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Subject: The DVD Tales -12 This is a `real’ story and that means there are no men with cocks the size of an elephant’s trunk and balls as big as eggs! That is fantasy. This is `real’ in the sense that this sort of thing does happen and although a work of fiction, it is `real’ enough to be enjoyed — real people, real sexual organs and real situations. If you want to mail me (and please do) then check the end of this chapter for further information. By the way — although based on some real characters, it is an extension of my imagination. Remember that as you hopefully jack hard to it! Essex (2008) THE DVD TALES — 12 As they lifted and unclipped Mark from the poles, he said he didn’t want to go to the party. Joe screwed up his face and stared at Stoop. “The man says you going bitch and you going!” He raised his hand and Mark nodded as Joe set about wiping him down with a small cloth. Stoop grinned and handed the boy a bottle of water and proceeded to remove the cuffs and ankle cuffs. He made the boy bend over and grip the post and slipped the gold plug back into his ass. It went in a lot easier and the chain hung a little bit looser this time under his perineum. Mark finished the water as Stoop turned him round and removed the collar. “Who is the man?” “The man is the man bitch and he now owns your ass. Tony gave you to him!” Mark stared at Stoop unable to comprehend what he was saying. “I don’t, I mean, I … I don’t like …” Stoop pushed his face closer to the boy’s and stared at his watery eyes. “The man wants you for his own and you gonna be a sex toy for the man. Get used to it bitch! You going to get all the cock you want. Get him ready Joe and tell him what he’s gotta do. Car leaves in five minutes.” Mark stood silently as Joe spoke. “His name is Dan and he’s a local sort of figure according to Tony. Not sure what that means, but he’s got pull and money. I don’t think you’re going to like tonight though Mark.” He stared at Joe as the boy handed him his vest, white socks and jock. He put them on and said, “So what does that mean?” Joe simply shrugged and despite the second attempt, he ignored the question and handed Mark his trainers. “Can I have my jeans then?” “No. The man wants you just in vest and jock and trainers.” Mark looked shocked and was about to push past to grab his jeans when the door flew open and Stoop came in followed by PJ. They were silent but purposeful and Mark stepped back as PJ grabbed his arms and pulled them behind him, handcuffing him in one smooth movement. Before he could ask a question, they had replaced the ball gag and then stood back and admired their handiwork. “Bitch looks hot!” said PJ and cupped the bulge in the tight white jock. Joe watched as PJ attached a thin ring on a long chain to the cockring on the boy and handed the chain to Joe. “Hold him for a second boy!” he said and bent down with Stoop and fitted a chain about 10 inches long to fasten his ankles. With Mark now immobilised and under control PJ bent down and threw the boy across his shoulder and walked down the stairs to the private driveway. Mark was watching the concrete when he heard the car boot open and to his horror was laid in the boot and then it slammed shut. He didn’t know how long the journey was and the smell in the boot was unpleasant, but not overpowering. When the car stopped there was a delay as people moved around and spoke to each other and opened and closed doors. When the boot opened the huge figure of Dan was peering down at the boy, but he stepped back without uttering a word and an equally large black man lifted him from the boot and made him stand facing the man. Dan simply looked at the boy and nodded to the large black man and then went into the house. The black man grasped the chain attached to the boy’s cockring and pulled him towards the house. Cuffed behind his back and with his feet chained loosely together, Mark couldn’t stop the journey into the house and shuffled along like a chain-gang prisoner. He was taken into the house that seemed even larger than Tony’s and there was loud music and voices from a room at the back of the house. Just when he thought he was going to be paraded before a room full of people, the man with his chain moved to the left and into a side room. Despite his tender years and knowledge, Mark knew what a leather lined room with bars and chains meant. He stopped when the black man stopped and watched as the man unclipped the chain from his cockring and stood looking at him. He was about 24 or so thought Mark, very tall and well built, slim but not skinny and with a shaved head and diamonds in his ears. But it was his skin that interested Mark. He was black — jet black, coal black, the blackest man he had ever seen. Mark guessed he was African or something like