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By Pink Panther

Another chapter for your enjoyment! All the usual disclaimers apply, as if you didn”t already know. Feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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July 1961

It was Saturday afternoon. At quarter to two, Alex collected Pennington from outside the Kings Head.

“Did you and Ingleby enjoy yourselves this morning?” he asked as they drove away.

“Oh! He wasn”t supposed to tell you about that!”

“I asked if you two were going to meet again and he told me he”d arranged to see you this morning. And no, I didn”t twist his arm! So how was it?”

“Very good, thank you sir.”

“Excellent! I”m pleased that you two like each other.”

“Yes, he”s really sexy.”

“I hope you”re going to be able to perform properly this afternoon.”

“Of course, sir! That was hours ago! It will be Holdsworth today, won”t it?”

“It certainly will. I think he”s as keen to see you as you are to see him. He thinks of it as part of his leaving present.”

“It”s a shame sir. I really like him.”

“Sorry, but that”s how it is. In September, Holdsworth will be starting at his public school, and as far as you”re concerned, that will be that.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael arrived at Beechwood Park and locked up his bike. He checked his watch. It was nearly half past two. He hoped that Lorenzo wouldn”t keep him waiting, but his main concern was that the lad wouldn”t show up at all. A couple of minutes later, his fears were allayed as he saw the fifteen-year old peddling towards him. He was dressed in a pair of snug-fitting khaki shorts that made him look sexier than ever. With Lorenzo”s bike properly secured, they headed into the park.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“You”ll see,” Michael told him, maintaining the air of mystery.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the den.

“Wow, I don”t think you could have found anywhere better,” Lorenzo opined. He paused for a moment. “How did you find this place?” he demanded. “I mean, you don”t live anywhere near here.”

Michael realised that he”d painted himself into a corner. The only way out was to tell the truth.

“The boy who remembered you from junior school,” he said quietly. “He showed me. He reckoned he found it about a year ago.”

“Couldn”t he suddenly turn up and catch us at it?”

“He won”t,” Michael said, looking Lorenzo right in the eye. “I happen to know that he has to be somewhere else this afternoon.”

Lorenzo saw the `Don”t ask silly questions” look and read it perfectly. He gave Michael a wry grin, recognising that it would be wise to let his boyfriend keep just a few secrets.

“So what are we going to do?”

“Whatever you want,” Michael responded, his fingers straying onto the bottom of Lorenzo”s tee-shirt. “How about we start by taking our tops off?”


With their tops removed, their lips joined in a delicate, sensuous kiss.

“Are we going to strip right off?” Lorenzo asked.

“We don”t usually; we just push our shorts and pants down. So if we did hear anyone getting a bit close, we”d be dressed before they could see anything.”

“Fair enough.”

Moments later, their shorts and briefs were around their ankles. They kissed again.

“You”re fantastic,” Lorenzo whispered. “I never dreamed I”d meet someone like you.”

Dropping onto his knees, he took Michael”s penis into his mouth, sucking it steadily, gradually working his way down till the head was touching the back of his throat. Michael basked in the delightful sensations, gently running his fingers through Lorenzo”s wiry black hair.

“You”d better stop now,” he warned. “I don”t want to cum yet.”

They swapped places. As he got to work on his boyfriend”s cock, Michael slipped his hand between Lorenzo”s thighs until his index finger located the boy”s rosebud.

“Mike,” Lorenzo asked. “Will you fuck me?”

“I”m not sure you”re ready for that. I don”t want to hurt you.”

“It”s okay; I”ve been practising, you know, sticking my finger up there.”

“My cock”s a lot bigger than your finger.”

“I know, but I want to feel you right inside me, like I was with you.”

“Okay then,” Michael said, retrieving the tube of K-Y from the pocket of his shorts. “Let”s see how we get on.”

Having coated his index finger, he inserted it into Lorenzo”s anus. It went in quite easily, up to the first knuckle. `It seems he really has been practising,” Michael reflected. Very carefully, he pushed it right in, grazing the lad”s prostate, Lorenzo”s penis twitching between his lips.

After lubricating his middle digit, he pushed that in too. Lorenzo winced a little, but made no protest. Michael began a gentle finger-fuck. Within seconds, his two digits were sliding smoothly in and out. So far, so good. He moved onto the corkscrew, twisting his fingers around as he pushed them in. After a little initial resistance, that too went smoothly. `This might just work,” Michael concluded.

Letting his boyfriend go, he got to his feet.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Lorenzo confirmed, giving Michael a nervous grin.

“There”ll be no turning back once I”ve got my cock inside you,” Michael said quietly. “Are you still sure?”


