The Family Mansion Pt. 04

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Wednesday, September 4

6:00 a.m.

Liz woke up first. The sex demon inside of her seemed to have taken over her body almost completely yesterday. But, waking up naked next to an equally naked Bri, and seeing her children just as nude in bed with her on the other half of the large bed, made her very horny.

The whole room smelled like sex, and the motherly part of her mind was suddenly feeling very guilty once again. Liz was the grown-up in the family, so Bri couldn’t be blamed for letting things get out of hand. She was just as much a parent to her kids as Liz was. Well, Liz thought, it was time for me to put my foot down and let people know where I stood and that things in this house are not going to get out of control again.

She showered her gorgeous, tan, fit body thinking about it, deciding that this would be final and she would not allow anything else to continue unless they needed it for a photo session… She had to, she was the responsible one in that household and it was her duty to be sure no one had any more sex of any kind.

Of course, then the sex demon inside of Liz reminded her how last night, she could hear through the darkness of her bedroom as Brooke and Nathan made love. Recalling the sounds she realized that Lexi had been involved too, as Liz and Bri made love only maybe five feet away from them. She began to feel horny again, despite the decision she had just made to lower the overall amount of sex in that house. Liz was disgusted with herself, and had to remember that these were her kids, and they were fucking! Though reminding herself that didn’t help any as it made her feel even hotter, but she refrained from masturbating in the shower at that time.

Liz came out of her bathroom, just in time to catch Brooke, awake now, and playing with Nathan’s morning wood. Liz, both horny and guilt-ridden, came up to Brooke and forcefully removed her daughter’s hand from her son’s penis. She was in no mood.

“Ow,” Brooke yelped, but kept quiet to not wake anyone else, “what gives, Mom?”

“You shouldn’t be doing that,” Liz explained, “he’s your brother! For God’s sake!”

Brooke sighed, realizing Liz was back to being motherly again and not the horny slut she’d slowly become since this all started. But Liz was probably right, and though Brooke never wanted all the incestuous fun to ever end, she knew good things had to stop eventually.

“Actually Mom,” she said, “why don’t you and I go and check on the website. Maybe we have the money now.” She said bitterly, knowing this was over. Still, eating Lexi’s pussy while Nathan fucked her from behind was probably the hottest thing that had ever happened to Brooke, at least she would have that memory. Brooke’s only wish was that she hadn’t gotten it on video.

They went into Brooke’s room, Liz was just in her robe and Brooke was still completely naked. Liz thought her daughter still smelled of pussy from the night before, a scent she was learning to love, she was supremely conflicted as it was turning her on staring at Brooke’s bare ass as they walked through the hall. She tried to ignore her imaginings, but it wasn’t really doing much good. She realized she probably should have masturbated in the shower after all since she would probably be much calmer and less horny at that point.

Brooke sat at her desk once they came into the room, not bothering to put on clothes. Liz did her best not to notice her sexy oldest daughter’s amazing tits and when she failed that she did her best not to think about sucking on Brooke’s nipples, but that didn’t work either. She did her best not to actually start sucking her daughter’s gorgeous boobs, which she succeeded at but she stood staring and licking her lips as Brooke started up the computer.

Brooke noticed her mother’s discomfort and decided to “accidentally” start up one of their videos as soon as they got on the website. It was the one they made yesterday in the theater, where Nathan forcefully fucked Brianna and then ordered Liz to suck his cock. Liz saw as the video came up and sucked in her breath sharply, but didn’t say anything as she watched for a moment while Nathan fucked Brianna.

“Oh, sorry Mom,” Brooke said, “I just hit the wrong button,” with the mouse she scrolled over to where she could check the balance, “we can leave and-“

“No, wait!” Liz shouted at her daughter, surprising both of them. She really wanted to see when Nate grabbed her and roughly fucked her mouth. But after shouting she realized that she was being a bad mother again. “Uh, I mean, you better show me how much money we’ve made now.” She looked away from the screen until Brooke told her she had the balance up now.

