The Face-Painter Ch. 07

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Aah….here we are….I can taste that cold beer already.” As we arrived at our favorite restaurant, Gabriel himself opened the door and let some customers out. We waited for them to pass before stepping past the smiling Spaniard.

“¡Bienvenidos, muchachos! Pasar y sentaos. Ya tenéis lista vuestra mesa,” Gabriel said as he shook our hands with a flourish. He spoke mostly to Andy, knowing my knowledge of Spanish was nothing more than the “high school special”. I knew enough to fit it into the context of the whole situation that he was basically giving us the usual welcome. Andy and he had a rapid exchange mixed with laughter as the genial host ushered us over to our usual booth in the back corner. We liked the spot as it gave us a full view of the whole restaurant, and yet gave us sufficient privacy, away from any potential eavesdroppers. The other thing we liked about this booth was that if either of them were working, it usually was in the section handled by one of Gabriel’s two daughters, Marta or Silvia. As I mentioned earlier, Gabriel had a habit of hiring busty buxom girls to be his waitresses; and his own daughters were no exception.

Tonight the place was already pretty busy and I could see Gabriel had a full complement of about seven or eight girls working. They were each dressed in the same type of uniform; seemingly standard amongst the waitress tribe for the last half century of so. It consisted of a kind of a mustard-colored dress that ended a few inches above the knee, with a few buttons up the front of the bodice and a typical small-lapelled collar. This was covered with a little white frilly waitress’ apron tied at the small of their back. The whole look was kind of retro-charming, but what Andy and I loved about it most of all was that when Gabriel issued them their uniform, he must have purposely given them each a uniform at least one size smaller than they needed. With them being so tight, most of the girls ended up leaving an extra button undone at the front; probably just so they could breathe in the restricting garment. But I never saw any of them complaining; I’m sure the size of their tips was directly related to the size of their tits. Between the girls he hired naturally having big guns, and the tight-fitting uniforms, it was a heavenly display of tightly encased breasts and deep cleavage every which way you looked; a perfect appetizer enhancer for tit lovers like Andy and I.

Settling into my side of the booth, I could see that both Marta and Silvia were on duty. Ever since we’d been coming here, Andy had taken a liking to the quieter, more demure one, Silvia, while I had always been enchanted by the bold and gregarious Marta. The two sisters were absolutely gorgeous and dizzyingly sexy, each in their own separate way. Both girls had dark hair, Silvia’s being cut quite short while Marta’s came to her shoulders. They both had beautiful smooth olive–toned skin, indicative of their Spanish heritage. Their similar almond-shaped eyes were beautiful. Marta’s were a piercing dark brown and when you looked directly into them, it was like she could see right into your very soul. Silvia’s brilliant hazel-colored eyes seemed to glitter breathtakingly in certain types of light, a fact that Andy never tired of pointing out. Marta was a couple of years older; I remember her telling us once a short time ago that she was 23. She was a little taller than her younger sister, probably around 5′-7″, but both had similar physical attributes. Yeah, they both had big full breasts which seemed to cover the full breadth of the chests and nice curvy round behinds that had those waitress dresses of theirs swinging beautifully when they hurried about the restaurant. With the usual extra button undone on their uniforms, there was no shortage of swelling tit-flesh visible whenever they were around.

Our table must have been in Marta’s section tonight because when she finished up at an adjacent table, she grabbed two menus and walked over to us, those wide hips of hers swaying provocatively as she moved gracefully towards us. Andy noticed her approaching at the same time as I did and motioned towards her as she spoke, “Hola, Marta. Ven y charla con nosotros. ¡Cuanto tiempo! ¿Cómo te va?”

She continued towards us, only now she was shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “Andy, why do you do that?” she asked as she slid a menu in front of each of us.

“What?” Andy replied, an unknowing look on his face.

Marta stood at the side of our table, her hands perched defiantly on those wide flaring hips of hers. I looked up at her pretty face and could see a playful glint in her eye as she started to scold Andy. “Showing off like that. You know how bad Connor’s Spanish is. You should be ashamed of yourself.” As she spoke to Andy, she nodded towards me as if I were a stupid child being talked about by his parents.

“What? I…..I…..” Andy stammered, holding up his hands innocently. I somehow felt obliged to try and come to his rescue.

“Hey, jovencita,” I said with an air of indignation, “my Spanish isn’t sincan escort as bad as you think.”

