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It was only dinner he told himself. Yet as he sat there, across the table, it was something more. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but the flicker of the candle danced in her eye at times and the gleam would heighten her wry smile.

She’d casually reached out and touched his hand, laughing in a way that seemed easy and natural. When she touched him… just his hand… his body involuntarily responded. It was driving him crazy. Did she know what power she had And now, even if the waiter brought his charge card back, he wouldn’t be able to stand without embarrassing himself. ‘That’s it.’ He thought. ‘That’s enough… she can’t possibly not know.’

When they went to the car, he opened the door for her and she brushed up against him. Then, she lingered for a moment longer, and pressed herself fully against his body. He let go of the door and slid his arm around her waist. Her blouse was not tucked in and his hand felt the soft curve of her bare back. She felt his response instantly and smiled. “Hey you.” She said half accusatory. “Are you supposed to have your hand under there”

She was toying with him. “You tell me.” He said as he slid his hand completely up her blouse, and before she could answer he’d undone the clasp of her bra. She gaped a little as she drew in a surprised breath, but the gleam in her eye and the look on her face gave him all the permission he could have wanted. He bent down and ever so gently kissed her on the eyebrow. He ran his other hand gently down the length of her thigh, to the edge of her skirt, then around to the back of her leg and gently up to the crease of her bottom.

Her mouth was Ataşehir Escort open and her eyes were closed as he kissed the other eyebrow, then her earlobe. She was breathing hard and as his lips passed by her cheek she turned, her mouth hungry. ‘Your turn.’ He thought to himself as he realized the effect he was having on her now. In the back of his mind he was thinking confidently ‘I’ve got control of this. I can take her anywhere I want her to be.’ And just as he believed she was ready to surrender to him, he felt her hand grab the back of his neck. She kissed him hard on the mouth and forced her tongue inside. With her other hand she latched onto him tight, measuring him up.

It took him by surprise and for an instant he wasn’t sure what to do, then instinct took over. The hand he had up her dress squeezed onto her butt and lifted her slightly, and in one motion they both laid onto the passenger seat of the Jag. As he laid her down, he slid his other hand from behind her back and caressed her ribs, then moved around the curve of her breast. While she was struggling to unbutton her blouse and free herself of the hanging bra, he ran his hand around her breast again and brought his finger tips to her nipples and gave a little squeeze and a twist.

She sucked in a breath and let out a little oooh noise. He placed his other hand directly between her legs and just held her with no movement, no probing or searching of any kind. He just held her and felt the heat. Your hands are so warm. She said through heavy breath. And yet he didn’t move, he just continued to hold her.

When she got her blouse open he moved down Kadıköy Escort to her body and brought his face to within a tongues reach of her chest. He moved to the center of her breasts and kissed between them, then up to her neck and kissed again. Then he moved across to the nipple he still held tight, let loose of his fingertip grip, and gently touched it with just the tip of his tongue. “GOD” She said. “I’ve got to HAVE you. You’re just teasing me!”

He moved quickly to her other breast and devoured it with his mouth, sucking hard. She breathed with him. Then as quickly as he’d attacked her chest, he stopped, and gently kissed that same nipple with his lips, and then just lightly touched it with his tongue the way he had on the first. He raised his head up just enough to allow her to feel his breath on her bare skin, and as he breathed on her he began to move his hand, the still one, the one that was emanating heat. They breathed in unison with his hand movements. His breath still caressing her breast, she could feel the connection between what was between her legs, and what wasn’t at her chest. And every few seconds he’d stop completely, and give her other nipple a little squeeze.

When he’d thought she’d had enough of this torture he moved his lips up to her mouth. Her eyes were closed but she could feel his breath. He kissed only her bottom lip. Then only her top lip. All the while continuing in gentle rhythmic movements with his hands. You’re hands are magic. She said through her labored breathing.

He slid his tongue along her bottom lip and then pressed his lips to hers. Her mouth opened in response Bostancı Escort and as he explored with his tongue, he slid his hand up, then down, in one easy movement and was inside her panties. He held her with the palm of his hand for a moment. Her wetness was against his palm, gently caressing, but not penetrating.

“Oh God.” She said as her voice tightened. He slid a finger into her in response and kissed her hard, forcing her mouth open a little wider. As his tongue pushed in, he squeezed her nipple again and gave it a little twist. Not too hard, but enough for her to feel it though the waves that were passing through her. A purposeful momentary distraction after which her attention rushed back to the runaway feelings flowing from deep within her. The waves moved up through her tummy from the base of her spine. He couldn’t see it, but her toes curled inside her shoes. She breathed in, but not out. Then she tried to breath in a bit more, and then again. She tensed. She grabbed the hair at the back of his head. During their kiss she lurched and tensed enough to bite his lip. For a moment, he thought maybe he had hurt her. Then he felt her body let go and her muscles squeeze his finger tight then pulsate in a spasm that matched her strained intakes of air.

He knew. He slowed gently. She kissed his lips softly as she relaxed in his arms. With one hand on her breast, soft now, no squeezing, and one against her hot and wet crotch, he held her. Gentle and caring, he kissed her back into her body until she opened her eyes and once again he saw the gleam that he had seed at dinner. But the smile was different this time. It was softer and not quite as playful. But it was still very girlish.

He smiled. She took a deep breath and a shudder ran through her. She pulled him close and gave him a hug and he heard her whisper “Can we go back to your place” And he knew the night had just begun.

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