The first time I caught my wife cheating

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The first time I caught my wife cheatingThe first time I caught my wife cheating, nothing out of the usual happened that night, I was on my way out for the night to drink with mates out on the town, she was laying on the couch watching tv with the blanket on, I kissed her and said have a good night she said you too, I then left roughly around 8pm. after being out for quite a few hours and drunk I flagged down a cab around 2:30am, As i arrived home I walked up the driveway toward the front door, with the blinds slightly open and the kitchen light on providing enough light to just see in, I peered in and what I saw got me harder than I ever been in my life, I look in to see my wife getting absolutely destroyed by a guy who literally looked like a god, 6ft tall ripped and as muscley as a model, he had my wife sinop escort bent over in nothing but high heels and was fucking her harder than she’d ever been fucked in her life, her moans and screams something I never heard before, it sounded like she was being murdered, and she was…. well her pussy was 😉 I Had’nt any idea how long they’d been going at it for but I continued to watch a stroke my cock at the same time, it went on for about another 30 mins or so to which he basically fucked her in every position possible!! and as he finished she quickly got down on her knees as he came all over her face and breasts. I saw them get up as she said you’ll have to hurt get dressed and go, my husband will be home any time now. I quickly ran around the back and watched him leave, about 25 mins later I came escort sinop back around the front unlocked the door and came in like nothing ever happened, she was no longer in the lounge room but in bed, I came in and asked how her night was, she pretended to have just awoken and said it was okay baby just watched some tv and went to bed, to which my cock was still hard as a rock as I hadn’t had the chance to cum, I started touching her pussy which was still extremely wet, she seemed fairly into it still. I then said, did it feel good when he put his cock in here, to which she sat up and went white as a ghost, before she could say anything I said just lay back down, relax, to which she some what did, still looking confused, I then went down on her, sucking and licking her pussy, saying tell me how sinop escort bayan good he fucked you, tell me how I can taste his cock on your pussy, after her seeing my reaction she could tell I loved what I accidentally saw! she then pushed my head right into her wet snatch and said I should have let him cream pie in my pussy and made you lick it up. I then after fucked the shit out of her (not near as good as her new friend) After we finished I went on to ask how do you know this guy where did he come from, she explained he was a guy on her instagram whom wanted to hook up with her for some time (before we even got married) but she would always deny him as she felt he was too good looking for her, and that tonight he messaged her out of no where and feeling lonely she invited him around. I asked if she had any romantic feelings to the guy to which she said not a chance, I still and always will love you, to which my reply was ‘I hope you hang out with him again then’ it was then we discussed and agreed we would love to have an open marriage

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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