The Lickers Club

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The Lickers ClubI went to an all-girl school in Levenshulme not to far from home, I met my best friend Soo-Jin in the same year as me she is Korean and everyone called her Sue, I think us being both Asian we naturally became friends (I’m half Thai half Chinese), Sue now lives in America her family moved over their 3 years ago I was heartbroken, I had my first kiss (boy or girl) with Sue, I had my pussy fingered and licked for the first time by Sue and she had the same from me, We hung out all the time together (I will add a pic in my profile) even fingering each other in very boring history lessons.We often had sleep overs which always ended up with us at the very least cuddling each other naked our time in bed normally involved lots of kissing fingering and cuddles I don’t think either of us had a proper orgasm, little did we know this would change very soon.When we both reached 16 we moved up to year 12 (6th form) which we thought was awesome lots of free study time, we could wear normal clothes and even a little makeup.We both commented to each other how sexy some of the older girls looked especially in tight Jeans and most of the girls were a good six inches taller then us little Asians lol.We both settled into studying for our A levels and became closer and closer even sneaking kisses and hugs in school.About six weeks into year 12 something strange started to happen we both noticed several of the older girls taking an interest in us just asking how we liked year 12? if we were ok? Smiling at us and lots of flirting we both loved the attention.One day in the refectory whilst we were having coffee Kirsty one of the year 13 girls came over to our table and smiled at us running her hands through her long blonde hair and said “can I join you love birds I have something to discuss” intrigued we both spluttered “Yes please” Kirsty laughed a very sexy laugh that made her large tits bounce around in her blouse (we both noticed them).“I will come straight to the point “Kirsty said “we want you to join our club, it’s a fun club and we only invite special girls who we are sure like other girls, in a sexual way in case you hadn’t guessed”. Kirsty looked deep into my eyes and I melted, she smiled so sexily her green eyes flecked with gold sparkled and her pink tongue ran over her lips, she leaned back in her chair stretched, her breasts pushing out and her legs slightly widened, and she pushed her hips upwards.“What güvenilir bahis do you think girls” “fucking gorgeous” Sue said out loud then turned bright red and said “sorry sorry Kirsty I just meant…”, “Don’t worry” said Kirsty “you are both amazing and sexy that’s why we want to invite you, one question first, we know you are fond of each other but would you be jealous if either of you had sex with someone else, think of it broadening your horizons?”We looked at each other and nodded, “Only if its for fun and nothing serious” said Sue, “and we don’t want to be embarrassed either “I said, “I promise it will be fun and you will love it, shall I tell our leader you will attend the initiation ceremony” said Kirsty, we both nodded nervously if you can nod nervously.The next few days passed with both of us attracting glances, nods and smiles from several of the older girls none though from our year! We complied a list of girls we thought might be members which resulted in a lovely Sunday afternoon, both of us in bed naked and describing the sex we would have with each one on the list, it was great fun and ended with a lovely bit of scissoring Sue’s hot and soaking pussy rubbing mine hard we both ended up sore.A week or so later Kirsty came up to us both smiling and handed us a little envelope and turned on her heals waggled her gorgeous arse and flounced off, we ripped open the envelope and read the letter – “My little darlings Adi and Sue you are invited to the initiation ceremony which will allow you to become members of the “Lickers Club”, please go to the gym changing rooms 6:30pm Thursday wear a skirt, and no knickers, kisses Miss Head Licker” We both started giggling and laughing several girls gave us strange looks then Sue said, “Oh fuck I just peed in my knickers” this set me off laughing even more and I ran out of the room before I wet myself too.Thursday soon came, and we hardly spoke, both deep in thought wondering what was in store, we walked down to the gym holding hands and had a little snog and hug before pushing the doors open.8 girls were stood around chatting including Kirsty and they all turned around and smiled, then came over welcoming us with hugs and kisses so friendly I was bowled over, after 5 minutes or so the door opened, and Miss Barr the History teacher entered and said “Sorry I’m late kittens” the girls all went quiet and said in unison “Welcome Mistress”, “I see our new recruits have güvenilir bahis siteleri arrived I hope you all made then welcome”, “Yes Mistress” the