stuff. We met again the following week and after the meeting went again to the Bistro for lunch, after putting her stuff in my car. It was an interesting lunch as we chatted about all kinds of personal stuff, her life, her family, her likes and dislikes. I found out that there was only her and her Mum as her Dad had left when she was only 10 and they had completely lost contact with him. I wondered if all this familiarity was due to the fact that she didn’t have an adult male in her life.She asked me about my family and particularly about by social life, what type of friends I had, what hobbies and interests I had and other general stuff. After lunch I gave her the stuff back out of my car and we agreed to meet again on Thursday at 11.30 a.m. again.This format continued for another three weeks, we would meet up first in the Uni and then have lunch in the Bistro afterwards. She actually started calling it our ‘date’! Between the times that we met, she was constantly sending me text messages, some about work but mostly quite personal stuff asking me loads of questions and telling me some of her own troubles and problems.She had recently dropped out of a fairly long term relationship and I think she was rather lonely and just needed someone to take an interest in her. Someone not connected with her own life who she could discuss personal issues with without any embarrassment or judgement. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced that she also saw me as a bit of a father figure.The following week we were due to meet on the Thursday when I got a call from her on Monday afternoon to say that her project had been returned with some comments appended and she needed to talk to me fairly urgently to go through the points raised as it had to be returned by Friday and if we left it to Thursday she may not have time to complete it.Having checked my diary I agreed I could arrange to meet her the following afternoon at 4.30 p.m. to go through the points they had raised. We agreed to meet at the same place although the coffee bar would be closed by then but we could still sit in there and chat.When I got there she was quite despondent as the project had been returned with what appeared to be a lot of additional input required. However, after about an hour of ploughing through the issues they had raised we soon solved the problem and realised that all that was really needed was some additional financial information to support some of the development plans and projections she had submitted. She already had most of the information anyway and it didn’t take long to complete the rest. Her mood changed quite noticeably whilst we were going through the project as she had been quite moody and sulky at the outset but once we had sorted out all the issues she was her usually ‘bouncy’ self again. I told her that I couldn’t stay as I had another meeting to go to and if I didn’t dash away fairly quickly I would be late. For a split second I was sure she was quite disappointed but it passed so quickly I decided I had imagined it. Anyway, why would such a young lady be disappointed that I couldn’t stay with her for longer?We said our goodbyes and I went off to the car to go to my next meeting. I didn’t have far to go as my next meeting was actually in Sheffield anyway. It was whilst I was on my mobile calling to say I may be a few minutes late when I noticed another call coming in. When I had finished my call and hung up I saw that I had a missed call from Emma. I rang her back and as soon as she answered she said “What time does your meeting finish tonight?” I told her that it would be after 10.00 p.m. before I got away, if it ran to its usual format. “Fancy a drink afterwards then,” she asked me?I didn’t have an answer and just sort of stammered “Err yeah, sure, you got some more ideas? Where shall we meet?” She said she had one or two ideas and gave me the name of a pub and the street it was in and said she would be there from 10.15 p.m. and with that comment she rang off.It was only just after 8.00 p.m. when I got to my meeting and found that I wasn’t the last to arrive. The meeting started about 8.15 p.m. but I have to admit my mind was not on the agenda but on Emma. Why had she rung me? Why did she want to meet again so soon? What was it all about? I have to admit to feeling a sense of excitement at the thought of her calling me so soon after our meeting.Fortunately the meeting didn’t last too long and we had finished by just before 10.00 p.m. I said my goodbyes and left, heading off to the pub that Emma had suggested. It was about 10.20 p.m. when I got there and as I walked into the lounge I saw her sitting over in a corner. I’m not sure whether it was me or the occasion but I felt that she wasn’t dressed as a student! I’m not really sure what I meant by that but the impression was that she was definitely more provocatively dressed and she was wearing makeup, something I had not seen before.As soon as she saw me she waved, smiled and dashed over to me, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the bar. “It’s my treat,” she said, “what do you want to drink?” I asked for a nice long Gin & Tonic and she had a Vodka and Lemonade.With the drinks in our hands we wandered back over to the seats in the corner. I was still unsure why she had called me and so I asked her why the sudden need to see me again. Her answer completely floored me – “because I like you,” she said quite openly. “I had planned on us going out for a drink tonight but your other meeting really threw me. After you had gone I decided to call you anyway and here we are.” I wasn’t sure what to say, after all I was many years older than her and although I found her very attractive, had never considered any kind of relationship other than as her mentor and advisor. She noted my hesitation and said “you’re worried about the age difference aren’t you?” Now I was totally off guard, she was even reading my mind! I laughed by way of reply and made the point that there was a considerable difference. I told her I had a daughter older than her. All she said was she didn’t care, she couldn’t help her feelings and felt really good when we were together. I told her that I was very flattered