“Is that so?” Marta replied as she turned towards me and crossed her arms beneath that massive front porch of hers; her dazzling eyes sparkling darkly as a delightful smile played at the corners of her wide sensuous mouth. “I’m still not convinced. Care to make a little wager on it?” Hmmmm, I guess calling her ‘young lady’ in Spanish hadn’t done the trick.

“No problem,” I said with a dismissive wave of my hand. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” she said as she tilted her head teasingly and slowly rocked from side to side. “How about if I give you a sentence in Spanish, and you have to translate it? If you get it wrong, I win. If you get it right, you win.”

“And what would each of us win?” I asked, more than willing to play this little game with this hot Hispanic girl; provided I wasn’t about to lose the keys to my car or house.

“If I win,” she said slowly as she looked from me to Andy and then back again, her dark eyes alive with a teasing intensity now, “If I win, you have to take me take me out for dinner next week anywhere I want.”

Well, this certainly seemed to be looking more and more like a win-win situation for me. “Hmmm, I don’t know about that.” I really put on an air of uncertainty into my voice now. “And if I win?”

“If you win,” she said slowly as she leaned forwards on the edge of our table, the upper swells of her tremendous jugs seeming about to pour out of the top of her uniform. “If you win, well, if you can translate what I’m going to say to you, that’ll be your answer.” She slowly shifted her upper body from side to side, and my eyes were drawn to her straining chest, the taut uniform top fighting tenaciously to contain that huge rack of hers. Jesus, what a fucking set she had. Not giving a damn now whether I could translate a single word or not, I forced my eyes back up to those dark mysterious orbs of hers.

“Alright then,” I replied with a confident nod of my head. “Let’s hear what you’ve got.”

“Okay, here it is, and I’ll say it slowly for you so you have no excuses: ‘Si adivinas mi talla de sujetador, entonces podrás ver lo que esconde.’ Now, what did I say?” with her pronouncement made, she stood back and put her hands back on her hips. Andy burst out laughing and then clamped his hand over his mouth as he looked around to see if anyone had noticed his sudden outburst.

“Ummm, well,” I started, totally flummoxed as I had no fucking clue what she’d said at all. I think the first part of what she said might have been ‘If you’, but beyond that, I was totally lost. Andy continued snickering as I struggled to come up with something reasonable.

“Give up?” she asked playfully as she proceeded to tap her foot and examine her fingernails in the classic “I’m waiting” pose.

In this town known for betting of any kind, I could feel my imminent demise on this particular wager rapidly approaching as the Jeopardy countdown ticker seemed to be playing in my head. “Okay, here’s what I think you said,” I finally responded. Andy stopped laughing and lowered his hand to the table while Marta once again leaned forwards, both of them eagerly awaiting my answer. “You said, ‘If you really wanted to go out with me, all you had to do was ask.’ That’s it, right?”

A winsome smile appeared on Marta’s face and I knew that even if I didn’t have the translation correct, in a way, I had said the right thing. She paused for a couple of seconds before answering, a broad warm smile spreading over her face as she did. “Sorry buster, close, but no cigar, as they say. Yes, I’ve got the perfect restaurant in mind that you can take me to. Let’s say next week sometime?”

“Wait a second,” I said, raising my hands in an exaggerated gesture of despair. “If that wasn’t it, you have to tell me what you really said.”

“I’ll leave that to your good Spanish friend Speedy Gonzalez here to tell you,” she replied as she nodded in Andy’s direction. “But in the meantime, since your attempted answer was so sweet, I’ll get you guys a couple of beers on the house.” She gave me a sly little wink before she left and headed toward the bar area, that sumptuous rear of hers swaying deliciously as she walked.

“So what did she say?” I asked Andy urgently.

“Oh man,” he replied, a huge shit-eating grin on his face. “That was perfect. It was so good, I don’t know if I should tell you or just sit here and watch you suffer.”

“C’mon man, really now, what did she say?”

“If I tell you, you owe me, right?”

“Oh fuck, what are you, twelve?” He held up his hands innocently, just watching me twist in the wind. “Okay….okay…..I owe you. Now, what did she say?”

“She said, ‘If you can guess my bra size, then you’ll get to see what it hides.”

I sat back, my mouth hanging open, totally speechless. I looked up to see Marta coming back with our beers, and now she had that same shit-eating grin on her face that Andy had too.

