The Hairdresser – Her Husband paid me

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The Hairdresser – Her Husband paid meIt had been 6 months since I received my last haircut. The top was still thin but my sides were getting to be bushy and the length on the back was long and it was just starting to cover my eyes. I had moved about 5 months ago and decide to go and check around town for a new place that was not a barber shop or a over priced hair salon. I stopped in a Vietnamese restaurant in a strip mall about 15 minutes from my house and sat down for lunch when I saw a small building in the back of the restaurant. After lunch I walked over to the building to see what was in there.It was about noon and the glass door had a sign on it that read, “appointment only, established 1982.” I stood and stared at the front door, it opened and this Asian women asked “you need haircut?, I have new girl to cut your hair.” I said, “how long?” She said “about 5 minutes, she almost here and she need new clients, you come inside.” I went in and sat down on a black leather chair and was just about to read a magazine when the front door opened.The door swung open and this women held the door with her left hand and a green tote bag with the other. She had light brown hair that was straight and had big curls on the end. She had tan 2 inch platform heels that were faded and they must have been new or she started to wear them because she wobbled and looked unsteady when she walked. Her faded blue jeans were 2 sizes to small, the jeans looked like they were almost painted on her. There were no pockets on the back, and this made her ass jump right out as she walked. The jeans were cut just above her ass crack and about 2 inches above her ankles. She had on a tight white sweater that was stretched over her big boobs. You could see the bottoms of her huge boobs. It also looked about 2 sizes to small and it sat low on her shoulders, and accented her massive cleavage.She walked back to her station and dropped her bag and then went to the front desk to talk to the Asian women. “Sorry for being late again, my husband had to stop and get gas,” the girl said. The Asian women said “you late again, he need cut and style, you do next,” as she pointed to me on the chair.I smiled and she stuck out her finger and motion for me to follow her to the back. She took me in the back to wash my hair. I sat down and leaned back into the sink and she started to shampoo my head. She gave me a neck massage and deep scalp massage. I tried not to look at her boobs but her cleavage was inches from my face and I was starting to get major erection in my pants.She did not wear make up and had on no perfume but she had a natural beauty that could be seen if you took the time to look. She helped me to her station and said, “hi my name is Mica, and how do you want your haircut.” I was still in a day dream and said “oh, ah, ah,” she laughed and said “how about I shave up the sides, get rid of the side burns and layer the top.” I just smiled and stared into her eyes. She kept talking and cutting my hair and did not notice my erection inside my jeans as I watched her walk and talk around the salon.She did however near the end of my hair cut stop and go outside to her car. I saw her talking to some one and then about 5 minutes later came back into the shop and returned to my chair. “My husband doesn’t like when I talk to the customers for very long. He prefers that I just cut the hair and not socialize, especially with male customers. He doesn’t trust me even know we have been married 5 years. He works two jobs and just let me get a job for the first time to make extra money for him.” I sympathized and said “its ok, you can do anything you want, you don’t always have to listen to him. It’s ok to be yourself and have fun once in awhile.” She said “I wished I had a job at home and did not have to rely on him to drive me, I have been late every day since I started here because of him.”She finished my hair cut and walked over to the front to ring me up. I got out of my chair and reached into my pocket. I pulled out a business card and wrote my cell phone number on back of the card and a “$” bill sign on the front. I reached in another pocket and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and a twenty and put the hundred around the business card. I walked toward her and gave her a twenty to pay for the haircut and the business card and hundred I slipped into her palm and said “if you are willing to trust new people your dream of working from home can be realized.” I walked out the front door and across the parking lot. I stopped and looked over at her car and saw her husband crouching down and peeking out the passenger window at Mica in the Salon. He had a bad goatee and looked to be about 4ft 8 and about 90 pounds.I drove home and fell asleep on the couch and woke about 3hrs later when my cell phone rang. I checked the caller id and could not make out the number but decide to answer just in case it was important. It was Mica sweet voice and she said “thanks for the business card and the tip, my husband thought the money was a little bit excessive for a haircut.” I bit my lower lip and thought what should I do next. Mica said “do you work from home?” I said “at the moment I sold my small company to a big investor and then bought stock in a small computer company and my wealth has quadrupled since last month. I just bought a new house in the city and have nothing to do in my free time since I just became very rich.” She laughed and said “I wish I had that luck, it must be nice