but I was also very married! It was her turn to laugh now. “I’m not suggesting we should get married,” she said, “just have a little fun together.”This openness really threw me and I sort of stammered “what sort of fun do you suggest,” I asked? “Well be honest,” she said looking coyly at me, “don’t pretend you don’t fancy me, I’ve seen the way your eyes check over me when I walk towards you.”Now it was my turn to really squirm as I was remembering my thoughts as I walked towards her at that first meeting and the thoughts I had about her when we weren’t together. Go on”, she said, “tell the truth cos I’ve seen it in your eyes and I’ve seen you looking at me, especially at my bum when I wear my tight jeans!” I admitted that I did find her very attractive and did, in fact, think about her a lot after our meetings. I smiled and said that I’m a bum man and hers is particularly cute. “So what’s the problem then,” she asked? “I fancy you and you obviously fancy me.” “Is it really that simple”, I asked? “Sure it is, we’re both old enough to do what we want and I’m not confused at all about what I want.” aksaray rus escort I almost didn’t dare ask the next question but I blurted it out anyway – “and what do you want?” She gave me a very cheeky grin and said, “another drink?” “My turn I think,” I said picking up the empty glasses. “Same again?” Before she could answer I had set off back to the bar and I could feel her eyes burning into my back. “Make mine a double”, she said with a laugh “if you’re paying.” This was said loud enough for others in the lounge to hear and one or two of them looked across and smiled, one chap even gave me a huge wink! I was totally embarrassed now and quickly bought the drinks, Tonic for me and Vodka and Lemonade for her, then took them back to the table. “Did you get me a double,” she asked? “Of course,” I replied, “what the lady wants she shall have.” Almost before I had finished saying it I knew I would regret it as, quick as a flash, she said, “so it’s a deal then. We can have some fun? After all, it’s what the lady wants!” I quickly realised I had fallen straight into that and I could only laugh and say “sure, why not?” She giggled now and moving over closer to me and whispered in my ear, “you didn’t resist me for long did you?” I told her I didn’t want to resist her at all but it had come rather out of the blue and I wasn’t prepared for it. She put her hand on my knee and squeezing it said, “let’s see whether you are really not prepared.” I felt her hand sliding up my thigh and I realised that I was reacting to this treatment as I was getting erect in my pants as her hand slid ever so slowly nearer my cock. “Now what do I do?” I asked myself. There were lots of people in the pub and with her earlier comments she had drawn attention to us. I put my hand over hers and stopped its progress up my thigh. “Spoilsport,” she said with a laugh. “I’m not a spoilsport,” I replied, “but I’m not sure I want to be part of the evening’s entertainment for the rest of the customers.””Fair point,” she said almost immediately, “let’s have another drink.” “Another double,” I asked? “Of course,” she replied, “I’m much sexier after a few drinks.”I looked round to see if anyone had heard her remark but fortunately no-one was taking any notice of us now.After fetching us more drinks I sipped mine for a minute or two before asking, “so, you need to be sexier do you? What do you actually mean by that remark?” “Well”, she said very dramatically, before leaning over and whispering in my ear, “I need a really good fuck, what about you?” Now I’m not one for being shy about straight talking or describing sex as fucking, but it still brought a shiver down my spine and my cock started to harden again. Even before I opened my mouth I knew what my answer was going to be. “I’m ready to fuck,” I said, “especially a pretty, sexy girl like you.” “Oooer”, she said giggling, “didn’t take you long to consider that did it? Now prove it.”I took her hand and placed it on my pants just where my cock was hardening and pressed it up against the fabric. She rubbed her fingers over the hardness and said “OK, I believe you”, let’s have another drink before we go and then let’s go back to my place and fuck.” “Why do we need another drink,” I asked her?”Cos I’m not ready to fuck yet, I want to play with this thing I’ve got in my hand,” she answered. “You can play with it at your place as much as you want” I told her. “But it’s more teasing for you if I do it here,” she said giggling. I laughed at her and without warning reached down and unzipped my fly. “Now let’s see what you do,” I said to her as my hot hard cock started to push out of the opening. She looked at me and giggled again before sliding her fingers inside my pants and pulled my cock all the way out. We were sitting in a corner and I was turned towards her with my back to the rest of the room, so no-one could actually see what was happening, although it wouldn’t have taken a genius to guess! At this point she had her hand on my cock and she whispered in my ear, “Hey, that’s a nice size you have there, it’s so big I can’t get my fingers around it.” Now I have nothing to judge what is ‘well endowed’ and what isn’t, as I haven’t asked other men for an opinion. All I know is that when I’m in the showers at the running club my cock certainly holds its own against the others in there. Emma now had both hands on my cock, side by side and once again she whispered in my ear to say that she couldn’t cover it all with both hands. I looked down and could see both her hands on it and the head was still sticking out past her fingers. I had never been in this situation before and didn’t really know what to say or do. Before I could say anything she was whispering to me again. “I like you even more now that I’ve had my hands on this, it’s by far the biggest I’ve ever had in my fingers!” “Have you had many?” I heard myself asking her. She giggled again before saying “quite a few, I started at 14 with a friend of my Mum’s.” She had said this so matter of factly I wasn’t sure what to say. As I was still thinking about my response she was holding my cock in one hand and slowly massaging it between her fingers. She said