“Well, sincan escort bayan by the look on your face, I guess he told you,” she said as she set down two frosty mugs of ale. “Sorry you lost now?” As she asked this she teasingly twisted from side to side, those massive guns of hers looking absolutely scrumptious in her near-to-bursting uniform.

“Uh….I….uh,” I had instantly become a babbling idiot, incapable of normal human speech.

“Oh dear, cat got your tongue?” She reached forward and ran her delicate fingers along the side of my face in a soothing caress; the warm alluring fragrance from the perfume she must have dabbled on her wrist wafting sensually into my nostrils. “Oh you’re so warm.” She shifted her hand over to the other side of my face and let the back of her fingers slide along my strong defined jawline. “Well, sweetheart, why don’t you have a drink of that nice cold beer and cool off; I think you need it.” And with that, she was gone, the lingering scent of her sultry perfume circling me in a bewitching miasma. She had only been standing there momentarily, but from her luscious smell and delicate touch, I could already feel my rapidly stiffening dick pushing against the front of my jeans.

“You…..lucky……bastard,” Andy said slowly, emphasizing each word individually.

I reached forward and grabbed my beer and downed about half of it quickly before coming up for air. Man, she was right; I did need to cool off, and not just the warmth she’d felt on my face. I put my half-empty glass down and looked across at Andy, only it was my turn to wear the shit-eating grin now, “See, all that time you spent working your ass off in Spanish class….and what good did it do you? Now me, screwing around all the time and barely getting by, where did it get me?” I simply gestured towards Marta, now serving food to another table.

Andy’s gaze followed her for a moment before locating her equally attractive sister, the gorgeous sweet young thing he’d had his eyes on for months now. He quickly turned back to me, and I could see by the serious look in his eyes that he was on some sort of mission. “Remember you just said you owe me, right?”

“Uh yeah?” I replied questioningly, wondering where he was going with this.

“Well, this is perfect! Can’t you see?” He held his hands up as if to say, ‘Isn’t it obvious?’

“See what?”

“You’ve gotta take Marta out for dinner now. So we just have to get Marta to talk Silvia into going too. All four of us. It’ll be great!” He was almost bubbling over with excitement now.

“The four of us?” I said softly, hoping my soothing tone would calm him down a little.

“Sure.” He stopped and looked at me seriously. “Connor, please. You know I never ask you for much.”

That was true, he never did. And when he did, I knew whatever it was, well, it was important to him. “Okay,” I said, raising my hands in surrender. “That would be fine with me.”

“Great!” he said ecstatically. I watched as he sat up straight and kind of physically composed himself; wanting to appear as if he was once more in control of his emotions. I watched as he followed Silvia moving across the restaurant, her hands full of plates of food. Yes, she definitely was a hot-looking one too. He lowered his voice and leaned across the table as he spoke to me. “You ask Marta next time she comes over.”

“Alright…..alright….just relax, loverboy.”

Marta came back to our table and picked up the menus nonchalantly.

“Hey, we haven’t even had time to look at those yet,” Andy said as he gestured imploringly towards the menus.

“You don’t need them. I know what you guys like and I’m gonna bring you both Today’s Special. You’ll love it.”

“Hey Marta,” I interrupted as she started to turn away. “Our dinner date next week… about we bring Andy and Silvia with us?” I saw a sly smile appear on her face as her eyes quickly searched out her sister and then turned to look at Andy. It wasn’t hard to see a little bit of the love-sickness he was suffering from.

“You like her, don’t you?” she asked Andy.

“I….well……yes, I do.”

“Is he a nice guy, Connor?” she asked as she turned and faced me.

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy.”

“Not a nice guy, like you are. I mean A REALLY NICE GUY. Silvia deserves someone who’ll treat her nice.”

“Hey!” I said, “I’m a nice guy.”

“Right, sure, like a rattlesnake’s a nice snake,” she said with a haughty shake of her head; that bewitching smile still playing at the corners of her sexy mouth. “You…..I can take care of you. Silvia, she’s different.” Man, I felt a big smile spread over my face. I loved Marta’s confident straightforward attitude. The thought of combining that with her voluptuous buxom body had me quivering in anticipation of our upcoming date.

“Marta,” I said slowly as my eyes locked on hers, “in all seriousness, Andy’s a great guy.” I pointed to her sister and put on an air of indignation myself. “My question is whether your sister’s escort sincan good enough to go out with him.”