Liz turned back around and saw that they had made almost $100,000, nearly double what they needed. Liz whistled, impressed. “Wow,” Liz said, “Sweetheart, that’s pretty damn impressive. Now we can pay off the house and keep our place.” etimesgut escort Liz was very happy about that, she was going to call her lawyer later that day. She was absolutely glowing, Brooke noticed when she glanced over at her mother.

Brooke was downright depressed though, “I guess that’s it for our family sessions though.” She said, sadly, “I guess it was fun while it lasted.”

Liz’s mood suddenly darkened a bit as well. Even though she was just telling herself that she should call everything off once they had the money and she’d get an actual job and they could all work together to keep making payments on the house, not to mention gas, electricity, water, and groceries. It was going to be a lot of money to keep paying for it all and they couldn’t just rely on Brooke’s website the whole time.

Wait, Liz thought, though maybe it was the sex demon inside of her, couldn’t we use Brooke’s website to keep making money? We can make all the money we need and then some. Why would we stop now? She shook her head, trying to shake off how naughty and sexy the thoughts of not stopping with the sessions, and not stopping with her son, especially.

“Um,” Liz said, ” I think we shouldn’t tell anyone else that we have the money. At least not yet anyway.”

Brooke did a double-take at her mother, not believing what she was hearing, “Wait? You want to continue with the video shoots?” She asked.

YES! Liz’s mind screamed but her mouth said, “Well, I just don’t want to give up on this completely as a means of making money. As you know, it costs a lot to run a house like this and this could be our way of equalling that cost. Um,” Liz was doubting herself again, she knew this was a decision she was making almost purely out of desire. She needed to think about it more, “I’m just going to do my yoga and my run now. I think I should do this alone. I have a lot to think about. Just don’t tell anyone we have the money yet, okay sweetie?”

Brooke nodded, wondering if there was something she could do to make her mother’s decision swing in the direction she wanted it to go. If Brooke could read her mother’s thoughts as she left, she’d probably realize she wouldn’t have to push that hard. She watched as Liz turned and left her room, admiring her mother’s great ass as she left. As soon as she was gone, Brooke switched back to the video of her family in the movie theater. She started to masturbate as she watched her brother fuck their mother’s face.

Liz went back to her room. The kids and Bri were all still asleep, but she was going to fix that. She put on her exercise outfit and woke up everyone but Nathan. “Get out of here and get dressed. We’re all showering alone today, and leave Nathan alone, he needs his sleep.” She whispered at Lexi and Bri as she forced them out of her room. When they were gone, she sat on the bed and put her shoes on, noticing immediately that Nathan still had a raging morning boner just under the thin material of her bedsheet. She looked at it feeling both guilty and also wondering what she could do before Nathan woke up.

Liz felt she could definitely give her son a handjob, and possibly a blow job, but could she fuck him? The thought of fucking him in his sleep made her pussy extremely wet and she decided to leave before it leaked through her yoga pants and everyone could see how horny she was. She had a lot to think about anyway, she felt some exercise would help to clear her head.

6:48 a.m.

Brianna went to shower. She used the shower room, figuring if anyone came in they’d already seen her naked, at least, and if they wanted she’d probably let them join her. Unlike Liz, Bri had no regrets about what’s been happening in that house. In fact, she was happier and more sexually satisfied than she’d been in a long time. And though she never saw Liz’s kids as sexual beings before, all she could think was how sexy they all were and how much she wanted to fuck all of them.

Though the incest aspect bothered her when Liz was telling her about it alone at her motel room, after she saw how beautiful everyone looked and how fucking masculine Nathan was especially, she knew she wouldn’t stop them from fucking each other and, in fact, was now actively encouraging it. Nathan was slowly turning into some kind of sex god, and Bri knew that soon no woman in that household would be able to resist him. She laughed as she started soaping her luscious tits, her joke to herself yesterday was going to be right on the money, she realized. This mansion was going to turn into the home of Nate’s Harem. Bri started rubbing her pussy, fantasizing how she could get even more women into that house, though she knew it was only fantasy and couldn’t come to pass in that way.

Lexi also took a shower but in one of the duplicate bathrooms across from the bedrooms. The shower in these rooms wasn’t very small but not very big either, they could probably etimesgut escort bayan fit three people in each one comfortably but any more and everyone would be rubbing up against each other with 4 and 5 would just be packed. Lexi wasn’t sure why she was thinking about how many people could fit in the shower and shook the thought from her mind.