that. Mark sınırsız escort looked at him and then after a few seconds the man grabbed his elbow and led Mark to a corner of the room. There was a black leather mattress on the floor and above it hung three chains with rings from the ceiling and about four feet off the ground. The black man laid Mark down on his stomach and loosened the chains connecting his ankles and then in one movement grabbed both his ankles and pulled his feet back toward his head. Mark grunted and as he did he heard the door open and the sound of another person in the room. But still there was silence. Then the other person lifted his cuffed hands up and little and Mark found his feet were being attached to the cuffs with small chains he could feel and hear. But seconds later there was a pain in his shoulders and he cried out with the gag still in place as the chains lifted and he was suspended about 6 inches off the mattress. The men stood up, the lights went out and then there was darkness and silence. The pain in his shoulders was bringing tears to his eyes and he was swinging ever so gently as he tried getting comfortable. He couldn’t believe the mess he was in, but still there was that frisson of sexual excitement that was trying to push the fear away. It seemed like an hour before the lights went on, but it was no more than 10 minutes — enough time for the boy to be coated in a thin layer of sweat. He couldn’t see the two men who came in until the chains rattled and he was lowered to the mattress. His arms eased and the pain seeped away as the men released his legs and made him stand up. The African man was there and so was a new face. He was another boy, this time about Mark’s age and wearing a jockstrap and white vest, white socks and dirty white trainers, just like he was. The boy said nothing and never smiled or made any facial expression. He led Mark slowly to the centre of the room as the African wandered behind a screen and started rummaging about for something and Mark could hear noises from outside the room. In front of Mark was a four leg padded stool and he had an uneasy feeling when he saw it. There were still no words from the boy or the African as he came back from behind the screen holding a small black bag. He nodded to the boy and he bent Mark forward over the padded stool and the two of them attached the boy’s wrists and ankles to the legs as he tried to adjust his stomach on the padding to get comfortable. He thought he knew what was going to happen and he shuddered with fear. When they finished the boy walked out of the room and the African walked around and Mark could hear the bag dropped on the floor and things being looked for by the man inside the bag. Mark raised his head and looked at the man. He could just about see his face as he was close to the chair and then the man started to undress. When he took off his shirt Mark saw a muscled chest but without any rings or tattoos and then when he took off his socks and trainers, the jeans followed and Mark saw the bulge in the front of the tight short briefs he was wearing. He was very well hung thought Mark and he wondered if he was now going to be fucked by this young African man. His thoughts changed when the man walked behind him and then back to stand in front of his upturned face. “You are to be fucked boy and taught how to serve your masters. Understand?” Mark nodded but wanted to say he was scared, but the man walked away and when he came back he was holding a wooden paddle like the one from Tony’s house. Mark shook his head and tried groaning loudly through his gag, trying to tell the African not to do it. The man was impassive and his arms lowered with the paddle hanging down alongside his powerful thighs and stared at Mark. “You have been trained so far and not come up to scratch. When your masters ride your pussy you put out to them. You show them, “he stressed the word “show” as he remained still, “you show them you are there purely to please them. So far you have not done that and your new master wants you trained to obey. This is what is going to happen boy. You will have the gag removed and when I have finished your training you will thank me and mean it! You are nothing but a boy pussy for your masters and your duty is to please them. Fail and you will be punished. Understand?” Mark nodded with fear and then the African walked behind him and Mark braced himself. He felt the man’s hands pulling the plug out of his ass and his cockring shook and pulled his balls and limp cock down as the chain and plug swung slowly between his legs. He knew what was coming next, but was surprised when the man undid the ballgag and let it fall to the floor. He said nothing and Mark was about to twist his head şırnak escort up and to the side to see what was happening when the paddle slapped hard onto his asscheeks. “Oh