“Okay then,” Michael said, indicating the bank where Pennington invariably stood. “Bend over there.”

With Lorenzo in position, Michael knelt down behind. Prising his boyfriend”s bum-cheeks apart, he worked his tongue into the lad”s starfish.

“Oooooh!” Lorenzo groaned. “Ohhh, that feels incredible!”

Michael quickly smeared K-Y over his penis. Aware that he had reached this point far sooner than he”d expected, he got to his feet. Guiding his slicked-up prong onto Lorenzo”s rosebud, he pushed as hard as he could. The fifteen-year old”s sphincter muscle resisted for at least three seconds. Michael was on the point of giving up when it suddenly relented, allowing his cockhead to slip inside.

“Ohhhhh!” Lorenzo gasped, his anal ring trying instinctively to push the invader back out.

“Just relax,” Michael said soothingly. “Get used to me being there.” He held his position until, eventually, he felt the tension begin to ease. “Are you ready for some more?” he asked.

“I think so.”

Holding Lorenzo around the tops of his thighs, Michael pressed slowly forwards, his cock advancing steadily into his boyfriend”s virgin tunnel. He thrust over the lad”s prostate.

“Ohhh!” Lorenzo exploded, a burst of electricity making his penis twitch and tingle.

Almost immediately, Michael came to a halt, his firm, flat stomach pressed tight against Lorenzo”s bum. He paused, almost overwhelmed by the warmth and the velvety tightness.

“Ohhh!” he breathed. “You are so sexy! Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Lorenzo responded, sounding less than certain.

“Don”t worry,” Michael assured him. “It”ll feel really good soon.”

He took a deep breath. Now he had to deliver, to give the lad the best experience he could. He began quite slowly, easing well back before steadily thrusting back in again. After a while, Michael began to increase the pace, spurred on by his boyfriend”s quiet whimpers gradually turning to moans of pleasure. In front of him, Lorenzo hardly knew where he was, the wonderful sensations as Michael”s penis drove repeatedly over his sex-gland transporting him to a world he never knew existed.

“Does this feel good?” Michael demanded.

“Oh yes!” Lorenzo confirmed.

Reaching down, Michael took hold of the fifteen-year old”s throbbing penis, wanking and fucking him at the same time.

“Ohhhh!” Lorenzo groaned. “Oh! I”m going to cum!”

“Yes!” Michael growled. “Do it!”

Lorenzo”s penis swelled and pulsed in Michael”s fingers, the older boy”s spunk squirting into the bushes. The effect of having his boyfriend”s starfish going into spasm around his cock was to send him hurtling over the edge, rope after rope of teen cum spurting powerfully into the fifteen-year old”s rectum.

Releasing Lorenzo”s penis, Michael remained where he was for several seconds, trying to take in what he”d just done. This wasn”t any boy he”d just fucked. This was the boy he was meant to be with, the one who in less than two short weeks had come to mean more to him than anyone ever had, and he”d just taken the lad”s cherry. Could it get any more special than that? Very gently, he pulled out.

“Are you okay?” he asked nervously.

“Oh, I”m more than okay!” Lorenzo enthused, turning to face him. “That was incredible! I”ve never known anything like it!”

Putting his arms around his boyfriend”s shoulders, Michael drew him into a passionate post-fuck kiss, his head still spinning with the wonder of it all. A few minutes later, they were dressed and ready to go.

“When can I see you next?” Lorenzo asked.

“Come to mine after school on Monday.”

“So don”t you know what `he”s” doing tomorrow?” Lorenzo quipped, grinning mischievously.

“Unfortunately not,” Michael admitted.

“Okay,” Lorenzo said, giving Michael the most beautiful smile he”d ever seen. “I”ll see you then.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having spent the previous hour reprising what they”d done the last time the four of them met, Holdsworth and Pennington headed for Mr Smith”s bathroom.

“I”ve never known anyone who makes as much spunk as Mr White,” Holdsworth asserted, taking his place on the toilet, the man”s ejaculate rushing out of him. “I don”t know where it all comes from.”

“I know what you mean,” Pennington agreed. “I had a load of it up me on Wednesday afternoon.”

“So is that the last time you had sex?”

“No, actually I got fucked this morning.”

“Really, who was that? Whitney?”

“Oh no! He doesn”t want to know me anymore! Mr White”s met another first-year boy. His name”s Ingleby. He”s taller izmit escort bayan than me but a real bean-pole. He looks like he doesn”t eat. Very sexy though; nice cock too, almost as big as yours. Mr White told me about him on Wednesday. He said he”d be seeing Ingleby yesterday after school and asked if I”d like to join them. So I did. Ingleby fucked me. Apparently, he”d never done it before. Then he sucked me off while Mr White fucked him.”

