The Life of Sara Wincester – Movie Night

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Set in a ‘Free Use’ world. Sara just wants to watch her movie in peace, but her brother refuses to leave her alone. She decides to teach her younger brother some manners…. While also getting him off.

This story takes place shortly after the first “The Life of Sara Wincester/Big Sister Lends A Hand” story.

All characters are 18+


A man stands in a line of a boarding train, his bags packed as he makes his final steps towards the carriage. He checks his ticket three times, fidgeting nervously, unsure if this is the right decision. His fingers are shaking slightly with the weight of the luggage as the last few passengers ahead of him board the train. As his right foot places on the train, he pauses, as if hoping for a sign to tell him to run away.

Unbeknownst to the man, a woman stands behind the platform gates. Her face is hidden by a pair of sunglasses. She watches the passengers board, her eyes wide as she searches the crowd, hoping to spot the man she loves.

“No way…” Sara gasped, “Turn around…”

Laying on a soft linen sofa, Sara Wincester watched on with bated breath as the man stepped onto the train, her heart pounding against her chest. She wore a loose tank top and a mini skirt as she casually sprayed along the sofa, shoving popcorn in her mouth with increased agitation, the fingers of her free hand drummed anxiously against her legs as she watched on, praying the man would just turn around.

“Come on…” She whispered to herself, “She’s waiting for you.”

The woman looks crestfallen as she begins to give up. Tears form in the corner of her eyes as the last person boards the train. She stands, looking around the platform, wondering why she didn’t try harder.

“Ahh!” Sara cries out, wiping the tears that were forming in her eyes, “This show is way too emotional!”

‘Station of Lights’ was a three-year-old remake of a four-decade-old European romance film. It opened to a rather mild reception and was overall considered a ‘sub-par take of a classic film.’ This however didn’t stop Sara from getting emotionally invested in the film. At twenty years old, she was a complete sucker for cheesy romance films.

As the train whistle signalled the last call for boarding, the man took one last look out the window, onto the platform. His gaze lingered on a young woman who stood, watching the train, tears falling down her cheek.

“Yes…” Sara cheered under her breath, “Run to her, idiot! Look at how sad she is!”

He began making his way back towards the gate, the crowds of passengers threatening to keep him on, but he pushed through. Jumping off the train just as the doors locked behind him.

“Yes! Finally…” Sara cheered louder.

As the man reached the platform, he leapt over the gate and bolted toward the woman. No care for anything, leaving his bags on the train he called out to the woman tears streaming down his face as well. She welcomes him immediately with an open embrace. They both begin speaking to each other, both overwhelmed by each other’s appearance.

“Kiss her..” Sara begs, leaning forward in anticipation, “You can do it! You can-“

Her view of the TV was suddenly blocked by a man standing in front of her. A scowl set across Sara’s features as she glared at the boy standing above her.

“Hey!” She cried out, annoyed at the interruption. “Can you get out of the way? I’m trying to watch a movie here!”

The man, better known as Max, was Sara’s eighteen-year-old, little brother. He turned to briefly watch the events unfolding on the screen. He never saw the appeal in romance movies, especially crappy remakes of romance movies. Too much talking, too much crying, he had no interest in watching any of the film.

He turned back to his sister, who was trying to position herself to see past him, obviously irritated by Max’s sudden appearance.

“Just… move…” Sara whined as she waved her hand trying to shoo the boy.

Of all the times for him to interrupt, it had to be just at the emotional climax of the film. Moving her head around her brother, she was disappointed to see the two leads of the film walking off towards the sunset.

“Oh come on…” She whined even louder, throwing a sofa pillow at Max, “I missed the kiss! Thanks a lot..”

Sara huffed out an annoyed sigh, she knew there was still at least 20 minutes left in the film, but her enjoyment was severely stifled. She glared back up at her brother, who seemed to not even understand what he had done, he simply wanted to get her attention and now her got it.

“What do you even want, Max?” She groaned. Max stared back at her with an innocent grin on his face, he was truly happy to be in Sara’s presence, with not a trace of malicious intentions.

Max bahis şirketleri opened his mouth to explain himself but Sara cut him off, her question was rhetorical. She knew what her brother wanted, it was the same thing he always wanted.

