The Contract

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I tried to keep one eye closed to limit my double vision as I drove on the side streets toward home.  I was returning from my boyfriend’s house, or should I say ex-boyfriend’s house.  Doug and I had a big fight because I wouldn’t go all the way with him.We’d spent most of the evening drinking and watching television.  We made out, and I even gave him a head job, but he insisted on more.  Finally, I just left his house.  I’d planned on staying and sleeping on his couch so I wouldn’t have to drive, but I was pissed, and I did something I knew was wrong.I don’t know how I managed to get the car in the driveway, but I did.  While I had a good buzz, I wasn’t falling-down drunk.  I turned off the car and sat there for a few minutes while trying to get my head straight.  For a moment, I considered sleeping in the car, but I needed the bathroom.Being as quiet as I could, I entered the house.  I stumbled when I walked upstairs and almost ended up on my butt.  Fortunately, my parents slept soundly and probably didn’t hear me.  Unfortunately, my brother did.Our two-story house had four bedrooms on the second floor.  Our parents’ room was at the end of the hall to the right of the landing.  To the left of the landing were three more bedrooms, mine, my brother’s, and a guest room.  My parents had a private bathroom in theirs.  The other three bedrooms shared the two other bathrooms. “What’s going on?” Kyle said when he stepped out of his bedroom.  He took one look at me and shook his head.  “Shit, Ashley, your drunk!”Knowing I couldn’t deny it, I just shrugged my shoulders.  I felt myself weaving and leaned against the hallway wall for support.  Kyle moved closer, and I had to look up to see his face.“How did you get home?” Kyle said as he put his arm around me and moved us into my bedroom.  He closed the door while holding me against his side.I don’t know what possessed me to tell my brother the truth, but I said, “Um, I drove.”“You drove our car in your condition?”  I nodded.  “You’re in so much trouble!  Mom and Dad are going to take away your driving privileges until you’re twenty-one.  You know the rules.”Even as buzzed as I was, I knew what my brother said was true.  When I turned sixteen and got my driver’s license, my parents laid down the law: no breaking curfew and no drinking and driving.  Coming home late would remove my right to drive for a couple of weeks.  Driving after drinking would prevent me from driving until I turned twenty-one.My brother and I shared the car.  We’d worked out a schedule, each of us taking our turns.  Kyle wanted Dad to get a second car, but Dad said we couldn’t.  For fifteen months, my brother had the car to himself.  Then I got my license, and we started taking turns.  I knew if my parents found out about my stupidity, my brother would have exclusive use of the car for the next year and a half.Panic began to set in, and I tried to figure out what to do.  One of my dad’s rules was if one of us lied about the other drinking and driving, we’d both lose the car.  There was no way Kyle would lie for me, not if it meant he’d lose the car.Taking a deep breath, I said, “Kyle, if you help me, I’ll do anything you want.”My brother’s head snapped up, and he looked into my blue eyes.  “Anything?”  When I swallowed and nodded, Kyle smiled and moved me to my bed.  He sat me down and went to my desk.I sat on the bed while my brother rummaged around on my desk.  He sat down and began writing on a piece of paper.  After several minutes, he stood up and told me to sit at my desk.  He used the pen to point at the paper and then gave me the pen.Trying to focus, I read what Kyle wrote.I, Ashley Riley, on this date drove after drinking.  In return for my Brother Kyle’s help, I agree to do  ANYTHING he wants for two days on the days of his choice.Further, if I refuse to comply with Kyle’s demands, I will admit to drinking and driving and tell my parents.Looking up, I şişli escort said, “You expect me to sign this?”  Kyle nodded.“Yes, this is a contract between you and me.  I don’t want you forgetting what you said after you sober up.”I reread the paper, and then, in a moment of weakness, I signed and dated it.  Kyle took the paper, folded it, and put it in his pocket.“Where is your cell phone?” Kyle said.“Um, in my purse.”Kyle took out my cell phone and sent himself a text.  He answered his phone and texted my phone back.“There, I sent me a text from you asking me to come to get you at your friend’s house.  I sent back a text saying I would.  Don’t erase the text.  If Dad or Mom says anything, I’ll tell them I walked over to Doug’s house and drove you home.”I shook my head.  “You have to say you walked to Lorie’s house.  I was supposed to be at her house tonight.  If Mom finds out I was planning to stay at Doug’s house, she’ll ground me forever.”“You planned to spend the night at your boyfriend’s house?” Kyle said.“My ex-boyfriend’s house, I broke up with him.  That’s why I drove home.”“Why did you break up with him?”“I don’t want to talk about it, Kyle.  I want to go to sleep,” I said.Kyle nodded.  He looked at me and started chuckling.  “Um, you better wash your hair before you talk to Mom or Dad in the morning.”Kyle flipped my light brown hair and left my bedroom.  