“Sounds wonderful!”

“Yeah, it was. Afterwards, Ingleby asked if he could see me today, so we met this morning. We went to this hiding-place I found, out in the woods.”

“Hmmm! I thought your bum tasted a bit spunky.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No, actually I quite liked it!”

“So this will be the last time I see you?” Pennington asked, his voice betraying his disappointment.”

“Looks like it,” Holdsworth said quietly. “I might go to see Whitney during the holidays, but if you two have fallen out, that could be a bit awkward.”

“I won”t be around much during the holidays. We”re having two weeks staying in a hotel in Torquay, which will be totally boring. Then I”ll be going straight from there to stay with my cousin near Chichester.”

“Is that the one that, . . . you know?”

“Yeah! I can”t wait to see him again!”

“Yeah, I can imagine!” Holdsworth said, standing up and wiping his bottom.

“You know when you start public school, will you still be having sex?” Pennington asked.

“Oh yes,” Holdsworth said casually while washing his penis. “Mr Smith”s arranged it all for me.”

“He”s arranged it? Don”t you mind?”

“Not at all. Mr Smith”s looked after me since the day I started here. I”ve loved being one of his `special” boys. When I start at public school, I”ll have a very nice senior boy looking after me. He”ll make sure the other boys don”t try to take advantage.”

“So will he fuck you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And will you be fucking other boys?”

“Not straight away. I”ll be back at the bottom of the pile, so I”ll probably have to wait a while for that. We”ll have to see. I may have a nice dorm-mate who”ll let me fuck him.”

“You”ve got a hard-on!” Pennington asserted. “Do you want to fuck me again?”

“Not really, I”m still rather sensitive. You can suck me off if you want.”

“Come on then!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Sunday afternoon at Alex”s flat. Bradshaw and Arrowsmith had just enjoyed their final encounter. Once again, Bradshaw had proved how adaptable he was. While he loved fucking younger boys like Long, when with an older boy, he was quite happy to be on the receiving end.

As Bradshaw went to sit on the armchair with Mr Brown, Alex joined Arrowsmith on the bed.

“I understand you”ve been in trouble again,” he said quietly.

“Oh, you mean with Fairchild? Yes sir. I knew Mr Brown wouldn”t do anything I couldn”t deal with, so I thought it was worth the risk.”

“Would you have done that if I”d been your housemaster?”

“Definitely not, sir. For a start, I may not have needed to. I”d have waited till you were in a really good mood then asked you if I could. You might have said yes.”

“And if I hadn”t?”

“I”d have left it. For one thing, you”d have absolutely killed me. In any case, it would have felt like I was letting you down.”

“But you weren”t worried about letting down Mr Brown?”

“Why would I be? He”s never encouraged me to play the music I really want to play the way that you would have. All he does is complain about it.”

It was all very regrettable, Alex mused. Arrowsmith had enormous potential. Martin, aka Mr Brown, had failed to draw it out of him.

“So you know what happens now?” he asked.

“Yes sir; I”m going suck Bradshaw off while Mr Brown fucks him and you fuck me.”

“Precisely!” Alex said smiling. “And it looks like they”re almost ready for us.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At quarter past two, Michael arrived at his uncle”s apartment block. After locking up his bike, he made his way inside, climbed the stairs and rang his uncle”s doorbell. His heart was racing. He was going to tell Jack about meeting Lorenzo. He was not at all sure how his uncle would take it. Moments later, the door opened.

“Hi Uncle Jack!” Michael greeted.

“Come in!” Jack said, smiling. “Good to see you, as always.” They strolled through to the lounge, flopping down on the large comfortable sofa. “So how are things?” Jack enquired.

“Pretty good, thanks,” Michael said nervously.

“So why are you so tense?” Jack asked quietly, gently stroking Michael”s thigh. “Has something happened?”

“I”ve met someone,” Michael explained. “His name”s Lorenzo. I really like him and he really likes me.”

“Tell me more.”

“He”s a bit older than me, but he doesn”t look it. He”s half-Italian, brown eyes, black curly hair, really nice body. He”s very sexy!”

“And a good student, I hope?”

“Not exactly,” Michael admitted. “His life”s been a bit of a mess, to be honest.”

He followed up by summarising what Lorenzo had told him.

“That”s certainly not the type I”d have expected you to go for,” Jack said, looking concerned.

“It”s not what I expected either,” Michael countered. “It just happened.”

