The Electric Thrill

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Merlin slid the controller comfortably into the palm of his left hand; the right would be used to play the instrument. He studied the slim young woman’s pleasingly naked body, as she crawled onto the bed, small breasts swaying, all the while carefully avoiding his eyes. Upright on her knees, she scuttled near to the waiting Sybian and looked to him with inquiring eyes.

He nodded. Fascinated, he watched her nervous approach, saw her take a deep breath and tentatively throw a leg over to straddle the curved pleasure toy. Without hesitation now she reached under her furry arch to find and spread her hidden labia. Two fingers fumbled there, and nudged open the lips while guiding the oiled shaft into place. She lowered her head, and taking a shallow breath, eased herself down, impaling herself inch by inch onto the hard plastic shaft. Once in place, she looked up at Merlin, licked her lips and gave a brief nod of readiness.

Merlin’s thumb pressed the first rocker switch. An abrupt buzzing filled the room.

As casino siteleri she settled down, grinding her bare bottom on her mount with just the slightest wiggle, the inner sound was softened to a muffled hum. For a few seconds the naked girl sat there, perfectly still, adjusting to the novel sensations tickling her groin.

The thumb slid to the second switch. Abruptly the skinny girl shot up, eyes widening. She let out a surprised “oh” followed by a girlish giggle. “Oh…Wow,” she breathed hotly, with a quick toss of her hair.

Aware of the quiet hum in the room, he let her sit there and simmer, content to let her accommodate to the tiny ripples of pleasure teasing her vagina. Soon her eyes were closed; small breasts fluttering; nipples, hardening into prominence even as he watched.

The thumb edged forward, bringing an instant response. Sleek thighs tightened, clamping the machine, the naked bottom squirmed in the saddle. She straightened her body, ached back, sinews tightening against the slot oyna intense vibrations that electrified her core.

The muted buzz of the relentless machine grew in intensity, spooling into a deepening roar.

A quiver shot through the girl’s tautly-held body. Her small breasts were openly trembling now. Her eyes fluttered closed, mouth fell open in a deep sucking breath of shivering air. She gave out with a moan, a full open-mouthed moan.

Then she pitched forward, bit down on her curled lower lip, determined to hang on, to endure the waves of excruciating pleasure rising up in her. Her head shot up; short hair shook wildly. A series of yelps now escaped her pressed lips, plaintive sounds that rose in intensity, giving way to a soulful deep-throated moan…and then quickly escalating into grinding, urgent grunts. Her reedy body shook and quivered with each guttural grunt.

And Merlin played that trembling body like a virtuoso, masterfully bringing up her passions to hold her just at the pinnacle letting canlı casino siteleri the repeated thrills build from deep inside; quickly lessening the intensity to head off the massive rise of pleasure that threatened to overwhelm the little rider.

Again, the angry buzzing escalated. And soon she was hunched over, jogging in place, hips bucking in instinctive rhythm. He watched her grinding herself on the saddle, humping her sturdy steed with grim determination. Like filly racing for the finish line, the thin girl was laboring hard, panting through her opened mouth. A hand fluttered down to steady herself …two hands, splayed fingers clasping the front of her mount as she humped forward, gritting her teeth, while emitting a series of tight-lipped, urgent grunts.

With his exquisite sense of timing, Merlin moved his thumb the final inch. Instantly bringing the pleasure-wracked girl to a crescendo, the master stroke being rewarded with a shriek of orgasmic delight.

That final scream wavered into a long plaintive moan, as panting heavily, the depleted girl could do nothing but collapse. She was slumped forward, narrow shoulders heaving, still braced on stiffened arms, the joy stick buried up her cunt now quiescent.

The End

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