“Oh wait, let me guess.” Sara continued with a sarcastic tone, “You want to shove your dick into me for like, the billionth time today…”

Max’s pants tightened slightly upon hearing her words. A growing budge in his pants pointed directly at Sara’s face.


Sara looked at the obvious erection, threatening to prod her in the face.

“Didn’t you ‘just’ fuck me on this very couch an hour ago?” She groaned, looking over at her underwear which lay in a pile on the other side of the room.

Recently yanked off her an hour ago when Max had originally come across her sister lazing on the couch. She only just sat down to pick out a movie when the boy barged into the living room and spread her legs apart in one swift movement. Max had been so eager and excited that he hadn’t even given his sister the chance to get comfortable. Instead choosing to go straight for the action. Sara held on to him with one arm while her other used the remote to browse the selection of movies.

She hadn’t even decided what movie to watch before Max came inside her. He held her in a tight hug as he climaxed, Sara wouldn’t admit it openly, but she enjoyed the tenderness her brother showed during the peak of his orgasms. It was at this moment she decided to watch a romance movie.

After a few silent seconds, Max climbed off of his sister and gave an affirmative nod before moving on, leaving Sara to deal with the sticky mess between her legs. A big part of the reason she didn’t mind all these little ‘interruptions’ was that they were usually over as quickly as they began. She wiped herself off with her own panties and threw them in the corner to deal with later.

“And made me suck you off in the shower before that?!” Sara continued chiding him, pointing towards the bathroom to emphasize her point.

Earlier in the day, after taking a shower of her own, Max had taken her by the hand to ask for her help in the bathroom. This was just an obvious ploy as he then proceeded to put her on her knees while he showered, his cock rubbed eagerly along her face as she gently sucked on Max’s balls. At first, Sara protested, not wanting to get wet again and wanting to have some control over their activities, but she eventually gave in when she realized it would be a whole lot less messy to get this over within the shower rather than when Max got out.

Her brother had begun to thrust his hips at a fast pace, his cock and balls kept rubbing into her face under the pretence of ‘washing’ her, Sara realized he wasn’t going to stop until he satisfied himself. The more he thrusts, the more forceful his cock would rub against her cheek. Wanting to get this over with as fast as possible, she welcomed her brother into her mouth and throat. Her tongue worked its magic as he pumped hard into her. The pressure was building in his crotch. After several minutes of being face fucked, he finally released all of his pent up sexual frustration onto her, spurting several loads down her throat. She left the shower early in the hopes that he would finally leave her alone for the rest of the day.

“And!” Sara complained, now more tired than annoyed, “Had me jerk you off on my ‘face’ even before that.”

Referencing this morning when Max intruded into her room while Sara was on a phone call. The impatient little brother couldn’t wait for her to even get off the phone, so Sara had generously offered to give him a quick handjob just so he could leave. This promptly turned into a very vocal mutual handjob/masturbation session where she briefly admitted that she rather enjoyed all of Max’s little ‘intrusions.’ Sara immediately regretted saying it aloud and returned to her dismissive demeanor soon after.

“Seriously?” She looked up at Max in disbelief, “Like, aren’t you tired enough already?”

Max just shrugged, unsure of what to say. A part of him felt bad when his sister chastised him about his behavior, but he had urges and she would still satisfy him regardless of how much she complained.

“What is it with you, teenagers!?” Sara questioned loudly, exasperated, “Even I wasn’t this horny when I was eighteen.”

Max shot back a dejected look, Sara seemed especially annoyed from him interrupting her movie. There had been numerous times over the past month where Max almost hit Sara’s limit with him. He had gotten good at recognizing the difference between Sara being annoyed at his perverse antics and generally being pissed at him and this was looking at becoming the latter.

“Sorry…” He mumbled, slouching his shoulders and turning to leave.

His dampened mood couldn’t help but make Sara feel a little guilty. She knew it made no sense, he was the nuisance who wouldn’t leave her alone. Still, she was a teenager barely a year ago and hormones had a tendency to run bahis firmaları amok at times.

