The Gift Pt. 01

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I was twenty-two when my sister gave birth to my one and only niece, Melinda. When Janie gave birth to Melinda, I was determined to be the doting aunt. Over the years, as Melinda grew, I made a point with every birthday or Christmas present to pick something that would leave an impression on her. It was easy when she was little; I’d buy books, deposit money in her college fund, take her to museums, concerts, amusement parks, all to broaden her horizons. She’d also spend some summers with me, spring breaks, and many three-day weekends. Where we’d tour museums, go to concerts, hike, travel, and sightsee.

I have become Melinda’s confidant, keeper of secrets, and sounding board through the years. I’m also her biggest fan after her mother and father. We’ve had many conversations regarding relationships, dating, and everything in between. I’ve taken her to my workplace on ‘bring your daughter to work days, despite the fact she’s not my daughter.

She’d met most of the men I’d dated, commenting on her first impressions. Most of the time, she was right about them. I’ve never had a relationship last over a year. The reasons vary, and each time they end, Melinda is there to listen and console me. In return, I’ve comforted her through a few breakups as well.

Last year Melinda turned eighteen and graduated with honors from high school. I hinted the entire senior year that I had something planned for her and to keep the month of July open. Whenever she’d talk with me or visit, she’d pick my brain for clues. I’d smile as she slowly got frustrated, temporarily giving up her detective work. She already had her passport since we’d traveled twice to British Columbia, Canada. So, I didn’t have to worry about her doing paperwork for what I had planned. I’d cleared it with her parents, so all we had to do was wait.

On the day of her graduation, I kept the envelope with the details hidden from her. The guests had left when Mel sat down next to me on the sofa when the party was over. She wondered if I’d forgotten her.

I took her hands in mine, looked into her in the eyes, “Mel, sweetie, I saved my gift for last because I think it’s all you’d talk about if you’d opened it first.”

She looked at me, “It’s that good? You’re kidding me. What is Auntie Beth?”

I reached behind me, grasping the envelope. I handed it to her.

She looked at me, then the envelope. I smiled as she opened it. Her eyes widened, then a huge smile lit up her face.

“France? Two river cruises? Are we going to France for three weeks? Do mom and dad know about this? Oh, my god! Auntie Beth, this is too much!”

I smirked, “Okay, I’ll cancel it.”

The look on her face when she said, “Oh no, you won’t!”

I laughed, “As if, sweetie. I want to go too, you know.”

She dropped the envelope and hugged me.

“This is the best present ever; I love you, Auntie Beth.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. I’m glad you like it.”

She laughed, “Like it, I love it! You are the best aunt ever!”

She got up and ran to show her parents, who already knew. She was so adorable, and I almost wished she had a sister to spoil so I could do it all over again.

Over the next few weeks, we went over the cruise line’s various shore excursions. I’d already selected a few when I booked. I knew Mel and had a good idea what she’d like to do, so there were a couple of minor tweaks with the plans. We kept checking the weather despite the fact we were weeks away. Mel packed and repacked her suitcase about a dozen times. She even started taking French language lessons on an app with her phone.

Then there were the questions, every day. I got at least one call asking what we would do the week between cruises. What if we got sick, what if, what if, what if. I was patient with her; I loved her excitement and answered her the best I could. She sent me pictures of the clothes she was packing, and she’d text me in French. The girl was excited.

Mel was still bubbly when we finally left Seattle for the almost fourteen-hour flight. She took selfies of us sitting around the airport. She listened to music, texted her friends, and walked around inside the terminal, trying to contain her emotions.

The flight was long. I told Mel not to drink coffee, soda, or eat anything that would keep her awake. She didn’t, and still, neither of us could sleep. She held my hand from time to time, leaned over and whispered how excited she was, and thanked me for being her Auntie Beth.

She read, watched movies, played games on her phone between meals, and tried to sleep. I tried to sleep also, but the noise of the airplane wouldn’t let me.

When we finally arrived in Paris, we were both like zombies. I had arranged car service through the cruise line, so we were picked up in the baggage claim area then whisked off to our ship. We met the cruise director and shown to our stateroom. I’d explained to Mel that we would share a room as we had on previous trips. Only this time, we’d be sharing a bed also. She didn’t have a problem with it at all.

