The HR Lady Katie

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The HR Lady KatieAt my work there is a lady in the HR department that is sexy as hell. She has chin length hair worn kind of loose. She wears stylish button up dress shirts with no under shirt covering her bra outline. Her breasts are quite large, probably a D, and I could only imagine that her nipples are somewhat large as well. She usually wears skirts about knee length, but typically has these sexy black boots on that go up to her knee. Her ass fills her skirt up easily, as it somewhat larger, but she is not fat. She is curvy. Her hair is dark brown, and her face is absolutely sexy. Blue eyes, and her cheek bones give her face a sexy look. She usually wears dark red lipstick, and her lips would look excellent around my cock…At least that’s what I thought about at work every time I saw her. We would occasionally exchange small conversation such as the weather or work related things, but our relationship was mainly me walking buy and imagining all of the kinky things I would do to her body. Now, I’m a pretty good looker. I’m 24, 6’1”, very toned body. I work out at least 4-5 times a week. My cock is a solid 8 inches, and pretty thick, almost 2 and a half inches in diameter. I have brown eyes, and short, dark hair. I have a constant 5 o’clock shadow going on which most lades find hot (reminds them of David Beckham or something…). But anyways, through all the times walking by I could always sense she was checking me out, trying to see my bulge.Anyways, one night we were both working late on some applications from a job fair.“Man doing these applications really kind of sucks,” I said, trying to make small talk.“Yea, I know what you mean. Some of them get pretty funny though,” Katie said back, glancing up at me and smiling.God damn I wanted to just pounce on her and bend her over this table we were sitting at.“Haha check this one out, they misspelled their name, marked it out, and spelled it right,” I said laughing. Katie leant over the table to look. Her shirt hung down slightly which gave me an amazing shot at her cleavage. She had a red bra on under her black shirt. The bra was a slight push-up, but not enough so she was falling out.“Haha, yea that is funny,” she said. Katie then looked up to meet my eyes that were staring straight at her full sized tits and smiled, while leaning back.She had caught me, but she didn’t say anything. She just went back to looking at the applications. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she angry? Was she aroused? What was going through her head?“I’ll be right back, I have to use the restroom,” she said while getting up. Once up, she adjusted her skirt and walked away.Her ass looked so hot as she walked away. It would slightly shift from side to side. Hopefully she wouldn’t be gone for too long, I was enjoying undressing her with my eyes while she worked. A few minutes later she returned. “I think it would be easier if we went through these ‘good’ applications together,” she said as she moved her chair around beside me.“Ok, that works,” I said, somewhat surprised. Maybe she didn’t want me looking down her shirt anymore? I wasn’t sure. As she sat down, I went for a glance down her top and noticed that the next button down on klasbahis yeni giriş her top was undone, showing quite a bit more cleavage. Goddamn they looked good.“What about this one, he looks like a hard worker,” Katie said while moving a piece of paper in front of me.“Hmm, let’s see here…”, I said as I started to feel Katie’s hand slide onto my leg. “He definitely has work experience.” Her hand moved on to my semi hard cock. She started to massage it and rub it down to my balls. I looked up at her and our eyes met.“I want to suck on your cock, it feels soo thick,” she said seductively. Slowly she scooted my chair out and began to undo my pants. She pulled my pants down and started to rub on my cock through my boxer briefs. “Goddamn that thing is thick. I have wanted this ever since I started.”“Well you better take it then,” I said as I pulled my boxer briefs off.She lowered down and started to lick the tip of my cock. Her tongue was so wet. It felt amazing having her twirl the tip of her tongue around my head and against hole on the tip. She then slid her mouth all the way around my girth. It filled her mouth well. She slowly got into the motion of sucking, while trying to run her tongue around on my shaft while doing it. She could get about 5 inched down before she started to gag.“Damn your mouth feels amazing. I always thought you looked like a cock sucking whore. Maybe you need a little help getting my dick all the way I your mouth.” I said as I slide my hands behind her head.Katie didn’t miss a beat. She just kept sucking while looking up at me with those really sexy eyes. On one of her motions down while sucking I pushed her head down a bit further. I could feel my cock slide past the small of her throat where she had been gagging. I held her there for a second while she was making gagging sounds and coughing, and then let her up.“Ahh! Yes! Show me how to suck that thick cock.” She said as she gasped for air. Her spit was running down her chin and is strung from my cock to her mouth.I pushed her head back down and she started to suck more vigorously. I reached down and began to unbutton her top as she took my cock. She was making slurping sounds and had her spit all over my cock and balls. Once her shirt was undone, I pulled it off. Her tits were exposed in her red bra. They looked amazing. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her tits. They were plump and firm, and quite a bit more than a handful. Suddenly she pulled up from my cock.“I want that thick fucking cock deep in my pussy,” She said as she pulled her skirt and panties off.Her hips were slightly wide, and she had a little hair patch above her slit. She moved onto the table and spread her legs. I moved forward and teased her hole with my head.“Ohh… Fuck me now, I want your thick cock inside of me!” she said intensely.With that I shoved my cock into her pussy. She was extremely wet. Her pussy walls were gripping my cock extra tight. It felt like she hadn’t had anything inside of her for a while. It was soo warm and tight. She took my whole cock inside of her too, all the way down to my balls. I began to thrust the entire length of my cock in and out of her. My balls klasbahis giriş would slap against her ass on each thrust.She reached back and undid her bra. As she let it away from her body, her tits fell out. Her nipples were pretty large, just as I had imagined. They were at least a 3 inch diameter across, and the actual nipples were thick and erect. I leaned forward and started to pinch her nipples and pull on them while I fucked her extremely hard in her tight, swollen pussy.