The King of Bisnagara

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Note: This story is a fiction. All the characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

The king of Bisnagara has a liking for guys. In the medieval setup, on the rocky terrain of Gondhi there lies a separate harem for the exclusive use of the King. It houses the most beautiful men from the kingdom.

A few of them are gifts from the rulers of neighbouring kingdoms, Africa and Iran. The boys are talented exhibitionists, and the king loves them. The king takes them everywhere when he travels and spends more time with them than the Queen. The queen is just to produce an heir. The boys are for passion and pleasure.

Each boy has his own set of ornaments and a rank to decide privileges. The sexiest and the favourite boy has a butt-plug made of gold and studded with a huge diamond. Others wear butt-plugs made of silver and studded with emerald, ruby and other precious stones. No body wears clothes. They just cover (hardly) their penis with a loin cloth. More often their balls will be dangling out and the boys don’t give a fuck about it.

The bungalow that houses the harem has a pool and every evening the boys bathe there with sandalwood paste. They play naked in the water. They know they must save themselves for the king, but they are young and raging with testosterone. They touch each other and kiss passionately but they control their urge to have sex.

If they fuck, they are out of the game and they can’t serve the king. Ideally, they don’t fuck each other and if they do, they just go to a room and fuck each other’s brains out and loose the rewards from the king. But those who remain in the pool sport raging hard-on and are horny as fuck.

The king is a tall, dark, athletic handsome man with a trimmed moustache, slightly hairy chest and thick cock. When he visits his harem, he is mostly naked and hard with just a jewel around his waist and a cock ring. At dawn, the king arrives. The boys bend over around the pool and get on all four with their ass pouting. Their shining butt-plug complementing their bubble butt. Out of all the boys the king selects who is bedding with him that night. Sometimes just one. More often it’s 3-5. He just removes their butt-plug in one swift move. The boys moan with their gaping asshole, waiting to be drilled by the Ataşehir Escort imperial cock.

Today it is Vishnu, Naga, Malla and Farid. Vishnu is an innocent, slim and fair boy from the Himalayan kingdom. He is the definition of a Twink. Beautiful eyes, slender body and a gorgeous ass. Naga is a dark-skinned boy from the coastal region with curly hair. He is athletic built with a long and curvy cock. The naughtiest and the most seductive guy in the harem. He usually gets too much involved with other boys and is hardly part of the pool game, but today he wanted the king. Malla was a wrestler prince of the neighbouring kingdom which the king had conquered last year. He is built like a bull and when the king arrived with his army, Malla had challenged him to wrestle. The king defeated him and fucked him the same night. Malla surrendered himself completely to the king. He is the most dominant boy with a huge ass in the harem and ranks first among the boys, adorned with the diamond studded butt-plug. Farid is not a twink. He is a manly hunk from Persia. Blue eyes, dusky muscular body and cut cock. The king would go weak on his knees seeing this Persian hunk. The King had fucked him once, but he is too tight. Farid had seduced the king to suck him. The king never sucks. But this fucker had fucked the royal throat.

The boys move to the dressing room to get ready and put on the ornaments. It’s typically a cock ring and a G-string made of gold and a pearl chain around the waist.

The king moves to the hall having a soft bed. The bed is usually decorated with thin spread of mogra and champa flowers. A sandal wood incense is burning in the corner of the room. All four boys enter the room and come to the bed. The king pulls Vishnu to his lap and start kissing him passionately. Naga and Malla are sitting on the sides watching the king kiss Vishnu. Farid lights the chillum stuffed with Ganja. He took a drag and gave the chillum to the king. Farid exhaled the smoke to Naga’s mouth and start kissing him. The king took a deep drag of ganja from the chillum. The king fucks like a bull when he is high on ganja and the boys know it. Malla took the chillum now, he is already stroking is hard cock. He exhaled the smoke to Vishnu’s mouth. Vishnu coughed Kadıköy Escort a bit and leaned towards Malla’s cock pointing his ass towards the king. The king licked and kissed Vishnu’s ass for a while. Naga was sucking Farid’s cock already. Malla came forward to offer his chest to the king while getting sucked by Vishnu.

