The Girl – The Connection – The Problem

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The Girl – The Connection – The ProblemI had only gone on two dates with Sarah before meeting her best friend Lynnette. Sarah was a nice, sweet, cute girl but Lynnette was the closest embodiment of my perfect fantasy girl. When Sarah surprised me one hot July afternoon by just showing up to my apartment, the next day after just our second date, with her friend Lynnette. I immediately knew I had to have her…..but how? I wasn’t a player and was a shy fool when around girls I was extremely attracted to. Then I had an idea…There I was sitting in my 100 degree plus apartment with two fans on me on a Saturday afternoon in July reading a text book. I was studying for the summer course I had been taking for the past three weeks. I was still sweating even though I was completely nude at the table. I was so engrossed in my studies that I didn’t hear the footsteps come up to my apartment door. There was a lite tap on the screen door. I jumped up and peaked out the window. I saw Sarah and another girl. They didn’t see me or they would of been shocked by my lack of clothing. I ran to my bedroom put on a t-shirt and shorts, foregoing the underwear. Then I heard a second knock just before answering the door. Sarah smiled and we hugged as I held the door open for her and her friend. Sarah introduced her friend. “This is Lynnette, my best friend.” I honestly don’t know why but I also gave her a quick hug and welcomed her inside. Lynnette was shocked I think because she was rigid when I lightly hugged. I felt a surge of energy from her and my cock got a little hard. I told the girls to have a seat on the couch and offered drinks. This gave myself time to cool down. I gave them their drinks and sat next to Sarah so I could check out Lynnette more. Lynnette wore this loose fitting white sheer top that was buttoned only part way up. She wore a white lace bra which was easily seen through her top. Her nipples protruding outward were hard not to focus at. Her breasts looked as if they were stuffed in her bra, wanting to jump out. They bounced as she moved around. They sat perched on her pudgy belly. She had long dirty blonde hair that was curly from the humidity. Her blue eyes were electric light blue. Her skirt showed off her thick thighs as she crossed her legs. Don’t get me wrong, Sarah looked nice too. She was wearing a low cut red top showing off her nice tan tiny cleavage but was too small because her belly hung out a little. She had on tiny white skirt that was a little too tight because she wasn’t able to cross her legs. I put my arm around Sarah as we began talking. While talking, I fantasized about Lynnette. I wanted to go to her, rip her clothes off and pound my meat stick into her soaking pussy right in front of Sarah. It aroused me and I placed my cold drink over my crotch. I half listened to Sarah retelling the story to Lynnette on how we met… which I was sure Lynnette had already heard before. I figured Lynnette was there to see if I was good enough for Sarah. We laughed at some of the goofy things that happened on our first date and I listened to how the two girls had become friends. Then, as I was hoping, Sarah needed to use my bathroom. She got up and I went to get more drinks for us. I returned quickly and handed Lynnette her drink. I sat by her and whispered “I hope you approve of me and I’d like to surprise Sarah for our third date…” I should note that Sarah and I talked bahis firmaları about the third date is where we were planning on having sex for the first time together. I already knew Sarah had far more experience than myself and attempted to use my “inexperience card”. I continued to whisper to Lynnette “I want it to perfect, can you tell me anything she likes or dislikes?” The toilet flushed. “Would it be ok if you write your Yahoo messenger ID so we could chat?” I had a pen and paper close by and pushed it in front. Lynnette smiled and said sure. As she wrote, I gazed down into her deep fleshy valley. I grew envious of a small sweat bead slip down between her breasts. She handed me the paper. I looked at it quickly and she also had written her phone number on it. I felt a surge of blood enter my shaft. I jumped up as Sarah opened the door and shoved the paper into my shorts. We hung out and played some card games. When Lynnette used the bathroom, Sarah confessed that I did meet Lynnette’s approval. The afternoon led to the evening and the girls had to take off for dinner. I kissed Sarah and got a warm hug from Lynnette this time. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as I said “later!” Sarah messaged me after dinner and we planned our third date for the night after my final. I wasn’t sure what was the best way to contact Lynnette and chose to call her instead of messaging. She didn’t answer so I left a message. “Enjoyed meeting you the other day, would like any advice you can give me about Sarah. Give me a call at ###-#### or message me.” I hung up. I jumped on the computer and looked for any porn that reminded my of Lynnette to masturbate to. It was about 1:30am when I got a message from Lynnette. I had been rubbing myself on and off for and hour watching 4 second videos of porn ( should note this happened a long time ago and computer came were not common back then ). We chatted briefly about meeting one another. Lynnette mentioned how comfortable she felt around me and felt she’d known me for years. I shared the same sentiment…my cock had gotten extremely hard just typing to her. I began wondering if she too was nude now. I decided to start probing Lynnette about what Sarah liked. Nothing too graphic, at first, just simple stuff like does she like her neck kissed. Lynnette said emphatically Yes! Then I put the ball in her court, “is there anything I should do before we have sex?” There was a long pause, minutes passed and nothing. I was about to message again to see if Lynnette was there when my phone rang. I jumped. I answered it and it was Lynnette. She said “Hi, it’s me.” Then paused again. I asked if she was alright. I heard her sigh then “Would it be ok if I come over?” My heart started beating hard. Umm, sure. Lynnette said she’d be there in 5 minutes. I hung up and jumped in the shower to clean up. I had just toweled off and slipped into sweatpants when I heard a slight tap on my screen door. Lynnette had on a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. It looked like she was ready for bed. She looked at me and I smiled and hugged her. This time she hugged back and held tight. I got very aroused and I’m sure she felt it press against her belly. I pulled her inside. Lynnette looked up at me and without a word we started kissing. It was exhilarating. We kissed hard. She kicked off her flip flops and I pulled her into my bedroom. She stuffed her hands into my sweatpants and I pushed kaçak iddaa a hand up under her t-shirt grabbing her breast. My other hand wrapped around her waist. We fell onto the bed and we removed each other’s clothes. I didn’t hesitate, I went down on her. I could tell she had neatly trimmed her bush for me, or at least that’s what I thought. She moaned as I licked her and probed her insides with my fingers. Pulling them out licking them off and then having her lick them off too. We were both into it. I moved out between her legs and rolled over to my back. I pulled her over on top of my face. I let her grind her pussy into me as I groped her body all over. Lynnette seemed to enjoy it. She moaned louder as she pressed herself down onto my face. I was struggling to breathe but wasn’t panicking. I just went with it. Lynnette climaxed on me while grinding and rubbing herself. She let out a few “ughhs” as her body jerked and twisted. She collapsed off to the side of me. I moved in between her legs and on top of her. I easily slid up her sweaty body and began sucking her tits. They were large utters but so much fun to play with. I began rubbing up against her. She stopped me and said “My turn.” Smiled, kissed me and went down. I thought she was there when her mouth formed around my tip and both hands on my sack and shaft. But she continued down my shaft and balls to rim me. I had never had a girl do that. She easily moved my legs upward as she went prone below and buried her face into my hole. I was thankful I had showered and couldn’t believe how good it felt as she continued to squeeze my ball sack in one hand. I tried to look down at her but struggled to keep watching. I decided it easier to just lean back and let Lynnette go after it. I found myself jerking off. I was close and really tried hard not to. I stopped, then Lynnette moved her mouth up onto my cock. She got on her knees, hovering over my tiny rod. She sucked hard and the sounds of her sucking echoed in the room. Then she plunged fingers up into my hole. I exploded and let out a unfamiliar sound as each load of cum was propelled out of me into her unsuspecting mouth. Lynnette gagged and choked on the warm fluid that flooded her throat. She continued to try swallowing as more and more came. She was forced to stop and look at me. Tears were running down her face. Her matted hair caked from sweat and cum seeping out