whispering to me “out of all the ones I’ve had this is definitely one of the longest and thickest. I’ve never had one before that I couldn’t get my fingers round nor one that two hands wouldn’t cover. I’m very impressed, no wonder you are still married, I bet your wife just loves this up her.” I was now quite embarrassed by her complete frankness, I wasn’t used to such straight talking. “I’ve not had any complaints from her, or anyone else for that matter,” I heard myself saying.She giggled again before saying, “I bet you haven’t. How many ‘others’ have you had then?” I didn’t answer the question immediately and she sensed my hesitation and said, “don’t worry, I don’t mind if you’ve fucked other women, although your wife might,” giggling again.I was now getting really excited by the fact that she was still massaging my cock and all this talk was also turning me on even more. She giggled yet again and said “this is really turning you on isn’t it? Your cock has grown about an inch since we started talking about fucking.” It was my turn to laugh now, “I doubt that,” I said. “You don’t have it in your hand, I do, and I can tell you it’s still growing,” she replied with a huge wink. It was at this point that I heard a male cough just behind us and a voice said “Drink up now folks, we’re closing.” It made me jump and I was now wondering if he could see what was happening. Before I could say anything Emma said, “no problems, we’ll only be a couple of minutes.” Releasing her hold on my cock she picked up her glass and drained the contents as the man turned and walked away. “Come on,” she whispered, “put it away, drink up and let’s get out of here.” I squirmed around in my seat until I had my cock zipped inside my pants again, drank my tonic and stood up to go. As I stood up Emma was still seated facing me, she just leaned over and kissed the front of my pants – “see you again soon” she whispered. I told her she was incorrigible and to behave in public. She laughed and pointed out that there was no-one else in the room so it wasn’t a problem. Being occupied by Emma I hadn’t actually noticed everyone else had left the bar.I asked her if she was always that ‘forward’ and with another giggle she said “only when I’ve had a few drinks.” “How often is that then?” I heard myself asking. She didn’t answer, just winked at me before saying “I’m off to the ladies, be back in a mo.” I went to the gents, more to put myself straight than anything else but I also had a pee whilst I was there and noticed that my cock was still semi hard after Emma’s attentions. I also took the opportunity to take 100mg of Viagra to ensure I didn’t disappoint her. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt like this, it was certainly some time ago that a woman had got me so excited so quickly. I was also unsure of what was going to happen, should I really be getting sexually involved with a young student? I knew the answer to that one but still I felt flattered and aroused by the thought of it all. The last thing I needed was that my cock wouldn’t perform properly and I knew that the 100mg would make it last a good few hours!!As I came out of the gents Emma was standing by the exit waiting for me, “come on slow coach,” she said and taking my hand led me outside. The last thing I noticed in the pub was the guy behind the bar who gave me the thumbs up with a huge smile and a wink. So we hadn’t gone unnoticed after all!As we went outside and into the car park Emma squeezed my hand and said “I’ve got a little present for you.” I was puzzled by the remark but she stopped and opening her bag took out a white, silky thong. “I’ve just taken this off and it’s still damp,” she said with a giggle. I wasn’t sure what to say or do but she handed it to me and my first reaction was to put it to my nose. As I pressed it to my nose I could smell the sweet feminine scent on it and noticed that it was very damp as Emma had said. I then put it to my lips and could taste the juices from her pussy. I am more than familiar with the taste of a wet pussy and I smiled at her and said “very nice, thanks for the gift.””That’s only the start”, she said smiling, “let’s get out of here.”We carried on walking across to my car and she climbed into the back seat. I was puzzled by this behaviour and it must have shown on my face as she looked up and said “slide in here for a few minutes, I want a kiss.” I slid into the back seat and moved towards her, it was now that I really noticed how lovely she was, she seemed to have an aura about her, he eyes were slightly glazed, her lips just slightly parted and she was looking at me very seductively. I couldn’t resist her now and leaning over started to kiss her. It was a fantastic experience, her lips were so soft and yielding and as I continued to kiss her they parted and our tongues met in her mouth. I was now getting really turned on and could feel myself stiffening in my pants, Emma seemed to sense this as she placed her hand in my groin, pressing her fingers against the swelling in my pants. My hand followed her lead and I placed it on the side of her thigh. As I moved my hand on her thigh I felt her legs open slightly, as she moved around a little to give herself more room. She was wearing quite a long skirt and I moved my hand down her leg to the bottom of the hem and then, sliding back up on the inside of her thigh. He reaction was to open her mouth wider so that we could kiss even more deeply and press her fingers harder against the front of my pants. There was no stopping me now, as my hand slid further up the soft smooth flesh of her bare thigh until I could feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy on my fingers. I noticed that I couldn’t feel any pubic hair and decided that she must shave herself. She was quite wet by now and it was very easy to slip my fingers into the lips of her labia, moving them up and down as we continued to kiss.Her reaction to this was incredible, she was squirming and writhing around on the seat quite excitedly with a low moaning coming from her lips as she pulled away from me. She leant backwards as far as the door would allow and opened her legs wider so that my fingers could penetrate her more easily. I