The day I went looking and got it

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The day I went looking and got itThe urge to have sex, or feeling fruity, can and does strike when you least suspect it, but the question is, does it happen to everyone, or just like minded people?I went into a DVD rental shop and wandered into the Adult Section, intentionally as I am a huge fan of good Pornography.It was a wet day, lol on both counts as I was also in the mood and being in the shop was adding to the spice, but the day was dark and the shop deserted, so I was browsing at will, keenly aware the old guy manning the counter was watching me and probably thinking how much he would like to stick me.As my meanderings led me too the back shop and into the Adult Section, it was the sign he needed, and he was sensible enough to lock the front door and follow me in, where he found me looking at the back cover of the DVD’s.I was excited by his presence, being caught by a man looking at Porn DVD’d, ‘What do you like to look at’, he asked me thickly, his eyes running up and down my body, not really believing what he was looking at, or believing he could be really close to fucking me.’DP kırıkkale escort and gang-bangs’, I said quickly, feeling a sudden rush of heat flowing between my legs, and he walked over to me and took the DVD I had been looking at and inserted it into the DVD Player and started showing it on the big screen TV.I stood there watching the sordid sex scenes and surrounded by noise, mostly of the young woman moaning as she was fucked in all her holes.He came in behind me and put his hand on my shoulder, and when I did not object he slipped his hand under my armpits and cupped my breasts and started squeezing them roughly and very hard.’Get your pants down’, he ordered me, referring to my skin-tight denims, and as my hand went down to my zipper, his followed and delved into the front of my denims and slid down under my knickers and took hold of my warm and wet flesh.We were gasping and tore at each other in a sexual frenzy, and within minutes I was standing naked except for a pair of trainers and white socks.What really added spice was the huge mirror where I could see my naked body escort kırıkkale and his white fat body in comparison, the difference and oddity of it increased my passion, ‘The door’, I cried, but he told me he had locked it, as I made for one of the loungers and bent over it, offering my ass and pussy for easy penetration.He was fucking me when his mobile phone rang, and as he thrust into my pussy he spoke calmly to the caller on his phone, ‘Yeah, in minute, I’m attending to a young lady in the back shop right now’, then a moments silence as the caller spoke, and he ended by saying, ‘Wait outside and I will be there shortly’, then he resumed fucking me with more intent as I raised my bottom higher onto the back of the seat, allowing his cock access to my ‘G-Spot’ and my first orgasm.This was great sex, spontaneous and dirty, it had all the elements of a great fuck, Porn Shop, Dirty old man young girl, my sex on my terms and very satisfying.He came on my bared bottom, holding my ass cheeks open as he squirted his load onto my anus and lower back and cheeks, then without warning kırıkkale escort bayan gathered up my denims, brassiere and tank top and said, ‘Back in a minute’, and disappeared out into the front shop, pulling his track suit bottoms up.I went to the curtain and peered through as he opened the front door and let another guy in, ‘She’s in the back, naked and waiting’, as they both made directly for me.The curtain opened and the new guy stood with his mouth open, followed minutes later with his cock out, his Xmas and Birthday had just been delivered in one nice package, as he resumed, where the fat guy had left off, using his sperm as lubrication to back-door pleasure, the sperm seminal fluid separating into water and tightening up my sphincter muscle around his long shaft, making it more painful for me, but more pleasurable for him, needless to say he lasted only a short time, and I was sent packing with the original DVD, free of charge for services provided, not to mention the CCTV footage he recorded and kept. Life if full of incidents like these, men flashing and wanking, just waiting to be caught by some unsuspecting and willing girl, who is feeling fruity at the moment, and willing to join-in, either watching, wanking, giving a blow-job, or just letting the flasher fuck her.If I catch you, I think you will have a sample of everything. Mariel

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