one side of her mouth. Lynnette never looked so sexy. She pumped what little there was left inside me and fell over onto the bed. I pulled her exhausted body up to mine and we kissed. The taste of my own cum was exciting to extract from her mouth. We lay for a few minutes as the sweat glistened over our bodies. I had recovered enough and rolled Lynnette over. I made her get on all fours as I pressed my cock up between her large cheeks. She reached between and guided me into her warm wet well. I slipped inside and slowly took deep strokes into her. I leaned over and played with her dangle tits that swung underneath her body. Then it dawned on me, was this a test? Why was Lynnette really here? I got mad at myself for thinking this way and moved my hands to her thick thighs. I began to pound into her. Lynnette’s head bounced around the harder I went. She cried out “Yes! Fuck me!” Over and over. It fueled me because I began to think this might just be a one time thing and I better get the most out of it. kaçak bahis I looked down at her ass hole and how it moved open and closed the faster I pounded as if it was begging for my cock. I pulled out quick. Put my tip up against it and pushed it in with two fingers. Lynnette’s body fell flat she jerked hard and screamed out in pain as I pressed in further. “What the fuck!”she cried out. But what she did next surprised me. She frantically reached a hand back and grabbed my wrist. “If you’re going to fuck my ass, then pull on my hair. I grabbed a large amount of hair and pulled as I plunged into her hole again. “Harder!”Lynnette cried. As I pushed in I yanked hard on hair. Her head jerked back. “Yes! That’s it!” I continued to pound her ass until she begged for me to stop. I finished by jerking off onto her lower back. We fell asleep for a couple hours. I awoke and showered off. I came back to bed as the sun was rising. She was on her back. I slipped up between her legs and began to rub her snatch. Lynnette looked so tired and with her eyes barely open “Do what you want.” She gave a sheepish grin and I took her nice and slow in the missionary position. I unloaded into as we kissed. Lynnette looked into my eyes and without hesitation “I love you.” I answered without really thinking about it “I love you too.” The response I think surprised us both as we just held each other looking into each other’s eyes while our bodies stayed connected. I admit, in that moment, it felt like I’d known her forever and I didn’t want this to end. We fell asleep again, we didn’t wake until the afternoon.Lynnette and I took a shower together. I was so infatuated with her entire body, the thickness, the curves…I washed her body and washed mine. I know we were both thinking as we bathed in silence…”what do we tell Sarah?” Our third date, was to take place tomorrow night. Then Lynnette spoke “I have to tell Sarah.” I knew she was right but I had to ask the obvious “What about us then?” Lynnette looked sad and tears formed in her eyes as she shrugged. My curiosity got the best of me, I had to know…”Why did you come over?” The answer shocked me…Lynnette cried as she state how jealous she was of Sarah and how lucky she was to be dating a guy like me. I admit I was flattered because I never thought of myself as much. But then Lynnette dropped the real truth, Sarah had slept with a guy Lynnette was interested in and she never really got over it. I felt belittled. I decided to confess the strong attraction I immediately felt when we first met. Lynnette had felt a strong connection too. We continued to talk about more and agreed that this was something and we shouldn’t deny ourselves the opportunity to see it through. We agreed that I should be the one to tell her.That evening, Sarah came over and Lynnette went home just before. I told Sarah the truth. What shocked me is how well she took it. Sarah smiled and could tell Lynnette liked me immediately when she too noticed her nipples got erect after we hugged and noticed a bulge in my pants. She also knew Lynnette never got over her fucking a guy she liked and knew it’d eventually happen. I wasn’t sure what to say and stood far enough back to avoid getting kicked in the balls. “So what now?” I asked. Sarah grinned, “Wanna fuck?”For the next f******n months, Lynnette and I dated and eventually moved in together. Sarah moved in with us as we tried living as a threesome. Unfortunately, the passion ran out and Lynnette and Sarah discovered their love for each. They moved away and got married. I was invited to their wedding and can now admit it was for the best.

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