not to have to work any more.” I laughed and said “I really like the haircut I feel 100% better than when I woke up this morning.”She sighed and said “my husband wanted to know if you had any ideas that would allow me to stay home and work.” I said “do you own a computer, have the Internet and a good phone.” “Yes” Mica said, “my husbands the only one that can use the computer in his house but maybe you can help him.” I said, “you can start a web site or answer phones for a company or baby sit k**s like a daycare to earn money from home. “That sounds hard, I was hoping for something easier and I hate watching other k**s especially since we don’t have any.”Just then I heard the phone hang up and foot steps and a voice in the back ground. “My husband wants you to get to the point,” Mica said. I paused and said “you are a very attractive women and I would love to take you out to dinner so we can discuss the possibilities.” She said “no,” “I can’t cheat on my husband. I can’t go on a date with you.” I paused and said, “well it’s been almost a year since I have been with a women because of being busy at work and selling my company.””What do you have in mind,” Mica said. “I love the female body, how about I come to you house and be discreet and pay to see you.” She paused and put her hand over the phone and 5 minutes later she came back on the phone and said “can you come over tonight at 8pm and for $100 I will flash you my breast.” I said ankara escort “yes,” and then wrote down directions to there house. I put on a pair of khaki pants and a rugby shirt and headed out to my car. I put a small perfume bottle from the glove compartment in my pocket and a hundred in my pants and headed over.I parked the car across the parking lot at the front of there town house and got out of the car. I brushed my hair and noticed one light could be seen on the first floor and one light was on upstairs. I knocked twice and the door opened a couple minutes later, Mica was still wearing the same sweater and jeans but had no shoes on just her bare feet as she let me inside her town house. She pointed to a small table near the front door and I put down the $100 on the top and followed her into the living room. There was a stool that made me sit kind of high, I’m 6ft 4 and the top of my shoes barely touched her rug.There was a beat up coffee table with the glass top missing and a orange stain couch on one side of the room and a new leather lazy boy chair at the other, They had a small 15 inch TV that sat on there kitchen table and 1 beat up chair next to the kitchen table. A few pots and pans could be seen in the distance in soapy water. There were purple curtains on here windows that looked new. I smiled and sat down.Mica reached down and pulled her sweater over head and held it on her face for about 2 minutes when I heard a foot stomp on the ceiling above us. My jaw hit the floor as she had a great set of tits. They sat high on her chest and they barely sagged as the sure weight of them had gone passed her waist. I could barely make out her ass from behind as her juggs blocked her belly button and mid section. I was not sure when her tits stopped and her bottom half began. She brought her hands down along with her sweater and escorted me to the front door. As I walked out I put the perfume on the table directly over the $100 and went out to my car. By the time I started the car all the light were out at her house.I went home and took a long cold shower and went to bed. It was noon when the phone rang and her sweet voice woke me up from bed. “Did you have fun last night, I really like the perfume but I am hiding it from my husband, it will be our little secret.” I smiled and then heard foot steps on the other end and she “sighed.” I said “I really need to know your measurements.”She said “I have never measured my self and I’ve grown since my wedding night.” I said “you’ve grown in all the right places.” She said “tonight come over at 8pm and bring $250 and I will let you measure me.” Then another pause and she said “you can measure my body but can’t touch me.”The 2ND night was just like the first and I walked in and put down $250 on the table and walked into the living room. She walked over and had a white ripped and stained bathrobe tied around her top and sweat pants on her bottom. She smiled and let the bathrobe fall. I took out my tape measure and said “lose the bra and sweat pants I need to get a accurate measurement.” “I’ll take off my big black bra and my gray sweat pants but my black satin panties must stay on. I nodded my head. She slowly unclasped her severely worn and black bra and dropped that on her bathrobe and pulled her sweat pants to the floor.I got down on one knee and looked up under her breast. They were a sight to be hold, they sloped down and her nipples were puffy but not erect and her waist had a few patches of pubic hair sticking out of her grandma panties, I could not see her ass through them but they strained to keep her ass from falling out of them.I measured from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head and ran the tape between her juggs and held it at the top of her head. “5ft 8 inches,” I said and wrote this on a small note pad and but it back in my pants. I got behind her and measured her breasts, she held the front tip on her right nipple and I ran the tape measure around her letting my fingers brush up against her. As I reached her other nipple with one hand and stopped on her right breast. I looked down and said “46 inches.” She said “is that big.”I just smiled and measured her waist letting the tape