The Forbidden Zone Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine – Past Time

Feeling startled I sat up with a deep intake of breath. Blinking my eyes I looked around.

It was morning and I….well, I looked very hedonistically unattired, as well as quite dirty.

I glanced over to see Shakaza in an equally disheveled state reminiscent of my own.

The only thing missing was Mel.

Feeling uptight given last night’s most recent develop-ments I glanced around the room worriedly.

My eyes took in a chair drawn up to the bed that had a piece of paper lying on it situated under another of those oh so wonderful drinks from last night.

I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and taking the bottle and then the note beneath it I read it, “Don’t freak out girls. I’ve gone out to check out our surroundings and I will be back soon. The lower courtyard is walled off and entirely safe. There is no electricity in the house to run water, but the waterfall outside in the courtyard is to die for. Enjoy.”

Smiling I opened the bottle and began to drink down half of its contents. Shakaza stirred to life suddenly much as I had.

Smiling I passed her the bottle and the note. That done I arose and stepped out toward a balcony that I had not seen last night.

I heard the splash of water from down below, even as smoke rose from far away in the valley beyond to give a steady reminder of last night’s destructive events.

I chose to ignore the latter for now though and focus on the sound of water instead.

One could only take so much constant and incessant fear before it literally killed one and I for one was done with it!

It was a new day and I was going to appreciate it for all it was worth no matter how many elements within it might be trying to kill me.

I trusted God to do what He could do, because I on my own would be over with quite quickly, so it was better to rely on Him instead, just like Mel did.

Reaching Anadolu Yakası Escort the bottom of the stairway that let out onto a paver laid courtyard I took in the showering peel of water spurting out of a rock wall to literally cascade loudly into a deep crystalline clear pool.

I could still see the watermarks on the pavement from where Mel must’ve stepped free from the pool earlier.

My heart melted even more with the knowledge that in-stead of waking up to enjoy us in bed this morning as was his much overdue right to he had instead gotten up and gone out to ensure that we would be safe here. The security I felt with him in control of my life was immense.

My hands fell to my waist and I undid the crude rope apparatus holding up a skirt that I had made out of a couch’s upholstery onboard the ship. It hit the pavement along with the worn-out slippers from the hospital ward.

Naked I stepped forward and plunged into the crystal clear water of the pool. I gasped with delight upon discovering that the water far from being cold was actually quite warm.

Holding my breath against the heavy flow of water I brought myself to stand under the heaviest part of the water overflow. I stood enraptured with delight as the water cascaded over me both warming me and washing me clean.

Gasping for air I stepped free of the torrent of water and looking upward I saw Shakaza.

“That looks wonderful.” She groaned out with.

Smiling I said, “It is! Get in here.”

She did and I watched with pleasure at her reaction to the water being warm instead of cold.

This place, this world away from the rest, was in many ways a forbidden zone, but right now in this securely walled courtyard it was as if we had entered a veritable Garden of Eden.

Mel’s Perspective

Mel entered in through a side door in the enclosed courtyard wall. He Kurtköy Escort had been away longer than he had wanted to be, but sometimes just to be sure about something one needed to go the extra mile.

In this case he had traveled all the way down into the valley. To say this place was a walking zoo of former extinct elements of creation was to put it mildly.

Thankfully though he’d come across no dinosaurs, just a very hairy looking rhinoceros who hadn’t paid him any attention as it had grazed away peacefully.

In the distance at one point he had been almost positive that he had seen a herd of what he took to be given the context of this place, woolly mammoths.

There had been other strange sights, but what had been particularly of interest to him was the reality of other modern-day animals like rabbits and deer intermixed in with everything else.

The concept of separation between species over long periods of time simply wasn’t true, but rather it was a case that some species had survived in the greater world and some had not. Here everything was still together and as a whole it looked entirely harmonious.

He had taken one of the three rifles from the armory with him so he had felt reasonably secure, even though firing the rifle was the last thing he intended to do. Thankfully he had managed to achieve just that as nothing had seemed to pay him that much mind.

He’d gotten close enough to the settlement in the valley to see that the attack upon it had failed. The bodies of the invaders lay strewn all about like dead fish after an underwater explosion.

They hadn’t gone down quietly though.

The settlement even though it had survived and had security details moving around performing cleanup operations had taken a serious blow.

In fact, from his observation, they likely wouldn’t be able to handle another such influx of human eaters Pendik Escort intent upon devouring one and all.

While not necessarily good news on its own the one positive from his standpoint of view was at least the rich elites would be too busy saving their own skins to worry about coming out into the surroundings to hunt down the escapees from their newest slavery program.

It wasn’t much to feel positive about, but it was at least something.

It meant that they could stay on at the house for at least a little while in relative safety.

Going past the loud waterfall Mel grinned at the signs of water splashed upon the pavement along with the evidence of discarded clothing.

They had evidently taken him up upon his suggestion.

Taking the steps two at a time Mel made it to the upper level balcony outside the bedroom.

Breathing heavy from exertion he stopped dead in his tracks.

Even though it was now the middle of the day there they were asleep on the bed completely bare as the day they had been born.

His shaft once more came achingly erect as he stared down at the two of them.

It was time. Past time.

Going inside he shut and locked the glass door behind him that he took to be actually bulletproof.

The house as a whole was a very secure one despite being essentially all windows on the one side.

The right kind of window material could be as secure as any wall though.

Setting the rifle carefully down on the table not too far from the bed, Mel then approached the bed and began to strip off the clothing he’d found for himself out of the dead man’s wardrobe.

Both women opened their eyes startled and stared up at him in surprise.

They started to rise up but Mel shook his head ‘no’.

There were going to be no more delays.

These were his women and all his patience was at an end from holding himself back from the enjoyment and peace that they had to offer him.

Even if the infamous ‘Others’ started gnawing away on the glass behind him he wasn’t stopping until he planted his seed in each of these amazing creations of feminine delight in order to make them both truly his wives.

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