The Dare, the Boy, the BJ, then the fuck

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The Dare, the Boy, the BJ, then the fuckMy husband and his friend were upstairs on the computer. We had all been drinking and it was getting late, when I heard him call down to me, to come up and see something on the computer.When I got into the room they were both huddled at the screen, ‘Here take a look and tell us what you think’?They were looking at Pizza Dares, young girls dropping towels, some asking the Pizza guy to stand alongside and have their photo taken, and one girl inserting a dong up her anus and answering the door.They both watched my face for a reaction, which never materialized, and of course they were both disappointed, ‘Sorry guys, we did this sort of things all the time’, I said, which was true, we liked doing it, simply for the reaction from the guy, and getting naked, and yes getting naked was the main reason.’How old were you’? I looked at my husbands friend, ‘The first time’, I paused for a moment, as if thinking back, ‘probably about 14’, slight pause, ‘yes, just before my 15th birthday’, I concluded, satisfied with my final answer.That excited him, ‘Really, fuck’, he retorted, ‘Fuck I bet you gave him a heart attack’?I smiled, before answering the obvious, ‘No his heart was fine, but his cock was hard’, and at that I turned and walked out of the room, mentioning I was an early ‘Flasher’, and giving strange men, ‘Free Erections’, would be music to John’s ears, my husbands friend had always carried a candle for me, and longed for the day he could use it on me, and tonight I just showed a chink of light in that direction, by discussing my early sexual exploits.They both came into the living room, ‘Anyone for Pizza’, suggested John, and they both broke into peels of laughter.I sat for a moment, they were either making fun of me or this was the start of a dare, I preferred the later, as I could feel the heat in my loins rise and the thought of sex, exciting.I stole a look adiosbet yeni giriş at the wall clock, it was past eleven, ‘Might be too late’, I said, adding fuel to the rising tension, after all if they were thinking as I was, my cooperation would be required, and if I was up for it, then I had an opportunity to show John a lot more than he could ever have hoped for.I sat mulling over my open offer, and as I did so, I could feel the rising excitement, deep in my crotch, just as I did all those years ago, when I dropped the towel in front of the pizza-man.I was alone in the house, completely naked, and I just stood there, full frontal, the first part of my self dare executed perfectly, but it was the second part, the picking up of my towel where I froze. I suddenly experienced a powerful rush of sexual excitement, and finished up peeing myself.I stood there with urine trickling from my vagina and running down one thigh, as he started wide-eyed at it, I was trapped in a self made viscous circle, the more he stared at my vagina, the more excited I became, and in the end, when he bent down, retrieved my fallen towel and dried me clean, that was the part I have never discussed, it was the part that excited me the most, he stepped inside closed the door, and together, we enjoyed ourselves.I downed the remainder of my glass, tearing myself from my thoughts, as hubby said, ‘Thirty minutes’, meaning the pizza guy would be there in half an hour.They were like a couple of wide eyed boys, John’s enthusiasm I could understand, but my husband’s, was like he had discovered a new sexual deviancy he enjoyed.I got up and stood before both of them, ‘Right, let me get this straight, you both want me to flash this man’?They both remained silent, so I continued, ‘Naked’, and I could see John’s face go ashen, and my husbands eyes sparkle, as he looked at Johns reaction, so I concluded, ‘Cool’, adiosbet giriş and I started to walk to the bedroom, when John called out, ‘What if he gets a boner’?I turned and they both were serious, ‘What do you want me to do’?I was looking at my husband, as was John, but he said nothing, so I replied, ‘Ok, I’ll play with him’, and at that continued into the bedroom and undressed, the feeling in the pit of my stomach cried sex and fucking, and my hand went to my crotch, which was swollen and wet, and I stood behind the door gently rubbing myself, when John excitedly called out, the boy is here.I finished with my fastening, securing my nets to my garter belt, and tying the bath towel across my breasts.I stepped into the living room and saw my husband go into the dark kitchen with the video camera in hand, and I assumed John was there also, as the front door knocked and walked across to it.I opened the door, my heart pounding, as I was excited and keen to start. As it swung open I was surprised to be confronted by a young man in a baseball cap, ‘Pizza’, he said, slightly shocked by my near nude appearance, especially the stockings under the towel capped by a pair of stilettos.’Hello’, I said partially demure with a whole lot of drunkenness mixed in, a ploy most women make when covering for their need of sex, it’s easier to fuck a drunk woman, because we make it look like the man is taking advantage of our diminished state of well being.He stepped inside and I closed the door behind him, ‘Excuse me one minute’, I slurred slightly, ‘I need a drink’, and I walked across to the bar, and at that point my towel dropped, but, I failed to notice it, and continued walking, swaying my hips, knowing he would be watching my pert buttocks as they ground against each other, framed in the black of my stockings and garter belt.I poured my wine in silence, John would be staring at me, very possibly adiosbet güvenilirmi keen to fuck me, which I planned to do, now I suspected that my husband was a cuckold, but this boy was a tasty morsel, and I turned to face him and let him see the full frontal, before closing in on him, and see if he could be bated into having a grope or two.I was as horny as ever I could remember, as I walked up to him, I kicked my fallen towel and used that as my surprised realization I was naked.I stooped and picked it up, and loosely held it against my front, in the process of quietly stealing a look at his crotch, and with a satisfied smile, noted he was bulging under his pants, as only a young man could.’Am I embarrassing you’, I teasingly questioned him, he shook his head, but I counteracted his reddening face by drawing fact to his erection, which he immediately tried to cover up with the pizza box.’Too late baby’, and I reached out and took it from him, and he surrendered it to me without fuss.I then placed my towel on the back of a nearby chair and turned back to him, as his eyes were all over me.’Come on baby, lets get rid of that bulge’, and without much further ado, I dropped to my knees and sucked on him until his warm saltiness flooded into my mouth.I looked up at him with his semen escaping from the corners of my mouth, he was in full production, and I held three extremely large and forceful spurts inside my closed lips.I rose and faced him, swallowing as I did so, then kissing him full on his lips, it was important young men taste the fruits of their loins, mixed with the saliva of the willing female.Then as quickly as everything had happened, I paid the boy and sent him packing out the front door, and no sooner had the one closed then the other one opened and two very excited men strode through.’I hope he keeps his mouth shut’, said my husband, flushed with what he just witnessed. ‘Fuck Mariel, you have me horny, after watching that’, it was John, and went over to him and wrapped myself around him.’Good John, I’m fucking horny too, like to dip your cock in my holes’, then turning to my husband, ‘Keep shooting darling, John’s going to fuck me now’.

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