“Even so, it”s a hell of a lot for you to take on,” Jack said. “You”re not quite fourteen yet. From what you”ve told me, he”ll be hurting quite badly from all the shit he”s been through. That won”t go away overnight. He”ll have bad days when the frustrations start to come out. Are you sure you”re ready for that? And shaking off his reputation as one of the bad boys won”t be easy either.”

“I know,” Michael conceded. “But after everything he told me, I couldn”t just abandon him. I mean, what would that say about me?”

There was a long pause, Jack studying the boy intently.

“You are so like your mum,” he said finally, putting his arm around Michael”s shoulder. “She”d have done exactly the same. You”re a good lad. You are doing the right thing. But please be careful. I don”t want to see you getting hurt.”

“Thanks, Uncle Jack!” Michael said, smiling up at his uncle.

“So I guess you”re telling me that you and I aren”t going to having sex anymore?”

“Yes. I”m sorry, but that”s just how it has to be.”

“I understand. Obviously, I”m a little disappointed. I thought we might have another year, maybe. But you can”t predict these things. At one stage, I thought you might get serious about that lovely lad Chris, but you never did.”

“No, it just didn”t work out like that. Then he met Mark, and that was it.”

“Well, remember what I told you when we first started having sex. You could stop anytime you wanted. That stands. I also promised that after we”d finished having sex, I”d continue to help and support you for as long as you needed me to. I stand by that too.”

“Thanks, Uncle Jack!” Michael repeated. “You”re the best!”

“I hope you”re still going to come to see me.”

“Of course I will if you want me to. In any case, Mum would think it was a bit odd if I suddenly stopped coming here.”

“Yes, she probably would. Tell me, has Lorenzo been with any other boys?”

“Only one, his cousin Sandro when he was on holiday in Italy.”

Michael briefly recounted the story.

“That”s very unpleasant,” Jack responded, drawing Michael closer. “You can understand why he”s so screwed up. So if you don”t mind me asking, how far have you two gone?”

“All the way.”

“Really? You on him or him on you?”

“Both. About the third time we met, I asked him if he wanted to do me. He was a bit nervous, but we did it. It was wonderful! Then yesterday he asked me to do him. I hadn”t expected to do it so soon. I was going to leave it until I was sure he was ready, but he insisted he was, so I took his cherry. It was fantastic! He was a bit sore afterwards, but he loved it.”

“Yesterday? Where were you?”

“The den in the woods by Beechwood Park.”

“Weren”t you concerned that a certain young man might come along and disturb you?”

“No. I knew he had to be somewhere else.”

“Well, it seems you and Lorenzo have sorted out the sexual side of your relationship.”

“Yeah! I absolutely love being with him. He”s gentle and funny and so sexy!”

“Well, I guess that”s it then.”

“We”ve still got today, you know, our last time. I was hoping we could make it really special.”

“Well, that suits me,” Jack said quietly, “if you”re sure it”s what you want.” He moved his hand further up Michael”s thigh. “And that bulge in your shorts tells me it definitely is.”

They moved to Jack”s bedroom. After sensuously undressing each other they got onto the bed. They snuggled up, kissing passionately, as though determined to mark this as the watershed moment that it truly was.

“Uncle Jack,” Michael whispered. “I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you”ve done for me. It”s only since I met Lorenzo that I”ve realised how lucky I”ve been. You and Mum have been brilliant.”

“Thank you,” Jack said quietly, stroking Michael”s hair. “It”s been my pleasure. And remember it”s not over. I still love you as much as I always have, and I”ll be here for you for as long as you need me.”

“Thanks,” Michael croaked, so filled with emotion he could hardly get the word out.

Resting his head on Jack”s chest, he felt so safe, so protected, just as he had when he was small. He wondered if he should ask how his uncle would satisfy his need for sex with boys, but decided not to, reasoning that it was probably better if he didn”t know.

It was some minutes before he became aware of the back of Jack”s index finger gently stroking his prick. The sensation was exquisite, driving him almost delirious. Suddenly, he snapped, unable to stand it for a moment longer. Snaking around, he devoured Jack”s penis. He sucked it hungrily, burying his nose in his uncle”s pubic hair. Now it was Jack”s turn to be in ecstasy. Although he”d met a few boys over the years, not one of them had sucked his cock the way that Michael did.

“Ohhhh!” he exhaled. “Oh yesssss!”

izmit eve gelen escort “Come on, Uncle Jack,” Michael urged, kneeling over him, the teenager”s finger and thumb around the base of his glistening prong. “You know what I want!”


“I”ve brought this,” Michael announced, reaching down to retrieve the tube of K-Y from the pocket of his jeans, “I know we always use Vaseline, but this is better; it really is.”

