The day continues.

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The day continues.This is a continuation of What a day. Again even though written in first person, it is a work of fiction. I seemed to get a great response and peopled liked me writing in first person so here is goes. I know it seems kinda short but it seems like the story is coming out in chapters. Tell me what you think so far.As I left the steam room I made sure to cover my asshole so I didn’t drip his massive load all over the floor while I walked to the shower. Once there I turned on the water and stepped inside. I don’t know why but I forgot to shut the curtain behind me and just stood there with me free hand on the wall leaning in as the water rolled down my back. I felt so cheap and used but why did I say yes to the job and being trained. My mind was racing as I removed my hand from my asshole. I could feel and smell his jizz on my hand. It had a sweet sent. I raised my hand to my face and sniffed even closer. Why did it smell so good to me? Something came over me and I decided to lick it off my hand. It tasted better then the facial he me made me give myself when he pounded my ass.I wanted more so I reached back and slid a finger into my ass. It was so loose so I became curious to see how many more I could canlı bahis fit. To my surprise 3 of my large fingers went inside with little room to spare. I let out a moan due to the pleasure that I felt. So unusual to me but oh so great. I pulsated my fingers in and out and fingered myself like I would my ex. Oh the pure raw pleasure I felt. No wonder I never had complaints about the foreplay. I pulled my fingers out to see another large load of Rogers seamen on my fingers. I licked a little more off and started to reach for my cock, which had become hard once again. The feel of another mans cum on my cock as I stroked it while the water still flowed down my back. What was I doing? Why was I enjoying this so much?As the pleasure kept getting better I shut my eyes and slowly went to sit on the shower floor. My mouth was wide as I was moaning. I couldn’t help myself. One hand was on my cock stroking away while the other fingered at my asshole trying to get more cum to taste. Little did I know Rodger heard me the entire time and now was standing at the shower stall just watching me. He seen me fingering my ass that became his new fuck hole, and searching for his cum. “Umm so good.” I moaned still with my eyes shut not bahis siteleri knowing he was there. By this time Roger was ready to go again as well and I didn’t hear him approach. The next thing I knew, Rogers fat cock was stuffed in my mouth and both of his hands were behind my head bringing me deep down on it. I fought it a bit at first but he demanded I relax. When I got to his balls I gagged and tried to push away. He just pulled me in that much harder. “Keep stroking your cock!” He barked out at me. I obeyed. I was stroking my shaft in every way he told me to. He was face fucking me hard. But I started to enjoy it, no I was loving it. I grabbed his ass with my free hand and worshiped the firmness. Gently I tapped it and rubbed it as I got treated like the bitch I was becoming.As I continued to do as such, it dawned on me, Did I just become his bitch? Yes I answered myself and just kept sucking away. Roger started to moan seeing my new found enthusiasm. “Umm your a good bitch boy aren’t you? I seen you eating my cum out of your ass. Should have closed the curtain if you didn’t want me to see how much you really liked it.” Just then Roger started groaning in pure pleasure. He pulled my head deep onto his shaft güvenilir bahis and started unloading into my mouth and down my throat. I could taste all his salty sweet goodness. He pulled me up and told me to make sure I swallowed it. I did and made sure to show him.”Good slut boy. I now I know I may have other jobs for you at later dates.” He grinned amusingly. He turned off the water and tossed me my towel. “Dry me off first then lets get the hell out of here when your done.” I started from his head and worked my way down. Oh God I loved the way his muscles felt as I caressed them with the towel. I got back on my knees as I got to his ass and his cock and I was going to take my time but he interrupted and said “If you keep that up we will never get out of here.” So I finished drying him quickly and then dried myself. “Put only your shorts and sandals on nothing else. Your staying at my house tonight bitch and I got things for you to wear there.” I complied and quietly followed him to his car where he opened his trunk and told me to get in. “Don’t worry this is only for until I know your going to remain my bitch and do as I say. So go to sleep we are not going to be home right off the bat.” He chuckled, smacked my ass, then kissed my lips as I climbed in.It was strange, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Just don’t understand why I liked it so much. And I went to sleep just like he asked. I wondered what the next day would bring.

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