The king works out every day and has a high appetite for sex. He eats Malla’s nipples while mauling his muscular chest. Farid started fucking Naga like a nymphomaniac. He always liked Naga. When Naga starts sweating his body would release a musky odour which turned on Farid. Farid was addicted to Naga’s armpits and today he was getting his desire fulfilled. Naga bent forward to suck the King’s cock while being rammed by Farid. The Room is filled with moans. Vishnu got up and walked to the table, swaying his ass. He took a jar having honey, scooped some and started massaging his butt cheeks, pouring more to the hole. His ass was glistening in the lamp’s light.

Vishnu was standing, facing the wall and arching his ass with honey dribbling from the hole. The king got up from the bed gave a peck to Malla and went near Vishnu. Vishnu knew what’s going to happen now. He just held his hands against the wall and took support. The king started eating his ass, sucking those luscious globes of flesh dressed in honey to his satisfaction. The King entered him. Vishnu squealed in pleasure. The king started fucking him slow and steady while sucking his neck and playing with his earlobe. Vishnu was an angel. He was perfect and precious. He had to be treated well. Gentle strokes. Royal strokes. Moans everywhere.

Vishnu couldn’t hold long; it was too much for his prostate to handle. He cummed hard. Hands free. Once cummed he is out of the game. The king laughs and gives him a goodbye kiss while spanking his cute butt. The king leaned on the table, lighted the chillum and started watching the guys. All this while, Farid was fucking Naga from behind and Malla was thrusting his cock in Naga’s throat while kissing Farid.

Farid often fucks other boys so roughly, they won’t be able to walk properly for days. No one has pegged him. If the king is the alpha, he is the beta. Today he was no different. Naga was moaning like Bostancı Escort a nymph under him. Malla left him to enjoy Farid’s fucking and joined the king to smoke and watch them. Naga started stroking his cock and it was evident he was going to cum hard soon. Thick spurts of cum sprayed on the ground. Naga was exhausted. The king was impressed with the volume. He was rewarded Naga with a week of rest followed by a week of private time with boys of his liking.

Farid kissed Naga and started sniffing his pits. He did so until he was content. Naga was content. He now knew how to seduce Farid. Farid came near the king. They both started pressing Malla’s huge ass and kissing him alternatively. Malla now assumed Naga’s position, only difference was the King fucked him now while he sucked Farid’s huge cock. The king and the Persian took a deep drag from the chillum. High and hard as stone, they were fucking Malla like horny bulls. The Persian is kissing the king while banging the Malla’s throat and the king spanking Malla’s fat ass and ramming him.

The king is near to orgasm, so he bends down and bites Malla’s ass. That’s the signal for Malla to change position and start sucking. Malla is sucking the King’s cock while looking deep into his eyes. Farid was fucking him from behind. The king cummed. Globes of thick cum entered straight into Malla’s throat. He didn’t waste a drop. He swallowed. Malla had cummed too and he was exhausted. He was rewarded with 5 new boys. Malla was supposed to train them to the game. By fucking them and getting fucked by them.

The king and the Persian lay exhausted on the bed kissing. Farid had not cummed yet and he was rubbing his dick to the king’s torso. The king laughed and leaned towards Farid’s cock. Ready to devour the precum covered 8inch Persian dick. He is sucking roughly. Caressing his balls. Farid was enjoying it. Although the king is not used to sucking cocks, Farid knew what he wanted and he was guiding the king. The king started licking the bottom of his cock tip, that’s the most sensitive part of Farid’s cock. As the king continued his assault, Farid cummed. A few drops of cum landed on king’s moustache which he promptly scooped with his fingers and made Farid suck them. They both were exhausted now. The king called the servants to bring dinner.

Everyone knew Farid will sleep with the king and do the morning service (blowjob to the king).

He gets a special reward. A new dildo made of gold to loosen his asshole so that soon he will be ready to get fucked by his Royal Highness the Maharaja of Bisnagara.

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