The Delivery Man

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It was a particularly humid and sultry day when I decided to take a trip into the city. I needed to complete a few errands that I had been avoiding for some time.

Due to the climate, I chose to dress myself in something that would minimize the amount of warmth I would experience. This article of clothing was a baby blue sundress that fell about 1/2 an inch above my knees and was decorated with small white flowers, it had spaghetti straps, and revealed quite a bit of cleavage. Complimented by black strapped sandals and a white nylon shoe bag.

After almost four hours of walking around, talking to/interacting with countless people, and visiting a friend at their job. I was warm, sweaty, and exhausted. Once I packed away and organized everything that was purchased, I desired nothing more than a cold shower.

I stripped of the pretty dress, sliding it up over my head, and tossing it into the clothes hamper. Standing in the bedroom mirror, I liberated my 36D breasts from the prison-like bra. Watching them fall in a breath of relief, I massaged my sides and back where the band hand been. I removed the black cotton panties that squeezed my ass cheeks all day long, revealing the low bush that graced my vulva and mound. Lastly, I let down my shoulder length dark brown hair from the high ponytail.

Stepping into the shower, the chilly water like tiny icicles on my skin, stung for a brief moment but provided a great relief. I lathered up the coconut-scented body wash, and proceeded to spread it over my melanated figure. Moving from my neck, down to sharp collarbones, and chest. I caressed the soap onto my full round breasts; chocolate brown nipples grazed the palms of my hands as I moved the tropical scented bubbles across them.

My fingers traced the downward path to my chubby waist, continuing to lather my belly, hips, and back. I followed by soaping my ass and thighs, and scrubbing my legs, and feet with a green loofah. I switched to a soothing aloe Vera facewash, massaging it onto my forehead, cheeks, chin, and behind my ears.

At last, I washed it all away with the cold water, delighting in the feel of my smooth soft skin. Dipping my fingers into the folds of my vulva for a final rinse. I was done! I toweled off my body, to get dressed in a pair of gray sweatpants, and an oversized white t-shirt.

Laaying on the sofa, I came to the realization that I was starving. Any meal that I would have from the house, I would need to prepare it myself; I was not in the mood for that activity.

After careful perusal of the fast-food options, I decided on a small Hawaiian style pizza from a local restaurant. When placed the order, the kind woman on the other end of the line informed me that their delivery drier would contact me when they were on the way. Approximately 25minutes.

Within 5 minutes of hanging up the phone, I was fast asleep, dreaming bahis siteleri of sweet nothings. I was jolted awake by the sound of my phone ringing and vibrating. As I answered, a soft pleasant voice said my name, enquiring about the directions to my home. Once I explained my location, the driver stated that they were 5 minutes away. I took my wallet and keys with me to the end of the walkway to await his arrival.

Not long after, a small black wagon pulled up in front of me. As the door opened, out came a mature handsome man. His deep brown eyes and the way that he carried himself suggested to me that he was at least 35 years of age. Additionally, he had light brown skin, was lean built, about 5’8, and very confident, but softly spoken. He wore black loose jeans, a gray shirt, and a black baseball cap. I immediately felt strong attraction to him.

He looked directly at me as he said “good afternoon.” *I melted* Unable to contain my blushing as we interacted; my smile consumed my entire face. I felt my hands shaking, and my breath became unstable. As I handed him the money, our fingers briefly brushed together and I felt my pussy clench, and my nipples hardened. Every sensation intensified as he said, “Enjoy your evening, gorgeous.”

I returned to the house giddy and immensely horny. The kindness in his eyes, his calm voice and confident aura, caused chills that I felt deep within my core. As I sat in the living room, trying to enjoy my pizza, I could not get his face out of my mind. All I could imagine was having his strong arms around me and his hands on my body.

I tried to touch myself on his behalf, to the thought of him, but it was unsuccessful. My thoughts could not fathom something so great. Lying in bed that night, I devised a plan to explore the idea of seducing the delivery driver.

Worried that I would come off as an unhealthy person who eats fast food every day, I chose to wait a couple of days before placing another order.

On the third day, it was time! I waited until around 9:30pm to call the establishment, I ordered a portion of cheesy bread sticks, and bbq chicken wings. The kind woman on the end of the line let me know that to my benefit, they were having a slow night, and as a result, the driver would get to me in under 15 minutes.

I was ecstatic and impatient. In preparation for his arrival, I wore a silky black pajama outfit that consisted of a pair of shorts that barely covered my ass cheeks, and a vest with lacey details at the back. For the purpose of my goal that night, I opted out of wearing underwear.

Not long after, I heard the familiar sound of my ringtone; the time was near! Answering the phone, the notorious voice greeted me, and once I explained my location, he was able to recall exactly who I was. “The lady with the pretty smile.” he said. This time, instead of leaving the house to go meet him, I requested canlı bahis siteleri that he delivered the food to my front door, to which he agreed.