continued to slide my fingers up and down and rubbed hard against her clitoris as I felt the little hard knob under my thumb. She was so excited now and I let my middle finger slide into her dripping wet pussy, curling upwards to press onto the ‘G. spot. This certainly had the desired effect, as I felt her whole body stiffen and a stifled scream came out of her lips. I then slid my finger out and inserted two fingers this time, once again curling them to press against her ‘G’ spot. Pushing them in and out I watched her face and could see a slight glistening in her eyes. They were only half open as she looked at me and then she said, in a low deep whisper, “WOW, that’s so good, keep going I want to climax here and now.” I had no intention of stopping now and leaning over just brushed my lips against hers as my fingers buried even deeper into her. In and out they went, faster and faster, each time curling as they came out to put more pressure on her ‘G’ spot. It was only a few minutes later when she arched herself right upwards and with a loud cry shouted “YES!” Her pussy was now very wet indeed and I guessed that she had just had an orgasm as my hand was full of her juices. I kept up my attention for a while longer but she was relaxing and slipping back onto the seat. I removed my hand and put it to my lips where I licked off all the white, creamy juice dripping from it.She was watching me doing that and said “do I taste nice?” “You taste lovely, so sweet,” I replied.”Sweeter than your wife,” she asked with a big grin? Now that was an interesting question, my wife, I hadn’t considered her at all during this event. Now thinking about it I had to admit the taste was different, whether it was sweeter I’m not sure, but definitely different. I told her that and she seemed satisfied with the explanation. “Now what,” I asked? “We go to my place and fuck, that’s what,” she said without hesitation, “so my man, just climb in the front and take this lady home.”I just laughed at her and opening the back door said “yes m’lady and where can I take you?” “To bed driver” she said also laughing. “And where is the bed m’lady,” I asked? “At my flat”, she replied. “I need an address m’lady,” I said chuckling, “I may be good but I’m not psychic!” “Oh you ARE good, VERY good” she replied. “Now take me to …” At this point she actually gave me the address. I knew roughly where it was so getting into the front I started the car. “I don’t suppose you have any tissues in here do you?” I heard her ask. As it happened I always keep some wipes in the boot so I got out, opened the boot and passed them to her together with a small hand towel I also keep in there. aksaray rus escort bayan She smiled at me and said “you’re well prepared for a married man. Do you realise you’re going to get my juices on your towel, do you mind?”I said I didn’t mind at all, I would sniff it every day until the smell faded. “Well if you’re good I’ll keep it smelling of me for you,” she replied with a cheeky grin.I now got back into the front and set off to her flat. I could see her in the rear view mirror hitching her skirt up and wiping herself around her pussy. I was still unable to see whether it was shaven or not as there was insufficient lighting. Once she was finished she passed me the towel and asked “Does that smell nice”? I took it from her and noticed that it was quite damp. Considering how much I had on my fingers when I took them out of her and how damp the towel was, I guessed she must have had quite a good orgasm from my finger fucking. I put the towel to my lips and could taste the same sweet taste I had noticed on my fingers, I could see her face smiling at me in the mirror and heard her say “ever licked pussy juices while you were driving before?” I laughed and told her that many things were happening for the first time and that was certainly one of them. She then leant forward and I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she pressed herself against the back of my seat. She had a little nuzzle at my ear too and this attention was making me stiff once again. I couldn’t remember the last time I had so many erections without an outcome.It wasn’t long before we were in her street and she guided me into a spare parking slot. “My flat’s a bit further down,” she said, “but there’s never any parking down there so you can stay here.” We both got out of the car and after locking it I took her hand. She nuzzled into the side of me and we walked down the street to her front door. The area was mainly student accommodation and she took me up the steps to the door. Rummaging in her bag she pulled out some keys and we went inside. It was a dimly lit hallway and she explained her flat was on the top floor, up two flights of stairs. Off we went with her leading and as I followed her I could see the wet stain on the back of her skirt from our pleasure in my car earlier. It was quite a large stain and, once again, I thought about the amount of fluid she must have released at the point of orgasm. At the top of the stairs we came to a dark blue door with a plaque on it which said “Emma’s Room”. She unlocked the door and I followed her inside. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I remembered my own c***dren’s student accommodation as being not particularly pleasant places to go. However, I was very surprised, it was all very neat and tidy with a lamp on a small table in the centre of the room, at the side was a large settee and a couple of other chairs with some cushions also on the floor. At the back of the room was a door and I could see it led into a small kitchen whilst off to the side was another door, which was closed. I pushed the door shut behind me and she put her handbag on the table and turning to me said “want a drink”? I asked what was available and she said she had Vodka, Lemonade, Whisky and Lager. I plumped for the lager and off she went into the kitchen.”Sit down”, she shouted from the kitchen, “and take all your clothes off,” This remark completely threw me, she was certainly not afraid to make the necessary moves. “Don’t be shy”, I heard her say “I’ll be naked when I come out of here.” The thought of seeing her naked body sent a thrill up my spine