The Dorm Life Ch. 04

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Sunlight was pouring into our dorm room as I woke up the next morning. Very quietly, so as not to rouse Angie, I rolled off the bed and stood up on the floor. I glanced briefly at the upper bunk. Angie was sound asleep. Thank goodness. I was concerned about see her this morning after we had masturbated together. Maybe Angie would regret it and it would be painfully awkward. As quietly as possible, I gathered my shower basket and a towel, slipped out the door, and headed for the showers down the hall.

The bathroom on our floor of the dormitory included six individual shower stalls separated by laminate partitions with a curtain that you pulled across the stall for privacy. It was still pretty early, and there was no one else in the bathroom. I selected the farthest stall from the door and quickly disrobed, hanging my pajamas on the hook outside the stall and turning the knob in the shower. The water was delightfully warm against my skin. I dunked my head under the spray. Warm water always felt so good.

Standing naked and alone in the shower, my mind started to wander to the events of the previous night. The sound of this “Mike” fucking two girls out of their minds, the pounding of the bedframe against the wall, the sound of the girls wailing as they orgasmed over and over again in the room beneath me, my roommate telling me to masturbate in the room with her, and the sound of her thrashing through an orgasm on the bunk above me—it was all so incredibly unbelievable.

As these thoughts filled my mind, I realized how incredibly horny I was again. My left hand reached up, almost involuntarily, to my breast, sliding across my hardening nipples as I relived the previous night in my mind. My right hand slipped between my legs and began rubbing my clit, which was already aching for attention. Good lord, I was turning into an insatiable sex maniac, masturbating in front of my roommate and now the next morning in the shower. But good god it felt so fucking good. I leaned back against the shower stall and masturbated with urgency. My breathing quickened and my pussy gushed as my fingers frigged faster and faster at my hardened clit. I squeezed at my tits, using my left hand to pinch and pull first at one nipple and then at the other. This was going to be a powerful orgasm.

And then the door to the bathroom opened, and Morgan, who occupied çapa escort the room directly next to Angie and me, walked in. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why do I keep getting interrupted right before I’m about to come?” I thought. Morgan could tell it was me by the top of my head and the towel hanging from the shower stall.

“Hey, Kris. What’s up?” she said politely.

“Hi,” I muttered back, pulling my hand away from my cunt reluctantly. Morgan set her shower kit down directly alongside my own on the bench outside the shower stalls, took off her towel, and stepped into the stall that was directly adjacent to the one I occupied. She turned on the faucet and stepped under the water. Her body was only a foot or two away from me. The only thing separating our stalls was a thin laminate partition that divided each of the six shower stalls in the girls’ bathroom from the others. We could just see the tops of each other’s heads over the partition.

Morgan, who was always very chatty, started in. “Oh my god, Kris. Last night there was the absolutely loudest sex I have ever heard in my life coming from the downstairs boys’ floor. It was absolutely shameless.”

I wanted to say, “Yeah, girl. I was just reliving it and masturbating my cunt to the brink of an orgasm before you fucking interrupted me, you bitch,” but instead I just said, “Oh?”

“Seriously, what’s wrong with people? Like, can’t you keep it down a little? I mean what the heck was happening in that room that some girl had to be loud enough for me to hear up on our floor?”

I said nothing. Each molecule of warm water running over my pussy was torture. I dared to reach down and gently tap at my clit while Morgan talked to me from the adjacent shower stall. Fucking hell it felt so good. My pussy was screaming at me for satisfaction, begging me to hungrily pet my clit until all of the pent up tension in my body was gloriously released.

Oblivious to my predicament, Morgan went on. “I mean, it had to be exaggerated. No one has sex that feels that good. I mean, it sounded like the guy had a magic penis!”

“Maybe he does?” I thought, but instead I just stammered back “Hmmm.” I kept my right hand tapping at my pussy. There was no way I could make it another minute. My pussy needed to be finished off straight away. I “accidentally dropped” my shampoo container to fatih escort the ground and squatted down to pick it up so that I’d be totally out of Morgan’s line of sight. Sitting down on my butt, I opened my legs as wide as they would go in the cramped stall and rubbed furiously at my pussy. I was still right on the precipice of my orgasm. My pussy would be pulsing and squirting in no time.

