The Day My Girlfriend Said She Wanted To Fuck Me

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The Day My Girlfriend Said She Wanted To Fuck MeBased on a true story!My girlfriend was very hot. Big boobs, cute face, nice body. The perfect looking girl. She was also a little crazy she could be rough one moment and gentle the other moment.On day we were laying on her bed. We had yet to have some sort of sexual experience. She had jerked her previous boyfriend off one time before. He was 19 years old and i was just 15 so i was scared that my dick was not as big as she would hope.We were laying in bed and french kissing eachother the whole time until she suddenly said: ”Well i would like to do it with you sometime”. I had no idea what to say but since i am a good talker my mouth said: ”Yeah that would be fun”. Afterwards in realized the things i said.She told me she wanted to rent a room somewhere maybe so we could do it there. Once again the idiot in me responded: buca escort bayan ”Yeah that’s cool. Or we could do it when your parents are going to the shop or something like that”. I had no idea what the hell i just said! ”For real?” she asked. ”Well yeah if that’s ok with you of course”.One week later i was at her house again. She told me her parents were going to the shop in a few moments. ”Ok” i responded. I got so scared that i said ”I’ll go to the toilet for a quick splash and dash”. As i was in the bathroom i could only think ”Don’t cum to quick. DON’T CUM TO QUICK!”. All of the sudden i heared her parents say ”We’re going to the shop see you two later”. I knew that this was the moment. As i walked back to her room i was trying to calm down my dick who was almost ripping through my underwear. I opened the door and had to walk around the corner to the bed of my girlfriend. She told me to enter and so i did.She lay on her bed with only her bra and panties on. ”Wow” i said. She giggled and told me to join her. We made out until the point where she pulled of my shirt. I had no idea what to do but then she took my hands and put them on her boobs. ”It’s ok” she said. My first time feeling boobs and they were great.By now my girlfriend stroked my dick who was still trying to escape my pants.She took my hand and said ”Take my panties off and give me those fingers”. This got me so hard i came in my underwear. I tried to hide it but i thought it would be better if i just fingered her pussy until i was ‘reloaded’. My first pussy and it looked great so cute, clean and no hair on it yet.I started to finger it until she wanted to take of my pants.In buca escort a reflecs i started to lick her pussy. Preventing her from talking of my pants before my dick could do it’s job again.She squirmed and moaned as i licked her. She loved it until she came all over my face. I could see she was embarresed but i told her not to worry about it.She took of my pants and my dick was ready for action. My first jerk off by a girl and it was awesome. The feeling was perfect. She told me how good, big and strong it looked.She opened her drawer and took out a ‘Jolly’. She opened it with her mouth and put it around my dick. She lay on her bed and said ”Take me”. I put my dick into her pussy and it was so tight. I could barely move because it was like her pussy was just eating my dick.A few minutes went by until i came. She fell on her back next to me and said se loved evry second of it. As my dick lay there for a part on her leg i realized how hot she was. She told me that she wanted to try other things during sex as well but that’s something for another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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