I sat on the sofa, cunt quivering, and my body exceedingly uneasy. My breasts ached, and my feet could not stop bouncing. Then, I heard the sound of a decelerating vehicle at the front of my home. Overcome by the feeling of nausea, I thought I was about to faint. However, there was no time, through the curtains I saw him approaching.

I paced myself to match his steps so that we would both arrive to the front door at precisely the same time. As I pushed open the door, the cold night air received me, accompanied by the yellow hue projected by the street light. The intense nerves returned, causing my nipples to harden, and a warm sensation flooded my aroused pussy.

My eyes met his, holding his wide gaze I greeted him.

Me: Hello, good evening!

His eyes darting from mine to my erect nipples and back up.

Him: Good evening madam, how are you tonight?

The sweet soft voice distracting the palpitations of my racing heart.

Me: I’ve been doing okay, but I’m even better now.

As I spoke these words, his light brown lips parted into a sweet smile. I could feel his eyes trailing down my body, lingering on my bare legs and thighs. *This was my moment; he seemed to have realized what my intentions were. I had successfully caught his attention*

Me: Would you like to come inside?

Raising his gaze back to mine, his soft smile and wide eyes adorning his face, he nodded yes.

I extended my hand for him to hold, and led him into the house. Once inside, he placed the delivery bag on to the dining table, and I paid him. Now staring at each other, we were both unsure about what the next step was going to be, but we were well aware of the ultimate goal.

Taking a few shaky steps forward, we entered each other’s personal space. I wandered my eyes from the captivating smile and down his body, arriving at the noticeable bulge in his pants. Conceding to take the initiative, I reached my hand out to prod his imprinting manhood. The sensation of hardness and incredible heat radiating from his groin startled me.

He feverishly took a hold of my face, and compressed his lips into mine, our teeth briefly colliding. His tongue made its way into my mouth, embraced by the warmth of mine. I raised my arms up to and behind his neck, whilst he wrapped his around my waist, pulling me into his body. My breasts squashed against his soft chest, and my pussy into his groin; I felt his bulge against me.

He moved his hands down my back grabbing my tight ass with his large coarse hands and grinding his crotch into mine. His long fingers reaching into my shorts to dip them into my pussy from behind.

After sharing a few moments entranced in sucking on each other’s tongues and lips, I was canlı bahis released from the vice grip embrace that he created. He took a seat on one of the chairs form the dining room table, and I rushed to my bag to retrieve a condom. As I turned back to him, he was stroking his fully exposed cock and staring directly at me. I felt the uneasy pain in my stomach return.

*This was actually happening.*

I handed him the condom, which he opened and rolled onto his shaft as I quickly removed my shorts. He took my hand and gently turned me around. Back facing him, I slowly lowered my hot cunt to his dick that he was holding upright. As it slipped into me, our moans filled the air; his soft and whimpering.

I held on to his knees for support, and he reached his hands up my waist to grab handfulls of my breasts. As he squeezed my sensitive nipples, I rolled my pelvis against his, savoring the sensation of the searing dick inside me. The overwhelming passion engulfed me. My vagina ached as he pushed himself deeper. At the mercy of this man’s being, I felt as though I was going to cum, pee, and cry all at once.

Just when I thought, I was unable to continue, his right hand fell to my vulva. His three fingers immediately located my clit and he rubbed me relentlessly, quickly dragging his rough skin over my most sensitive parts. My body spasmed, my eyes rolled back, and I grabbed on to his arm to retain my balance. As my orgasming pussy clenched around his penis, he sunk his fingers into the flesh of my hips, and bit into the skin of my back. My moans, almost screams, were lust filled, and I felt light headed.

Soon the orgasm was over, and he began to stand up, raising me up with him. As my feet touched the floor, he pushed/carried me to the wall. Pressing me against the cold and solid structure, he stretched my legs to open wide. My bare feet up on their tippy toes; I arched my back to allow him easy access. Having dropped his jeans into a heap at his ankles, he hawked up a mouth full of spit, and dribbled it on to my asshole where it slid off and into my accommodating cunt.

Hungrily, he clutched my waist, and drove his penis into me again. His hands squeezing and spreading my ass cheeks wide as he fucked my pussy. My moans and his cries manufacturing a beautiful duet throughout the empty house.

Suddenly, his thrusting became more intense, as he began to fuck my body into the wall. The familiar whimpers escaped his throat as he released himself. He slumped forward, collapsing his face into my back, and his cock fell from my soaked vagina. I lowered myself from my tiptoes as he trailed wet kisses across my back, shoulder, and arm.

I turned to witness him standing dazed, basking in the euphoria of his climax. I removed the condom from his penis, and wiped him off with the napkins from the delivery. As I disposed of these items, he pulled his pants back on.

He hugged me tightly, squeezing me into his body one last time before he left, shooting me a final glimpse of his gentle smile. I watched as he made his way down the walk way, into his car, and off into the dark night.

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