measure fall on her ass and d****d down her pussy. I said 24 inches, and then slid the tape measure down and around her ass and her mound and said “34 inches.” She was built like a brick shit house and then I wrote those numbers down. I said, “do you know your cup size,” and she said “Double EE.” I said “I will need to measure them also.” Her true cup size was Double GG and she was surprised as I measured her cleavage and wrapped the tape around each breast. I then measured her 5 inch pink aureola she seemed most proud of them. Feeling more bold I reached and grabbed her nipple with two fingers and was just about to tug when the foot stomp on the ceiling and she put back on her bathrobe. I smiled and walked out and placed a small gold and diamond tennis bracelet on the table as I walked out her front door.The next night she called and said, “did you have fun last night.” I grunted and said “yes.” “I talked to my husband and he thinks my back is dry and my skin is cracking and peeling. It could use a good back massage.” If you would like to come over and massage my back for say $300 but you can’t touch me any where else but my back.” Mica said. I paused and said “see you at 8pm with the oils.” She said in a small whisper, “thanks for the bracelet it looks great on my wrist.”I knocked on the door and it opened by it self. I looked around the living room and did not see Mica insight. I went down the hall to the foot of the steps leading to the 2nd floor. I could here a bed moving upstairs and then heard Mica voice “come upstairs my massage guy!” Mica was bouncing up and down on her knees on her big bed. She had a white top that encased her big juggs. She had pink satin shorts that hugged her ass. she had white leather knee high boots. In other words she was fucking super hot.Before walking over to the bed as she tried to lay on her stomach. I placed $300 on the dresser near the front of the bed. I took my shoes off and crawled over to the bed. Her breathing had increased when I drizzled the oil on her back and started to massage her. My knees touch the bottom of the bed and I sat back on my butt. I leaned over to massage her big juicy breast. I took my right hand and massaged her neck and her head and with my left hand I outlined letters on her back. I squeezed and scrapped my nails up and down her back.She said nothing and I did not speak. Only are breathing could be heard and she would moan and sigh. I grabbed her right arm and pulled it over head massaging her fore arm down to her hand. Her right boob fell out from under her and d****d over the side of the bed. I reached with my right hand and pulled on her nipple and traced her aerola and then slid her boob back up the side of the bed and under her chin. ankara escort bayan She moaned and her legs moved as I started to drizzle more oil down her neck into her cleavage. The warm oils flowed down her valley of cleavage and was dripping on the bed as I slowly moved my hand pass her neck and on top of her juggs. She moved to give me better access then said “no, I can’t let you go there.” I smiled and kissed her earlobe and traced my hands down her back to the top of her butt.I slid my hand under her pink satin shorts and she sighed as I massaged her ass. I held her head down with my right hand and traced my middle finger with my left hand into her ass crack. Her crack was moist and hot and she bit her lip as her hair moved to one side. I inched farther down and could feel the back of her hairy bush when there was a knock coming from her closet. Mica said “you need to go now! O’ God” I got of my knees and headed to the front door. I reached down and placed a small gift box that had a gold chain that was big enough to go around her waist on top of the small table.The next day, I could only think of her as I waited for them to call. I lost sight of the time and when 8pm passed I thought maybe I had lost my chance with Mica, when the phone rang. “Did you have fun last night,” she said. I said “yes,” and she said “do you have any more ideas for me to make money from home.” I said “yes” and she said “and they are.” “How about I come over tonight and we see were things take us.” She said “how about I call you tomorrow, my husband working and will be home soon and I’ll ask permission if you can come over.” Just then the door slammed and I heard his voice and she hung up.It was 10am when the phone rang. “I called in sick at the hair salon, my husband thinks I should take the day off from the salon, do you have any plans today or are you going to sleep in all day,” Mica said. I said “I could use some female companionship today.” She laughed and said “oh I see!” “How about you come over around noon and bring $500 and a bucket of chicken, he likes the secret recipe.” I paused and said “I’ll bring the money but I am going to need more than 10 minutes alone with you.” She put down the phone and came back on and said for a $1000 you can spend the day with me. A big smile crossed my face and I said “see you at noon.”I quickly took a shower and shaved and put on a black pin stripe suite with a powder white shirt and a bright yellow tie with gold cuff links and a big gold Rolex watch and two diamond gold rings on my right and left hand. I went to the mall before going to Mica house. At a lingerie store I picked out a light baby blue outfit that made her boobs look bigger. I also had easy access to her pussy. I also picked up a black leather choker that had 4 diamonds and was lettered to read “SLUT” in gold. I put the ensemble in a nice bag with sheer paper and lace, also through in a matching red teddy