I went to the bathroom to put on my pajamas and take a much-needed pee.  Looking in the mirror, I gasped.  There was a large glob of dried cum in my hair.  I picked at it for a few moments, pulling most of the goo out of my hair.  I couldn’t help giggling as I thought about how it got there.Doug and I were messing around in his bedroom.  He had my top up and was playing with my breasts while I jacked him off.  Doug pushed my head down and asked me to suck his cock.  I bobbed my head on his cock for a few minutes.  When he started moaning, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.  I didn’t like his cum in my mouth, and I wouldn’t swallow it.  Most of the time, I finished him with my hand, shooting his semen onto his stomach.The first spurt surprised me, and I jerked my head back.  The next shot hit my face, and apparently, my hair.  I remember wiping my face and laughing.  Doug and I began making out again.  He got his hand into my pants and played with my pussy.  I was very turned on and a bit drunk, but when he said he wanted to fuck me, I moved away.We argued, and then I left.  Technically, I wasn’t a virgin.  When I started dating Doug, I decided he’d be the one.  I knew the first time would hurt, and I didn’t want it to, so I took care of it myself.One night, after a long make-out session with Doug, I went home and took a bath.  I was still horny and started playing with myself.  As my climax neared, I shoved two fingers into my pussy.  The sharp pain from ripping my hymen put a damper on my orgasm. But after a few minutes, the pain subsided, and I started fingering myself again.The next time I masturbated, I used the handle of my hairbrush.  I started with my fingers but wanted to get deeper.  The hairbrush’s thick handle provided me with the pleasure I was looking for at the moment. After a few times, I needed something else.  I thought about what I could use and decided I should buy a vibrator, but I never did.My relationship with Doug progressed.  We added mutual masturbation to the mix.  When we could, we would fondle each other, using our hands and fingers to make each other cum.  Knowing Doug and I would soon take things to the next level, I went on the pill.  Many of my friends told their mothers they had troubles with their periods, but I didn’t.  Mom was very understanding when I told her I knew someday I would have sex, and I wanted to be protected.I removed my blouse, jeans, and bra, dropping them into the hamper.  For a moment, I thought about taking a shower but decided against it.  I put şişli escort bayan on my pajamas, pulling the bottoms up over my full hips.  While I wasn’t fat, I wasn’t skinny either.  I thought I looked good even if I was only five four.  Giggling, I pulled the top over my head and down over my firm breasts.  I thought about the many times Doug played with my boobs and how much I liked it when he did.    I went to my room and climbed into bed.  The next thing I knew, I heard my mom calling for me.“Okay, Mom, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” I said.When I sat up, I thought I was going to be sick.  I held my throbbing head and tried to get it together.  Moving slowly, I went to the bathroom and took a shower.  A half-hour later, I walked downstairs.“Good morning, Ashley.  How are you this morning?” Mom said.  Dad looked up from the paper and smiled at me.“I’m okay,” I said.  Glancing at Kyle, I raised my eyebrows.“I was just telling Mom and Dad about last night,” Kyle said.  I felt my stomach flip as I wondered what he’d said.Not knowing what to say, I just nodded and took a sip of my orange juice.  Kyle smiled at me and then turned to Dad.“Anyway, as I said, Ash texted me last night and asked me to pick her up from her friend’s house.  When I got there, she told me someone spiked her soda, and she didn’t want to drive.  I walked over there and drove her home,” Kyle said.“I’m very proud of you, Ashley.  You did the right thing,” Dad said.Mom placed a platter of pancakes on the table.  I took two of them and some bacon.  While I ate, I couldn’t help smiling.  My brother not only bailed me out, but he also made me a hero.  After breakfast, I helped Kyle do the dishes.  Mom and Dad sat at the table, talking about an upcoming golf outing.“I hope you two remember your mother and I are going away.  We’re meeting a group of friends at a golf resort and spending the weekend.  I was worried about leaving you guys home, but after hearing about last night, I don’t think we have to be concerned.“Isn’t it next weekend?” I said.“No, Honey, it’s two weeks from now,” Mom said.“Mom and I are leaving on Friday afternoon.  We’ll be back the following Monday.  We’ll leave you money and make sure there’s food in the house,” Dad said.Mom and Dad left the kitchen.  I looked at my brother, and it took everything I had to keep from hugging him.  “Thank you so much,” I whispered.“No problem, just don’t forget our arrangement.  You owe me big time,” Kyle whispered back to me.Then I remembered part of the night I had seemingly forgotten.  My mouth started moving, but nothing came out.  Kyle just gave me a goofy grin and left the room.  I sat down, buried my face in my hands, and thought about what he had in store for me.It wasn’t as if I’d agreed to do his chores. I said I would do whatever he wanted me to do.  