There was also a bathtub in each bathroom, but it was really only good for one person each unless the two people were very close. Lexi sighed, realizing she was only trying to distract herself from thinking about her family, but she really didn’t have much else to think about now.

Donna seemed to want her to continue this relationship with her brother, and truthfully, Lexi wanted it as well. Her brother was the best lover she’s ever had, though she’d only been with three different boys other than Nathan, something in her knew that he was always going to be the best fuck she’s ever gotten. She sighed again, knowing she was being stupid and ridiculous. It was her brother! She should not be thinking about him as anything but that.

Still, Lexi’s pussy was sore from her brother’s fucking yesterday, combined with Brooke’s tongue lashing last night, but it was a soreness that felt good. One that reminded her just how good it felt to be with her family in such an intimate way. I’m not thinking clearly, she thought, but as she did so she also started washing her vagina with both hands, paying special attention to her clitoris, this is my family. Family is forever. I can’t go fucking up everything we have between us just because, ugh, just because, um, I want them to FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME! OH MY FUCKING GOD! NATHAN! BROOKE! ERIKA! MOM! FUUUUCK! She thought as she rubbed herself through her soreness to a terrific orgasm.

Once she was out of the shower, she decided to check and see if Nathan was awake yet, she went back to Mom’s room but found it to be locked. She thought about knocking until he got up and let her in, but that’s when Erika stepped out into the hall, and Lexi decided she should probably be somewhere else.

Erika was still upset, but she had Cheerleader practice that morning and she didn’t want to miss that no matter what. She had it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before school and also after school on Friday because they usually had a football game in the evening, though football didn’t start until next week. Anyway, she went into the bathroom and took a shower. When she was done she put on her cheerleading outfit.

Erika didn’t like to wear panties, even in a short skirt like that one, but she did put them on when she cheered for obvious reasons. She took a pair of white panties and stuck them in her pocket, intent on putting them on in the bathroom once she got to school like she usually did when she had practice.

8:01 a.m.

Nathan woke up around 8. He was a little disappointed to see that he was the only one in the room and had morning wood when he woke up. He wondered if he could go down to breakfast naked and if people would even care at that point.

He decided against it and threw on one of his loose-fitting pairs of shorts and a t-shirt. His boner was not going down, Nathan thought that was probably because his body was just getting used to the extra sexual stimulation, and if he didn’t have an orgasm soon he would probably get blue balls really fast. Nathan went downstairs and into the dining hall where the rest of his family was except Liz who was still out jogging, and Bri, who seemed to be making bacon and eggs in the kitchen.

Erika saw Nathan when he came in and noticed her sisters staring at the giant bulge in his shorts. She got immediately jealous and got up from the table and stomped over to Nathan, “Oh, nice boner, Nathan,” she said using the tone she normally used when she was making fun of him, “I guess you’re just going to wait for me to leave again in order to use it on Lexi again right?”

Nathan was shocked by this but he sighed, he knew Erika was just being herself again, “What is your problem, sis?” he asked, getting a little angry with her, “You know I’m doing this so we can keep the house.”

“Oh really, that’s the only reason?” Erika said, “Just admit it, Nathan, you love Lexi and Brooke and you HATE ME!” Erika was so angry she felt like she could slap someone at any moment.

Erika’s anger was enough to really piss Nathan off. “You little cunt!” He said as he suddenly grabbed her by the hair. Erika screamed, not sure what was going on. Lexi was equally shocked but she’d seen Nathan this way a couple of times now, the last time was right before he roughly fucked her through multiple orgasms. She was getting really turned on watching her brother manhandle their little sister.

Brooke had been turned on since before she got out of bed that morning. She just smiled at this as she played with her pussy under the table.

Nathan escort etimesgut took Erika and propped her up on the table in front of his chair, he pushed her cheerleader skirt up, exposing her bare pussy, “No panties Erika,” he laughed, feeling powerful, “even when you’re going to cheerleading practice?”