and bra and pantie set. I also picked up a small makeup kit. I stopped at a adult book store and put in some lube and 3 different vibrators, a 10 inch for her pussy and a 8inch for her ass that moved around like a tongue, and a small pocket size one with gold balls for when she missed me.I got there at noon and had 2 bags in my right hand and a bucket of chicken in the other. I knocked on the door and it slowly swung open. There was a note on her stairs with an arrow pointing up to the 2ND floor. I followed the stairs to the top and looked into the master bedroom. They had a four post oak bed that was covered in white sheets and a small hope chest lay at the end of the king bed. I looked at the end of the bedroom and with the purple curtains closed I could barely see in the room. There was a floor lamp that the top was titled so the light cast a shadow on her husband. He was sitting in the same leather chair that was in there living room from the first night I was there.I handed her the bag full of lingerie and chicken. I placed the adult toys and lube next to the bed. She smiled and then I reached in my suit and placed the $1000 in her palm as I had did at the salon. She smiled again and walked down the bedroom and handed he husband the money and the chicken. He placed the chicken on the side of is chair and they talked for a few minutes. She came back and said “my husband doesn’t like for me to wear lingerie but if you pay another $200 he will let me wear it.” I reached in a took out another $200 and said “you need to put on the other gifts I left on the table the last 2 times I was here.” She smiled and took the $200 back to him and then went into her bathroom.It was no more than 30 minutes but it felt like 3 hours waiting for Mica as I sat on her hope chest and looked at my watch. The door to her bathroom opened and she walked out to the front of the bed. She was breath taking standing in front of me. I rose off the hope chest and said “you look so hot, relax I will be gentle at the beginning.” She smiled and I looked her up and down and had her move to her side to check her ass and boobs. Her toe nails were painted baby blue as she slid her toes into the white leather knee high boots. She had on the baby blue outfit that stretched over her huge breast. I looked down her waist and under belly to see her pussy and her black pubic mound could be seen.She forgot to put on her thong. I smiled as the pussy hair came out the sides of her baby blue bottoms. She had the gold tennis bracelet on her wrist and painted her finger nails to match her toes. She had her hair curled extra tight and she wore red lip stick and baby blue eye shadow. She turnedI kissed her neck and brought my hands up to her juggs and started to fondle them. Her ass squirmed against the front of my pants and she leaned her head back and moaned. I loosened her top and tugged on her nipples and she moaned more loudly. Her breath was now moving quicker and she closed her eyes. I spun her around and her boobs rested against my waist and she started to kiss me. I stuck my tongue down her throat and she licked my lips and gasped for air. She started to unbutton my shirt and loosen my tie and then through both on the floor. She took off my sport coat and I kicked off my leather shoes into the corner of the room. Se said “take off you pants, and show me that big dick I keep feeling as you rub agaist me.” I pulled her close and now could smell the perfume I gave her and she started to sweat and bite her lip. She unzipped my fly and my pants fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and stood in my white boxer briefs. I had put on new ones and decide to make her pull them off. She tugged and cursed as they were 2 sizes to small and they made her really have to struggle to get them off.After a few minutes I reached down and slowly let my shorts fall to the ground. She stared and I placed my hands on her head and made her get on her knees. She sat back on her heels and looked up and opened her escort ankara mouth. I grabbed my cock, that was glistening with pre-cum and placed it in her mouth. She started to suck it and move her lips over my dick. She could only manage to get half of my nine inches into her mouth. “Your cock is so huge, I did not know they got that big,” Mica said. I smiled and leaned back and sat on her hope chest as she still sucked on my cock. I grabbed her left hand and brought it to my balls and showed her how to rub them and use her finger nails to scratch them.After a good ten minute blow job I got Mica to her feet and I laid on the bed. I rolled her over me. She was on top in a 69 position and I placed my cock back in her mouth. I removed her baby blue bottoms and inserted one finger into her hot pussy. She moaned and her first orgasm hit, there was a strong musty smell that floated around the room. I pulled her hairy cunt lips apart and stuck my tongue in her gash. Her ass bucked on my face and she moaned and grunted on top of me. She had picked up the pace on my dick and her boobs were on my balls and waist and I started to grunt more loudly. I said, “stick out your tongue and lick the base of my cock and use your hand to jack me off.” I then moaned and my dick started to spurt cum. She gasped and moaned and I pumped a massive load into her face and hair and soaked her boobs and white sheets. She screamed and said “that is a lot of cum.” I just pulled her head down and inserted my dick back into her hot mouth.I rolled her off me and sat up on the edge of the bed. She moved next to me and placed her hand on my dick and wiggled it so