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The full set.Many years ago, I stayed over at my girlfriends house, I was supposed to sleep on the downstairs sofa, but as her Mum was out I got upstairs and into her bed,later on her sister came home with her boyfriend and when they got started I woke up, glancing over I could see they were making love, she saw me looking and blew a kiss.Time goes by I get married to my girlfriend and settle down and we start a family.Her sister comes round and I take over the baby walking duties to let the girls chat, an hour passes and as I head home I spot my wife’s sister heading my way, as she gets close I see her blow a kiss.”do you remember the last time I blew you a kiss” she says as she gets up to me”Oh yes” I laugh, “Well did it get you horny?” she asked, I blush and try to laugh it offShe says ” it got me so hot knowing you were watching” she teases” How long since you got a fuck” she says”bloody weeks! says me, “Well take the baby home and meet me in the woods”My head says no my throbbing dick says yesI turn and head home, not knowing if I am going through with it or not.Back home and my wife is tired, when she is tired I can’t do anything right, this time I get wrong for bringing mud into kaçak iddaa the kitchen, I try to calm her but she really kicks offI slam the door behind me, forgetting that her sister has laid it on the line, I walk back to the woods, only remembering what is on offer as I get halfway form my door to the woodsI”m angry and frustrated, nothing I do is right, all my efforts are in trying to keep my wife sweet and this combined with my forced celibacy is doing me no good at allI spot Carol sitting on a log and its too much for me, I walk over and we kissOff the path and into the trees, she takes off her panties and we are quickly fucking, its been weeks I can hardly hold back but she cums and her moan sets me off I pump my cum deep inside her, as she walks away she blows me a kiss, it’s not happened since. About 9 months later she gives birth to a Sonto this day she swears he is not mine and to be honest he doesn’t look like me, much!25 years pass, I am still married, my wife is no longer a growling dragon,we get on really well, our family has grown up and we are settled into our routine.Its a hot Summer day, I’ve been doing the garden and dressed in shorts and a shirt I settle down kaçak bahis on the patio with an ice cold beerKaren, my wife’s older sister arrives, we all chat for an hour then heading up to read my emails and browse the internet I leave them chatting, Karen is going says my wife,Keren comes into our home office to say bye, I show her some holiday snaps and as she leans forward her hand is on my thigh, “I like hairy legs” she saysI tease and say ” its even hairier futher up” her hand goes up the leg of my shorts, but I stop her, and we both laugh, Keren leaves for home and my wife tells me she is having hubby trouble, it seems he can’t get it up.Well that explains it! is my thoughtA few months pass its winter and my wife is Christmas shopping, Karen calls round asking for my wife, “out spending” I say.”Oh good” says Karen, I laugh and say “why’s that?””Because I want to see your hairy bits” thinking she is k**ding I joke ” yeah right”She isn’t k**ding, she is unzipping me, I am taken by surprise and I pull awayits her who is shocked the most, she appologises and asks me not to say anything, she breaks down in tears, “I got it all wrong” says Karen, ” no its just I wasn’t expecting güvenilir bahis that” I say gently, I comfort her with a friendly hug, but its got me thinking ” why not?” I kiss her she responds, I unbutton her top, then think where is my wifeI say give me a minute and pick up my phone and call my wife, ” you still spending all my money I ask, “not all of it” she replies ” I will be home in an hour”That’s it, I go back into the dining room and Karen is down to her bra and pantiesa little out of shape but no worse than me, I slip my hand between her legs and with the other I undo her bra, she grabs my groin and feels my stiff cockwe are in a frenzy and fuck on the carpet, its hot and horny and over in a minutewe lie there in silence, both feeling guilty but within a few minutes I feel it sturringI take her hand and place it on my semi, she giggles and her mouth is round my dick, in seconds I am hard again and this time we go slowly, she cums at least twice and I explode again deep inside her,We dress and I put the kettle on, just as it boils my wife comes in.Hiya ” what have you too been upto” she laughsKaren says ” He has been showing me his hairy bits”!Yeah pull the other one” says my Mrs”He has been shaving it for months” My wife has a brother, never married in fact I can’t even remember him having a girlfriend, Should I go for the full set or quit at 3? I know many stories will be made up but this is all true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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