“Oh spare me,” she said with a dismissive shake of her head. “She’d good enough, don’t you worry about it. Okay, I’ll talk to her.” We watched as she called through the opening to the kitchen for two specials and then approached her sister who was filling some water glasses at the waitresses’ station. They chatted momentarily and then Silvia looked over and met Andy’s smiling gaze. A quick smile came to her pretty young face and after a few more words, we saw her nod. As Marta came back to our table, Silvia gave Andy another shy smile and then turned to her next customer.

“Okay, she’ll do it.” Marta pulled her little order pad from her apron and jotted something down. She tore it off and passed it to me. “Here’s my phone number; Silvia and I share a place. Give us a call early next week and we’ll set something up for the end of the week. Now,” she said as she held up her index finger and pointed it from one to the other of us, like a teacher would do when scolding her students, “we’re gonna get all dressed up and I don’t expect you guys to show up looking like a couple of bums. You got it?” That pointing finger had taken on a ‘don’t fuck with me’ intensity now.

“Sure, of course,” Andy and I almost chimed in at the same time.

“Good, I’ll be back with your food shortly.” She gave me another little wink as she lowered the objectionable finger, turned sharply on her heel and strode away.

“Thanks, Connor, now I guess I owe you,” Andy said, a huge contented smile on his face.

Seeing the way he’d looked at Silvia across the room, and then seeing the look on his face now that the date was going to happen, I hadn’t realized how truly smitten he was by her. I don’t know if it was seeing the look of pure joy on his face combined with the day of the week or what, but for some bizarre reason, the words to the great song by The Cure rang through my head.

“Monday you can fall apart

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart

Thursday doesn’t even start

It’s Friday I’m in love”

As the catchy tune seemed to come out of nowhere, I looked at my good friend and smiled broadly, asking myself, ‘Is there a happier song in the world?’……….I don’t think so.

“You don’t owe me,” I said, snapping myself out of my reverie. “Just remember, friends do shit like that for each other; maybe when you turn thirteen you’ll realize that.” We both laughed and toasted to our good fortune with a hearty slug of our beers.

“Okay, so what’s new with you?” Andy said as he set down his nearly empty glass. He had turned the conversation unexpectedly from Marta and Silvia and I don’t think I was prepared for the rapid shift onto me.

“Uh….well, not much,” I kind of spat out stiffly, surprisingly feeling myself flushing under his simple innocent question.

He paused and looked at me intently, his face searching mine to see what I was hiding. “Uh, that look on your face says something a lot different than ‘not much’. What is it?”

“Nothing, nothing’s going on,” I said defensively.

“You forget how long we’ve known each other. Now I’m just gonna sit here until you tell me.” He sat back against the booth seat, his arms crossed across his chest. Various thoughts of all the things that had happened in just the last few days raced through my head in fast forward; from posting my Face-Painter ad the first time up to Zoey’s cocksucking lesson just a short time ago. As I looked at my best friend, I knew that if I didn’t say something at least about some of it now, I knew at some point in the future, I’d end up confiding in him anyways. It was always like that with the two of us.

“I…..I’ve kind of taken on a part-time job.”

“Freelancing for some other rag?”

“Not exactly. I guess you’d say as a painter.”

“As a painter?” he said with a quizzical look on his face.

“Here you go guys.” Marta interrupted our conversation as she appeared at our table and slid two plates of steaming food in front of us. The delicious smell wafted into my lungs immediately. “Magras con tomate over white rice. One of my mom’s specialties.”

“Ham and tomatoes?” Andy asked.


“Is that an egg?” I asked; pointing at the shimmering white orb perched on the side.

“Yes, this dish is from the region of Spain we come from. You’ll love it.” Leaving us admiring the scrumptious looking food before us, she turned and left to deal with her other tables.

“This smells incredible,” Andy said, wafting some of the rising vapors towards his face.

“God yes,” I replied, inhaling deeply myself. We both grabbed our utensils and dug in, the succulent flavors making us both nod in delicious acknowledgement of Marta’s choice for us. I don’t know how her mother had done it, or what spices she had used, but the combination of the ham with the tomatoes and even the surprising hard-boiled egg, was certainly a tantalizing treat both of us savored. I looked over at Marta standing in profile at an adjacent table, her huge tits thrusting forward against the confining bodice of her uniform, and knew that was another tantalizing treat her mother had been responsible for making as well; and one that I was hoping to make a full meal of fairly soon.

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