In her mind, the blame for his behaviour was

mostly hers. Sara had allowed Max free reign to enjoy himself because she knew that she would have done the exact same thing if their places were swapped. When Sara first turned eighteen, she spent every waking second looking for people to fuck. Her parents indulged her at first, but they were busy with work and their own lives. So she could understand Max’s feelings, even if they did annoy the hell out of her.

Sara let out a long sigh, “Fine, whatever… Just let me finish this movie.”

Max turned around with the excitement of a dog being told it was time to go on a walk. He unbuckled and pulled his pants down with such speed that Sara was surprised he didn’t lose his balance. His dick jumped out of his pants. Sara watched with wide eyes as her brother stood there panting heavily.

“So, how do you want it this time?” Sara asked, She could already tell that she was going to regret this, but was determined to get it over with.

“Suck it,” Max said, simple and to the point, teenagers could act like cavemen at times. Max was already rubbing the tip of his cock along her lips, hoping to start straight away.

Sara glared back at him and refused to do anything until he calmed down. Max quickly got the message and took a step back. She might give in to his sad puppy-dog eyes at times, but she wasn’t going to just let him do whatever the hell he wanted.

“Start with a blowjob? Okay…” Sara continued cautiously, hoping to take control of the situation for once, “But you stand over here, by the side of the couch.”

She pointed to the edge of the sofa where her head was resting. Max sidestepped towards the position, allowing Sara a full view of the television again.

“I still want to be able to see the TV. And don’t you dare cum in my hair again, I don’t want another shower today.”

Sara relaxed on the sofa’s arm, using some pillows to support her upper body while her head and shoulders leaned off the side. She faced Max in a way that she could also continue watching her show, her brother’s cock waved in front of her. She was a little amazed at how persistent the boy could be.

“How are you still so hard?” She thought out loud as his cock brushed up along her nose. “Most other boys would be laid out after I’m done fucking them. But my own brother seems to be the only guy capable of coming back for seconds… and thirds… and four-“

Feeling another barrage of complaints coming on, Max decided to seize the opportunity and Sara’s open mouth by forcefully griping her hair and shoving his cock down her throat. Sara struggled for breath the entire way down. Luckily she was used to having a cock stuffed down her mouth so she quickly relaxed and let her brother just go at it. Still giving him a glare for his impatiences. Not really caring, Max thrust deep into her throat, making her choke and sputter as he fucked her.

“All right, all right.” Sara choked through a mouthful of cock, “You don’t have to shove it down my throat. I know what I’m doing.”

She pushed back against Max, slowing his thrusts to a stop and giving herself a chance to breathe. Once she regained control over her brother, she returned to place a slow, enveloping kiss that promptly turned into a gentle sucking. She slowly lapped at his cock as it bobbed with each of her slight movements. Sara smiled contently at herself as he began to calm down. She felt his hand running through her hair, no longer in a tight grip, but as a soft petting motion, she didn’t realise when that started but it felt nice. After two or so minutes of gentle sucking, his cock managed to slip out of her mouth, leaving a trail of saliva that trailed down her chin.

“You should be a little nicer to me.” Sara teased, looking up at her brother’s satisfied face. “You’re never going to get a girlfriend if you keep acting so rude and impatient with women.”

She returned to sucking, picking up the pace a bit, letting out a low moan of enjoyment. Her tongue danced around his tip as he jerked in anticipation. As she sucked him into her mouth, Sara could taste the salty semen that resided from earlier ejaculations in the day.

“I don’t need a girlfriend,” Max mumbled, trying not to moan as Sara’s hot tongue stroked across his sensitive skin.

His fingers twitched at his side. Sara took it as a compliment to her performance, and a challenge to get him to emote more.

“You have to ease women into it.” She continued, her hand reaching out to stroke the base of his cock.

“Be polite, ask if it’s okay to grab their hair first before fucking their throat.”

Sara almost hissed the last part as a remark towards Max’s forcefulness. Max was half listening, it was a lot harder to chastise someone while simultaneously sucking on their dick. Max waved off her comment with a light chuckle. In response to this, Sara slowed down, teasing his cock with even slower, little licks before backing kaçak bahis siteleri out entirely.

“Trust me, little bro, it’s the little things that’ll make them like you more.”

