The First Time…

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The First Time…You come in with a group of friends. It’s your birthday and you have all been clubbing and this is the last place open. . You had been to a strip bar before but this was the first time you have been here with a plan, a plan that you were not yet aware of. It took a while for your eyes to adjust to the dark environment with the late night jazz music floating through the air. There is a big blue spot light, focused on a dancer who is making feline movements across the stage. She glides and slides, avoiding the poles, to give the audience more of an erotic experience, than the usual leg wide open display of the pole dancer. The girls get you a drink and you all sit at a table close to the stage but far enough away that you get a view of the whole club. You look around and you think (strangely) that you see someone you recognise. But that’s impossible, she is in Australia, she only messaged you last night. No, it can’t be her.The music changes to a bit more upbeat and the dances change on the stage. One girl in your group excuses herself and walks into a back room which you think is odd but assume she is simply drunk and looking for the bathroom in the wrong place. You look around the room again and the girl you were looking at has gone. You think to yourself. “I will have to tell Christy when I see her on skype chat that she had a double” and you chuckle quietly to yourself.Your missing friend comes back but doesn’t sit and stands behind her chair, she has a smile on her face a mile wide and you wonder what happened as she looked for the toilets. You can’t wait to hear this story without realising that you will soon become a big part of it. The others in the group look up at her and go quiet and she tells you that they know they have all given you gifts so far tonight but there is one more to come. She offers you her hand and you take it and she leads you off through a glittery curtain to a hallway with a series of doors. She opens the first door and tells you to go in.You enter the room wondering why they did this to you. You see a small stage with the ever present pole and a large comfortable lounge chair … oddly that has no arms. The spotlight is over the chair and you walk to it and sit. Looking about and you hear the door open again and it’s hard to see with the light coming into your eyes. You go to speak to tell whoever it is that you really can’t do this, and all you hear back is “Shhhhhhh”. You sit back in the chair and figure you will let her dance and then leave. You look through the bright sheen of the spotlight as the dances weaves and rocks to the music. Again you feel that there is something oddly familiar about the girl. She dances in front of the spot light and you can see the silhouette, she is removing the skimpy silks of her costume and you see them fall to the floor. She dances closer. And comes out of the spot light to stand directly in front of you. Your jaw drops. She settles in your lap dr****g a naked leg either side of you. Her arms resting on your shoulders, she smiles. “Hello Tracy”. I can see you go to ask a 1000 questions and I press a single finger to your lips. “Shhhhh, I told you I would be here for your birthday and we can go through the how and when later, but now… I have to ….. “dance” with you.”Your mouth opens to ask another question but before you get a chance, I put my lips to yours and kiss you long and hard and our tongues dance and fight as we kiss. Moaning softly into the kiss as my lips touch yours for the very first time. This is going to be a night of firsts.I look in your eyes, I think it’s not good that only I am naked. Ignoring the rules about who can touch who, I quickly start to undress you, thankfully it’s been hot and your clothing is minimal to say the least. With a few lifts and zips and soon I’m looking at your naked body, your beautiful smile, your perfectly formed breasts and nipples already hardening, your taught flat stomach and your beautifully shaved mound. I push your legs apart and with my legs crossed over the top of them, I sink down between your legs so my bald pussy is sitting just in front of yours. I can feel the heat of your core so close to mine and I know can feel my heat. I lean forward and kiss you again this time swinging my boobs on yours, to let my nipples rub on yours. My hard teats are flicking back and forth on yours, feeling them harden as I kiss down the side of your neck. You tilt your head to one side and I bite and suck along your shoulder and you pull my close to you, I want you so much, desperately in need of güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you but I want to make you wait. I want to make this last. I want to make this last all night long. My wet cunt is so close to yours but I pull back and drop my head to suckle your hard nips. I flash you a smile and you see my white teeth in the light and you them feel them bite down softly on one teat as my fingers take the other run as I suckle and bite one with my mouth, I pull roll and tug on the other. Your moans and sighs are louder than the music and I fucking love hearing you. Its not long before your breasts are wet with both my mouth and the heat of the night air in the room. We are both starting to glisten with sweat but I know in just a few moments we will be sweating more. I pull back of the chair and sink to my knees. Biting and licking down your flat stomach, I can feel your hard abs just under your skin and think how much I would love to see you build up a sweat from working out. I am soon only inches away from tasting you, I can inhale and smell the scents of your body. Not your perfume’s but the natural scents and smells of a woman who is very very excited. I push your legs wide apart and back so your pussy is spread wide open and I push my head in and kiss you in your inner thigh, then the other and then, as you scream into the darkness of the room, I kiss your soft wet lips. I look up at you and your hand goes to my hair and you grab a bunch and I moan into your pussy, then pushing my tongue hard out of my mouth, and I spilt your soft wet velvet lips