“Yea, pull on my titties while you fuck me. Use me for all I’m worth!.” She said mid moan.“Your whore little pussy is going to be filled with my cum here soon, so don’t worry bitch.” I said back mid thrust.Katie’s hand moved down and started to rub on her clit. After a little bit of rubbing, she pulled her hand back up to her mouth and started to such on her middle and ring finger and got them extremely slobbery.“I want more in me,” she said as she slid those fingers inside of her cunt while my cock was in there.Her fingers were slammed against my cock, which was already filling her pussy to the max. I have no clue how she got those in there. She started to finger herself while I fucked her. The feeling was amazing. I was trying to not blow my load when suddenly she pulled back and got off the table.She got on her knees and started to suck me off extremely hard and fast. She was trying her best to deep throat me, and when she pulled up for air she would lick and suck on my low hanging balls. After sucking a bit longer she knelt forward so she was on her hands and knees. “Do whatever you like to me,” she said as she put her chest to the ground while her ass was straight up in the air.I got down on my knees and began to lick her pussy from behind. My tongue ran between her pussy lips and up to her sweet tasting hole which was already lightly gaping. She reached back while I was doing this and spread her ass cheeks apart so I had better access. I began to shove my tongue in and out of her cunt, trying to make her cum with it in there. After paying quite a bit of attention to her wet pussy, I ran my tongue up along her taint and directly to her asshole. I rimmed all around her tight little hole and began to slightly probe my tongue inside of her.She let out a long moan as she knelt there, completely exposed and willing to let me use her however I wanted.Then suddenly there was a vibration sound. Her phone was going off. Reached one hand over and grabbed it to check who it was.“Fuck it’s my husband. He’s wanting to know when I’ll be home,” she said while looking at the text screen.“Fuck that,” I said as I slid my tongue deeper into her asshole.Her moans became louder and more intense as I shoved my tongue deeper and deeper into her asshole. She dropped her phone and reach back with the hand and began to rub her cunt while I ate her backdoor out.“Fuck my husband! Your cock is so much better than his anyways!” she moaned.With that I moved up and positioned the head of my cock directly on her asshole. I began to push inside of her and her asshole slowly loosened up to accommodate my head.“Oh Shit! That is so fucking big. Ahhh!” she screamed.I didn’t miss a beat. I began klasbahis güvenilirmi to slide it even further in. Soon enough the entire length of my shaft was completely up her ass.“How does that dick feel now bitch? You like it all the way in your ass? Why don’t you text your looser husband back and tell him you’re gonna be late because you’re slammed at work,” I said as I shoved my cock completely in and out of her tight ass.She grabbed the phone and began to text, all while my loose, low hanging balls beat against her pussy hole as I thrusted in and out of her.“You like texting your husband while you’re being used by me like a little slut, don’t you?” I yelled at her.“Ohh fuck yea. Fuck all of my slutty little holes. Use me and fill me with your cum.” She yelled back. She then reached back and stuff 3 of her fingers into her cunt and began vigorously fingering herself.This was getting to be too much for my cock. I could feel her fingers through the walls of her ass and vagina. She was stuffing so much inside of her that my cock felt like it was being smashed. Then she started to cum. This was all it took. Her asshole was clinching harder and harder around my cock as I still forced it completely in and out. My cock was finally going to explode.I pulled out of her and began to squirt my thick, hot load all over her gaping asshole and her cunt that she was still fingering. 7 to 8 squirts of hot semen shot all over her used little holes. My cum began to seep inside of her asshole, and the cum that dripped down over her pussy she began to finger deep inside of her.“Yea you better tale my cum deep inside your slutty little cunt. Here let me help you.” I said as I began to slide my cock deep inside of her pussy. I would then pull it out and move it back to her ass, making sure all my cum was being pushed in both of her holes.“You have one more hole to fill. Come over here and let me suck your cock. I want to taste my pussy and ass mixed with you cum,” she said.I moved around and she instantly took me in her mouth, sucking on it hard and trying to take every inch I had to offer down her throat. She pulled it out of her mouth and began to lick away at my shaft, moaning and groaning as she licked all of the juices off my cock.“You missed some,” I said as I began to finger her ass to get my fingers covered with my cum and her ass juices. I then shoved my fingers in her mouth to make her taste it all. “Yea, you like being my little whore don’t you slut?”“Mmmm… Yes, you can use my body anytime you want, however you want.” She said as she started fingering her pussy and ass and then licking her fingers. “Your cum is so fucking good.”“Well why don’t you get dressed so you can go home to your husband. I’m sure he’s gonna want some sex tonight, make sure you give him your used, cum filled pussy to fuck so he can take my sloppy seconds.” I said.“I definitely will, don’t you worry,” she said giggling.Needless to say, she did go home and fuck her husband. She told me later than my cum was dripping out of her pussy and ass while she rode him. He had no clue. He just thought that she was extra wet that night. I began to fuck Katie on a regular basis. She loved my cock, and I couldn’t get enough of her body. She always made a point to come fuck me before a night where she though she would get laid by her husband. I guess it turned her on to know my cum was in her first.This is still going on today, maybe next time I will tell some of the other stories 😉

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