She held her comment in the air like a threat. Refusing to continue until Max acknowledged her words. He nodded his head frantically, wanting so badly for her to continue. Not exactly the answer Sara was hoping for, but enough.

“And when they like you more…” Sara teased again, her tongue stretching out as her face moved down.

Panting her lips on the base of his cock, she licked up all the way before ending it with an exaggerated groan.

“They’ll do more.” She giggled, the frustration on Max’s face was palpable. “Like licking ‘all’ the way to your balls.”

Her tongue returned to his tip, gently making its way down his shaft until she reached his balls. Placing a loving kiss on his sack, she smirked up at him with a mischievous gleam in her eye. Max’s breath was heavy as he looked down at her. The lustful look in his gaze made her giggle again, but she quickly muffled herself by returning to her licks.

“I know you like that. The way your sister licks and sucks on your balls…” She moaned, enticingly as she gently juggled her brother’s balls in her mouth.

Max let out a loving groan as his hand continued to play with her hair. Sara continued to tease him, keeping her lips close to his balls. With one of her hands supporting her weight against the armrest, the other one was wrapped around his cock, stroking the top of her head. She heard Max grunt loudly and tried to contain herself, but soon she couldn’t anymore. Letting out a loud moan of delight, Sara pressed her face in deeper, completely forgetting that she originally wanted to watch a movie at the same time.

“Isn’t this more fun than just trying to cum as fast as possible.” She chided sarcastically, her hand rubbing even faster along his dick.

Max let out a soft, low groan of affirmation, the effect of her teasing lulling him into a lustful daze.

“See, it’s better for everyone. Not ‘just’ another hole to cum in at least.”

Sara pushed herself back up and onto his cock, returning to suck even faster. Max watched as she did, unable to look away as his current angle gave him a good view down onto her perfect breasts which were bobbing wildly under the loose tank top she wore. He watched how those large, full tits moved up and down in sync with Sara’s pumping head, his free hand reached out to attempt to grope the nearest tit before noticing Sara’s glare again.

“I don’t think you realize how lucky you are to have a sister like me.” She snapped, covering her chest.

Max chuckled at the absurdity, his sister who was in the middle of throating his cock, was again attempting to lecture him about his behavior.

“You laugh now” Sara continued, “But one day I’ll move out. And you won’t have me to cum on for every hour of the day. Then what will you do?”

It was true, in a few short months Sara would turn twenty-one and while she had no plans to leave town or move countries, she did want to have her own place one day. Max didn’t want to think about that reality, in all likelihood, by the time Sara moved out Max would of, hopefully, gotten over his phase of fucking her every moment of the day but he didn’t think long-term.

“I’ll still have Mom” Max retorted, brushing some hair out of Sara’s face while she still bobbed on his cock.

The comment made her choke out a laugh.

“Mom’s too busy to fuck you like I’ve been doing each day.” Sara mocked, “Not that she’d even let you do half the stuff you do with me.”

There was an obvious note of pride in the way Sara said that. While their mother was a rather passive woman when it came to sex, she had her limits. Mom would happily take Max’s cock with a smile most time he asked, but unlike Sara, knew how to say no to the more intense things. She would happily accept a throat fucking in the morning when she was in the mood, but would just as easily dismiss the boy if she had things to do.

Max also preferred women in his age group as he never got into the whole ‘Mommy’ fetish some other boys do, much to their mother’s dismay. Mom’s apparent fetish for self-degradation was also becoming more and more of a turn off for him as the month went on. While he had made jokes about his sister being a slut, he avoided being excessively mean to people, so discovering his mother’s desire to be degraded was a bit of a disappointment for him.

“And you can’t expect a stranger to give up their time to become your personal ‘cum-bucket’ or whatever.” Sara went on, still making sure to jerk his cock while she spoke. “Obviously the best option is to find yourself a girlfriend… But again, no one is ever gonna want to stick around if you only think about yourself.”

She returned to sucking, leaving time for her words to really sink in. It wasn’t exactly hard for him to realize Sara’s point. Most of his friends, both male and female, were still underage, and months away from reaching adulthood and so he didn’t have anyone around his age to hang out and fuck with. While he wouldn’t consider himself socially lacking, he had yet to meet anyone outside his family who was willing to fuck him on a regular basis.

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