The lady in the bus

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The lady in the busI live in an island. The best way to downtown is taking the bus. Nowadays you’d see most of people bending their neck to their smartphones. But it’s not the case for that lady. She is more like a book reader; a woman in her early 50s I thought the first time. It’s not the whole story, though. She used to have her book on her palms, rather up in the air, and have casual looks to men. Well, I’d better say young guys. Sounds like a cougar, huh? I thought so, too. The problem for her is that most of the guys were just looking to their smartphones. Everyone except me, of course.I was lucky enough to have some eye contacts with her every once in a while. And one time the bus was crowded enough so that sitting right beside her looked casual enough. Casual, just like the way she used to look at me. The book was in her hand for ten minutes and she was transfixed on the same page without turning the page. I felt bold enough to stretch my hand and put it on top of her seat, right behind her head. Few seconds later, she let out a deep breath that sounded like a moan. My station was close and I had to get off without having a plan for the next move.That night I was thinking about her. She was a bit shorter than me. Dark features like me. And sakarya escort you’d bet she takes good care of her body. I love the wrinkles around her eyes and lips. And when I was masterbating that night, I knew I want to have her under my body, giving her huge orgasms, and see pleasure in those eyes and hear her moans in my ears.The next couple of weeks I was not as lucky as before. Util one day I started doing jogging in the mornings. There’s a wonderful jogging route all around the island. You have woods on one side and the river on the other. And there she was, giving a walk to her dog. She was certainly surprised to see me. So was I. I thought it’s her plan every morning. So, I passed by, saying “Good morning” with a big smile. I knew I’m gonna see her again every morning. And probably some evenings.It didn’t take much time to get friendly enough for having a little chat with her before I continue jogging. And on Friday, I asked if she is interested in having a jogging with me on Saturday. Positive, with some flirt. My cock was in skies.Friday passed like crazy, and Saturday morning, after she gave her dog a walk, we were jogging around the island. Although she was at least 25 years older than me, she hand no problem in catching up adapazarı escort with my pace. I was thinking could she catch up with me in bed? Who knows?We stopped by the lake. Sat on a bench, flirting, watching the fish and the birds on the lake. Whenever someone was near us, we kept our voices low or stopped flirting. After a lot of laugh, we kept on going back to the residential part of the island. The pass was through the woods. No one was there, except for the birds, singing. I stretched my hand behind her waist and slightly held her closer as we were walking. No resistance from her side. I slightly moved my hand on the curve of her waist, and moved a bit lower to caress the upper part of her hips. It was then when she put her hand behind my back and whispered in my ear: “How about a dinner at my place tonight?” I smiled and replied: “Only if you don’t spend lots of time preparing the meal, Juana. I don’t want you to be tired after the dinner.” and gave a naughty smile. She laughed and said: “No one said anything about anything after the dinner, Armin.” I gave a wink and said: “Got it, only Netflix and chill.” She smiled.That evening it turned out she is a good cook. A bit of wine, and the idea of a dance was enough for our lips to sakarya escort bayan meet. How long it took for us to go to her bed and get undressed? I don’t know. Why didn’t we use a condom? I don’t know. How many orgasms I gave her before I unload myself inside of her? I don’t know. The only thing I understand is I was trying so hard to escape my skin and join her lovely body. My cock wanted to melt in the warmth and wetness of her pussy. And my soul wanted to dance with her moans of pleasure.When did we fall asleep? I don’t know. What time in the morning I woke up feeling her lips and tongue working my on cock to make it hard for another round? I don’t know. Did we made her neighbors to wake up? Maybe. She was loud enough when she got the second creampie. And in the morning on the kitchen table we forgot everything emotional and did it like b**sts. She wanted to have the warm flow of my cum in her pussy. And it was then that she asked me to call her names, slap her, dominate her body. What would you do if a woman double your age tell you: “I’m born to be your sex toy… I wanna be your cock’s bitch… Use your slutty mom… I’m a waist if I’m not fucked by you son… Cum in mommy… Return a favor to the pussy that gave birth to you…” And all of the time she was saying this, her eyes were closed. Do you think I was shock? No, cause my eyes where closed to, and I was replying to her with comments as dirty as hers until we both exploded.And it was just the beginning of our ongoing fun together.

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