I couldn’t even think about how stupid I’d been to agree to his request.For the rest of the weekend, I tried to talk to Kyle, but he wouldn’t speak to me.  By Monday, I was at my wit’s end.  After Mom and Dad left for work, I confronted my brother.“Kyle, please tell me what you’re planning.  I’m going nuts,” I said.“I’ll let you know as soon as I decide.  I’m still thinking about what I want in return for lying to Mom and Dad and saving your ass.”  Kyle flipped my hair and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t be something you’ve never done before.”Again my mouth flapped.  I might have been a little tipsy, but I remembered my brother pointing out the cum in my hair.  Shaking my head, I decided even Kyle wasn’t so low or perverted he’d want sex with me.Over the next few days, I paid close attention to Kyle.  When he looked at me, he leered and moved his eyes over my body.  He reminded me of the older men at the mall when they seemed to try to undress me as I walked around.  My girlfriends and I would laugh and make fun of them.  Kyle’s gazes were just as disconcerting.Kyle and I had always been mecidiyeköy escort relatively close.  We would talk and help each other with our homework.  We each had our own friends and didn’t hang around with the same crowd.I could never remember my brother acting as he was or looking at me like he did.  My brother not only started looking at me strangely, but he also seemed to make contact at every opportunity.  His actions were subtle, but he would brush against me or touch me when we talked.  More than once, he would put his hand on my arm or shoulder while he gazed at me, letting his eyes drift from my face to my breasts. It was the following Thursday when I overheard Kyle talking to his friend on the telephone.  I stood around the corner from the kitchen, eavesdropping on his conversation.“Hank, we’re having a party here a week from Friday.  My parents will be out of town.  I have a surprise planned for you guys,” Kyle said.A moment later, Kyle said, “Yeah, I talked to Dave and Larry too.  They said they’d be here.”I leaned against the wall, wondering what my brother was up to.  Then Kyle said, “I’ll take care of it.  I need you to pick up the condoms.”My head snapped up.“No, you better get two dozen.  After all, there will be four of us,” Kyle said, then he laughed.  “Don’t worry, Hank, none of us will be virgins after next weekend.”When I heard my brother saying goodbye, I ran up to my room.  Sitting on my bed, I realized if Kyle had a party, I would be able to counter the stupid agreement I’d made with him.  Now all I had to do was figure out how to catch him.On Friday night, Kyle went out.  I stayed home and watched television with my parents.  At ten, they went to bed after Mom reminded me we were cleaning the house the next day.Kyle came in at about eleven-thirty.  He sat on the couch and asked what I was watching.“It’s just the end of a dumb movie.  What do you have planned for next weekend while Mom and Dad are gone?” I said.“I thought I’d hang around here.  I might have a few friends stop by, but I don’t have any plans.”“I think one of my friends is throwing a party.  If you’re going to be here, I can use the car,” I said.Kyle smiled at me as he shook his head.  “I wouldn’t make any plans, Ash.  In case you’ve forgotten, you owe me two days.  I plan to collect next weekend.  Do I need to remind you that you agreed to do anything I want you to do?”“Can’t we just forget it, Kyle?”“Not a chance.  I stuck my neck out for you.  Now it’s time for you to make good.”“Will you tell me what you want from me?” I said.Shaking his head, Kyle grinned and said, “Sorry, it’s a surprise.”Kyle got up and left me sitting with my head in my hands.  I remembered his conversation with his friend Hank and how he told his friend he had a surprise for him and his other friends.  I felt sick when I realized I was the surprise.On Saturday, while I was cleaning the house, I pulled the sheets off my brother’s bed.  As I tucked in the clean sheets, I felt something under the mattress.  I pulled out a men’s magazine and started giggling.  My brother liked looking at porn.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, I flipped through the magazine.  I noticed several of the corners of the pages were folded.  I opened it to one of the pages, freezing when I saw the photos.I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.  On the page was a picture of a girl and two men.  One of them knelt behind her while the other man pushed his cock into her mouth.  As I continued looking, I saw a bunch of pictures of multiple men with one girl.  I couldn’t help gasping when I saw a picture of a girl with three men.  They had their cocks in her ass, pussy, and her mouth.Closing the magazine, I stuck it back under the mattress.  I finished changing my brother’s sheets and tried to decide if the magazine was meant to excite my brother or if it was a guide for what he planned for me.I finished cleaning the house with my mom.  Sitting in the kitchen, I watched my brother cutting the grass in the backyard.  Shaking my head, I decided even Kyle couldn’t be that perverted.  After all, I was his sister!By Monday, I was beginning to worry.  My brother seemed to be very…

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