We had some time to unpack and relax before Lefkoşa Escort attending the ‘get acquainted’ gathering before dinner. Mel showered first as I watched the welcome video on the television. Then it was my turn. I’m glad we had limitless hot water I soaked under the shower for a good twenty minutes. Mel even peeked in to make sure I hadn’t fallen asleep. I decided to remain in my bra and panties until the reception. Mel seemed refreshed, so she dressed and went out to walk around the ship. I decided to nap for a bit, setting my alarm so I had time to get dressed.

I must have dropped off quickly; it seemed like I just closed my eyes when I heard the alarm. I opened my eyes and reached for my phone to discover Mel spooning against my back. She stirred, half asleep as I shut off the chime. I rolled over, brushed her hair from her face as she slowly opened her eyes. Smiling, I kissed her forehead.

She smiled, whispering, “This ship is amazing, Auntie Beth. Thank you.”

Then she kissed me on the lips. It was brief, not like a lover. Just soft and sweet.

I asked where she went, and she told me she’d wandered around on the top, and that was it. She watched people and their luggage boarding, talked to a few passengers; all of them seemed like they were much older than me. I grinned and thanked her for that observation. She laughed, blushing, then buried her face in a pillow.

I told her we should get ready for the gala. I suggested she wear something nice, but not formal. I didn’t notice she’d set out a nice pants suit before joining me for a nap. We dressed, then strolled to the main area for the gathering.

They were handing out flutes of champagne as we walked in. At first, Mel refused a glass, but she accepted one from a server after we sat down and began socializing. I gave her a look, and she mouthed back just one as I nodded my head.

We introduced ourselves to the couples near us, chatted a bit. Our cruise director took the microphone introducing the Captain. He talked about the ship along with a few safety reminders. We sat and listened as he turned the microphone back over to the cruise director. I looked around the room, noticing that Mel was the youngest person. I was a close second, although I saw a few couples nearer my age.

When the talk was over, we headed to the main dining area for a delicious dinner as the ship got underway. I let Mel have one glass of wine with dinner. I didn’t need to deal with a drunk teenager. We talked more with our fellow passengers but didn’t stay long. The jet lag was getting to us both. We said our goodbyes, then went up on the deck to watch as we left Paris headed west. Mel felt a bit tired, so we walked around and took a few selfies before adjourning to our cabin.

We talked a bit about the evening, the ship, and our fellow passengers as we got ready for bed. When Mel was comfy under the sheets, I turned out the light. In the dark, Mel snuggled up to face me, and we talked a bit more in whispers. I could feel her cute little feet rubbing against my ankles as we lay whispering. I hadn’t had a lover in at least six months; her soft, gentle massage with her feet sent chills through me.

I didn’t say anything, her feet were a bit cold, and she did stop after they warmed a bit. I could tell she was slowly getting into that dreamy state before falling asleep. She scooted closer to hug me good night. I felt her firm breasts against mine as we said our goodnights once more.

I have to confess, I’ve never been attracted to women or girls, but the soft subtle touches and my self-imposed celibacy had me a tiny bit aroused. I knew better; my god, Mel was my niece! She drifted off as we lay facing each other. I rolled over and stayed awake, thinking about what had just occurred. Then my sleep deprivation ceased as I closed my eyes to dream.

When I drink, which isn’t that often, I usually wake up overheated in the middle of the night. This night was no exception. It was around one when I woke in a sweat. Realizing Mel was in bed with me, I debated removing my sleep top or kicking off the covers. I opted for the covers as I lay thinking about her feet against my ankles earlier. After a few minutes, I hadn’t cooled down, and I could hear Mel snoring. I thought about taking my tee off again then sat up slightly to remove it. I’d just tossed it on the floor and settled back down when Mel, half-asleep, snuggled up to me, whispering in my ear. I was already hot, and her warm breath, coupled with her hand resting on my tummy, made me hotter in more ways than one.

“I can’t sleep, either, Auntie Beth. I want to, but I can’t.”

She jerked her hand off me, “Oh, my. You’re hot. Am I too close?”

I told her, “I get that way when I have drinks sometimes, and I don’t know why. I’m cooling down now, and you’re fine, sweetie.”

She eased her hand back onto my tummy, slowly making little circles with her fingertip as we lay there whispering.

I turned to face her, feeling her hand move from my tummy to my hip, “I know, it’s the jet lag Girne Escort coupled with the wine, sweetie. Our internal clocks are screwed up.”

