The Landlady – Part 2

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The Landlady – Part 2The arrival of the mystery package created some muffled conversations between Hannah, Clare and Peter. The girls were adamant that if it was a cane it was destined for Peter’s bottom only. They sat in the kitchen the next day while Suzie was out.“Of course, it is meant to keep you in order, Peter, boys get the cane and I’d like to see you take another dose” said Hannah only half joking.“Well girls do get it too and I can vouch for that. I was caned five times by my housemistress and four times by my aunt” Clare confirmed. “Peter, I expect you have been caned.”He nodded. “Oh, yes, got a few scorchers from Old Windbag our housemaster plus three visits to the HM!” Peter admitted.“Never had the cane, Hannah?” enquired Clare.Hannah bit her lip. “Well yes, actually got caned once for drinking in the dorm. Jolly well hurt. Got six strokes in front of my friends. Had to lower my pants. Not sure what was worse, the caning or them seeing my bare bottom even though nudity was common at boarding school.”Hannah did not admit that the memory still aroused her as she lay in bed some nights.“Do you really think Suzie would use corporal punishment on us? I mean, we are all 19” asked Peter.The girls looked at each other and smiled.“I am sure she will use it on you, Peter!” Clare said assertively.It was the next day and the three were again in the kitchen when Suzie called downstairs.“Peter! Peter! Up here, please.”The girls looked at him. “Sore bottom time!” said Clare but he just stuck his tongue out at her.Peter went upstairs and the girls scurried to the bottom of the staircase. Suzie called Peter to his bedroom off the landing. The girls could hear every word.“Now, Peter, you have, shall we say, soiled your sheets again” Suzie told him.Peter looked at the sheet his landlady was putting in the laundry basket.“Um, yes, Suzie. Sorry.”Suzie looked at this very attractive lad sternly. She thought he was a lovely boy and often admired his beauty from a distance. Once or twice in her own bed her fingers had explored her secret place while thinking about him.“Well I have taken measures to enable me to discipline you three when you are naughty and you are the first. Come to my bedroom.”Now Peter also fancied Suzie even though she was a mature woman and when she was out he had investigated her underwear drawer. In the bedroom Suzie faced him. The door was ajar.“Peter, I have acquired a cane, several canes in fact, and you are going to feel one of them. Lower your trousers and bend over the end of the bed.”Peter knew he had no option – in fact he was keen to partly expose himself to her even if it meant a caning – so he gingerly lowered his trousers and faced the bed. Suzie took a cane from the rail in the wardrobe. She was just a little nervous about going through with this but had plucked up courage and was going through with it.“Bend over, Peter, six of the best.”Downstairs the girls were straining to hear every word.“My word, she’s going to cane him!” said Hannah to Clare.The two girls listened intently. Meanwhile Peter bahis şirketleri had assumed the traditional position and Suzie pulled his underpants up tight so his cleavage was obvious. Her hand caressed his buttocks.“I have been wondering how to discipline you three for some time and now the new regime has started so prepare yourself” said Suzie flexing the cane then tapping it against the young lad’s bottom.Downstairs Hannah put her hand to her mouth. “Gosh, she really is going to cane him!”Both girls giggled.Swiish-whack!Peter grimaced as the cane licked his taught cheeks. Suzie was quite pleased that she’d made an impression the very first time.Swiish-whack!Peter sighed as the sting spread on his cheeks.Swiish-whack!Swiish-whack!Swiish-whack!“Oooo!” winced Peter recalling the last time he had been caned.Suzie took aim for the last stroke.Swiish-whack!“Aaah!” the lad whimpered.Peter stood and held his bottom. Suzie put the cane back on the rail.“I’m sorry about the bedsheets, Suzie” he said contritely as he faced her.Suzie hugged him and her hand patted his bottom. This made Peter become slightly aroused as he quite fancied her especially as her breasts pressed against him and her hand touched his sore bottom. Her hand brushed his front and felt his penis enlarging.“Peter, you are so naughty” she whispered as they hugged again.She whispered in his ear.“Now, Peter, go down and send the girls up here. I think you will find them at the bottom of the stairs.”Suzie glanced down at the modest bulge in Peter’s underpants as he bent to pull his trousers up. He went downstairs and found the girls where they had hastily retreated to the kitchen. As he entered, both noticed a bulge in his underpants.“Oh, Peter, she caned you! Poor boy!” said Clare standing and kissing him.Hannah stood and put her hand on his bottom as she also moved alongside and kissed him.“Well, girls, Suzie wants to see you upstairs now.”Hannah and Clare looked alarmed.“Will she cane us?”“Not sure, she put the cane away after caning me” he informed them.Simultaneously the girls smoothed their skirts over their bottoms as they both looked at the door. Clare led the way. Upstairs they found Suzie who was standing by the bed.“Now girls, as you will be aware a new regime is underway, one that is used in other student lodgings in the town.”“Yes, Suzie, we know Bethan, Joanna and Dorian receive corporal punishment and several others but we haven’t done anything naughty like Peter” said Clare.The two almost smirked thinking about Peter soiling his bedsheets.“But you eavesdropped at the bottom of the stairs. Some years ago I got a double detention for hesitating as I passed my headmistresses’ study as she was caning a girl and I counted myself lucky not to be in there after her.”Hannah and Clare knew what was coming.“So the pair of you are going to be…”The two held their breath.“…slippered.”The girls looked at each other.“Who is first?” asked Suzie picking up a slipper from the wardrobe.Clare volunteered.