The Dream

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I was awakened by a noise near the window. It was a strange sound, like some one trying to climb through without disturbing the blinds. Then I heard the sound of a foot stepping on the thick carpet, then another. The window was ever so quietly closed.

“Hello?” I said softly.

“Hello.” a sultry quiet voice came back at me.

I could hear soft breathing and the sound of some one stepping lightly to the foot of the bed.

“Lora?” I asked uncertainly.

“No.” the voice replied. It was a familiar voice, but I couldn’t place its owner. She must have been staring at me because the hair was rising on the back of my neck.

“I don’t frighten you?” She asked in surprise.

“Not really… Should you?” I answered.

“When most people see…”.

“I’m blind.”. I interrupted.

I could hear her step around to the side of the bed to get a closer look. She was close enough for me to smell her perfume, but still out of reach.

“Then you can’t see any thing?” she asked from just out of my reach.

“No.” I said.

I felt the air move in front of my face and assumed she was passing her hand in front of my eyes. “Satisfied?” I asked irritably. Who was this woman and what was she doing here, and where was Lora?

“I guess I am.” she said softly.

“Who are you? Your voice sounds familiar.” I said.

She laughed softly. The sound was like nothing I’d ever heard. There was some thing… erotic about it. It held a hint of… orgasms? “A friend, I hope.” she whispered.

“But… who?” I asked again.

There was a new sound. It sounded like clothes rustling. Was she undressing? No… couldn’t be.

“See if this jogs your memory.” she whispered from very close. Before I could react her lips were gently brushing mine. They were warm velvet, soft and supple and a little wet. My mind said back away, but my cock said stay put. In a moment her tongue flicked at my closed lips as if knocking on a door. I answered.

My mouth was filled with heat and the smooth wet tongue. It probed and slipped and caressed and made me instantly hard. Then it went away.

“Know who I am yet?” she said with that İstanbul Escort laugh.

“But your not… real. You’re just a dream… some thing I can’t have.” I said.

The sheet was gently drawn back and a small chuckle came from her throat as she said”Oh my… you are interested aren’t you?”.

“Well, I might be blind but I’m not made of wood.” I answered a little impatiently. I was beginning to get bored with this little game.

Suddenly she straddled my hips and grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the mattress. She was very strong, I couldn’t move. There was heat in front of my face, and she was chuckling again.

“Let me introduce my self.” she whispered from above me. The heat in front of me got closer and some thing brushed my lips. As it slowly drew across my lower lip I recognized it, it was a nipple. I sucked it in to my mouth greedily and closed my teeth on it so it couldn’t escape. A slow sigh came from above as I flicked the very tip of it once… twice… then let my tongue start flicking it harder and sucking for all I was worth. The rest of the breast was suddenly being pushed into my mouth and I did as much as I could to let it in. I ran my tongue over as much of it as I could reach. every so often flicking at the nipple. Another sigh, and another breast.

“This ones jealous she whispered.”I treated it to the same bathing I had given the other one, drawing a small moan from its owner.

Suddenly she pulled it away and started franticly kissing my neck and chest. she let my hands free and licked and sucked my nipples with the same fever as she had my neck. She was kissing and licking her way down my belly and I was beginning to feel the first throb of the building explosion. I fought it down as hard as I could, but when those now red hot lips closed over the head of my cock I knew it wouldn’t be long. She sucked hard on just the head, flicking the tip with her tongue. I brushed her hair out so it was spread over my legs and hips. It was long and silky and felt fantastic as it brushed and tickled my skin.

She took a deep breath and literally swallowed my cock whole. I could feel Anadolu Yakası Escort it slid into her throat and her breath blowing my pubic hair as she breathed. Slowly… so very slowly she slid back up my cock, her tongue massaging the shaft as she went. After repeating that several times she stopped at the head and opened her mouth. She chuckled as her tongue lapped at the small amount of pre-orgasmic fluid. Then she laughed again and asked in a thick husky voice”did that make you remember any thing?”.

This wasn’t possible, I had dreamed this only last night. Only with Lora, but this wasn’t Lora.

“I don’t know what to say…””then don’t talk… fuck.” she laughed as she slid back up the bed. In an instant I was buried in her. She swiveled and rocked as she tried to push every last bit of me inside her. With a strength and speed I couldn’t fathom she rolled us over and I was on top of her, my cock still further inside her than I thought possible.

I slipped my arms under her knees and bent her legs over her body, allowing even deeper penetration.

“That’s it!” she whispered. “Crawl inside.”.

I started a smooth rhythmic stroking that brought the head to the berry mouth of her, then buried my full length. As the speed increased so did her breathing and soon both our chests were heaving with exertion.

“Don’t cum in my pussy, cum in my mouth.” she said breathlessly. I stopped and pulled out, then spun so my face was over her pussy. She reached under me and guided my cock into her mouth and slid her hands up over my ass so she could pull me down.

At the same time I put my lips to her pussy, my head already drunk with the musky aroma of her juices.

To my surprise there was absolutely no hair, just hot wet flesh. My fingers pulled the lips open and without any warning I clamped my lips on her clit and madly flicked it and sucked it till I heard her breathing becoming ragged and my pubic hair getting wet from the hot breath escaping her nostrils. The whole time she was ramming my cock into her throat till she nearly choked, then letting it slid part way out, only to be slammed in again.

I Kartal Escort slipped a finger into her ass so I could feel what her muscles were doing and started to drive my tongue as far inside her as it would reach while I finger fucked her tight ass.

When I felt her muscles begin to tighten I froze, bringing a whimper from her full throat. But she slammed me in to her mouth even harder, whimpering at every withdrawal.

I suddenly went to her clit again and flicked it hard and fast as my finger was once again driving in and out of her ass. I slipped a second finger in and earned a throaty scream of pleasure, as much as she could scream with my cock filling her throat.

When I switched back to slipping my tongue into her again she started to buck her hips and suddenly my fingers were crushed together as her ass clamped down to hold them in place, and I knew what was coming.

She pulled my cock into her mouth one last time, driving it right to the very base and holding it there. Then my mouth filled with the hot sticky musk of her orgasm. The purely animal sounds that escaped her driving me over the edge. I was sure I would drown her as I fired spurt after spurt into her mouth. She pushed me back just a little so she could swallow, then even farther back and slammed me in again with a whimper.

Her cum had filled my mouth and was running down my chin as I fought to swallow fast enough, fearing my own drowning death.

After a few minutes I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rolled over onto my back in near exhaustion. She turned around and lay partially on top of me, kissing my wet lips and chin, lapping up her own juices and softly chuckling. After a while our breathing became normal again and she kissed me again, her tongue saying it’s good byes to mine. Then she got up.

“God… who are you?” I whispered.

“Does it matter?” she asked softly.

“I guess not… but why are you here?” I asked.

“You’ll find out in just a few minutes, but I must go now.” she answered.

But… why…” I started to ask. But the cold breeze and the sound of the window closing told me that she was gone.

When the phone rang I almost didn’t answer it, but it might be important…

“Hello?” I said in a thick voice.

“Honey?” Lora said. “You won’t believe the dream I just had. I was climbing in your window for some reason… and God the sex we had… Can I come over?

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