The Lost Bet

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Becky woke up and rolled over to look at the clock.

‘2:30 a.m. – where’s Jim? He should be done with his poker game by now.’

Becky’s live in boyfriend Jim played a weekly game of poker with his friends- usually at their apartment since they had a pretty nice poker table. Becky didn’t mind his weekly gathering as she knew it meant a lot to him to be able to connect with his friends, even if his friends were, for lack of a better term, extremely nerdy. There were four of them total with Jim, and they were all high school buddies.

As Becky sat up and yawned, pushing her slightly curly brown hair out of her face, she wondered what had changed in Jim over the years; based on his old friends who played poker with him he was clearly not the same man he used to be. Sure, he still geeked out from time to time, but he was nowhere near as weird as his pokermates, for which she was utterly grateful. Old Jim would not have nabbed someone like Becky.

Wondering if her boyfriend had lost too much money again and was freaking out in the living room Becky threw the sheets off her slender body and got out of bed. Not giving it a second thought she opened the bedroom door and walked into the living room without thinking about what she was wearing, or really, what she wasn’t wearing.

That all changed as she found herself standing at the edge of the living room with four guys still sitting at the poker table. At the sound of the door opening they all looked up at her … and immediately gawked.

Seeing their expressions Becky looked down to see that she was only wearing a practically see through loose white tank top and lacy bright blue panties. A small gasp escaped her lips as she could see her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her top.

Jim cleared his throat, his eyes roaming over his hot girlfriend’s form.

“Uh hey honey, what are you doing?”

Finding his three friends still ogling her practically exposed body, Becky quickly threw her arms across her fairly ample chest in an attempt to cover the girls.

“Oh my gosh, sorry. I didn’t think you would all be still playing so late!”

Tom, who was sitting across from Jim and was quite possibly the nerdiest of them all, spoke up, his eyes never leaving Becky. His voice cracked from being nervous.

“Well, we wouldn’t be if your boyfriend would stop losing for once. He’s ran out of money and yet he’s still trying to come up with things to bet with.”

Becky went to turn around and dash back inside the bedroom when a sudden feeling overcame her. She glanced over at the four men still openly staring at her, and she suddenly became slightly aroused from the attention she was getting.

‘You know, I am a pretty good catch here,’ she thought to herself as she stole another look at her fit body barely hidden behind her flimsy wardrobe. ‘I bet these geeks have never seen a real pair of boobs in their life, much less on a hottie like me. Maybe I can use this to my advantage.’

Slowly lowering her arms, Becky sauntered over the table as she decided to give the boys what they obviously wanted, her pussy beginning to moisten from excitement. Reaching Jim, she draped her arms over him and leaned over his shoulder, her flimsy tank top hanging low enough to nearly expose her breasts.

“Well,” she purred as she looked at the table of nerds who were eating up her every movement, “maybe I have something I can bet for him.”

The man on the left, whose name she always forgot, squeaked out, “Oh? And, and what would that be?”

Standing up tall Becky plucked at güvenilir bahis the middle of her top, the motion showing off more cleavage.

“My tank top here.”

Jim immediately sat up.

“Becky, what are you doing? You can’t … “

Becky cut him off, her hand trailing playfully across his chest.

“Oh Jim, relax. It’s only my shirt – besides, you’re not going to lose anyways,right?”

Jim looked around the table, and as he shifted in his seat Becky could tell he was becoming horny at the notion of her being shirtless in front of his friends as well.

“Uhm, sure, okay, if you really want to do this.”

Her panties now pretty moist from the thought of being topless Becky arched her back out as her she put her arms above her head in a fake stretch, pushing her unrestrained tits up against the flimsy fabric and throwing them in the guy’s faces.

“What do you say boys, does that work for you?”

The three nerds looked at each other in a way that told Becky it was as good as done, sly smiles creeping into all of their faces. Tom nodded at her.

“I think we all agree that is acceptable, yes.”

“Great! Let’s do this then!” a jubilant and very horny Becky said as she grabbed a chair and plopped down next to Jim.