God! Oww, please!” Mark shouted out and shook his head and then the second and third paddles hit even harder. He shouted out, almost a scream and then the African spoke calmly and slowly. “You a bitch. You serve your masters. What you got to say?” Mark shook and stuttered, “What do …” His words were cut short by another swing of the paddle and stinging pain. In panic he shouted out “Thank you master!” and then there was silence and he waited for the next blow. The African suddenly appeared in front of him still with the paddle in his hand. “Slow boy. You have to learn!” He then stepped round and the paddle slammed down even harder onto Mark’s ass. Mark shouted out “Thank you master!” and when the next two blows landed he did the same and then the man came round to face him again. “Learning boy. Is good.” The door opened as Mark lowered his head and saw between his outstretched and bound legs the white trainers of the boy he had met earlier. He felt his head yanked up by the hair and the African was in front of him holding a black leather bondage mask. Mark recognised it as the sort Max had worn when he first rode his ass the week before. This one though had no eye holes, but just a hole for his nose and Mark panicked when he saw what was obviously a four or five inch thick rubber penis attached to the inside of the mask where the mouth should have been, He was powerless to resist and then the African pressed the boy’s nose tight with one hand as he pushed the thick rubber penis into Mark’s open mouth and then quickly fitted the mask around his face. He was in darkness and the penis was deep in his mouth. The man waited for a few seconds to see if the boy gagged, but when he didn’t, Mark felt and heard the zips being pulled and then he was gagged and in darkness. He struggled and then seemed to relax when he realised he was more likely to be paddled again if he did so. He breathed through his nose and tried to move the rubber penis to ease the ache in his mouth. It was then with horror he realised that as he massaged the penis with his mouth and tongue, a small amount of what tasted like cum oozed from the tip into the back of his throat. His attention was then taken away by hands on his legs and arms and in what seemed like seconds he was pulled up and lifted by hands and moved. When the hands started to pull back his legs he realised he was being hogtied and would be lifted above the mattress again. He tried to struggle but his arms were cuffed behind his back and his shoulders ached again. What concerned him more was that as he struggled and massaged the rubber penis, more of the jizz seeped into his throat. He felt the end of the gold plug slipped into his now well lubed ass and then a voice — that of the African — seemed to be above him. “You will be called for soon boy and you had better be prepared. Oh, I left a small deposit earlier on in the penis for you to enjoy!” He laughed and then Mark felt hands stroke his sore ass. Then there was more darkness and silence. Mark’s mouth felt dry and he tried to gulp and that only served to push a little more of the African’s jizz into his throat and Mark grimaced as the cold cum slipped slowly down his throat. He couldn’t really taste it and it seemed to be leaking out of the rubber penis and Mark wondered how much he had shot into the penis. His shoulders ached, but not as much as earlier and then he felt the plug in his ass moved as he swung gently. He was feeling sore and tired but realised that he would be expected to get fucked before the night was over. He heard a muffled movement and voices behind him a few minutes later and then the chains were being lowered and he rested face down on the leather mattress. The chains were unclipped and then Mark was made to stand up. He felt a strong hand hold the back of his head and somebody was then pressing the front of the mouth on the mask and Mark realised the rubber penis was being squeezed. His mouth was suddenly flooded with the rest of the cum and he swallowed as it spread across the back of his tongue. As the mask was removed he shut his eyes for a few seconds to adjust to the light and when he opened them the African was right in front of him. He was smiling and Mark relaxed, but that changed as he stepped aside and there was Dan. The man was fully clothed and still with the same cold look on his face. He nodded at the African and then left the room. “Now, the boss has a good friend of his for you entertain,” he said and removed Mark’s cuffs and handed him a bottle of mineral water. “You is to go upstairs and offer your body completely to this man. taksim escort Do you understand?” Mark nodded as he sipped the water and then ran a hand across his ass and winced at the soreness. “You don’t want anymore of this boy do you?” he said and waved at the chains and cuffs. “No