“Bend over the bed” said Suzie.Clare did this and bahis firmaları the landlady lifted her skirt to reveal her pale blue pants. The slipper was patted on her bottom. Hannah though she had a nice backside.Smaaaack!Clare rocked forward and as she resumed the desired position….Smaaaack!Hannah was impressed how Suzie slippered her friend.Smaaaack!Smaaaack!Smaaaack!Clare gasped loudly.Smaaaack!Clare’s cheeks rippled under the final heavy smack. She stood and pulled her knickers out of her cleavage and rubbed her bottom.Suzie indicated that Hannah should bend over. She faced the bed and bent over. Suzie lifted her skirt and Hannah’s white pants were on show.Smaaaack!“Crikey!Smaaaack!Smaaaack!“Aaah!”Smaaaack!Smaaaack!“Ouch!”Smaaaack!Suzie put the slipper down as Hannah stood and rubbed her bottom.“Have I made the new regime clear to you, girls?”They both nodded.As Suzie put the slipper in her wardrobe the girls saw the canes there. How long would it be before they felt the cane?The next day Bethan, Dorian, Joanna, Clare, Hannah and Peter were in Suzie’s sitting room while she was out.“So Suzie has finally slippered you two?” Bethan asked.“Yes she has and it jolly well hurt!” said Hannah “And poor old Peter got six of the best with one of her new canes!”“Wow, Peter!” said Joanna, so did Dorian this morning. Let’s see the marks both of you!”Dorian was a pretty fair haired lad but he stood and beckoned to Peter. They turned their backs to the girls and lowered their trousers and underpants. They bent over. Hannah, Clare, Bethan and Joanna all moved forward eagerly to inspect the marks. Peter’s bottom had that ’24 hours after’ look’ but Dorian’s pale cheeks were sore and red. The girls fondled the boy’s bottoms and touched the marks then they dressed again. Hannah really liked seeing Dorian’s bottom and his penis and large balls.“So Hannah and Clare, what about your marks?” asked Dorian.“Shall we?”They stood and both lifted their skirts and pulled their knickers down. The boys and Bethan and Joanna moved closer to study the remaining marks but the boys also eased their cheeks apart to see their pussies.“Very nice!” declared Dorian giving Hannah a playful spank.They sat down. Dorian spoke.“So Bethan and Joanna, after Brian caned me this morning and I was sent to post some letters, did Helen by any chance having anything to say about our misdemeanours last night, girls?”They all looked at the pretty Joanna and Bethan.Bethan spoke first. “Yes, you are right, we both got caned. Come on Jo, let’s show them!”Bethan was not a shy girl but Jo was just a little shy. Bethan removed her skirt and pulled her pants right down. The others all saw her golden bush and then she bent over giving a nice view of her hirsute pussy. She had six angry weals on her bottom and some older marks from another recent caning. Behan did not mind being caned and it was small price to pay in her view for being a tomboy. Jo looked at her friend as well as she fumbled with her slacks. If Bethan had six weals like that then hers must be much the same.“Come kaçak bahis siteleri on Jo!” urged Dorian.Jo lowered her slacks then bent forward slightly and eased her knickers down slightly. Bethan giggled and tugged them lower and held her down. Jo’s bottom had six beauties right across both cheeks and a neat cluster of golden pubic hairs were peeking between her lower cheeks. The others gasped at the sight. Bethan caressed her friend’s bare bottom and as she did so the others saw Jo’s pink anus. As she stood Peter got a nice view of her large golden bushy trainable before it slipped inside her knickers again.Just then the sound of the front door opening was heard and they tidied themselves and sat down. Suzie put her head round the door.“Oh, hello, Dorian, Jo and Bethan, I hear you all got caned this morning after last night’s shenanigans! I expect Peter told you he had a taste of cane last night and the girls had the slipper.”They all went quite as Suzie left the room. The she came back in.“Oh, I am away from this afternoon for a couple of days so you’ll have to fend for yourselves.”“That’s ok, Suzie” said Clare.After lunch Suzie left with her small suitcase and headed for the station. Clare also left to stay with a friend overnight. About 7pm Dorian and Bethan knocked on the door. Hannah greeted them.They came in and Peter met them. He was pleased to see Bethan.“Are we staying here or going upstairs?” he asked.“Well, let’s see Suzie’s new weapons!” giggled Bethan.They all went up to Suzie’s room and Hannah opened the wardrobe. “There!” she said.Over the next few minutes they all examined the canes and slippers and Bethan told them what Brian and Helen had. She also told them about Suzie seeing her taking a caning.“Do you think that is what made her get this lot?” asked Hannah.“Possibly but several landladies round here have them” replied Dorian as he put his arm round Hannah.Hannah and Dorian went off to Hannah’s bedroom and then Bethan and Peter went to his room.Barely had the door of Peter’s room closed than they were kissing.“Oh, Peter, your bottom was well marked earlier.”“And yours Bethan, what a beauty! And your pubic hair was lovely!”They kissed again. Minutes later both were naked and Bethan was lying on Peter’s bed as his lips kissed her from top to toe.Meanwhile, in Hannah’s room they were undressing.“Gosh, Hannah, you have a beautiful figure” whispered Dorian as Hannah’s naked body appeared. He was in his underpants with a huge erection. Hannah helped him undress and Dorian stood nude and erect. His youthful body was smooth and beautiful and his erection stood proudly from its bed of pubic hair.In the evening light the contours of Hannah’s body showed well. Her brown hair rested on her shoulders and her full breasts were superb. Her flat front and curved hips and slim legs were lovely thought Dorian – and that neat cluster of curls was asking to be fondled.Hannah examined his bottom again and kissed it all over. Then she stood and hugged him and they kissed.“So will Suzie cane you and Clare or just Peter?” he asked softly.“Hannah grinned. “Depends how naughty I am!”She kissed his lips then his chest and navel. Dorian looked up at the ceiling as her lips closed round his erection and her tongue began to work on it.(To be continued)

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