and, once again, I started to stiffen. I decided that there was no point in not doing as the lady asked as, after all, I knew why I was there and clothes were going to superfluous to the arrangement. I undid my shirt and removed it, then my socks and shoes and then my pants, until I was naked as she had demanded. I sat on the couch just as I heard her say “coming ready or not!” I looked up and saw her emerging from the kitchen, she wasn’t naked at all, in fact she hadn’t removed anything. She looked at me and laughed before saying “Fooled you didn’t I?” It was my turn to laugh now and I said “I didn’t need asking twice to take my clothes off anyway, who needs clothes if we’re going to fuck?” She took a huge swig from her own drink and then put them both on the table and turning to me said “OK, you take mine off for me.” I couldn’t reach from where I was sitting and realised that once I stood up she would see how hard I was already. Standing naked in front of another woman wasn’t strange to me at all but this was an unusual type of situation. Seeing me hesitate she took my hands and pulled me up, “come on don’t be shy, I’ve seen a naked man before.” I stood up and my cock was semi stiff and she smiled as she looked at it, “just as I remember it to be” she said giggling, “and I know it gets bigger with some attention.” Without saying anything else she released my hands and put hers on my cock, massaging it as she did so. “Now undress me while I play with this,” she said giggling again. She was wearing a simple top and so I took hold of the hem and pulled it up over her head, moving her hands away from my cock as I pulled it over her head. As soon as her arms were free again her hands returned to my cock and continued massaging it between her fingers. She had on a small, under wired bra and I slipped my arms around her to release the catch. Once again I had to move her arms up to take the bra off. Her breasts were quite amazing, quite full and a good size but completely self-supporting, they stood out from her chest quite defiantly, with erect pink nipples on the end of each one. I couldn’t resist them and leaning over took one between my fingers and the other in my lips. I started to suck and squeeze them now, as Emma continued to play with my hard, hot cock. She was having a great effect on me and I didn’t want anything to happen prematurely so I released her nipples and stepping back slightly started to undo the waistband on her skirt. I was shaking a little as I undid the buttons, part of it to do with the overall situation and part of it because I was so desperate now to see her pussy exposed and check if it really was shaven. Her skirt was open now and I slid it down over her hips until it fell to the floor. My head was about waist height on her as her pussy came into view, what a glorious sight! It wasn’t completely shaven but it only had a small tuft of pubic hair just above the slit, the rest of it was as bare as a baby’s bottom. It was so smooth and firm, with a pair of wet, pink lips protruding from the front. “Do you like what you see?” I heard Emma ask. “Like it, wow it’s fantastic”, I replied, “I’ve not seen anything like it since I was at college.” She laughed and said that I was back ‘in college’ so to speak again so use it as you would have done then. I sank to my knees and taking hold of the cheeks of her firm, round bum pulled her towards me as my tongue flicked out and ran up and down the length of her wet slit. My head was buried into her midriff so that I could get my tongue inside as far as it would reach. “This is no good” I heard her saying, “I want some action too”! I knew exactly what action I needed as, by now, her pussy was becoming increasingly wet as my tongue pressed and probed, I could see a little trickle of white, creamy juice oozing out of her pussy lips and knew she was becoming increasingly excited.I stood up now and taking her in my arms started to kiss her deeply and passionately, letting her taste her own juices as our tongues played together. My hands were on her bottom, pulling her into me and my hard, stiff cock was pressing against her bare stomach. We kissed for several minutes until pulling away she said “bedroom”, and pulling me with her she moved across and opened the door I had noticed when I first walked in. Bedroom was rather an understatement, it was definitely a ‘Boudoir’. There was a large double bed with some loose silky looking covers on it, soft chintzy curtains at the windows, a couple of small lights were on and there was a sickly, ‘heady’ smell in the air. I hadn’t smelt it before but assumed it to be some sort on incense. At the side of the bed was a side table and on it were a variety of lotions and potions. There was also a small wooden box but I couldn’t see what was inside it as the lid wasn’t open. Emma pulled me to the bed and sitting down on it had her head at about the level of my cock. Without saying anything her hand went under my balls and her mouth closed over my purple cap. She has definitely done this before I remember thinking, as her mouth moved up and down the shaft of my cock and her fingers massaged my balls. Once again I was in danger of ‘premature ejaculation’ and not wanting this experience to be only a ‘blow job’, I eased myself backwards and gently pushed her down on to the bed with her shoulders.She lay there, looking up at me and smiling she said “are we going to fuck now? I so much want that big cock filling my pussy.” I smiled back at her and said “that’s what I want more than anything.” “So, what’re you waiting for then”? she asked. “get on here and fuck me long and hard.” I didn’t need any more asking and kneeling on the side of the bed I shuffled her over. As I did so, her legs opened and the wet, glistening lips of her pussy came apart ready for my attention. I leant over and kissed them before moving in between her legs, my hard, hot cock on her stomach. “It’s no good there,” she teased, “I want it lower down”. I didn’t answer but merely leaned over and kissed her full on the lips as I manoeuvred myself further down the bed until my cock was between her legs and just brushing the wet lips of her pussy. Reaching down I guided it to the entrance of the