I could feel the ship moving along the Seine, and the moon shone through the curtains covering the sliding glass door to our balcony. Now and then, there was just enough light to make out Mel’s face. She was watching me, her eyes locked with mine.

Her finger continued making circles and grazing my hip. Her touch was soothing and innocent. I felt like touching her, too but refrained. We were both wide awake as we continued our chat.

“Have you ever been in love, Auntie Beth? I mean completely and totally in love with someone?”

“Yes, I have, sweetie, a couple of times. But, things changed, and the person changed. Why do you ask?”

“Was it always with a man? I mean, have you ever felt like that with another woman?”

“We’ve talked about this before; you know I’ve only dated men. I guess I could fall in love with another woman. I’ve never met one I was attracted to.”

“Umm, well, Do you remember me talking about Sam?”

“Yes, I do; he was a bit too controlling and needy for you, right?”

She nodded, “Yes, well, Sam was Samantha. She was needy, and I was not too fond of that. At first, we were so right together, but she changed as I told you.”

“I understand. Why are you telling me this?”

“I don’t know. I was going to talk to you about it, but I was so excited about the trip to France it got pushed back in my brain. I needed to tell someone, and I know you wouldn’t judge me or anything. I’m not sure I like girls in that way. I’m tired, and I was thinking about it, trying to get back to sleep. My brain won’t shut off.”

I giggled, “Mine won’t either, but we do need to get some sleep. Just lay here and close your eyes, okay? You know I love you, and I think if you told your mom and dad that you loved a girl, they’d be fine with it. They love you and want you to be happy. You’re just eighteen and have your whole life ahead of you. You’ll fall in and out of love a few times. Each will be a learning experience, sweetness. Now, close your eyes and get some sleep.”

She snuggled close to me, hugging me as best she could. I felt that tingle in me again as she said good night and rolled over. I closed my eyes, thinking about what she’d said, wondering again why she’d bring that up in the middle of the night.

Morning came after a rough night. I should have known it would be a long night, unfamiliar bed, the wine, jet lag, and someone sleeping next to me all contributed to me being cranky. I didn’t let Mel see my dark side, this was her gift, and I didn’t want to spoil it for her by being a pain. So, I nudged sleeping beauty awake as I was getting dressed. It was just after seven, and we had plenty of time for breakfast before our first excursion.

I waited patiently for her to get dressed. I busied myself reading the itinerary and telling Mel about the things we’d see and do. She was in a good mood and anxious to start touring. We ate breakfast then joined our tour guide and fellow passengers. Our tour was the more adventurous of the two offered. We’d hike from our ship up to Château Gaillard. I was surprised at how good of shape I was in, trudging up the hillside. We paused to look out over the Seine, enjoying the views and taking lots of pictures.

We toured what was left of the castle, listening to the tour guide talk about how it was created, what it housed, and what life was like in the castle.

We hiked back down to the ship and lunch when it was all over. We ate with another couple, exchanging stories, laughing, and getting to know each other. We spent the remainder of the day sailing toward La Havre, watching the landscape pass by and enjoying the relaxation.

We napped in our cabin for about an hour. I was lying on my back, just about to nod off, when Mel snuggled up to me as she slept. She slipped next to me, arm over my tummy, head nestled under my arm. I didn’t have the heart to wake her even though she’d interrupted my nap. I lay quietly, watching her breathe. She was so peaceful as I gently stroked her head with my free hand, wondering what she was dreaming.

Her confession last night regarding Samantha as we lay in bed threw me for a bit of a loop. I guess girls are more open about sex these days than I was at her age. I smiled, thinking back if I had told my parents I was dating a girl, they would have disowned me or just called it a phase and hoped for the best.

I guess it doesn’t matter. Either sex can be manipulative, controlling, and abusive. I’m glad Mel saw through it and cut it off before things got worse.

I lay there thinking I could see what Samantha saw in Mel. Mel is sweet, intelligent, and a joy to be around. Maybe someday she’ll find the right person. For now, she’s just enjoying me doting over her, and that makes us both happy.