Morgan continued talking idly while I frigged madly at myself in the shower stall right next to her. “I mean, when my boyfriend and I do it, I try to exercise a little bit of shame and discretion. I don’t just scream and yell like some kind of sex-crazed banshee for the entire dormitory to hear. You know?”

I was incapable of responding. There was no holding it back now. It was coming, and it was going to be massive.

“Anyway, do you want to grab some breakfast in the caf with me after we get dressed?” Morgan innocently inquired.

I was barely aware that she was talking. My right hand flew frantically over my clit in blur. I cupped my left hand over my mouth in an effort to muffle any involuntary noise that might pour out of me.

And then my pussy came. God, it came.

I tried desperately not to, but I couldn’t help but moan rhythmically as each violent contraction roared out from between my legs. My body contorted and thrashed on the wet floor of the shower stall as my cunt shuddered and throbbed. I had tried to stifle the noise of my massive orgasm by covering my mouth with my hand, but it was hopeless. There was no disguising what was happening. I was audibly panting and grunting and orgasming only a few inches away from Morgan.

And it went on and on for 20—no, 30—no, it must have been 40 seconds, until finally the contractions subsided, and I lay in a disheveled heap on the floor of the shower stall. Morgan had grown quiet as pussy achieved its desperately needed release, but then, as I lay uselessly on the wet floor, she stammered at me.

“Kris? Did you just . . .? You were masturbating? In the public showers? With—with me standing right next to you?” Morgan was so appalled that she was having trouble getting the words out.

I didn’t respond. I couldn’t move. My now-sated horniness had turned to intense shame. How could I let my pussy take control of me like that? How could I let it force me sarıyer escort bayan to masturbate in a public shower like some kind of degenerate desperate slut, right next to my dorm-mate?

“You’re a . . . a freak. You’re a . . . a . . . a sex pervert!” Morgan accused me, exasperated and aghast.

I had to get out of there. I stood up, turned the water off and threw open the shower curtain. I hastily fixed my towel around my body, dumped my shower supplies into my shower kit, grabbed my pajamas, and ran for the door as fast as I could.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re a sicko!” Morgan’s accusations hung in the air and chased after me, as I darted out of the showers and out into the hallway. I scampered frantically toward the safety of my room, throwing the door open as fast as I could and ducking inside.

Safely on the other side, I closed the door abruptly behind me and stood with my back against the door, my heart pounding and my breathing fast. I looked up. It took me a minute to comprehend what I was seeing. Angie was on the top bunk. She was on her hands and knees, and she was . . . stark naked?

She looked me right in the eye and smiled. Her breasts were swaying, and I could hear a slap-slap-slapping noise. I looked higher up, behind her. There was a boy, a gorgeous boy, slamming his powerful, hardened cock into her over and over and over again. They didn’t stop or even slow down when I entered the room. They were rutting like insane animals in heat, and my presence wasn’t going to interrupt them—nothing was. The entire dormitory could have walked into the room, and they still wouldn’t have stopped savagely smashing their genitals together.

I lowered my gaze from the boy and looked back at Angie as she proudly announced with a grunt, “I’m going to come now,” opening her eyes to their full width and letting out a low whimper as the nameless boy pumped her vagina relentlessly.

I could hear her pussy sloshing with increased wetness, and I could smell its scent thicken in the air as I watched her spasm against him like a raging whore, moaning loudly enough for the entire floor to hear. Through it all, the boy pistoned away at her like a gladiator, filling the entirety of her depths with his rock-hard member.

As she finally came back down to earth, she looked at me and smiled, her bare tits swaying at me as the boy’s powerful thrusts continued unabated. There wasn’t a hint a shame on Angie’s face, only the pleasure that comes from a sweet, desperately-needed orgasmic release. “Holy shit, Mike. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. Kristen, you have to try him.”

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