“But I only put my …wager… On the table if he loses,okay?”

Tom was the dealer that hand so he dealt out all the cards. Sneaking a peek over Jim’s shoulder Becky could see her boyfriend had a horrible hand; which was just what she had hoped for. Reflectively without even realizing it she reached down and slowly rubbed her right nipple, feeling it harden more under her light touch as her arousal grew. The hand was played through, and what do you know, in the end Jim lost.

A horrified look crossed her boyfriend’s face when he realized what would happen, and Becky figured his uneasiness with the situation suddenly outweighed his horniness. She however, was more excited than ever. Before her boyfriend could object Becky abruptly stood up, her hands going the the bottom hem of her top.

“Well, fair is fair,” she claimed as she slowly pulled her tank top off and threw it on the table, her supple breasts spilling out and now completely exposed to the four men. She was quick to see all three of them shift in their seats to handle their growing erections, Tom actually using his hands to physically re-adjust himself.

Satisfied with their reactions a topless Becky sat back down with a thump, her boobs jiggling heavily from the motion.

“Alright, well that was that- next hand?”

Jim looked over at her dubiously.

“Next round?! You need to scamper off to bed, there is no next round!”

Becky smiled seductively, leaning over the poker table so her breasts dangled in front of the other three men.

“I still have an article of clothing on, so I think we have at least one more hand here.”

The other boys were quick to agree, and before Jim could object the next hand was dealt. Becky leaned back in her chair, placing her hands behind her head in order to maximize her exposed chest. As the next hand was dealt Becky had to resist the overwhelming urge to reach down and rub her yearning pussy. She could see Jim’s face reddening from embarrassment, yet she could also tell the whole arrangement definitely turned him on as well as he didn’t actually force her to go to the room. Once again Becky looked over at her boyfriend’s hand.

‘Oh crap, this time he actually has a good hand!’

But when it came time for Jim to bet, he did the unexpected.

“I fold.”

With türkçe bahis a large grin plastered on his face he turned to Becky, winking at her before his eyes glanced down to her lacey panties.

“Sorry babe.”

Becky knew he was definitely into it now since he could have easily won the hand and saved her from getting naked, so with a zest of lust she readily reached down to pull her panties off, the lacey fabric slipping off her legs and pooling at her feet. Bending over she picked up the soaked panties and dropped them in the middle of the poker table, the wet stain from her pussy juices clearly visible to everyone. Looking around the table she saw frustrated looks from all the men, as she was still sitting and therefore her pussy was still concealed from the other men – the only who could currently see it was Jim, who was definitely giving it an eyeful at the moment. Becky knew what she had to do next as she squirmed in her chair from the excitement.

‘Alright, I’ve got these horn dogs wrapped around my finger, lets use this to my advantage.’

Acting as if she would stand Becky raised herself just enough out of her seat to where her short cropped landing strip was just visible. Before completely exposing herself however she sat back down in her chair, her bare butt cheeks pressing up against the cold metal seat, causing a slight shiver to run through her body.

“So boys,” she said with a seductive smile as she looked at each of the three guests, ” I have another proposition for you. How about we give everything on this table to Jim … and replace it with me.”

The three men looked at each other nervously. Tom spoke up first.

“You got it.”

The nerd on the left looked like he was about to protest but before he got a word out Tom and the other man quickly pushed all the money on the table towards Jim. Standing up to get his winnings Becky saw the giant bulge in his pants.

Now the real fun begins, a super horny Becky thought to herself as she watched her boyfriend collect all the money she just won for him. When the table was cleared Becky promptly stood up, her wet pussy now visible to all. Crawling onto the table on all fours she did a circle around the poker table, making sure everyone got a nice view or both her pussy and ass. Satisfied, she sat laid out on the table on her back, her legs opening up towards Tom. Noticing they were all hunched over as their erections were bursting to get out, Becky motioned with her hands for them to stand.

“We’re all friends here, and I’m completely naked up here, so why don’t you boys join me and drop your pants?”

