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The massageMy only excuse is that I was really sore from a five day backpack in the Sierra and the ad sounded innocent enough. A massage was just what I needed and was offered at no cost so I called the number. It was a male voice that answered but even though I was a bit put off by the idea of a guy doing the massage my muscles convinced me to do it anyway and I gave him my address.As instructed I was freshly showered and in nothing but a bathrobe when he arrived. We chatted while he setup his table and I found my reservations dwindling. By the time I took off my robe and got onto the table I was completely comfortable with the situation.We continued to chat as he worked. He asked how my muscles got so tight and I told him about the backpack and how one of the young women on the trip had problems with her pack and how helping her made the hiking even harder for me. He asked if I at least had sex with her for my efforts but I told him about being too shy to even respond to her hints.Of course once the subject of sex arose the topic didn’t go away. I soon found myself admitting that I really hadn’t had much since my wife left (and not all that much for a couple of years before) and that I was quite frustrated and canlı kaçak iddaa how his hands were the first to touch my body in quite a while. He gave a small laugh as he said how he hoped I was enjoying his touch and I assured him I was.When he asked me to turn over I tried to say no. But he replied that he had seen hardons before and mine wouldn’t bother him. I didn’t respond immediately be he managed to convince me it was okay and I turned over revealing what the conversation had done to me. He just continued the massage without any reaction so I relaxed and let his hands do their work. From time to time he’d brush my cock a bit as he worked but it seemed innocent and I said nothing. Besides, it felt good.After a while he had me turn over again and began to work on my back and legs some more. Then he complained about getting massage oil on his clothes and asked if I was okay with him being nude. It seemed only fair and I let him go ahead and strip. Like I said, I was very innocent at the time.While he worked on my butt muscles he asked me questions about sex with my ex. He even asked if I had ever done anal sex with her. I told him we hadn’t done that. As he finished working on my butt he climbed güvenilir casino onto the table to work his way up my back with both hands. As he did more of my back I felt something hot brush my skin a few times. I may have been innocent but it didn’t take me long to figure out it was his cock and he was hard.What surprised me was finding myself wanting more of those touches. Just as I wished they came more often as he continued working. I had to wriggle around a bit to re-position my cock as it got harder and he must have taken that as a sign because soon felt it all the time. He worked down my back and I felt his cock drag along my crack.I hadn’t even wanted to have anal sex with my wife and now I had just felt a man’s hard cock on my ass. And, even more surprising, I had liked how it felt and was regretting how it hadn’t stayed long. Now he was back to massaging my ass and this time he was bolder. His fingers would brush my balls and then brush my hole. Both felt really good.When he started rubbing my hole with both thumbs he asked if it was okay with me. I told him it was new for me but felt really good and I’d love it for him to keep going. When the oil let one of his thumbs slip inside a bit I might güvenilir casino have even moaned quietly. I have to say I was a bit disappointed when his massaging hands started working their way up my back again. But he knew what he was doing and as he leaned forward his hard cock once again was in contact with my butt. This time was different though, instead of lying along the crack the head was pointing at my hole. The thumb felt nice but his cock felt hot and that heat spread into me as it touched. He rubbed the head around before centering it at the opening. Then there was a little bit of pressure and I felt some of his cock enter. He drew back and then slowly pushed forward again. Each time he went in more of this cock made it. I can’t even remember much about it because me head was spinning from the feelings. But he did eventually get himself all the way in and I remember both of us just lying still enjoy what was happening. Then he started thrusting and the world shrunk down to just my ass and his cock. I’m not sure when my orgasm happened or if it was just one long continues orgasm. When he finally gave one last deep thrust and I felt his cock pulse with cum I knew I would be wanting to do this again. We showered together afterwards and I touched his cock with my hands for the first time as I soaped him off. Soon he was packing up and leaving. But before he went out the door he promised to teach me about sucking cock next time we got together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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