In other circumstances, Jack would have questioned how Michael had learned of such a thing, but right at that moment he simply didn”t care. Lying back submissively, he allowed his thirteen-year old nephew to smear the slimy gel over his penis.

As Michael put the top back onto the tube, Jack got off the bed. Immediately, Michael got down onto all-fours, his head and shoulders down on the mattress, his feet hanging over the bottom of the bed.

“Come on!” he repeated, his voice tinged with even greater urgency. “Fuck me! Hard as you can!”

A moment later, Jack”s cock speared into him. Within seconds, his uncle was pounding his bum as though the world was about to end, giving it everything, holding nothing back. It was everything Michael had wanted, everything he could have asked for, the wildest fuck they”d had since, . . . well, whenever.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned. “Ohhhhh!!”

“Oooohh!” Jack rasped, his breathing harsh and irregular. “Lorenzo is a very lucky young man! Oh fuck! Here it cums!”

Instinctively, he buried his cock in Michael”s bottom. It jerked violently, three ropes of creamy spunk spurting powerfully into the teenager”s sex-tunnel. After pausing to recover his composure, he carefully withdrew.

Straightaway, Michael shuffled around until he was facing the opposite way. As expected, he found Jack kneeling at the foot of the bed, his mouth open, his tongue extended. Grinning, Michael got up onto his knees. Sliding his cock between his uncle”s lips, he began to fuck. He lasted no more than twenty seconds, jet after jet of teen cum squirting into the man”s mouth. After a few seconds, Jack released Michael”s penis.

“Mmmmmm!” he purred contentedly, licking his lips. “Why anyone who likes boys wouldn”t want a mouthful of that is beyond me.”

Sitting back on his heels, Michael grinned but didn”t respond. Mr Faulkner liked to make boys cum while he was fucking them, as did he. Uncle Jack preferred to suck the boy off afterwards. There wasn”t a right answer, was there? After visiting the bathroom, he pulled on his clothes.

“They always say you should end things on a high,” Jack said, placing his arm around his nephew”s shoulder. “Well, that”s definitely how it was for me.”

“Me too!” Michael confirmed, smiling up at his uncle. “That was unbelievable!”

“Just remember,” Jack reminded him. “We”ve turned a page, that”s all. I”m still here. And I meant what I said. Lorenzo”s a very lucky boy.”

“Yeah, well thanks for everything,” Michael answered, the smile refusing to go away. “I”ll see you next Sunday.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday afternoon. At five past four, Alex drove out of school for the short journey to the Kings Head. As expected, Ingleby was waiting for him.

“Good afternoon sir,” the lad said, settling into the front passenger seat. “I”ve put my football shorts on like you asked me to.”


“Sir,” Ingleby went on. “Are you having sex with Bradshaw?”

“What gave you that idea?” Alex temporised, trying hard not to show his discomfort.

“Well, I”ve been thinking about it, sir. Last Monday wasn”t the first class we had with you. You took us once before. We did long jump and shot. I was useless and you pretty well ignored me. But last week, I noticed you looking at me right from the start. It was like someone had tipped you off. I thought of Bradshaw. I know you teach him on his own and he was there when I did something I probably shouldn”t have.”

“And what was that?”

“I wanked off in the showers, sir. I”d told some of the boys in my form that I could cum. A couple of them said they didn”t believe me. They said if I could do it, I ought to show them. At first, I said I wouldn”t, but they said that the only reason I wouldn”t do it was either I couldn”t or I was too scared. So I agreed to do it. Bradshaw wasn”t meant to be there, just some of the boys in my form, but I was just about to start when he walked in on us. Well, Monk said he was okay, so I went ahead and did it.”

“You should never let people goad you like that,” Alex advised. “If you know you shouldn”t do it, don”t!”

“Yes sir, but it had to be Bradshaw who told you. None of the others would. And that”s why you were looking at me.”

Realising that he”d been caught, Alex bowed to the inevitable.

“You don”t miss much, do you?” he commented acidly. “You need to be careful. That sort of knowledge can get you into trouble. I hope you haven”t mentioned this to anyone else.”

“Oh no, sir! I wouldn”t do that!”

“Well, you”re quite correct. Over the past ten months, you could say that I”ve got to know Bradshaw rather well.”

“Yes sir, I understand. Do you fuck him, sir? I bet you do!”

“That, young man, is between him and me,” Alex said firmly. “I won”t be telling him what I get up to with you, and the same applies the other way round.”

“Yes, sir.”

“So how has your first year at Woodchurch gone?”

“Very well, thank you sir. In the summer exams, I finished third in my form. Next year I hope to be top.”


