The Mail Lady – Special Delivery

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I had retired to a country acreage following a career of nearly forty years in the financial industry. Even though my career had brought me enough wealth to live comfortably for several lifetimes, it also came with a price. There was the failed marriage and the strained relationship with my children, as the absent father, while I pursued my career goals. I thought I was working for them but realized too late for my marriage that it was really all about my wants. That’s when I decided enough was enough, retired, and left the rat race behind for a simpler pace in the country. Fortunately for me my kids are a forgiving lot. Their mother deserves all the credit for that. I’m pleased to say, with my change in lifestyle, our respective relationships have been as good as they’ve ever been.

My story begins with my mail carrier. Living on an acreage I’m also on a rural mail route. My mail carrier’s name is Kelley. She arrives on delivery days in a small red pick-up, usually in the late afternoon, to deliver the mail and any packages. If I’m working outside and I see her coming down the road I’ll meet her at my mailbox for some small talk and to say hello. Over time I feel we’ve learned quite a bit about one another. She knows my story and I know she’s a proud single mom with a son who is attending the military academy at West Point. She inherited a small farm from her folks and rents out the ground to a local farmer to work. Her job as a mail carrier is just an opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Kelley is a natural beauty and fit. Her workday garb isn’t your typical postal worker uniform because she’s a contractor for the postal service. She’s always in jeans and her tops vary with the weather. It might be a pullover in the cooler months or a form fitting t-shirt when the heat is on in the summer months. She wears little to no make-up that I can tell. Her auburn hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail under her seed corn cap. Green eyes and a bright smile stand out against her sun drenched skin. She’s a farm girl after all.

I started noticing Kelley arriving later in the day. During one of our chats I made mention of it. Were there more customers added to her route? She said no and explained that her route was timed at eight hours by the postal service. If she finished her route earlier than eight hours she was still paid for eight hours. If her deliveries took longer than eight hours, she was on her own time. Either way it was up to her to plan her delivery route. She wasn’t shy. She told me she enjoyed our occasional chats so much so that she changed her route so that I would always be her last delivery of the day. That way we could visit longer without any time constraints. I took that to be a sign of mutual interest. Well, at least on my part.

I didn’t want to appear to be too anxious but I began to purposely time my day, more often than not, to be around when the mail would be delivered.

On one particular day it was blistering hot. My doorbell rang. It was Kelley at the door with my mail and a package that couldn’t fit in my mailbox. She looked to be a bit overheated. She explained that the AC had gone out in her pickup about an hour ago. I invited her in out of the heat for a cool drink. She accepted.

I asked her what she would like to drink? She asked of a large glass of ice water. I fixed her a glass and handed it to her. She took a long drink then sex hikayeleri opened the glass door to my deck. She stepped onto the deck and poured the remaining contends in the glass across her chest and shoulders soaking her t-shirt. The wet fabric clung to her body leaving nothing to the imagination. Her nipples hardened with the change in temperature. All I could think of was what I would give to take one of them into my mouth at that moment. With a teasing grin Kelley thanked me for the water and said she had to get up the road. With the vision of Kelley in my mind, that night I stroked myself to the hardest cum I had had in some time.

We playfully continued our cat and mouse game over the following weeks with suggestive innuendos in our conversations.

After a full day of clearing brush on my property, I had just finished my shower when the doorbell rang. It was about the time Kelley would be making her deliveries. Deciding to go commando, I quickly slipped on a pair of gym shorts and stepped into my running shoes. I arrived at the door sans a t-shirt. It was Kelley.

While holding my mail and a package I could tell she was giving my physique the once over. By the glint in her eyes, I wanted to believe she liked what she saw. Her next move took me by surprise.

Kelley said hello and stepped forward to hand me my mail and package. The mail was a clean pass but she fumbled with the package. She dropped to one knee to recover the package. Her head brushed against my left thigh as she reached down. While not erect, my cock was thick and firm. I also have a tendency to hang to the left.

Going commando made the position of my member more pronounced. Kelley held the box in her left arm while placing her right hand on my hip for balance. I felt her nuzzle into my groin as she rose. I wasn’t sure if she felt the pulse of my manhood with her glancing touch but I felt the heat of her breath as she exhaled with her rise. We were only inches apart when she stood. She looked into my eyes. I wanted her to reach between my legs to feel what I desperately wanted to bury inside her. Instead she placed her hands on my shoulders and stood on her tiptoes with our lips as close as they could be without touching. She whispered, “Look for a special delivery tomorrow.” Lying in bed that night I couldn’t get Kelley out of my head. I lost count of the number of times I had cum while beating my meat in anticipation of the next day.

I had to run some errands in town and was gone for most of the day. By the time I had returned home Kelley had been there and left. What she left though, along with my mail, was a small box labeled Special Delivery.

I used my pocketknife to cut the packing tape to open the box. Inside was a sheet of paper and a pair of white lace panties.

The missive read: “Mike, I’m sending you some inspiration.

Last night I had to touch myself after seeing you yesterday afternoon. I’ll admit it wasn’t the first time with you in my thoughts. But having wanted your cock for so long and being so close… close enough to have taken you into my mouth – made this time different. Did you think it was an accident when I dropped your package?

When I got home I headed to the shower. I wanted you there with me. I wanted to feel your strong hands caressing my body as we soaped one another in the cascading warmth of the water. I let my hand linger between my sikiş hikayeleri legs. I wanted it to be your hand.