one last spurt fell onto the floor. “That was great, there was so much sperm. You must be able to impregnate any girl with that much cum.” she said. “I normally pullout of the girl, so I don’t get them pregnant,” I said. She said, “how about you make love to me and leave your dick inside me, we have tried for the last five years once a month to get pregnant and have never succeeded.” I paused and said “if you and your husband want me to impregnate you then he is going to have to pay me $200 for each time I fuck you.””I also will need to see you about 4 times a week until you get pregnant, and then other times while your pregnant.” She smiled and walked down to her husband. About 2 minutes later she came back with $200 and placed on my underwear on the floor and looked down on me as I sat on her hope chest.I said, “take off your outfit and sit on the bed, I will be right back.” I walked into there bathroom and got a razor and the scissors she cut my hair at the salon and some shaving cream and walked back into the bedroom. She took of her outfit and was naked sitting on the edge of the bed. I knelt down on one knee and start to trim her pussy hair. I said “your husband need to see my big dick move in and out of your pussy and your pussy will feel great without so much hair.” She smiled and moaned as I put the shaving cream on and shaved her twat. I shaved her compelty clean and got a towel and rinsed off her pubic hair and cream and placed everything back in her bathroom. I came back and she leaned back on the bed and I pulled her legs straight up and licked her pussy for about twenty minutes. She had 2 orgasms and said “I like my pussy bald it feel much better.” She looked over her juggs and saw my tongue in her pussy and my eyes look back at her as I tugged on her nipples.I got on my feet and gently rubbed the head of my cock on her cunt lips and put her legs on my side and her high heels next to my ears. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. It was so wet that she had no problem taking the first half and when I finally pumped in the rest she screamed and shot me a kiss from her lips. I pounded her pussy for ten minutes and then placed Mica on her side and pushed her legs together and fucked her harder with my big hairy balls slapping the bottom of her ass. She moaned and gasped as I picked up the pace. I turned her over and started to fuck her doggy-style and I reached around and fondled her juggs. She moaned and tossed her hair back and forth on the bed as it d****d down the front of her boobs and onto the white sheets. I said, “does my slut like to be fucked by a big cock.” She said “yes, I love your big cock.” I then said “do you want me to stop slut.” She grunted “no.”I rolled her over and picked her up and placed her on top of my cock. I laid flat on her bed and she now looked down on me as she rocked back and forth on my dick. I grabbed her breast and pushed her nipples together and sucked on one then the other. She now was slamming her ass and her pussy down on my cock causing the bed to shake violently and the head board to hit the wall. She screamed and I then tensed up and said, “I’m going to make you a baby!” and shot another big load into her pussy. Between her love juices and my cum it trickled out her pussy lips onto my balls and onto the satin sheets. After about ten minutes of french kissing me and sitting on my cock she got off and laid on her back. We both smiled and looked at each other.Before I left the next day we had fucked in her bathroom on the counter, in the shower and twice more on the bed. I fucked her in the kitchen, I taught her the joys of being tied up on the 4 post oak bed and how to play with her sex toys. I even fucked her in the ass on the couch in te living room and she really enjoyed anal sex. She served me breakfast and lunch naked and I fucked her on the kitchen table before I left. Her husband handed her $1000 to give me and I rolled into my palm and gave it back to her with instruction what to buy for tomorrow when I come back.It’s been about 12 month since I met my hairdresser and she gave birth to a small boy with a big penis about 3 months ago. I am driving to pick her up tonight at her house. I see her standing by the curb all dolled up looking like a whore. She has on high heel boots and a leopard dress. She’s has her gold chain around her waist and the tennis bracelet on her wrist. Her husband watch’s the k** and last night she said she might be pregnant again. I can’t wait to take her to the bachelor party tonight at a friends house.I let the groom fuck her in the ass if he wants but most of the men like her to suck them and cum on her big boobs. I don’t let her husband or anyone else fuck her in the pussy because I love to fuck her and she loves my big cock. I hope her tits get bigger with the next baby because I love to fondle them and watch the warm milk shoot out her nipples. She quit her job at the salon and between stripping and bachelor parties and whoring she makes a lot of money working from home. She gives me all the money and sleeps at my house 6 nights a week. I let her go home when she needs a rest from fucking. Just yesterday she said something about her sister was coming to stay with her and needed a part time job. Mica said, “my sister cuts hair but her big boobs get in the way, I think she needs a new job working from home.” I smiled and bit my lower lip.If you ever get a haircut by a big boob hair dresser make sure you give her my business card I am always looking for a bigger whore.Buckxoox

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