“Daddy says it”s very important for me to do well at school.”

There was something in the way the boy said it that raised Alex”s suspicions. Could it be `daddy” that had fucked the lad before school? It looked like a definite possibility. He could have raised the matter right then, but resisted the temptation, knowing that very shortly he”d have a better opportunity.

“So what does he do?” he queried.

“He teaches at the university.”

“Really? What”s his subject?”

“Classics, sir.”

“So has he been teaching you about the ancient Greeks?” Alex asked, smiling.

“Yes, sir,” Ingleby responded, a knowing grin on his face.

Although the boy hadn”t admitted to anything untoward, the implication was clear enough. Alex took a deep breath. Ingleby was starting to worry him. The lad was far too open, and seemed to know more than was good for him.

“You need to be careful who you say that to,” he said quietly.

“Oh yes, sir,” Ingleby acknowledged. “But you”re alright, aren”t you sir? I mean, you”re not going to say anything.”

Alex swallowed hard. The conversation had not gone as he”d thought it would. Not only had he been forced to admit that he was having sex with Bradshaw, the lad had pretty much told him that he was having sex with his father. It was not at all what he”d expected. Worse still, it seemed more than likely that Ingleby would have told his father about having sex with his games master. While nothing might come of it, Alex mused, it deprived him of control. That was the last thing he wanted.

But as he”d already fucked the lad twice, the damage was done. There was nothing to be gained from pulling back. The lad was there to have sex, and that was what he”d give him. Having parked the car, Alex led the way to the den. Wasting no time, he undid Ingleby”s grey school shorts, which fell around the boy”s ankles. Without waiting to be asked, Ingleby pulled up his shirt, exposing his crisp white football shorts which were tented obscenely. Kneeling down, Alex licked his lips, admiring the sight before him. Running his hand up the youngster”s slender thigh, he inserted his fingers into the leg of Ingleby”s shorts.

“You”re a very sexy boy,” he purred, reaching up to take hold of the lad”s throbbing penis.

After a few seconds, he withdrew his hand. Easing the elastic waistband away from the boy”s stomach, he quickly skinned the shorts down the youngster”s legs. Ingleby was puzzled. Mr Faulkner had seen him in his football shorts for no more than twenty seconds. Why had the man asked him to wear them if that was all he was going to do?

Leaning forwards, Alex devoured the boy”s cock, sucking it eagerly. Slipping his hand between Ingleby”s legs, his index finger quickly located the youngster”s rosebud. He pushed it in. It met little resistance, the lad”s tunnel seeming suspiciously well-lubricated.

“I see Daddy fucked you again this morning,” he challenged, releasing the lad”s penis.

“I never said it was Daddy,” Ingleby countered.

“You didn”t need to,” Alex said firmly. “But it was him, wasn”t it? He”s been teaching you about the ancient Greeks. We both know what that means.”

“Yes sir,” Ingleby conceded. “Daddy says that if we”d lived back then, we could have been quite open about what we do.”

“So how long has this been going on?” Alex demanded, thrusting his finger deeper into the lad”s bum-hole.”

“Nearly three years, sir.”

“So it started when you were nine?”

“Yes sir, but I was ten before I took Daddy”s cock. It was my special birthday present.”

“You mean he took your cherry?”

“Not exactly sir. A few weeks earlier, we visited one of Daddy”s friends. His boy Dominic was twelve. His cock was about the same size as Pennington”s is now. That was the first one I took. Afterwards, Daddy fucked him, so I”d know what to expect.”

“I see,” Alex said, hardly able to conceal how turned-on he was getting.

“A few days before my birthday we went to see another daddy. His son Gary was thirteen. His cock was quite a bit bigger than Dominic”s but not as big as Daddy”s. He fucked me too. Then on my birthday, Daddy did it.”

“I”m guessing that must have still hurt quite a bit.”

“Yes sir, but I soon got used to it. I like being Daddy”s boy.”

“I take it your mother doesn”t know what you get up to?”

“Oh, I haven”t seen Mummy since I was seven,” Ingleby said nonchalantly. “Daddy says she ran away with the milkman. So it”s just the two of us now.”

“Would I be right in thinking izmit otele gelen escort you”ve told your daddy about meeting me?” Alex queried.

“Oh, yes sir. He was very pleased that I”d found someone at school to give me a good seeing-to. He was even more pleased when I told him about Pennington.”

“Yes, I imagine he was.”

“We met him yesterday afternoon, sir. Daddy watched me fuck him. Then Daddy fucked him while I sucked him off. He loves having it up his bum, doesn”t he sir?”