No one made a move at first, but then Tom jumped up and dropped his pants, slipping his boxer shorts off right after to expose his above average dick. Seeing it made Becky arch her back in a haze of lust, her hand slowly moving down towards her wet pussy lips.

“Nice Tom … Anyone else want to join in?”

The man on the left stood up but then quickly sat back down, but not before Becky noticed a large stain spreading across his crotch.

‘No wonder he didn’t want in,’ she thought as she promptly dismissed him from her thoughts, focusing on the still erect penises instead. Nerd
on the right eventually gave in, standing up and unzipping his pants to pull out a rather small dick.

‘Can’t win em all’, a still jubilant Becky decided as the sight of the two cocks made her even more horny. Now completely lost in a haze of lust her hand finally began to rub her yearning pussy, gently stroking it back and forth in front of the men.

“Oh güvenilir bahis siteleri my god that feels good, why don’t you boys join me.”

Continuing to rub herself Becky became louder and louder as her passion built up inside of her, her body squirming on the poker table in ecstasy. Suddenly she was taken aback as strong hands grabbed her from behind and spun her around on the poker table to put her face to face with her boyfriend.

‘Oh my god, Jim! I had nearly forgotten about him in my haze of lust!’

Clearly her boyfriend had not forgotten about her as she saw his raging erection fully free from his now dropped pants.

“Didn’t think I would just let you sit there and give my friends a show did you?”

Not able to tell if the remark was in anger or jealousy or not Becky didn’t have long to wait as Jim grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to edge of the table, right up to his crotch.

Taking the cue Becky wrapped her legs around her boyfriend, fully willing to do what he wanted to her.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me in front of your … oh god…friends!”

The last part didn’t escape her lips before Jim’s thick cock drove itself into her waiting pussy, her lips clinging to his large girth. Jim began to fuck her vigorously, the table rocking back and forth from their lovemaking. Laying back out on the table Becky squeezed her tits as she looked up at the two men behind her, her body continually slamming against the green felt of the table as her pussy was pummeled.

“Oh my god he’s fucking me so hard. Ahhhhh! Oh god!”

The exchange was too much for the guy on the right and he quickly snatched up a napkin as he blew his load into it, buckling over as he rode out his climax. Looking directly behind her Becky found Tom still furiously pumping away at his cock.

This one will need a little more help, she thought as another wave of lust washed over her, nearly causing her to cum right there.

Reaching out behind her she grabbed Tom’s hand that wasn’t going to town on his dick and led it to her right breast, having him massage her nipple. This gave Jim even more more excitement as his pumping intensified, bringing Becky to a whole new level of ecstasy.

“Oh fuck yes!” She screamed out as her right hand instantly went down to rub her clit, her fingers slipping in all her juices.

The grip on her tit intensified, but Becky saw Tom still pumping his cock.

I know what will work…

Casting a devious smile at her boyfriend who was busy fucking her Becky reached behind her and took hold of Tom’s cock. The nerd’s hand quickly dropped to the side as Becky stroked his impressive member. It only took three long pulls before Toms jizz came shooting out of his dick and all over her hand and arm.

That was too much for either Becky or Jim as they both yelled out in unison, nearly reaching their climaxes.

“Finish me Jim. Fuck me hard!”

Her boyfriend eagerly complied and Becky’s pussy throbbed from the pounding it got, causing her to yell out in bliss one last time as a climax rocked her body, causing her whole frame to writhe across the poker table. Jim moaned out just seconds after, his own warm load filling up Becky’s pulsing pussy, her lips wrapping tightly around his thick dick as to the two rounded out their climaxes together.

Becky laid spreadeagled on the table a few minutes longer, her body unable to move after the fucking she had just received. Finally she worked up the energy to roll off the table and head towards the bedroom. Before stepping inside she turned around to face the boys, fully exposing her glistening body one last time for their viewing pleasure.

“So boys,” she said innocently as she plucked a napkin off the kitchen counter to wipe Tom’s semen off her hand and arm, “same time next week?”

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