Erika was starting to get really turned on as Nathan pulled her hair as he stared at her bald cunt, “I have a pair in my pocket, ahem,” she explained, doing her best and failing to hide her horniness from her brother, “I put them on at school.”

“Not today,” Nate said as he fished her panties out of the small pocket in the side of her outfit, he tossed them on the floor. “Now, time for my breakfast.” He said before sitting in his chair, pulling it up to the table and then diving his tongue into his little sister’s waiting cunt. She was already wet. Erika felt she’d been wet all morning actually.

“Oh my god, that feels so good!” Erika shouted as her brother ate her sopping wet pussy. She tried to hold back but could already be feeling her orgasm approaching, “Oh god, don’t stop Nate!” She yelled.

Brooke, not believing it, reached up and started playing with one of Erika’s huge tits. She pushed her Cheerleader top out of the way and started rolling her nipples in both her hands. This was too much for Erika as she moaned loudly and started cumming into her brother’s mouth. Nathan ate up her juices like he couldn’t get enough. When she stopped coming he stood up and dropped his shorts.

“Now for the main course,” he joked and then plunged his cock into Erika’s pussy. He only got about halfway in at first, she was so tight.

Erika moaned loudly again, her brother’s love stick was fucking her. He started to slowly take it in and out as her pussy got used to his size. She couldn’t believe how much it felt like he was stretching her to her limit. She came again and again, feeling like this was somehow one continuous orgasm. Her brother was killing her with pleasure. She started bucking wildly as she felt her nipples being sucked on.

Erika looked and saw that Brooke was on one side of her breasts with Lexi on the other and they were both happily sucking away at her giant tits why Nathan fucked her brains out. It was too much and she started cumming yet again, already, she lost count of how many times she came in such a short amount of time.

Nathan, being this was his first orgasm of the day, didn’t last much longer and pumped a huge load of cum into his 19-year old sister’s pussy. He kept fucking her though, still hard as a rock.

“Oh my god,” Erika moaned in a haze of orgasm upon orgasm, “you fill me up so fucking much. Don’t ever stop fucking me Nathan.”

“I never will,” Nathan said as he started getting into a rhythm again. He fucked her hard, feeling both their juices sloshing around his cock inside her as he did so. Suddenly, he decided he wanted a better angle, and he flipped Erika over so she was now on her stomach and started fucking her on the table doggy style.

Lexi, her mouth unable to keep sucking her sister’s tit once Nathan flipped Erika over, sat back in her chair and finger fucked herself as she watched the hot incestuous scene before her.

Brooke, sad she didn’t have her new suck toy now, leaned over and stuck her tongue in Erika’s ass. She started licking her tight hole, being able to feel her brother’s giant cock pushing in and out of their sister with her tongue as she did so.

Bri had finished making breakfast for herself and the Slope family and was taking it into the dining room but stopped at the scene before her. Bri knew what was happening as she was fairly certain anyone in that house would be able to hear Erika moaning as her brother gave her the hard fucking she deserved for being such a bitch lately.

Liz came back too, she heard the sound but something in her mind told her it was probably something else as she walked into the dining room. Only to catch Nathan fucking the only sister she hadn’t found out about him fucking yet. Her mouth dropped open as she watched the scene in front of her. She should stop this, or at least protest, or anything, anything at all.

Instead, Liz just stood and watched, the entire time envisioning that it was her Nathan was fucking instead of his little sister. This was easy to do given that Erika looked just like a younger version of herself. Liz really wanted to plunge a few fingers into her pussy, but instead, she just stood there like a mouse who had just turned a corner only to be face to face with the family’s housecat.

Nathan moaned and came into his little sister’s pussy for the second time in a row. He then stepped back and everyone watched as Erika lay on the table with her brother’s cum steadily leaking out of her. She had been fucked so hard and came so many times that she couldn’t move even though she knew that everyone in that house was now staring openly as her recently used vagina, and she could feel as her brother’s spunk slowly dripped out of her and onto the floor. He came inside her twice in a row, and he came so much that she felt absolutely full of his cream now. She wondered how she was going to hide that all day, especially since Nathan told her she couldn’t wear her panties to school.

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