“Oh yes!” Alex agreed, excited by the boy”s revelations. “Right! It”s time to give you what you came here for. Now turn around and bend over!”

Ingleby obediently positioned himself over the bank, just as he”d seen Pennington do. Moving in behind, Alex parted the twelve-year old”s bum-cheeks, his tongue lapping hungrily at the lad”s anus.

“Ooooh, sir!” Ingleby groaned.

Turned-on even more, Alex pushed right into the youngster”s rosebud, the taste of spunk quite unmistakeable. Taking the tube of K-Y from his pocket, he opened his trousers. Having lubricated his rampant prong, he stood up, his trousers and underpants falling to the floor as he did so.

Bending down, he pulled up the youngster”s football shorts, leaving them just below the boy”s waist. Before Ingleby realised what was happening, he inserted his prick into the leg of the lad”s shorts. Guiding it onto the twelve-year old”s boy-hole, he stuffed it in.

“This is what you want, isn”t it?”

“Oh yes, sir!”

“You”re a very sexy boy, Ingleby,” Alex growled “And sexy boys like you need a good hard fucking!”

He set to his task, pounding the lad remorselessly. It didn”t matter that Ingleby was used to being penetrated by his daddy, his daddy”s friends and the sons of his daddy”s friends; he was still beautifully tight. In front of him, Ingleby was alarmed, the tingling in his penis building rapidly.

“Oh sir!” he protested. “I”ll squirt in my shorts if you carry on like this!”

“Exactly!” Alex responded. “Why d”you think I asked you to wear them?”

“Oh! Oh sir!” Ingleby gasped. “I”m going to cum!”

The lad bucked violently, his tight little starfish spasming around his teacher”s cock, his boy-juice soaking the front of his shorts.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” Alex growled triumphantly. “You”ve spunked in your shorts! Now I”m going to fill your cute little bottom!”

Slamming in one last time, his cock jerked into life, rope after rope of creamy spunk spurting deep into the youngster”s rectum. After pausing to recover his composure, he gently pulled out, a large wet patch quickly developing at the back of Ingleby”s shorts.

“I wish I”d known you were going to do that, sir,” he said, standing up. “I”d have brought my underpants with me so I could have got changed.”

“Why don”t you just take those off?” Alex enquired.

“I would sir, but I”m worried I”ll leak into my school shorts.”

“Oh, I see,” Alex said casually. “Well, I guess you”d better leave them on then. I”m sure your daddy will be very excited when you tell him what we”ve been doing.”

They made their way back to the car.

“Sir,” Ingleby asked, retrieving his bag and his blazer. “Would it be okay if I went into the toilets so I could put my underpants on?”

“Go on!” Alex said, smiling indulgently.

A few minutes later, Ingleby returned.

“Sir,” he said quietly, putting his bag on the back seat. “There”s writing all over the walls in there. It”s all about sex!”

“That”s hardly a surprise,” Alex responded. “And don”t go getting any silly ideas!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At twenty past four, the doorbell rang. Michael trotted downstairs, opening he door to find Lorenzo there, dressed in the same snug-fitting shorts that he”d worn two days earlier.

“You look sexier than ever,” Michael whispered, ushering his friend inside.

Up in Michael”s room, they began to chat about this and that. They”d have sex soon enough; there was no need to rush.

“Your mum seems to think you can do no wrong,” Michael suggested.

“Yeah,” Lorenzo agreed. “Well, she did until a few weeks ago.”

“Really, what happened?”

“Fran and I told her we weren”t going to Italy this summer. She went mad! You can always tell when Mum”s angry because she starts talking Italian.”

“Do you speak Italian?”

“Oh yes. Fran and I grew up bilingual. I”m pretty good at languages when I put my mind to it.”

“I guess you didn”t want to go because of what happened last year,” Michael said. “What about Fran?”

“The same thing. Sandro was after girls, so he went after her. She was only twelve. She was scared out of her wits that he was going to make her have sex with him. I had to arrange it so she was either with me or with the other girls so he couldn”t get to her. He was really horrible, calling us names and that, but I didn”t care as long as he didn”t get what he wanted.

Of course, Mum asked us why we didn”t want to go so we told her. She said, `Oh no, Sandro is a nice boy and so good looking” We said, `Yes mum, he”s very good looking, but no he isn”t a nice boy at all. He just acts like that when there are adults around. When he”s left to himself, he”s a bully.” Fortunately, we”d already talked to Dad about it. We told him we”d stay behind and look after him so we wouldn”t have to get Mrs Potts in to do it. Well, he said we didn”t have to go if we didn”t want to. I think he prefers to have us looking after him. I don”t think he likes Mrs Potts much.”