girls all said, “very good kittens please all sit down”.Along the middle of the changing rooms where wooden benches each about 2 meters long covered with thick towels which I thought was strange, we all sat, and our eyes fixed on Miss Barr.Miss Barr was about 180cm (5’10”), I guess about 28 years old, very slim even skinny, short dark hair cut in a bob, high cheek bones and a small turned up nose (some girls at school called her Elf-Woman behind her back) she was wearing black kitten heeled shoes, a short black skirt (too short to wear in school) a very tight white top and obviously no bra as you could see the outline of her nipples, she looked amazing, totally different from her normal attire of long skirts and non-descript boring blouses.She stood in front of us and put her hands on her hips smiling at us almost smirking, “Welcome to the new members of our little Kindle” ( I had to look this up later as I was confused, it refers to a group of kittens) “Adi and Sue our first and hopefully not our last Asian kittens, I’m guessing you want to know all about our little group so here goes, “Anita please give a little demo for our new recruits”, “Yes Mistress” Anita said, Anita was a slightly plump black girl with dreadlocks and amazing skin, she had massive breasts, stood in front of Kirsty, who was sat on the bench, she unfastened her skirt, which dropped to the floor, no knickers like me, she stood on the bench her pussy exactly level with Kirsty’s face, Anita started to rub her pussy.“Adi and Sue stand behind Kirsty so you can see better” Miss Barr said, “Yes Mistress” we said automatically and stood directly behind Kirsty, I watched as Anita flicked and rubbed her clit millimetres from Kirsty’s lips she then pulled her cunt lips wide I gasped when I saw her pinkness I’d never seen inside a black girls pussy before, Kirsty slowly pushed 2 fingers deep inside her, Anita moaned, I could see Kirsty’s fingers getting wetter and wetter, Anita was pushing her hips forward fuckin her fingers, Kirsty pulled her fingers out with a squelching sound and licked them clean, I looked at Sue who was wide eyed and I knew she was getting wet like me, Kirsty started to lick the pinkness in front of her, slowly at first then grabbing Anita’s arse and pushing her tongue deep iddaa siteleri inside quicker and quicker, Anita rubbing her clit hard, Anita’s massive breasts heaving then she screamed “fuck fuck yes I’m fucking cumming fucking cumming, she started to shake.Miss Barr was holding her shoulders to stop Anita falling off the bench, then she screamed, and her juices shot out all over Kirsty’s face and hair who was licking and drinking it, I had heard about squirting but neither Sue or me had ever done it, now I knew why the towels were covering the benches, it seemed to go on for minutes but was only a few seconds, I was shocked and a little scared “do they want me to squirt” I thought.Miss Barr helped Anita down from the bench, then I noticed All the other girls had dropped their skirts to the ground and were all playing. Kirsty stood up smiling her skirt dropped to the ground and slowly licking her wet lips she took off her blouse which was unbuttoned, her nipple were rock hard and her tits and belly covered in juices, “Would it be ok if one of our new kittens cleaned me up please miss” Kirsty said, “yes, Adi can you please clean her up” said Miss Barr, Kirsty stood on the bench and bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, she tasted amazing and my hands automatically started to fondle her amazing tits, I started to pull on her nipples while her tongue ran over my teeth and she sucked on my tongue, she gentle pushed my head down and I knew what she wanted, I slowly ran my tongue over her neck, down onto her chest lapping up Anita’s amazing juices all the time.My tongue flicked all over her breasts and I sucked on the nipples really hard, no Idea why but Asians always like loads of nipple play and I was good at it, I heard Kirsty moan and she stroked my hair, slowly pushing my head further down, I licked her belly button which was full of juices, my head was then level with Kirsty’s hips, I could see her outer cunt lips all swollen her clit sticking out like a tiny cock and her long pussy lips dangling, I’d never see such long and fat lips, my face was burning with embarrassment.I put my hands on her amazing arse and pulled her cunt into my face, I greedily sucked, bit and chewed her clit then rammed 2 fingers deep inside her, she made an a****l noise like a growl and started to shake and cum, I sucked her long cunt lips right into my mouth and bit them gently, she seemed to cum even more, Kirsty nearly fell from the bench and some of the other girls help her sit down, “where the fuck did you learn to lick like that” she said, I looked at Sue sheepishly and smiled “we’ve been practicing I said” giggling uncontrollably.Part 2 when I get around to it lol

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