sir, no …” The man interrupted his words and lifted the boy’s vest back and over his head, exposing his nipple rings and resting the material over his neck. “Boy looks good. Please the man and things will get very much better. First you loosen that mouth by pleasing me boy.” He looked down at his feet and Mark sank to his knees and hoped that by putting his hands behind his back he was doing the right thing. The man pushed his tight briefs down and a long cock flopped into Mark’s view. It was thick and cut and the head was wet. He had hairy balls and they seemed big, but Mark was taken by the sheer length of his cock. It was long, he thought about eight or nine inches long and silky smooth to look at. The man lifted it and jacked it slowly still looking at the boy. “You just get it hard and maybe later when you finish, we fuck and you get to taste my jizz right from the warm tap boy.” He pulled Mark’s head forward and slid his cock into the boy’s mouth. Mark felt the cockhead slide along his tongue and then he reached up and held onto the last few inches as he was scared it might hit the back of his throat. The man was staring down at him and he raised his eyes and tried rubbing his tongue under the throbbing meat. The man then pulled the cock back and let Mark lick the cockhead and taste the sweet precum. He then started a slow slide into the boy’s mouth and began face-fucking the teenager. Mark felt his saliva sliding around the edges of his lips and then down his chin and then it was all over. In less than 60 seconds the man pulled out and pushed his cock back into his shorts. “Stand boy!” he said and looked at Mark. “You walk up to bedroom on the right. Go in and kneel before the man and then you use what you been taught to please and pleasure him. He own you and he wants to fuck. You understand?” Mark nodded and then the African clipped the small chain to the boy’s cockring and pulled him out of the door, up the stairs and onto the landing of the first floor. He unclipped the chain and pushed Mark towards the closed door. Mark didn’t look back. He was wearing his jock, white socks and vest pulled back over his neck exposing his ringed nipples. He opened the door and was in a large and well lit bedroom with a large double bed and side lights on tables either side of the bed that had white silk sheets and pillows on it. He heard a noise from the bathroom and realised the man was in there and so he dropped to his knees, legs wide apart, feet touching and put his hands behind his back and lowered his head. He knew this was probably his final test and for the first time since he met with Max, he was going to be allowed to have sex freely. He needed to make it work. There was the closing of a door and Mark heard a soft padding as the man came out of the bedroom and walked to stand in front of him. His feet were black and smooth and a tap on the head made Mark lift his head to look at the man. He was about 22, well defined and smooth, with a shaved haircut and large gold chain around his neck. He smiled at Mark and said, “Stand up and take off my pants. I’m told you fuck good boy. So show me and please me.” The words seemed less harsh than Mark expected and he realised that this was young man who obviously was looking for what the African had called `loving’ and Mark was only too happy to do what was expected. As he stood up he realised the man was at least six inches taller than him and he looked down and rubbed a hand across the front of the man’s bulge. Whatever was in there moved under his touch and Mark slipped a hand into the front of the briefs and slid down to cup the man’s balls. They were smooth to his touch and big, moving in the tight sack as Mark flicked out his tongue and lifted his head up. The man bent down and flicked his tongue out to touch Mark’s and then pulled his head forward and tongued and kissed him. They swapped saliva and Mark ran his hand up and squeezed the man’s cock in the briefs. It was big. It was not fully erect, but Mark knew it was big. He continued to tongue with the man and realised that he was moaning and so was the man. Mark pushed the font of the briefs down under the man’s balls and felt the thick cock flop forward and the wet head touch his stomach. The man’s grip on his head was strong, but not nasty and he continued to flick his tongue into the man’s mouth as he felt the man push his briefs down and feel them fall to his ankles. He manoeuvred the boy towards the bed without breaking his kissing and Mark held onto his cock as he shuffled backwards. They flopped down onto the bed and the man lifted his head up. “Now show me what you can do boy!” To be continued … Flames I ignore. Always happy chat with people who have ideas, suggestions, scenes, images and thoughts.

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