heavenly hole and started to press it into her. Although she was very wet she was quite tight and I was a little surprised at just how tight she was, compared to my own wife’s pussy. I heard her moaning now as I continued to push it into her, going deeper and deeper with every thrust. Leaning back slightly I got my legs under her thighs to raise her upwards slightly so that I could get even better penetration. I was still only two thirds of the way in and it was getting harder and harder to push into her.Each time I thrust into her she squealed and squirmed as my cock was forcing its way deeper inside. I really wanted to fuck her hard but was a bit concerned that I may hurt her. She seemed to sense what I was thinking and between gasps and moans she said to me “don’t hold back give me all of it, I want to feel it deep inside me, fill me till you can’t fill any more.” I still wasn’t sure but she screamed “for goodness sake just fuck me, fuck me, just fucking screw me as hard as you can, I need fucking!”It sounded quite strange to hear her saying these things but I wasn’t going to hesitate any longer, the lady wanted it, I had it and she was going to get it. Lifting her legs up I put her ankles on my shoulders forced her pelvis upwards towards me and pushed her pussy as wide as it would go. I also slipped a pillow under her bum. There was going to be no stopping me now, I drove my cock into her as hard as I could, in and out, going ever deeper each time until my pelvic bone was grinding against her clitoris. Now I started to thrust against her, pulling out until I almost exited her lips and then driving back inside again as hard as I could. I had always had reasonable control of my ejaculation when having sex and kept up this thrusting for several minutes until I felt her stiffening beneath me, her back lifting almost entirely off the bed. Sensing she was close to her climax, I tried to go even faster and harder until with a load scream she shouted “YESSSSSSSS.” Keeping going I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and squeeze me really hard. This was the signal to my cock that she was ready to climax and with one really big thrust I pushed as far inside her as I could, just as my cock disgorged its contents of hot cum deep inside her. I’m not sure whether she came just before me or at the same time but we both achieved an incredible orgasm and it wasn’t long before I could feel the warm, wet juices running out over my balls and down her bum. I stayed there for several minutes holding her tight and then, withdrawing my cock, moved down the bed until my lips were over her pussy. It was still oozing cum and I hurriedly started to lick it up, squeezing my tongue down around her bum to get at that which had run down there.I pulled her knees up a bit so that I could reach all the cum I could see, some of it was already soaking into the covers but I managed to get quite a mouthful. She lay quite still now and let me lick her clean, all round her pussy, her tight bum hole and the tops of her thighs. As I was doing this a thought entered my head that she hadn’t made any move as my tongue moved around that area and I wondered if I could get really naughty. I had always wanted to see what it was like to push my tongue up a lady’s bum hole, but my wife would just not allow it at all and no other woman I had been with would let me up there either. Getting no reaction from Emma as I probed around that area I decided to give it a try. Moving her legs a little further up the bed I let my tongue wander down over her wet thighs and than back up to her bum. As I got to the tight little hole I paused and flicked my tongue all around it, still no reaction from Emma, “here goes”, I thought as I pressed my tongue against the tight hole. Everything was very wet around there and it pushed inside quite easily. Emma didn’t say anything but I felt her stiffen a little as I first entered her. Pushing harder I had my tongue all the way inside her now and it felt incredible, so tight. I pulled it out and pushed it in again, in and out I went and still nothing from Emma, she just laid there with her knees up and let my tongue fuck her bum.It was becoming less tight now and I figured that her muscles rus escort aksaray were relaxing as they became used to my attention. Now I was ‘on a roll’ so to speak and decided to push my luck a little further and see I she would let me put my fingers up her bum. Once again her sixth sense prevailed and before I could do it I heard her say “do you want to fuck my bum too?” I was flabbergasted by this question, did I want to fuck her bum? The thought of it certainly excited me and I was already starting to stiffen again at the thought of my cock up her tight little bum hole. “Could I fuck her up the bum”? I asked myself. “Well”, I heard her say, “do you want me to turn over so that you can fuck my bum?” It was an offer I just couldn’t refuse and I somehow mumbled something to the effect that it would be great if she could. Moving out from between her legs I let her roll over, her firm rounded bum now facing upwards. She then pulled up her legs until she was kneeling on the bed, her tight bum hole facing me. Once again I leant over and started to lick around it, pushing my tongue inside again until it was all wet and relaxed. At this point I decided to use my fingers first, as my cock was now really hard again and I genuinely didn’t want to hurt her. I was so glad I’d taken that tablet, it really was making sure I could harden again so soon.I licked my middle finger to make it nice and wet and slowly pushed it up her bum, wriggling it around as it pushed inside. I had no idea what to do now but continued to push it in and out, adding a second figure as the muscles became even more relaxed. She was moaning again now as my fingers worked on her bum and I knew I really wanted to fuck her up there. Pulling myself onto my knees I placed the hot, hard head of my cock against her bum hole. I could see it was partly open but not very much and wondered if I should continue. Once again she beat me to it “you won’t be the first up there and probably won’t be the last, so get cracking, stick that big cock in and let me see what it feels