and lick deep into your hot wet honey cunt. Your juices have been building up and you all but explode into my mouth with your wet honey pussy lube and I lick it all up, pushing my tongue deep into you, deep into your pink wetness and I slide my tongue up and out and flick it over your clit, doing this over and over and over as your screams and moans fill the room. Your clit is aroused and with my left hand I push on your pelvic bone and use my thumb to pull back the hood that is hiding your jewel.My lips lock round your clit and I suckle and flick with my tongue. I slide two fingers under my tongue into your pussy and start to finger fuck you, sliding my fingers in and out, twisting them round and round, crooked up to rub back and forth over your G spot as I lick your clit relentlessly. You are pulling my hair and moaning and pushing your pussy to my mouth, you look down at me, take a deep breath and tell me to eat you, to finish you to make you cum. My fingers pump you relentlessly as I suck and lick. I clamp my mouth over your clit and vibrate my lips by humming and buzzing. You really start to buck against my mouth and fingers and soon arch your back off the chair, scream in total lust and desire and erupt in my mouth with a flooding gushing flood of sweet musky cum. Your fingers pulling hard at my hair, almost wanting to pull me into you, but that is yet to come. As you fall back to the chair, panting and moaning as I slide up to you and kiss you and snuggle into you and let you lick your cum off my lips. Looking in your eyes as you regain your breath, you know this night is not yet over….You close your eyes to regain your composure and when you open your eyes again and I am standing in front of you, with 2 cool glasses of wine. Our bodies are still bathed in sweat and I hand you a long stemmed crystal glass of cool wine. Then I offer you my other hand and you stand and we walk naked out of the small room. Walking down the dimly lit corridor I lead up some stairs to a large room. The room has a large bed on the far wall and soft music is being piped into the room from somewhere that we both neither care about at the moment. There is a set of curtained double doors on one wall and putting our glasses on a table beside the door, I lead you outside to a discrete balcony, hidden from prying eyes. The balcony has a small spa to one side and a set or stairs leading down to a lit azure rock pool. I look at you and ask, “Care for a swim?”You nod and we walk down the steps and we dive into the cool water. The pool is built from large stones, not concrete, and looks for all intents that we were on a tropical island not in the middle of a large city. We swim about for a while laughing and giggling as we splash each other and then I swim over to a large rock near a small waterfall. You ask how I managed to arrange all this and I suggest the best thing is not to ask and just enjoy the night.“But Christy … !”“Tracy, I have wanted to spend some special güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri time with you for the longest time. I know where I live and I know where you live and neither of us can move and I knew if we were going to ever do anything, it had to be a night to remember. I think this will be that night”. I pull you out of the water and we lay on the towels, holding each other and kissing softly. Our tongues dance wildly with each other, fighting in a heated passion for the taste of each other’s lips. The summer night breeze warm on our wet skin. Our bodies envelope each other in a tangle of arms and legs, I feel your breasts on mine. I roll you over and lay on you. You tell me that you want to taste me and I tell you that you will, all in good time. But now, is my time, and you are mine and I start to rub and grind on you. Lifting your hand up above your head to lift your breasts and in the same movement, pin you under me, I start to rub you harder and harder. But it’s not enough. I kneel between your open legs and grab a towel and slide it under your ass to lift your pussy up. Then by lifting your legs over up to lock around my waist, I reach down between us and spread your hot wet pussy lips. I press my cunt into the slit of your pussy and start to rub you, pussy to pussy, clit to clit. I groan loudly in lust not caring that we are only one floor above the street, people entering and leaving the club would hear me but I don’t care, I only care about your pussy on mine and your clit rubbing mine. Still holding your arms joined at the wrist in one of my hands, I move the other hand to your breast and roll, pull and stretch your nipple. Now it’s you filling the night air with the sounds of passion, the sounds of desire, the sounds of fucking.Rubbing harder, I remember the words you called me in a DM message not long ago and you look in my eyes and moan and say the words again. “Christy, you sexy cunt, fuck me”Not knowing if you understand how being called that effects me but it drives me to rub you harder, rub your clit harder , my pussy sliding and rubbing into your cunt, faster and faster. Moaning like a 10 dollar porn star but these are not the noises of someone getting paid, these are the moans and groans of someone who is close to orgasm. Someone who is close to releasing all of her passion. Looking in your eyes….“Fuck me Tracy. Fuck me hard and I will squirt. And how we are now I will spray my cunt honey INSIDE you. Make me cum.”