With that thought, I toweled off and headed to my bed stopping at my dresser to select the white lace panties you no doubt are holding in your hand at this moment. I put them on and slid into bed. I laid my head on the pillows, raised my knees, and opened my thighs. In my dream of dreams I was waiting on your tongue and lips at that moment between my legs but settled for my fingers sliding under the fabric of my panties to pleasure myself. It was your name that I called as I shuttered to my climax.”

I lifted her panties to my nostrils inhaling deeply. There was the unmistakable scent of her sex.

The next morning I awoke to the clatter of high winds on my house. Kelley’s cum soaked panties still wrapped around my cock. I rolled out of bed and looked out the window. It had already begun to snow. The predicted weather forecast called for high winds with a snow accumulation of at least six inches. Those can be dangerous conditions out on the country roads.

As the day progressed, it was apparent the roads would be drifting shut under the current weather conditions. For safety’s sake, I watched intently for Kelley’s arrival. It dawned on me, for all the time we had known one another; we had never traded cell phone numbers.

She was an hour late past her usual delivery time. Kelley had either abandoned her route or may have run into trouble on the road. I knew her small pickup only had rear-wheel drive. For my own peace of mind, I decided to venture out to check the roads in my four-wheel drive Jeep.

My Jeep was a drift-buster as I drove along the quarter sections. About three miles in I spotted Kelley’s pickup buried up to the axels in snow. Alarmed I didn’t see her!

After I pulled up I checked the truck cab. She wasn’t there. Leaving her vehicle under these weather conditions would not have been a good move. There were tracks leading to the rear of her vehicle. I didn’t have to go far. There was my girl trying to dig her truck out of the snowdrift with one of those collapsible Army-issued shovels. She hadn’t heard me pull up in the howling wind. I let her have at it for a bit before calling to her with a smile, “Need any help?” She looked up. First a bit stunned, then realizing it was me, she moved through the snow as quick as she could, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me as deeply as I’ve ever been kissed. When our lips parted we looked into one another’s eyes glad to be together. The weather was worsening. I told her we needed to head back to my place. We’d worry about her truck tomorrow.

It was good to get out of the weather. And it was time to get warm. I started a fire and draped a quilt around Kelley’s shoulders for warmth. I retreated to the kitchen to fix us each a cup of hot cocoa laced with a shot of peppermint schnapps to stir our blood.

When I returned to the hearth room, Kelley was no longer in the chair where I had left her but sitting on the floor, bundled in the quilt, resting against the base of the leather couch in front of the fire.

I sat down next to her, our shoulders side by side touching one another. I placed the cup of hot cocoa in her hands. We both sipped our drinks enjoying the combined warmth of the hot chocolate and schnapps. We sat silently listening to the crackle of the fire and erotik hikaye basking in the warm light. Her hand reached out. She said, “I have something for you.” She took my farthest hand and led it beneath the quilt.

She pressed my hand against her abdomen. I could feel her flesh. Kelley had removed all her clothes in my absence. She spread her thighs slightly and guided my hand lower until my hand rested on her mound. She lifted her face to mine. We kissed. Her fingers pressed mine into her inviting slit.

Kelley pressed her mound into my hand as my fingers probed for her clit. I found her button. I began to stir her passion with my fingers. Her tongue darted wildly in my mouth with each twist and turn of my hand.

I could feel her climax building as I quickened my pace. Her hips bucked against my arm. She braced her arms on either side of her body and held her breath before her release. On her release, she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling herself into my torso, clamping her thighs around my hand as she convulsed in waves of pleasure.

In the afterglow of her climax, Kelley pushed the quilt away, rolled onto her back and beckoned me to come to her. I began to remove my clothes. My manhood was thick and erect,

I knelt between her legs, suspending my body just above hers, with my weight supported on either side of her torso with my elbows. I lowered my body gently until the weighted head of my cock rested on her skin. I moved in a back and forth motion by arching my spine, edging the rim of my cock along the midline of her body from the divide between her legs to the globes of her breasts. With each upward movement I pressed firmly against her labia. Her clit was peaking through. I tried to maintain contact with the entire length of my shaft as I moved forward and back. Kelley would wriggle with pleasure when the rhythm of my touch was on point. With that, as I drew downward one more time, she raised her knees and pushed the head of my cock inside the velvety pocket between her legs. I held my position momentarily with my cock pulsing. I then plunged my member as deep inside her as I could go. She gasped and locked her legs around my waist to hold me inside her. She held me tight around my neck and moved he mouth to my ear. Softly she said, “I need you to fuck me as hard as you can…”

Our hips ground fiercely against one another. My balls slapped against her ass as my rod dove into her like a jackhammer. I felt Kelley release time and time again as we fucked nearing exhaustion. My balls tightened, I told Kelley I was about to cum. She told me she needed to see my release. “Cum on my mound,” she pleaded!

I held on as long as I could. I pulled my cock from her pussy and pressed it onto her mound. The first jet of cum coated the nipple of her right breast back to the top of her pubic mound. Each continuous pulse of cum flooded her stomach and drenched the neatly trimmed patch of her pubic triangle. With her mound coated, Kelley began rubbing my juice into the recesses of her cunt. Her eyes glazed with passion she asked me to finish inside her.

I mounted her again. Body to body, the cum from our previous romp stucking to our bodies. I climaxed a final time with my cock buried to the hilt inside Kelley. I could feel Kelley milking me with her inner muscles. We kissed and drifted off into a blissful sleep.

By morning the storm had subsided and we were able to eventually free Kelley’s truck from the snowdrift. By now it was evident to the both of us that we were destined to be soul mates. Nothing had to be said. From that day forward, I was hers’ and she was mine.

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