like.” “Can you take a cock my size up there?” I asked her.”I don’t know”, she answered, “I hadn’t had one that big up my pussy either before tonight but it felt fantastic so let’s see how it feels up my bum too.” I was so amazed at her attitude to sex, she was completely open and honest and I thought that if she was representative of current students, then girls had changed significantly since I was last at college. I had met many on the Internet who were quite forward and who I had enjoyed cyber sex with but this was for real and she was so open it was fantastic. My cock was really hard now and ready to go up her bum, after rubbing it over her still wet pussy lips to give it some lubrication I placed it against her partly open bum hole. I was just considering whether to push slowly or go for it when she pushed herself back into me and my cock entered her. “WOW, that’s so tight,” I thought. I am uncut and it was peeling the foreskin nearly off my cock as I pushed deeper inside. I pulled it out before it had gone too deep as it was hurting like hell. Before I pushed it in again I gave the hole a real licking to get it as wet as I could but then I heard Emma saying “there’s some KY jelly on the table if it’s too tight.” “Now why didn’t I think of that?” I thought to myself. I had seen various lotions and potions when I entered the room but they didn’t stick in my mind. Looking across I saw the white tube and reached out for it. Opening the top I smeared my cock liberally with the jelly and also pushed some into Emma’s bum hole. Putting it back on the table I positioned myself again with my cock against her bum hole. She didn’t push back this time but let me take control and I slowly forced my cock inside her. It was still very tight but at least it wasn’t nearly tearing my foreskin off and gradually it went all the way inside. Now I was confident that I could fuck her and started to push my cock in and out getting faster each time. At first she didn’t react much at all but as my cock stiffened up to its full girth I heard a muffled cry and she started to moan quite loudly. I wasn’t sure whether to keep going or to stop as I didn’t want to hurt her at all. I looked down at her smooth white skin and at her firm rounded bum and wondered how I had won the lottery! She was lovely and here I was fucking her bum. The thought excited me even more and I knew I couldn’t stop now as I thrust my cock hard up her bum. I kept going as my cock started to throb and Emma was moaning even louder, she had put her hand underneath her and was massaging my balls I as entered her. This was driving me wild and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. One thing I couldn’t control was my ejaculation when a woman was massaging my balls whilst making love. Interesting thought that, ‘making love’ up someone’s bum? I decided it was just pure lust and only sex, the love making was earlier. Now I couldn’t hold on any more as I felt the cum welling up in my balls, and with one last big thrust I shot it all up her bum. She gave a little squeal as I squirted into her and I kept going until my cock started to soften. Pulling it out there was very little coming out of her bum but the hole was now quite wide and I could see right inside. I don’t mind the taste of KY jelly so I decided I would lick her bum clean too and leaning over I pushed my tongue inside and licked her out. It was strange taste, there was my cum, some jelly and also a bit of pooh mixed in together. “Strangely exciting”, I thought as I finished her off.Once I had licked her clean I placed the tube of jelly back on the table and lay down beside her. She had her face into the pillow and I couldn’t tell what her reaction had been to my cock up her bum. I ran my fingers up and down her spine until she turned towards me, her eyes were puffy and I was sure she had been crying. I cradled her in my arms now and asked her what the matter was. “Did I hurt you?” I asked her.She didn’t reply at first but then said it was quite painful but so exciting too. She explained that the reason she was crying was that I would be leaving soon and she didn’t want me to go.What Emma didn’t know was that my wife was actually away at her mother’s. Her mother had had a fall and needed help around the house, my wife had gone down there for a couple of weeks to look after her and to give her sister a break. This meant I didn’t have to leave until it was time to go to work. I leant down and whispered in her ear, “Don’t you want me to stay tonight?” She looked me directly in the eyes and asked “can you really stay?” “Sure I can”, I replied, “but I do have a meeting at 10.00 a.m. tomorrow, but I can come back tomorrow evening if you want me to?”Her face was a picture, she smiled and kissed me full on the mouth, “that’s fantastic,” she said, “I’ll cook something for us tomorrow night and we can have a romantic dinner for two.” “Can you stay tomorrow night as well?” I explained about my wife and that I was ‘free’ for at least 10 days. She jumped up and grabbed me, “WOW”, she said, “just think how much fucking we can do in 10 days!” I laughed, “at this rate I won’t last 2 days let alone 10,” I told her. “Hey, you were the one going for more and fucking my bum not me, who’s really the sex mad one here then?” she asked with a giggle. I laughed at the comment and admitted that I just couldn’t resist it. I had wanted to fuck a woman there for years but had never had the opportunity before. “Oooh, I’m your first then?” she asked smiling. “Definitely,” I answered “but not the last.””But I thought you said your wife wouldn’t let you do it to her,” she said. “I did, but you will won’t you?” I replied. She laughed at that and said “of course I will, when shall we start? It was my turn to laugh now and I said I would need at least another half an hour. She just looked at me and said very quietly “do you mean we can fuck again in half an hour?” I said I thought so, I explained that I had brought some pills with me to maintain the erection and with them I am usually good for 3 or 4 times in a night. With the pills I can stay hard for 5-9 hours depending on how many I take! As I explained that to her I could see the glow on her face as she