Sleep almost had me in its grasp again when I felt Mel’s hand move to my breast. She was still sleeping as far as I could tell. I think she must have Magosa Escort been dreaming because she wrapped one leg over me as her hand kneaded my breast. She mumbled something I couldn’t make out as she worked my breast over with her hand. I lay there debating whether to wake her. I knew I should, her actions were inappropriate, but it did feel good. I endured her touch as long as I could, then quietly spoke her name, hoping she’d wake.

Finally, I raised my voice slightly above a whisper. Mel opened her eyes, realizing how she was lying against me; she blushed, apologized, and quickly moved away, embarrassed that she was snuggling so close to me.

I told her it was fine, she was tired and not to worry about it. She continued telling me how sorry she was. I told her to hush, the bed was small, and I was sure we’d probably bump into each other more.

Now fully awake, we straightened ourselves and went topside to watch France pass by.

We talked about all sorts of things while sitting in the warm sunshine. We took pictures, visited with our fellow passengers, and enjoyed doing nothing. I hesitated to ask more about Samantha since we’d discussed her back when I thought she was a boy. Instead, I asked when she started thinking about girls.

It took Mel a few moments to collect her thoughts. We were alone, sitting in lounge chairs as people walked around on the deck getting their miles in. When she’d gathered her thoughts, she told me it was a gradual thing. She’d known Samantha since her sophomore year. They weren’t best friends then. Over the next couple of years, they discovered more about each other, dated guys who were friends, were in many of the same classes. They would tell each other secrets like Mel and I did.

Eventually, when they were both on the rebound, Samantha brought up the subject of same-sex relationships. They both knew some girls who were bisexual and or lesbians. They pondered how it would be since they both were getting tired of the boy’s mind games. They went into their relationship with eyes wide open. First, it was kissing, which evolved to breast play, then cuddling nude, and eventually mutual masturbation. They went slowly, both unsure of how the other would react.

Their sexual relationship lasted about four months. Samantha became more possessive and controlling, something that Mel despised. So, Mel broke it off, which upset Samantha, who quit talking to Mel for the remainder of their senior year.

Mel didn’t go to the senior prom because of the drama with Samantha. She liked having someone she could confide in, share mutual interests, and just talk. It was different than having a boyfriend who constantly wanted sex.

I sympathized with her since I had the same issues with many men I’ve dated. We both laughed, and I think I saw a sly grin on Mel’s face after we’d settled down. She asked about my dating life, how it was with more mature men. I contemplated that for a few, thinking back through the years.

I told her, “I think when men and women age, they look for more than just sex. Of course, there are always exceptions to that. But, many of the men I’ve dated recently try to be friends first and find more common grounds than just the physical attraction. It varies on what each individual’s situation is at the time.”

She nodded, “That makes sense. They’ve had their fun and are looking for someone to settle down with long-term, I guess. Mom and dad talk about growing old together and not wanting to be alone. I’ve heard them talk about the ‘what if I die would you remarry’ thing.”

I smiled, “I can’t see your mother with anyone else if that ever happened. Which I hope never does, sweetie.”

She sighed, “I know, thanks. I can’t see either of them remarrying.”

We sat in silence, me thinking about relationships, past, and future. Mel was also thinking, but I had no clue about what. I’d never thought about a same-sex relationship. I didn’t have many close female friends, except my sister and Mel. I wasn’t going to have sex with either of them. As I thought more about it, it didn’t seem that bad. I laughed to myself, who knows, maybe I was bisexual and didn’t know it.

We sat in silence for a few minutes when I suggested we slip into the lounge area to listen to the onboard entertainer play the piano. We noticed they had a ‘cocktail of the day and this day’s cocktail was a Manhattan. I’m not a hard alcohol drinker, but Mel asked if I’d order one so she could taste it. I did because she’s such a sweetie, and it was only going to be one drink.

The drink arrived, and Mel would sneak a sip now and then. We watched as older couples danced, swaying back and forth, smiling, and talking. The piano player did know some relatively recent tunes, but mainly he played much older songs geared towards the sixty and up crowd.

Mel was getting into the songs, swaying, tapping her feet all while sneaking sips. I smiled, watching her. She was so darn cute. She asked me to dance, which I think was partially the Manhattan talking. I declined a couple of times because I’m not a dancer. She was relentless; I finally caved, got up, then followed her to the dance floor. We shook our asses for three songs, laughing, talking, challenging each other to show off our dance moves. I, of course, was very limited. Mel had some moves that had the people around us smiling, pointing, and talking.

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