The Firemen

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The FiremenIt all started when i was on this other chat sight,i was on there for a few months & chatted to quite a lot of men frequently,i had some regulars & some were just one offs wanting to view my pics so i gave them permission but only if we had chatted. Anyway i was approached by this guy who was a fireman we chatted a couple of times he loved my pics & i his,he was a lot younger than me & very athletic & good looking. One day he asked me did i want to hook up,i usually said no,but i was so unhappy in my relationship & feeling so unwanted & unloved & he was quite local,so i ended up saying yes. I new it was wrong & id never cheated on my partner before but i sort of knew it was over anyhow,but was just hoping for a miracle. Anyway we arranged to meet not to far away,& i should have told some one really because he could have turned out to be a r****t or a murderer or anything anyway luckily for me he didn’t. I stood on the footpath outside the garage my heart was banging in my chest,dressed in a black push up bra black lace panties & black suspenders & stockings,& a short skirt & top & long coat & heels i waited excited but very nervous. A few minutes later a black BMW pulled up & a window went down,”you getting in then” he said,yes i said smiling. He was nicer than his pictures i thought, we drove back to his apartment which wasn’t that far away.He let us both in “go straight through” he said,i did so it wasn’t a huge place but was very tidy the tv was on ” would you like a drink” “just water,please” i said my mouth was so dry with nerves. Still i took of my coat canlı bahis şirketleri placed it on the back of the sofa & sat down,we chatted flirtingly for a very short while then he reached out & put his hand around the back of my head & pulled my face closure to his,”you look so sexy he said even more so in the flesh” then he began kissing me,i put down my glass of water i had been sipping at,then stood up & took of my skirt & top as he sat there staring at me he then took of his jeans & t-shirt,i straddled over his lap on the sofa & carried on kissing him & fondled his cock & balls,whilst he undid my bra strap & threw it to the floor,i stood up again & turned around & slowly slid down my panties revealing my smooth shaven pussy from behind then i turned around to find he had slid of his boxers & socks he was completely naked & i liked what i could see,i was stood just in my stocking suspenders & heels which i left on. At this point he grabbed a hold of my hand & pulled me back down on to the sofa straddling him once again i sat on his rock hard throbbing cock & it slid into my soaking wet pussy so easily i began to ride him slowly & smoothly at first he moaned with pleasure at the feel of my wetness wrapped around his cock,i started to pick up pace getting faster & deeper with every stroke ,he moaned louder then after a while he pushed me off to the side of him onto the sofa,he spread my legs as wide as he could admiring my gaping pussy” mmm you have a lovely pussy” he said & with that he shoved his head between my legs & began licking & sucking canlı kaçak iddaa at my pussy it was my turn to moan loudly mmm it felt so good so sensitive after riding him,he licked me until he made me orgasm many times until i could take no more,then he got up & laid back on the sofa & began licking & sucking his balls & cock “mmm oh wow” he said i carried on making him groan with sheer pleasure with every lick & suck,in & out ,up & down his shaft after all i did so love to suck cock. After some time he told me to kneel on the sofa over the arm so i did & he slid into my pussy & began fucking me fast & hard just how i liked it,he fucked me senseless for what seemed like ages not that i’m complaining it was so good,then just when i thought he was getting near to finishing he stopped & pulled out & rammed his cock up my tight ass,he pulled back on my hair as he did fucking me hard once more spanking my ass cheek as well he was driving me wild & i didn’t want it to end it was heavenly,& it didn’t it went on again for what seemed like an eternity & it felt fantastic our hot sweaty bodies banging against each other’s panting,moaning to the point were we both explode with pleasure,it feels like a firework has gone off between my legs & i feel him as he blows his load in my ass.we both collapse in a heap exhausted & laughing “wow that was hot” i say”mmm sure was” he says” we so need to do this again” & we did on several occasions & everytime it was just as horny & hot. we fucked on that sofa more times than i can remember,in his shower ,on the floor up the wall.That canlı kaçak bahis guy had some stamanna let me tell you unlike his boss! I also got talking to another guy who turned out to be a fireman at the same station as the other guy,but was older & alot more cocky & full of his self.(and the other guys boss) We used to chat alot mainly dirty sex chat & one day he dared me to put my money where my mouth is so to speak i said no for a while & he kept on teasing me saying that he would love to fuck me but he knew i would chicken out,so after being wound up for some time i said ok then i would meet him. I don’t know why i did i didn’t really fancy him i guess i thought he was all mouth & would chicken out,but he didn’t. I phoned a taxi & went to his house just as i arrived he opened the door a smug grin on his face i went in & he led me to the back room i took off my coat & sat down,he sat next to me we chatted a little then he put his hand between my legs & began kissing me ,he rubbed my pussy & i gave out a little moan. I then stood up & dropped my panties & skirt & top & bra to the floor ,standing in my stockings & heels he looked very pleased with what he saw,he sat me down opened my legs & began licking my big wet pussy i pushed his head into my pussy as i groaned,he licked me til i orgasmed then he got up & got his cock out & i began sucking it for him, i could tell he was enjoying his self by the noises he was making after some time he pushed me back grabbed my legs & pushed his cock into my open wet pussy & it slurped as it went in & out he fucked me for some time before blowing his load inside me it felt good. Afterwards we got dressed & talked as we did & he said” no wonder he comes to work with a big smile on his face” . He gave me a lift home but i never saw him again. As far as stranger sex goes it was good though!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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