gave me that sultry, sexy look again. “So you have pills that can keep you hard for hours?” she asked. “Sure, at my age I need them to keep up with young ladies like you,” I said with a chuckle.I suddenly remembered the drinks she had poured some time earlier and volunteered to go and fetch them. She declined the invitation and said that we would both go and sit and drink them on the settee. When we sat down she reached forward and picked up the control for the TV from the table. “What’s on?” I asked, “I didn’t come here to watch TV.” “I know why you came here,” she said giggling “so just be patient.” The TV screen came to life and she reached for another control unit which she also pressed. The screen flickered for a moment and then it said DVD across the screen. I was very curious by now and wondered what was happening next. The screen cleared again and a film started to play, it was called ‘Jane’s little secret’. I didn’t need any hints as to what it was about as it soon started to explain that Jane was a young housewife and her life had become tedious and dull as her husband was away from home on business such a lot and she was looking for something to bring a bit of excitement into her life.If it hadn’t hit me before it certainly hit me now that Emma had really planned this evening very thoroughly. I wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t been able to make myself available for her. “Do you like sexy movies,” she asked? I had to admit that I didn’t have any at home as my wife considered them to be gross. “However, I do have some in my car and on my laptop for when I’m away” I said with a wink. “What do you think of them?” she asked. “I like to watch them and get horny and also watch them on the Internet” I told her ‘whenever I get the chance”. “I watch them sometimes when I am alone but not very often with anyone else,” she said. “My boyfriend and I used to watch some together but he preferred the really sick ones and I want more romance in mine so we weren’t very compatible.” “What do you mean by ‘sick ones’?” I asked her.”Oh you know the sado masochism and a****ls and stuff like that.” “Oh Yuk” I said, “that’s not my scene at all.””Mine neither” said Emma, “but it really turned him on so there was some benefit to it,” she said smiling. “At least it meant he was really big and ready when they had finished. Not as big as you though,” she said reaching between my legs and squeezing my now limp cock. “It’s not very big at the moment” I commented.”Wait until the film’s finished and let’s look again then,” she said giggling. We settled back and watched as Jane went after every man that came near the house. First of all there was the man who came to clean the pool, he fucked her on one of the sun loungers outside. Next came the garbage disposal man, she asked him to come inside and check a blockage, before lifting her skirt and asking if he had a rod to clear it, needless to say he soon found one. It continued in much the same vein as various male contractors visited the house to complete different tasks before Jane decided to be more adventurous and actually went looking for men. She set up meetings with men to check them out and during the conversation she always managed to include sexual undertones, some men reacted favourably and she had sex with them whilst others she discarded as unsuitable. Whilst we were watching the film we had another couple of drinks and towards the end Jane actually found an older man who reacted in just the way she had hoped. He was much older than her but she really fancied him as she felt he would have much more experience than the others she had met. A trap was set and he fell into it and they became lovers. They would make opportunities to meet and have sex in a variety of locations whenever they could. The similarities between Jane’s situation and Emma’s with me seemed very coincidental and I asked Emma where she got the original idea from for having sex with an older man. She didn’t hesitate in her answer, “from Jane of course” she said giggling. “I did sort of fancy you from the first time we met but, like most women, only looked at the age gap and not at the real issue. Jane taught me that age is no barrier and so I went for it and here we are. You don’t regret it do you?” she asked. I had to admit I didn’t regret it at all and holding my glass to the TV screen I said “cheers Jane” and we both laughed.I think this was Emma’s cue to start again as she was nestling in my arms on the settee but now her hand started to feel around in my groin where my cock was getting stiff after watching all the sex scenes on the DVD. “Is this for me?” Emma asked as she massaged my cock. I looked at my watch and it was already past 2.00 a.m. and wondered just how long this would continue, Emma didn’t have lectures the following day but I had a busy schedule. She noticed me glance at my watch and switching off the film said “you’re right, it’s late so let’s go fuck. I want you again now and I can see that you want me.” I couldn’t argue with that remark, as a combination of the sexy film and her attentions to my now erect cock had made it very clear what my intentions were. Turning towards me she kissed me long and hard, whilst still massaging my erect member and I responded by pulling her to me. I then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom where I laid her on the bed. She looked lovely, her smooth firm body with shaven pussy just inviting my attentions. I lay down beside her and started to kiss and caress her, starting on her lips but then moving around her neck, ears, breasts, stomach and on to her smooth wet pussy. I noticed how easily she became aroused and how quickly her pussy became wet and guessed that she was not unlike Jane on the film, in need of satisfaction. I was a lucky man and I certainly wasn’t going to miss any opportunity to fuck her that presented itself. I could see that this was going to become a beautiful experience and I intended to get as much out of it as I could while it lasted!! Needless to say we had another fuck before drifting off to sleep and the next 10 days were just blissful, but that’s another story …

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