“Oh, right!” Michael said absently. “So will you have to cook meals and that?”

“Yeah. It”s not a problem. I”ve been cooking since I was ten. At first, Mum didn”t want to teach me. She said `Boys don”t cook.” But I pointed out that all the world”s best chefs are men, and Dad said I could learn if I wanted to, so Mum taught me and Fran together.”

“Wow! I can do simple things like cheese on toast, but I couldn”t cook a proper meal.”

“It wasn”t just because of Sandro that I didn”t want to go back,” Lorenzo went on. “I don”t like it there. It”s so backward. It”s like stepping back a hundred years. The only good thing about it”s the food.”

“I didn”t know Italy was like that,” Michael queried.

“Oh, northern Italy”s superb,” Lorenzo explained. “I”ve been to Milan a couple of times; I could definitely live there. But Mum”s family comes from a village outside Naples. Everything”s really primitive. They scratch a living growing olives. I hate it!”

“Oh, I see,” Michael responded, rather taken aback by this latest turn of events. “So you”ll be here right through the holidays?”


“I”ll be in Wales for the first two weeks, on the South Pembrokeshire coast. Mum and Dad love it there. I”ll get bored. I won”t even have my bike, but as long as the weather”s okay, I can go out for walks and that. There are worse places.”

“I”ll miss you,” Lorenzo said, smiling.

“I”ll miss you too.”

“You never know; you might meet a really hot boy.”

“I won”t even be looking,” Michael said, looking directly into Lorenzo”s eyes. “Not now that I”ve found you.”

“You really are crazy,” Lorenzo whispered, gently stroking Michael”s cheek.

Without another word, clothes were pulled off and left scattered untidily on the floor. Snuggling up on the bed, they kissed passionately, their cocks grinding together. Quite spontaneously, they moved into a sixty-nine. Slipping his hand between Lorenzo”s thighs, Michael began to stroke his boyfriend”s perineum. To his surprise, Lorenzo followed suit, raising Michael”s level of arousal even further.

“Mike,” Lorenzo whispered. “Will you fuck me again?”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay then!”

With Lorenzo on all-fours, Michael knelt down behind, working his tongue into the fifteen-year old”s anus.

“Ooooh!” Lorenzo moaned. “That feels incredible!”

After a minute or so, Michael withdrew his tongue, replacing it with a well-lubed forefinger. He pushed it in steadily. Suddenly, he encountered his boyfriend”s prostate.

“Oh, fuck!” Lorenzo gasped, his penis twitching uncontrollably.

A second digit soon joined the first, the two of them corkscrewing around to stretch the lad”s anal ring. After a short time, Michael allowed both fingers to slide out.

“Okay,” he said. “Roll onto your back.”

Lorenzo quickly did as he was asked.

“So what now?” he queried, looking puzzled.

“Lift your legs up,” Michael instructed. “If you can, get your knees close to your shoulders.”

As Lorenzo moved into position, his starfish twitched invitingly. Shuffling in close, Michael licked his lips. This was what Lorenzo wanted, what they both wanted. Holding his cock around the base, he pushed it in. Lorenzo”s eyes widened, transfixed by the sight of the thirteen-year old”s prick slowly disappearing into his bum.

“Oh Jesus!” he breathed. “That”s unbelievable! Go on, Mike! Fuck me!”

“Just a moment; we”re not quite there yet,” Michael informed him, gently lowering himself between his boyfriend”s legs.

Lorenzo got the message in an instant, reaching up to draw Michael into another passionate kiss. A moment later, Michael was kissing and fucking as though his life depended on it, Lorenzo”s arms wrapped tightly around his back, the intensity right off the scale.

“Ohhhh!” Lorenzo groaned, his lower legs flailing. “I”m going to shoot!”

He shuddered violently, his starfish spasming around Michael”s thrusting cock. In the next instant, his penis swelled and pulsed, three jets of cum squirting over the boys” stomachs. Michael too had gone over the edge, several volleys of teen spunk spurting powerfully into Lorenzo”s bottom. For around twenty seconds, they remained as they were before gently disentangling themselves.

“Ohhh!” Lorenzo exhaled, his chest rising and falling. “That was the best ever! Nothing could feel better than that did.”

“It”s was pretty special for me too,” Michael whispered, flopping down next to him.

He looked across and smiled, his fingers interlocked with Lorenzo”s. This was his boyfriend, the one he was meant to be with. If there”d been any doubt before, there was none at all now. It was strange, he reflected. He hadn”t been looking for such a close relationship. But right out of the blue, Lorenzo had come into his life, and that had changed everything.

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