“Oh god Christy yes, cum with me, together!”And you rub and push your sex into mine, lifting your head to bite my neck. You want to mark me, you want to leave me something to remind me of this night. You want to give me a love bruise I will not forget and I tilt my head to the side. Wanting it as much as you do.We started making love but now we are rubbing and grinding in a passionate embrace, we are fucking. Fucking like the wild bitches as are and we don’t care, we want to please each other and as I feel you stiffen and push yourself into me, you scream and I arch my back and with you, at the same time as you, we cum. I don’t know if I ever told you how hard I cum, the power of the squirt as it leaves my body and as your pussy envelopes my cunt, forming a sexual seal, it has nowhere to go but inside you. You feel it and you go into overdrive. You break the grip of my hands and hold me, raking your nails down my back as we cum. Your legs wrapped around me, your arms embracing me, your mouth kissing me. We slow the gyrations of our bodies and lay in the night air. The water on our skin is now sweat and we are both breathing so hard you would think we had just run a marathon; a marathon of sexual desire and lust. And then we just lay there, neither of us capable of speaking just yet. resting…With a small rest of cuddling and just being together, looking at you and admiring your beautiful body. I nudge you and slip into the pool again and splash you. You stand and I have another look at you and splash you again and you dive into the water after me. We swim and play about, embracing each other in the cool water, kissing and laughing. We get out back on the balcony and towel off. The night is finally starting to cool and we head into the room and I sit you on the bed and look at you. Your legs apart looking up at me. “I’m going to fuck you Tracy,” I say to you in a very determined voice. “I’m going to fuck you with your own toy. I’m going to fuck you like you like to fuck the ones you love. I’m going to fuck you hard and dirty”.I walk over to a chair güvenilir bahis şirketleri and rummage for what I am looking for and I am soon busying myself fixing the straps to my hips and when I turn, you can see I’m not lying as the big thick black rubber strap on hangs right in front of my pussy. And I grab it and fake wank it, rubbing a lube into the rubber. You moan and lay back on the bed, your hand slides to your puss and you start to rub your clit as you watch me walk over to you. “Normally, if this was mine, I would make you suck this and taste every cunt I have ever fucked while wearing this but as this is yours, I’m guessing you feasted on the pussies before you fucked them, so we can dispense with that l’il game.”My hand takes over from yours as I slide beside you. You moan as I tilt the angle of my finger and slide it into your wet velvet cunt. Sucking your nipple as I finger fuck you. “Did you realise that I was fingering myself as I watched you look at me in the club. I knew you couldn’t see me, I just guessed that you believed it wasn’t me but it still excited me to see you in the flesh for the first time knowing what was going to happen. I could not keep my fingers still.”I keep pushing my finger in and out of you, my thumb rubbing your clit and you spread your legs even further. Your grab my wrist and stop me“Christy, for God’s sake just fuck me, now!”I smile and roll over, lifting your legs high and spreading you wide but I can’t resist lowering my head to taste you just once more. You move your hands to behind your knees to hold your legs apart and lift them back as I rub the thick rubber black cock head over your slit and start slapping the heavy cock on your clit. You moan like woman possessed as I hold the cock still and push the bulbous head into your slit, watching your lips expand and open and take the fake cock inside you. I hold it still for a moment as you lift your hips to get more of it inside you and I fall and thrust and push the cock deep and hard into your cunt. “FUCK”, you moan. “Fuck me you slut, fuck me hard you dirty fucking whore. You promised me you would now… fuck … me.. fuck me hard you dirty cunt”.I smile as hear you moan and cuss and I kiss you hard as I fuck you deep and hard. Thrusting the cock in deeper and deeper and I lift my tit into your mouth and you bite and suck my nipple. Slam fucking you, enjoying the freedom of fucking someone who likes to fuck as hard as I do. Someone else who lets go to sexual freedom and doesn’t let her life be controlled or constrained by false modesty. Someone who knows what she wants, what she needs, and takes it with both hands. You bring me out of my thoughts by biting my nipple hard, one of your hands holds the other , pulling and mauling the nipple with your nails and I moan a deep guttural sexual moan of lust as I pump your cunt with your own toy. You let go or my tits and garb my face in both hands, looking at me with a face contorted in fuck lust. “Fuck me you dirty cunt, fuck me hard and make me cum,” you tell me like the bitch on heat that you are.I need to further encouragement and I lift your legs over my shoulders and look down into your panting face. I’m fucking you harder than I ever have fucked another woman before. It builds, the whole trip, the whole night, the passion of flirting for months all coming together in hard, wet explosion of sexual desire. The sounds of us reverberate around the room and anyone walking on the street under the pool would have no doubt of what was happening in the rooms up above. Two women from different sides of the planet were fucking like there was no tomorrow.You are starting to arch your back as you push your wet pussy to my strokes, I can feel the same build in me as the base of the cock hits my clit on each thrust. Looking down in your face, looking into your eyes, I can see you are close, I lift your hand to mines and I suckle and bite your fingers, then leaning on to you, bending you in half as I want to feel as much of you on me as I can. Our wet sweaty bodies melt as I push the cock, as I fuck your cunt, as we fuck, as we fuck, as.. we.. fuck! As we cum. AS WE EXPLODEBoth of us screaming like porn stars, both of our pussies convulsing and flooding the sweet cunt honey of orgasm. It takes all my concentration to not just collapse on you and keep thrusting you through your climax, and as I do my sensitive clit gets hammered by the cock base and I go into a multiple orgasm. Collapsing on you, kissing you , caressing you as you respond by doing the same to me. “You bitch”, you say softly. “Next time fucking warn me.”We both laugh. I pull off the straps and we collapse and cuddle up into each other. My hand is patting your ass, and I giggle.“What’s that all about?” you ask me.“Consider your ass warned.” I say and kiss you, smiling about what’s to come over the rest of the weekend.

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